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Survival & Preppers Niche Funnel (download)

Jun 23rd, 2016 anchorwave

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Hey, good morning everybody.

I know I keep saying good morning, but for me it is, so might at as well say it, right.

I like this funnel a lot.


The story behind this funnel and the reason I built this was because I had a buddy who… I’m sure you guys have seen these credit card knives.

Survival Niche

If you haven’t you must not have been online in the past five years, so thank you for coming online and welcome back.

Hey, so what’s interesting though is that he went out and he found a company in China and he got like two hundred of them, and we decided that we try and just sell them.

WELL… We sold all two hundred of them in like four hours, and it was just like through different drops into Facebook groups and things like that.

I was like, “Oh, my gosh. This is nuts. The test worked. I might as well go make a funnel now for it,” right?

I went and I created this funnel and it just was awesome. Anyways, as always I thought I would just give you the site for free. Let’s walk through this over quick.

In the specialty funnels area, right, on, it is down here. If you click down those specialty funnel, this is kind of the layout, this is the way the funnel works.

Sales Funnel Broker

Just like as always, the specialty funnels is an essential marketing funnel in a specific industry, I hope that makes sense.

Basically this is a tripwire funnel, right. Here it is right here.

You got the free bait, the free bait, right, tripwire, right, OTO, OTO. We didn’t really have a down sale on this one, but it still worked out just great.

Anyway, let’s look at it real quick.

One thing I want to point our here is that, I hope you guys don’t mind my copy, some of it, I’m just having some fun with it. One thing I want to point out with it is that this strategy also works really well to push people into membership areas. Anyways, let’s jump over real quick.


As always, let’s go to the home page and I just want to show you that you can edit anything. If this is your first time looking at ClickFunnels or anything, like right here, “Rush me my free premium quality credit card knife,” I don’t like that that’s, it’s a little bit long.

Here we go.

Anyways, so we’ve got the free credit card knife, we got a count down calendar that’s always going, and I set it so it recurs to like eleven o’clock every single night Eastern time. I just chose a kind of random time for that so it refreshes everyday. How it works, we made these little graphics, we got some social proof in here, right. “Claim it today,”

When you click “claim today” this pop-up opens up and says, “Hey, enter your name and email,” right. This is the opt-in, this is what you want.

Prepper Niche

As soon as you capture the opt-in it shoots them over to, maybe I should say what I just did there. It shoots them over to the next page, which is actually a, if I remember correctly, a two-step order form. Let me just check it out, yep.

Well it’s not really a two-step. The psychology behind this is that we wanted people to feel like they were receiving something, right. You’re not putting in your, in fact I would change this, you’re not putting in your shipping address, you’re saying, “Where should we send your free knife.” Right, so people don’t always like to be sold but they like to buy and they also, they don’t like to, anyways, they like to receive crap, right.


Help them know that you just want to help them receive something, right. Contact information, or … No, that works fine. We put something that you like. Put a post office code on there, right, that’s the icon on there. That really helps a lot because it’ll help people with the social proof, right.

Anyways, you can do a whole lot of other things on here. I’m just kind of going page by page. This isn’t really meant to be a tutorial on how to use ClickFunnels, I just want to show you a little bit more about what each page is about on this. Then we go into the up-sales, right, and this is a very simple, simple, up-sale format, right.

This is order customization, Step 1 of 2. You don’t want to say, “All right, order’s complete. By the way, you want this?” Because it closes the loop in their head, it closes them up mentally.

You want to say, “Oh, you’re just on order customization right now. Wait, your order’s not done. Oops, looks like something isn’t complete yet,” you know, something like that. I would say something like, well I’ll show you actually. This is my favorite way to put a progress bar up, and it works well, is I like to come to the copy here and say, “Order status not complete.” Make that lower case, “Order status not complete,” and then we’ve got, I usually put, “Customization step always come in here and here.”

Anyways, that’s usually, I put something like that, because then they’re like, “Wait, this is automated by the system,” or whatever. Push a little further so that there are some more closure coming up for them. Anyways, that’s usually how I do it. “Order status. Not complete. Oh, my gosh. Wait, what?”

preppers bag

Then I’ll put a big wait sign there or something like that, but anyways this is a pretty standard, this shows the features, and it says, “Hey, you want this?” This needs to be complementary to the first product. A knife, well someone who likes knives will probably like the something else, it has to with knife or survival, we were going for the survival niche, right. Anyway, so, “Hey, look here’s a solar device that’s,” and what’s interesting is that these things only cost like ten bucks when you get them in bulk, and we could sell them here for fifty-eight ninety-seven or something crazy, some weird price. Because the perceived value of a solar panel is high, right.

You see that and you’re like, “Oh, man, this technology hasn’t been around that long.” Anyways, guys, that’s the, well I’ll show you the bug up bag real quick. Oh, and then we way we would keep it going is that you could just clone this funnel, right, and then on the order page what we would do is say, we made what’s called an offer wall, that’s what Russell Brunson calls them.

We say, “Hey, if you liked these products you’ll probably like this other thing,” right, and it’s just a free product opening up into another funnel. Does that make sense? We would have down here like, “More things that match your criteria,” and it would be three different pictures, I’m pointing to the screen at you, you guys can’t see me.

Three different pictures or whatever, and on the bottom a button that says, “Get your free … here. Get your free … here. Maybe you’ll like this for free … This is all complimentary of,” what is this, “,” or something like that.


Anyways, guys, that’s all I have for you.

Please go download it, again it’s over here inside of the free funnel area.

Anyways, when you click “download it” this thing pops-up, you’ll opt-in, that’s just so that I know where to send it.

I send over the funnel to you and then you can just, you click the download link and you’ll get this exact funnel inside every ClickFunnels area.

If you don’t have ClickFunnels, that’s totally fine, they give you a trial membership, so you can still get it and still play with it and try and make, I’m sure you guys will make money with it.

Download Sales Funnel

This is a great structure, the biggest thing you’d have to work with if you’re in a survival area is obviously your own products, and then just the traffic source, which I would go Facebook ads on this one. Anyways, or Solo Ads, I think survival people like either, we’ll read that stuff a lot.

Anyways, just a guess.

Hey, guys, if you use this though, please go over to my Facebook page and let me know what you’re using the Survival Niche Sales Funnel for. It just is exciting for me to see it, and I guess you don’t have to tell me exactly if you don’t want to, but it’s just helps me know that people are using them.

Anyways, I appreciate that and I will talk to you later.


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