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Funnel Builder / Marketing Manager

Salary + Benefits
Virtual or In-Person
My projects only
Minimum 1 year
The Situation
The Deets
Please fill out with the understanding that I'm looking for someone who can commit entirely, for 1-2 years, to my projects instead of yours. In return, I'll teach you my full processes as I instruct you and you'll be paid a fair salary with benefits. After 1 year I totally expect you'll be off on your own, but you'll be given the option to stay as well if it's a good fit.

You'll work on my projects, my clients, and the companies I'm buying (there's already a backlog). 

Funnels, copy, integration, domains, events, launches, automation-galore? Of course! But a big part of it will be project management, which you'll use my method too. You'll be my marketing and funnel "assistant" "manager" "go-team to" "...commodore?". 

Just know this is not me asking to be a client of yours, this is 9-5 job offer with salary and benefits for 1+ year minimum. And as with any job, if either of us is not groovin', I'll bless you on your way and speak good of your name afterward.
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