Webinar Funnel in ClickFunnels (download link) – Stephen Larsen

Webinar Funnel in ClickFunnels (download link)

Jun 22nd, 2016 anchorwave


What’s going on, fine looking people?

This is Steve Larsen, and I am super excited to share with you guys the Webinar Funnel.

This is a fantastic funnel…


A while back, I was in college, and I was trying to figure out, “Okay, who can I go provide value to?” I was just trying to find somebody that I could go provide value for.

I was like, “Okay, I’ve got these awesome skills. I build a crapload of funnels. I like selling them. I like selling with them.” I wanted to do it for somebody else, though.

I went, and I found this guy, and I called him, and he was selling high ticket things. This is kind of vague, and I’m so sorry, because I can’t quite share all the details… I can’t always tell names, guys. I’m sorry. I keep confidences. If you guys ever want me to build for you, I’ll do the same for you, if you want. It’s kind of how it is with this one.

Anyways, he was selling these high ticket items. They were about $3,000 a piece. He had, like, 2,000 sales agents. Think about the overhead it takes to run 2,000 sales agents, even if they’re just on straight commission.

The systems that go in place for that. The personnel that it takes to manage all the sales that come from that. I don’t know if I should call them sales agents. They were more like affiliates, but they’re promoting his product, right? He was making good money.

I went to him, and I said, “What would it mean to you if I could double your online sales without you having to get more sales agents, or affiliates?” He’s like, “That’d be freaking amazing. Are you blowing smoke up my butt? Is that real?”

I was like, “I think I could actually go out and do that. Let me build it for you. Don’t pay me. Let me get you results first, and then you can start paying when you actually see money coming in. That way, you know it’s real.” He said, “Awesome.” I said, “Cool, cool.”

I went through, and I used Russell Brunson’s Perfect Webinar Script, and I built out this huge Webinar sequence. It was really cool. I went through, and I built out a webinar sequence for him.


This is how it works. This is how you can basically replace sales teams, and still get high ticket sales, and still serve your customer. It’s very, very exciting, guys. It’s really cool.

Webinars are like the Mecca of internet sales. This is where it’s at. If you can master the webinar, you write your own check. You can do whatever you want, and from wherever you want. You could go anywhere. From your house, from a beach, from anywhere.

You’ve got to get over the fact that, yeah, you’re going to have to talk to people. Luckily, you don’t need to see their face if you don’t want to. You don’t see my face right now, which is a shame for you, really.

Just kidding.

This is how it’s structured out. You’ll see this graphic right here that I kind of created to show you the layout of how this funnel looks.


  1. Obviously, you’re going to send someone to a registration page. Say, “Hey, register for this webinar.” The page is 100% curiosity based. You need people to register. The more curious you can get them, the better. Your conversion typically will be.
  2. Then you have the thank you page, confirmation page, and there’s usually a countdown clock with some homework.
  3. The purpose is that they are basically convinced on the need before they arrive at your webinar. They’re convinced on their need for your product, before they even get to this spot. INDOCTRINATE
  4. Remember: SELL THE WEBINAR! DO NOT SELL YOUR PRODUCT IN THE INDOCTRINATION OR THERE WON’T BE A REASON TO SHOW UP!!! If you answer all their questions pre-webinar, you’ve already scratched the itch.
  5. Check out Russell Brunson’s Perfect Webinar Script for what you should actually say. This is the most powerful script I’ve ever seen…
  6. Then, from there, you push them to an order form.

Webinar Funnel

Obviously, you’re going to send someone to a registration page. I’ll go through all this in a second. Say, “Hey, register for this webinar.” The page is 100% curiosity based. You need people to register. The more curious you can get them, the better. Your conversion typically will be …

Then you have the thank you page, confirmation page, and there’s usually a countdown clock with some homework. “Hey, go do this. Go do this. Go do this.” I learned this, I think it’s from Mike Filsame. I always forget how to say his last name. Sorry, Mike, if you listen to this. Mike Filsane and Andy, from a course they have called Webinar Genesis. That was a good course. That was a long time ago.

What you want to do, is you want to indoctrinate them. The purpose of a webinar, this is so key, you guys. The purpose is that they are basically convinced on the need before they arrive at your webinar. They’re convinced on their need for your product, before they even get to this spot. If you can do that, then all you’re doing is closing on the webinar. It’s one of the biggest secrets.

What you can do is go and work on indoctrinating them. This is how it works. You don’t just send them to a registration page, and then let them show up right on a webinar. Create pieces of indoctrination. Things that create curiosity, even more for the webinar.

Build anticipation.

Build the pressure.

Build the noise, so they’re like, “Oh my gosh, I’ve got to see what this guy’s going to show. How is he doing this?” Whatever it might be.

I’m not trying to go too deep into, I guess, how it all happens. I’m trying to give you the tools to actually create this. What you’ll do, is you’ll create three indoctrination e-mails. Mike teaches this also, so does Russell. I always try and give credit to whoever it is I’m learning things from. When it comes down to it, none of us are just geniuses and work on our own. Always try and give credit, just so you guys know.

Let’s say that I try to promote on a Monday, then I have Monday, this e-mail goes out, Tuesday, and then Wednesday, this e-mail goes out, and then Thursday, I have the actual webinar itself. If they missed it, Russell teaches Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, send them to the replay, and then close it down. It creates anticipation. It creates pressure. It creates scarcity. This is never going to happen again. Then, from there, you push them to an order form.

Let’s go through this real quick. I want to show you guys a little bit of this webinar. It’s basically what I just showed you. If you’ve looked at my Autowebinar, it’s kind of funny, because I think most people go to the Autowebinar funnel that’s on this as a free download as well, versus just the normal webinar.

Something I want to say to that, and something that I’ve said before, that other video, if you watched, or that other blog post, is that, before you go to the Autowebinar, you have got to master the normal webinar. Get good at the normal webinar.

I’m not saying, “Are you comfortable talking in front of people? Are you comfortable putting yourself out there? Are you comfortable selling online?” That’s not at all … It’s that you’re going to learn a lot of stuff from your audience as you go through this process.

As people register, you’ll start to see things. “Hey, it looks like people are wanting this.” Meaning, if you lock yourself into an automated webinar, you’re not going to be able to make all the changes that you need to. That’s the whole reason why I’m saying what I am.


Anyways, it comes through, and you can put a video here. “Come inside,” here. If you embed inside of YouTube, or whatever it is, put an unlisted video up. Toss the URL in. Auto-play it when someone hits the page. You can add different skins to it, and things like that. Different layouts and themes.

Obviously, change any of these colors that you want to. I don’t know whether you’d want black, or white, or whatever. I’m not going to be able to get it back to the same color. Here, I’ll just go like this, grab the same hex code. Boom. It’s back to the same color.

If you know the Perfect Webinar Script at all, from DotComSecrets, you’ll see why the same owner of ClickFunnels, which is Russell Brunson, puts these things in.

You can get rid of them. You can do whatever you want. Delete stuff, add stuff. This is kind of what it looks like.

You can hook them up to an e-mail auto-responder here. You can integrate with your account. I really like GetResponse. If you go to my resources page, on Sales Funnel Broker, I think it’s SalesFunnelBroker.com/Resources, there’s a lot of cool little things that you can get there for free, and there’s a GetResponse trial there also.

Sales Funnel Broker

They’ll come through the register, they’ll go to a confirmation page. Here, I recommend putting in pieces of homework. This is where the indoctrination continues to happen.

It says, “Follow these three steps. First, do this. Second, do this. Second, go create an account.” That helps indoctrinate them even more. “First, look for all the e-mails that are coming in. Second, look for the …” It helps them get in the frame of mind of just saying yes to you, so that when they get on the webinar, and you close them, it will not be the first time that you’re asking them to say yes to you. You’ve got to get them in that habit.


What you could do, though, is grab this URL right here, copy it, and go dump it into an e-mail that comes immediately, or within six hours. We’ll go back to registration page, and say, “Hey, from the time that they actually register, this is an automation that I want to have happen.” We could say, “Add a new e-mail.” It says, “From me.” Or whatever you want this to say. We’ll call this, “Homework Before Webinar.”

SendGrids are nice, because you can send e-mails from ClickFunnels using SendGrid and it’s free. I think you get, like, 12,000 sends, or e-mails a month, on their free plan or whatever. You can go in and just choose anything. You don’t have to leave a template or whatever. You can say, “I want this to go five hours after they register.”

So, we’ll hit, “Create e-mail,” and then I can go inside of the editor, and just like a page, change whatever I want. Add images. You can add whatever you want. Social media links, dates, which would be good for the actual webinar itself. You add in the date you want, and when it’s coming up.

This is how it works, though. You can say, “Hey, check out this video here.” Let’s say, “Select image.” These images are rendering kind of weird, but … If you guys have followed me at all, you know about my “HeySteve!” show. If you have questions at all, go and ask me there.

Then you toss in the link URL, right, and that’s the indoctrination page. If they click this, which it looks too huge, so you go and say, 300, and we’ll center it. Looks a little better, but it’s still not what I meant to do. There we go.

They’ll say, I don’t know, it can be whatever image you want. They click that image, and it would take them over to this very first indoctrination e-mail page. You can put comments in there, put whatever you want in there. Fantastic.

By the time the broadcast room comes up, though, you can take the broadcast room link. You can e-mail that to people, or you can integrate easily with GotoWebinar or WebinarJam, or really any webinar service you want. Do Google Hangout even, and you can drop the URL inside of the video link there, and do the broadcast thing.


The webinar is a fantastic piece of selling machinery. This is a method, a mode, a way of selling high ticket things. Things that are really good for selling at webinars are usually in the $500 at the low range, to $3,000 range at most.

If you’re going to sell more than that, I would change the selling environment so it’s not online. Get face to face, or call them, or something like that. Webinars, man, this is like the easiest way to boost your income, is through webinars.

Learn webinars. Learn how this works.


Go click the download link now.

Download this.

Download Sales Funnel

You’ll get a free trial for ClickFunnels, if you don’t have it already. You’ll get a two-week free trial of ClickFunnels, and you’ll be able to go in and change whatever you want, and get a webinar going.

Within two weeks, you could do a webinar or two, within that amount of time. Go boost your income like crazy, I guess, and just go out there and get this funnel.


As always, please go to Facebook, or go to the comments below this video, and let me know what you’re using this for. Let me know how it’s worked for you. Let me know if you’ve found value in this.

It fuels me.

It helps me know that the mission of SalesFunnelBroker.com is being fulfilled, which is to give away one million sales funnels.

That’s my goal.

I will probably take a little while, but I’m excited to do it. That’s why I have the free funnel section. That’s why I’m letting you guys download whatever you want here.

I just want to help you sell more in your business, and give more to your customers. My customer’s, your customer, I’m very excited about that.

Go master the Webinar Funnel, and please let me know what you’re thinking about these sales funnels. Guys, I will talk to you later, and have fun with this.

Thanks, guys.


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