The Classic Trip Wire Funnel (download) – Stephen Larsen

The Classic Trip Wire Funnel (download)

Jun 22nd, 2016 anchorwave

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Good morning! (It’s good morning for me anyway)

What’s going on everybody?

My name is Steve Larsen and I’m excited to show you guys, probably, one of my favorite sales funnels. I know I’ve said that for several of them but, I really like this one.


The trip wire funnel is the classic sales funnel. This is the sales funnel that basically started … I don’t know if I can claim all sales funnels but, basically.

What’s happened is, the internet gets more expensive for businesses to sell and to send traffic to a webpage, and it’s harder to break even. That’s kind of what started it all.

Adding an upsale at the end. Adding a down-sale at the the end. That’s kind of how sales funnels came to be, but you could break even on your ad costs again and actually stay in business…

I’m excited to share with you guys this funnel. This is fantastic. Before I show you this funnel, I want you guys to know how powerful this is.


There was a guy I was building for once and he … His name was Paul.

I went and I built this funnel for him. I had a free plus shipping offer in the front. There was two up-sales and a down-sale and the word confirmation. Really, really simple. There was some other funnels I was building for him also at the time. Kind of a similar format.

Anyways, these things can take a little time to build. If you don’t have something easy, like ClickFunnels, to use, it can definitely take a very long time. You got to do it by and hand and you can spend a lot of money doing it.

Anyways, I went through and I built this funnel for him and we were super excited. I had spent probably the equivalent to two to three weeks on it, making it look awesome, things like that.

I can’t remember what holiday was coming up, but there was some excuse for sales to happen, some deals to go on.

I built just a little tiny email automation sequence into the funnel and started pumping people into the top of this funnel.

From the tripwire funnel and from the e-commerce stuff that I was doing with him, we pulled in $23,000 in 2 days. Over the course of the rest of the people getting the emails, and opening it up, and trickling the rest of the sales coming in, we pulled in $60,000. Over $60,000+ in 2 months. I know many people do that in 1 day but for me, that was the first time I’d put numbers on the board like that.

I wish I could say it was all my money at the time, it was for this other guy. It was cool to give someone else those kinds of results. It’s the power of the trip wire sales funnel.

Trip Wire
I know! This is “barbed wire”, but you get it!

The reason it’s “trip wire” is because they’re bombs that get triggered since you touched the wire.

If you think about it, the rest of these up-sales, the rest of these one-time offers that we call them, get triggered because you touched this first thing. Very similar to the exact same way.


Let’s go through this real quick and, I want to share with you guys a few things you guys should know when you build this out.

When you click below this video, there’s a download link. You’ll get a trial to ClickFunnels and you’ll come down here and you’ll get this exact sales funnel. You can go in and change whatever you want. There’s an opt-in page.

Trip Wire Funnel

It’s all the same thing. You’re giving away something that’s free in exchange for their information. You’re just pumping up the need for your product. Whatever is on the order form.

After a while, after they buy it, you say, “Wait a second. Order isn’t quite done. There’s one thing I want to ask you just to customize it. We’re sending out the box anyways, why don’t we include this inside the box and it will be free shipping. Plus we’ll give it to you at a discount.”

They’re like, “Ah, okay. Cool.” If they say no, you go, “You know what, I noticed you said no to that. The only reason why you said no to that is because maybe the price was too much.

Trip Wire Upsell

Why don’t we do a payment plan. Payment plans are a really great down-sale by the way. So you say, “Hey, why don’t we … Let’s just break it up into payments. I don’t want to drain your finances or anything but, I just know that you need this.” You’ll get 5, 10 percent of people saying yes to that.

“You know what, this one last thing I actually want to ask you. It pairs really well with the first up-sale.” You don’t have to call them up-sales. Whatever the product is.

I’m sorry I talk fast, by the way. I get excited, guys. I start talking quick and I know it bothers some of you guys. Some of my following on Periscope is like, “This guy pumps me up like crazy.” It’s because I get excited and I start talking quick. I’m sorry. You can play this video at half speed if you want by clicking the gear in the bottom right. If anyone actually does that, let me know. That will be a little funny.

Anyways. Let’s go through this though. I want to show you, you can come in to your account and … Go to your account and click on integrations.


Here you can set up tons of different integrations. I like ‘Get Response’ a lot. Go to payment gateways. I use Stripe for my payment gateway. When you go inside the actual funnel itself … Let me go back to this funnel. When you go back to the actual funnel itself, all that stuff’s already hooked up. Anytime anyone purchases anything …

Let’s go to the order form real quick and I’ll show you what I’m talking about. I can go inside here and just load up my products. These are the things I want to show up. Say ‘Add Product’. We’ll say … We’ll just call this ‘P1’.

The building integration is going to be the Stripe. Let’s say it’s seven bucks. I want it to be a one time purchase thing. Now I can go through and start to customize the fulfillment email that comes in.

If there’s a … I want a specific thank you page for that product or, let’s say, I want them to have access to a specific membership area or something like that. When they come through. We’ll just say it’s … If you’ve listened to me at all you’ve heard about me talk about FixdInsurance and some of my other failed business attempts when I was first beginning. We’ll talk about successes too here, by the way.

Anyways, let’s say I want ‘GetResponse’ or ‘Actionetics’ and I want to add them to a specific campaign. You know what, I don’t think I’ve loaded up my ‘GetResponse’ ones yet.

Say I want to add to the list. We’ll call this … By the way, I have a live event funnel, by the way. We were raffling off AR-15’s which is kind of crazy. Anyways, I hit ‘Create Product’ and this is a live product now. If I’ve hooked up Stripe inside of my account, someone clicks purchase, they’ll be charged seven bucks.


My first product. So I’ll go inside of the actual … I was just moving the mic here. Let’s go inside to the actual page and I’ll show you how to set this up.

Here’s an order form. Credit card. Let’s say I don’t think that the selling is done. Let’s say I think they need and extra push over the edge. I’m going to go here and click the plus. I want to add in a video of me speaking. That’s really huge though so I’ll drop it a little bit.

I’ve uploaded my video to Youtube and I want to auto play it. I’ll put the URL right there. Let’s say that they’re about to leave and I don’t … I really want them to buy my product. I could open the pop-up and come down here to the … Show and user exit. It’s an exit pop.

So these sparingly. Do these smartly. They can be annoying for people but, if they leave you’re likely to never see them again. It’s worth bugging them again. You know what I mean?

So come in here and say, “Hey wait. Are you sure you want to leave?” You can add text in and say whatever you want there. Maybe add another video or another link that pushes them somewhere else to another one of your products or sales funnels.

Anyways. I’ll leave that how it is and you guys can change whatever you want there. Anyways, they hit ‘Complete Order’. They get charged the seven bucks and they say, “You know what …” I’m trying to think of a good example of it.

Let’s think about FixdInsurance. Our insurance was seven dollars a month, if I’m remembering correctly, for smart phones. The up-sale for us, when we were building and other sites and things like that, we wanted them to know, “Why don’t you just get insurance on your Ipad too. Why don’t you get insurance on your computer.” It would just be like a couple dollars extra per month.

We would come into the editor and we’d have a video or something to demo it and say, “Wait.” If you don’t like this you can change this. There’s a lot of things you can do. One time payment or you can add it to a subscription payment or payment plan or whatever it is.

We’d say, “Hey, why don’t you add in … You’re not quite done here. Since you’re … We have this discount going on for people who are taking our phone insurance. Why don’t you just drop it in for another couple bucks. We’d pump people in that way. It was really, really awesome.

Anyways, I’ve kind of gone through this already. If you guys watch some of my other videos you know how the editor works. If you guys have any questions about how the editor works, let me know. I’m excited for you to have this. This is like the funnel, like I said, that started it all.

Steve! You Did That?

I used to do door to door sales (I know, I know. I was “that guy”). That’s how I got into internet sales which is kind of strange. This works for internet sales, obviously. This format. This works for brick and mortar sales. This works for … This models a door to door sales. It’s when you buy a car.

Up-sales are just the add-ons that people ask you if you want to purchase also.

Would you like the Biggie Size that? That’s something we’ve all heard. Whether or not you want to admit it when you go to McDonald’s. Would you like the Biggie Size that? That’s an up-sale. McDonald’s spends like $1.81 in advertising per customer. That’s the average that they spend just to get you to the drive-through. If they sell you like a $2 hamburger, they’re not making any money. They make money on the up-sales. Fries and a drink. It’s the exact same thing.


You start thinking of your business and start thinking of structures and different models that you can apply this to and use this funnel.


Click the download link below. Get this.

Click Funnels is a free trial if you use that link below.

Load your product in. Start sending traffic to it. You will find yourself being able to make more money per customer that comes in. There’s a lot of funnel structure and methodology that I use and things like that. I won’t go into that right now.

What I want you guys to know is that this funnel is extremely powerful. Its the one that really kind of started it all. I want you guys to have it for free. If you would, click the download link below.

Download Free Funnels

Go to Facebook. Let me know what you’re using this trip wire funnel for. It fuels me. It keeps me going, keeps me super excited to keep making these things in ClickFunnels for you.

When I know that there are those of you who are out there actually looking at this. That kind of engagement is selfishly just as much for me as it is for other people to see what you’re doing also.

Anyways, guys thank you so much and I will talk to you later.


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