Coulton Woods – Stephen Larsen

Coulton Woods

Mar 5th, 2019 anchorwave

Steve Larsen’s Right Hand Man, Affiliate Manager, Sales Team Leader, Support Manager, Sue Chef, Travel Agent, Event Coordinator, Handyman, and Rule Bending Enthusiast…

He first met Stephen in College while building and selling his own business and instantly gained a friendship with him after finding out they both knew who Russell Brunson was… Instant Bromance?

He loves doing Business with people who think differently and learning how to be more effective in business himself.

Loves to laugh and always has a smile on. Also loves being around those who choose to be happy instead of choosing to focus on the negative things in life… Also Hates watching the news…

He has a beautiful wife (who watches The Office with him) and baby boy who mean the world to him. Loves the outdoors and spending time with his family in the wild.

Coulton also runs Steve’s downline under Russell and does weekly Facebook lives in that group… Forgot to mention that in the epic list above. (Ooops…)

Oh yeah! And if you are looking at getting into Steve’s OfferLab program (which is epic), you’ll have to go through him first… (also forgot to add that to the list above)