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Using The Email Optin Funnel [in ClickFunnels]

Jun 22nd, 2016 anchorwave

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What’s up, everyone.

This is Steve Larsen and I am super excited for you to check out this funnel.

This is the email optin funnel. This is the most classic funnel that there is, right? This is one of the ones that really started it all and ClickFunnels makes it easy to create. This funnel is obviously used for getting someone’s email address, right?

What you’re going to do is you’re going to grab their email so that you can later follow-up with them and, what you do is obviously give something in value in return.

Whatever it may be, but this actually means a lot to me, which I know it sounds a little bit stupid to have affinity for a funnel, but the email opt-in funnel, for me, is actually very, very powerful and important.

Sales Funnel Story Time

Way back in the day, my buddy and I had started a business called FiXD Insurance. You can still check it out, it’s not a business that we’re running or anything, but it’s and, what was funny about it, is we had this product. We were selling smartphone insurance, right?

FiXD Insurance

We first wanted to see if people even wanted the product, right? What we did is we went out and, here I’ll just pull it up actually. What we did is we actually went out and bought a whole bunch of solo ads, right?

Solo ads is an ad that you put on someone else’s email list. You don’t get access to the list, obviously, but all you do is you buy an ad and say, hey, send this out to this email list that you have and we’ll see if we can push them to this page.

Well, it totally worked. We ended up spending a hundred bucks on a solo ad and driving them to this email opt-in page where it said, hey, sign up and we’ll give you a free iPhone screen protector.

We didn’t even have a product yet. All we were doing is we were asking people, “let us know if you’re actually interested in getting smartphone insurance, and when you sign up, we’ll give you a free tempered glass screen protector”.

I don’t know if they knew that those things are only like $3, but that’s how it works. It was nuts because, over 24 hours, we got, it was like, when you look at the conversions it actually was not that amazing. It was like 53,000 people that hit our site. For a hundred bucks. This is the cheap, dirt crap solo ads sites, right?

We had 100 pre-buys from it. 100 people signed up and said, “yes, I’ll buy your insurance, let me get this”. That’s how we were able to test it. It’s all because of this funnel type.


  1. Give something away for free, that logically should not be free. This will make your offer more of a pattern interrupt. The fact that I give away away for free is a huge pattern interrupt. (I get TONS of downloads and email optins cause of that)
  2. Deliver the bait in an email or on the Thank You page.

Email Optin Funnel

Some people look at this and they go, hey, it’s just an email opt-in thing, and they are important. You got to have these in front of your customer, you got to be getting people’s contact info so you can follow up with them.

Anyways, just know that this is crazy powerful, and I love this funnel because my buddy and I finally knew that, hey, we were actually able to go and prove, all right, people want this product, right?

We were able to go out and actually market it and get customers and such. We stopped it for a variety of reasons, but that was a long time ago.


Anyway, this is, when you download, this is the funnel you get, right? This is the standard email opt-in funnel, right? You got a headline on the top, you can play with lots of different headlines on there.

If you ever heard of Russell Brunson, he has a fantastic product called “Funnel Scripts”, which helps you write all of the headlines and everything. It’s really fantastic, so, if you get the chance, go check that out.

Anyways, this is inside a software called ClickFunnels, so when you download this funnel, you’re going to get a free trial to ClickFunnels, but you’ll get this – it’ll look exactly like, it will be this. This exact funnel.

Email Optin Funnel

It’ll say, “Download the free report”, you can hook up your email auto-responder right inside here. I like get response. There’s another called Actionetics, which is paired with ClickFunnels. Anyways, anytime anybody comes in here and they opt-in, they get added to your email list, you can send back your reports or whatever it is inside of whatever automation you want, right? This is the first page that they’ll get.

If you want, you can also share exit pops. I’m sure you’ve these before, so I’m just going to add a headline here that says “Wait!! Did you get the free report?” Right? It pops up every time they leave and says, hey, wait a second, did you actually want to get that?

This is the first page and, as soon as they opt-in, it’ll take them to this second page. If you’ve never seen this dashboard, this is the ClickFunnel, well part of, the ClickFunnel dashboard.


It’ll take them to this second page here and it say, hey, thanks so much, your free report is on the way, or you can say, click right here to download, whatever you want. Add Facebook comments so that people – there’s a social proof there.


Anyways, I’m glad that you’ve taken the time to get this funnel. This is an important funnel. It’s one of the building blocks. It’s one of the reasons why I’d included this in the essential marketing funnels area on because you have to have email opt-ins.

You can master lots of different traffic sources. Facebook ads, PPC, you can do anything, but email’s the one of them that you have to master, right? This is one of them.

Download Free Funnels

I’m going to give this to you for free.

Just download it and you’ll be able to be on your way to sending a whole bunch of traffic to people and collecting their information. It’s very, very exciting.

Anyways, if you wouldn’t mind, get over to my Facebook page and let me know that you downloaded the Email Optin Funnel, what you think about ClickFunnels, and let me know that it’s something that you found valuable. That really helps me out a lot.

Anyways, go out, test products before you sell, send people to this page, and I think you’re going to really enjoy it.

Thanks guys.


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