Show 7: HeySteve! Mass Q&A Part 2 – Stephen Larsen

Show 7: HeySteve! Mass Q&A Part 2

Jun 2nd, 2017 anchorwave

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Ha, well there was so many questions (which I LOVE) that I needed to break up the episodes. Here’s round two!


Hey, hey, hey, what’s going on everyone? This is Steve Larsen, you’re listening to Sales Funnel Radio.

Welcome to Sales Funnel Radio, where you’ll learn marketing strategies to grow your online business, using today’s best internet sales funnels. And now, here’s your host, Steve Larsen.

Hey, what’s going on, this is the second part of my mass Q&A kind of segment. This is a segment of the show I called “Hey Steve”.

I haven’t done one in a long time, so I’m doing part two right now because there were so many questions stacked up, I want to make sure that I get to a lot of the questions that are out there. I had to break it up into two different sections and even then I’m still leaving a lot of questions behind just ’cause they didn’t fit for the broad listener, you know what I mean?

I want to get into details, but at the same time we get a lot of people listening now. I was laughing because so we just moved into this house about six weeks ago and it was right before spring started and there’s a whole bunch of stuff we want to do in the backyard. I did sprinkler systems for a while. It was one of my summer jobs growing up and we didn’t have a trencher so I’d had to hand dig massive trenches for sprinklers.

Anyways, it was a lot of fun, which a lot of people might be confused when I say that, but it is. I like working with my hands. I like working outside so one of the things I was excited about owning a house for was the fact that we were gonna get to do yard work, which again I know a lot of guys might be like, dude, your weird, but I don’t care, man. It’s fun.

There’s a therapeutic aspect to work yard for me.

I was excited about it and it’s summer now. It’s been raining a lot, but that’s slowed down. It’s gotten really hot. It’s time for me to turn the sprinklers on, getting the sprinkler system up and going. I went and I was like, cool, I’ve done this before and for some reason, I could not figure out how to turn on our dumb sprinkler system and get it running. I was like, I did this for a while. I hand dug these.

Why am I not figuring this thing out?

Luckily, at the same time, there was this company at our neighbor’s house here who had lawn guys there and they were doing sprinkler stuff. I walked over I was like, hey, how do I? Where is? Is this a special kind of? The normal places that I look on houses that turn water on things like that, it’s not there. I don’t know where it is. He’s like okay, you know, well, give me a little bit and I’ll come help.

After a little while, they ring on the door bell and they come over and I was like, sweet, awesome. We went to the backyard and like three seconds they found it. I was like, oh, sweet, well. I’m totally willing to pay. I’m not here to just freeload on anybody. I paid him and he was awesome. They did a walk through, the entire sprinkler system.

Well, there’s this whole section that we want to go resod and I have been pulling out tons of weeds that were as high as me. You couldn’t even see the fence. There were so many of ’em. I’ve been de-shrubbing, de-weeding, you know what I mean? Doing a whole bunch of stuff.

When I saw that they were literally sodding the neighbor’s ground. I had to ask. I was like hey, how much is it to, for you guys to come sod, just so I just know. I had to ask the dude.

Like, oh, my gosh. I ask the guy probably six or seven times. I was like, hey, how much is it to do this? He’s like, “Oh, it’s really, really expensive right now.” I was like, okay. I’m asking how much. How much is it? He’s like, “Oh, well, it’s like $140 per pallet of sod.” I was like, oh, it’s not bad at all. It’s more of a time thing.

I don’t want to go spend the time to do it. I’d rather spend time with my family or building a product or what. You know something. I like doing yard work, but I don’t. That would be. That would talk me two or three Saturdays and I am moving way to fast right now to spend the kind of time to do that.

I had to ask this guy. There were. That was not the first time I asked him to please sell me your thing. I asked him several times. Hey, how does this work? How much is that? How much is that? We walk in the backyard and there’s all these blank spots. Why did you not put two and two together and try and freaking close me. I’m walking around holding a checkbook. I didn’t know how else to pay him. So, I was like, ah.

Anyway. It drives me nuts. When people are asking you buying questions, you have to know the difference between a normal question and then there’s buying questions, right?

Questions are questions. There’s just questions. Hey, how are you guys doing?

That’s just a normal question…

There’s a whole bunch of different questions out there, but the buying questions are questions that turn into. The questions where they start to put themselves in a scenario mentally where they see themselves owning or doing or being the thing that you have.

Hopefully, that made sense what I just said, but the moment they switch into this mode of like I could see myself doing that or gosh, I really wish that we could do that.

How does that not throw red flags up going like, well, hey, shoot, if you want. I mean, we do this for you. Is this something that you’re wanting done? Here why don’t you just show me. What do you got going on in the backyard? You know what I mean? I don’t. Anyway.

I love being sold and so I critique the process like crazy, especially since I was a door to door sales guy for a bit and I did telemarketing and I did you know. I like sales. I don’t necessarily like it that much face to face. I’d rather automate it through marketing onlines now, but it at least taught me the principles of what to look for and what to do online.

Ask More QuestionsAnyway. Sorry for the little side rant, it just, it made me laugh so hard ’cause finally he was like, well, it costed maybe 15, $1600 for us to do this and put these things in. I was like, great, cool. Just tell me. Like what.

Anyway. I seriously. I asked him. He didn’t say anything. He just kind of started walking away. I was like hello and I didn’t know that he was looking at what we have. He just kind of just. I don’t even know how to describe it. He just kind of came back and was like, well, maybe the. I mean, I blatantly had to ask the guy at least four times how much money is it to do this?

I don’t know if it’s, anyway. Whatever. But don’t do that, okay?

If someone’s asking you questions and you can tell they’ve switched into buying questions, man, just start closing ’em. They’re asking you to sell them. They may not even know it, but what they want is they want you to answer their problem, which is your product. Just, anyway. Anyway, let me get back to this.

This is part two. This episode is part two of the mass Q&A I’ve been doing. I got another three or four questions lined up for you guys in this one. They’re great questions and anyway, I’m gonna dive right in here and go person by person. I’m gonna play your message and then I’ll give you my response on how I would do that or … please know, I don’t know.

I feel like I should put a disclaimer in this sometimes like please know that is, I’m not a lawyer and this is not legal advice and please, you know what I mean? But, this is. I’m gonna answer right now as to how I would do it or how I am doing it or how we have done the thing that you’re asking about.


Hopefully that helps. Let me jump right here.

All right, here the next question here is coming from T.J.

“Hey, Steve, just wanted to follow up with you and ask you about a funnel that you mentioned that you did for a school that automates fundraising. I was wondering if you’ve ever covered that in any of your podcasts or if you’re willing to, to basically just set you on a funnel for a non-profit or school to automate fundraising. This is Tamar, also known as T.J. We met at Ad Con 2017. It was a pleasure meeting you and I hope to hear from you soon. Thanks.”

Hey, man, great question here. Yep. There’s a funnels that I’ve done that for. One of the funnels that I wanted to prove myself with. It was a few years ago actually. Was a funnel for, it was a mud run that we were doing. It’s … I’m in the army and we were trying to do some fundraising for this, it’s called the Fisher House Foundation.

The Fisher House Foundation is, it’s a foundation that collects money that so when a soldier gets wounded, they can fly the family of the soldier to whatever hospital the soldier was taken to and take care of them and lodging and food and stuff like that. It was really, really cool. Anyway, that was an awesome one.

What we did is we’re like, hey, what … we had a commander at the time and he’s like, hey, why don’t you do x, y and z. Let’s put this stuff together and I started to telling him like, sir, I got this skill that I’ve been developing and I’m getting quite good at it. Why don’t we do a little fundraising thing and you know what you could do is … basically have upsales and things like that, you know what I mean?

Anyway, it was basically an event funnel and the first page of the funnel was a page that basically said, hey, we’re gonna do a 5K Mud Run.

It was really fun. We had a fire pit people jumped over. It was a mud run. Army crawled through this massive vat of mud. We clothed them in all this body armor and they ran through thick forest with all these smoke bombs and massive artillery sim rounds going off around ’em. It was really fun.

It was awesome, but we ended up raising seven grand…

We had 650 people come. We had the news come several times. It was awesome. Got interviewed, anyway, it was great. It was a great experience, so anyways, it’s cool because we first found something that was cool and attractive.

It was a mud run near campus so a lot of people were already like, hey, already excited. The next thing we did though is we tied more meaning to it by telling them the story of what the money was going towards. That got it shared like crazy and that’s what got us on the news and the next thing we did is we went and we started doing a raffle, as well. That was really. We raffled off AR-15’s and other various stuff. It was really cool.

Then we started going to these local businesses and we’re like hey, we’re about to do this event do you want to come and just be there and you know. Just as far as value for the person who’s there. We don’t care that you’re there. We don’t care that you self-promote … just heck, come have a good time. It was really fun. We got other recruiters there.

We got all these big blow up things. It looked like a fair. It was a huge production. It was amazing and it went so, so well. Anyway, it’s just great. It was really a great experience. It was just an event funnel. It was two pages. I wish I could tell you it was more complicated than it was.

All I did was when somebody came in. It told ’em about it. What it was. It was a sweet video that we shot. In fact, I might have the. I don’t know if the page is still up or I still own the URL, but I still have the funnel and the video and all that stuff. That was really, really cool.

Then we just said hey, buy your ticket now. Ticket prices go up in x amount of time. We did a count down clock and we said, hey, there’s early bird pricing. Then the pricing went up. Then I went and got into the school newspaper and website and all this other stuff and I got us name dropped all over the place and the word got spread.

That’s really all we did. It really wasn’t that much work. There was more work on actually setting up the course itself and all the things that we had to do. It was super fun. All these hail bails you had to jump over and all these massive towers to go climb. It was just a cool experience and we did that. It was great.

The other one. I think I know the one you’re referencing, though. I’ve built for several fundraising style companies. One was Flex Watches that got on that TV show, “The Profit.” I built 11 funnels for that.

The day of the show that it was going nationals, a long story behind that, but it was crazy. They turned out so well and that was honestly just a normal trip wire funnel with some upsales and down sales. What’s funny is it’s still a funnel. Don’t think that because … what’s the fundraising funnel style.

Well, it’s the same thing as any other kind of funnel. You just change the message to let people know hey, this is for fundraising.

The thing that I was teaching on stage to all those DECA kids. DECA asked me to come. I don’t know if it was DECA directly or a contractor, but anyway, I ended up speaking on DECA. There was 3,000 kids at an event. They asked me to come teach on stage and teach ’em how to automate the fundraising for their school and their DECA programs.

All I did is, there was a company that said hey, we would like to donate all of the water bottles, all of the materials, all the whatever it is that you’re gonna put inside that funnel, we’re gonna donate ’em and we’ll just put our logo on ’em and there’ll be a portion of the profits that gets sent over back to the DECA. I was like sweet. You guys realize that you’re gonna automate your fundraising. Who likes going door to door? Not that many people.

I was like so here. Here’s how you can do it. How many guys been going to door? What’s the strategy you guys been collecting money? Oh, door to door. Okay. Well, you should probably listen then. I went through and I showed ’em. Basically, it was a trip wire funnel. It was a free plus shipping water bottle that they got with a cool logo on there.

That had a cool story behind it. Then the next thing was a upsale for two of ’em. The next thing was a upsale for something else. The next thing was a upsale and there was two or three up sales, like a normal trip wire funnel and all it was a normal product. It looked like a normal product funnel. Then, we just changed the messaging so people knew, hey, here is a super cool product, but at the same time, there’s a cool message and meaning behind these things that we’re doing.


Hopefully that helps. Don’t overthink it. It’s just a normal funnel. You just change the messaging and tell people why you’re doing what you’re doing. That was it. Super cool. I mean, they work well.

All right, here the next question here comes from Micen Jones.

“Hey, Steve. It’s Micen Jones here and a quick question about contracting. On page 46 of “DotCom Secrets,” Russell talks about the entrepreneur’s role and how he should be or she should be a contractor, not a person putting up the sheet rock or framing the house….

My question for you is have you hired from on more than a project basis? For me personally, I can build the majority of my funnels except for the graphics portion, some little minuet details and custom portions. I want to move a lot faster like I said and have help with that, but instead of waiting for a week and a contest, I’m feeling on, I would like to have a day or two days turnaround time.

Do you have any suggestions. Would you suggest Upwork and if so, what kind of language would you use in the job description to make sure that I attract the right kind of person to help build these funnels faster? Thanks for your answer, man and be blessed.”

Hey, dude, so yeah. I got a few. I definitely have some (sharply inhales), anyway. I’ve got some opinions on this. All right, so when you’re first starting out, I understand the need to do things on your own because you have no cash flow or very little cash flow. The thing that we always stand by, what I always tell people to do is hire when it hurts.

Don’t just jump out and start grabbing people just because other people are saying to. It’s like when people say diversify your portfolio. It’s like you don’t do it for the sake of doing it. Focus on one thing. You do want to make sense. You know I mean? I know you know I mean, but anyway so as far as freelancer tactics, hire one at Hertz.

I know you said you don’t like the seven day contest thing, but my gosh, it is one of the coolest strategies and if you take the time to do it, you’ll find some of the rock stars who are the V.A’s that just are amazing. I recommend Freelancer. I’ve used Upwork a little bit.

I’ve used Fiver a lot. I’ve used Freelancer a lot. Those are the main ones that I’ve used and that I still use. I gotta a surprise here soon for all you guys. I’ll have to show you guys here soon, but I had guy in Lebanon code something for me that is so cool.

Anyway, in a future episode here, I’ll tell you guys to go get it and it’s awesome, but anyway, it totally makes fun of our competitors. Russell’s dying. You guys ‘ill see it on his vlog here soon. Hopefully, you guys have been following his vlog on YouTube. Anyway, side tangent. Over.

All right, with freelancer tactics just for those of you guys who don’t know, the thing that I like to do and the thing that I like to recommend is to create a contest and it doesn’t have to be seven days. You can do it in three days, but then inside Freelancer what you do is you make the contest boosted.

You can boost it and it will stay in front of all the freelancers more like it’ll invite the good ones. It’ll stay on top of all their feed so all the freelancers are seeing your thing. I always do that.

I always press yes on those options, not all of ’em otherwise you spend an extra $100 bucks, but I go through and I choose the ones that highlight, feature, ping the very top freelancers, stuff like that.

Then what I do is I sit back and I create that contest and I wait usually two or three days and I wait and to see. There’s always like, please be aware that I’m trying to be sensitive right here, but there’s always a huge number of people that will spam back to you tons of responses and try and get you to hire them all the time. You gotta be aware of that, okay?

The moment that you and you can always tell when it happens because the moment you submit some contest or the moment you submit a job out there, you’re gonna get a lot of people who just immediately respond to you and you’re like okay, there’s no way you even read the details or saw the video that I shot to tell you how to do it or what I need done.

There’s no way and you’re already begging me. It’s like okay. Those are comments so I always wait two or three days to wait for all of those to leave and I see who the really hungry people are. I go through and I read carefully each one of ’em and I try to view and measure intentions. I try and measure what they want and what they’re trying to do.

Anyway, it works. It works really, really well when I do that…

Then the next thing I do is I will go, delete out all the ones that I know that are the immediate no’s … and again trying to be sensitive here, but I only speak English and so if they don’t … if I can’t understand ’em how am I gonna go the project, you know I mean?

So I go out and I delete out all the ones that I know that I won’t be able to work with regardless if they could get it done really well. I can’t talk to them so it’s gonna be a hard thing.

So anyway, then I create the contest and I go launch the contest and then I publicly criticize the comments and you can set your comments to public. I’m actually pretty harsh and I go through and I publicly criticize every single submission as I do the contest.

For a second there I was talking about contests and also for a second I was talking about hiring specific people for one task, one person for one task so I go through and I vet out all the individuals that are like, okay, I’m not, I just know I can’t work with you, but if it’s a contest, then what I do is I make sure the things featured and I put it out there and I’ll go and I publicly criticize the comments because all the other people who are submitting can see them … I will take a $100.

I just did this and I was like, okay, I got a cool idea for a logo, but I want to see what other people can come up with also.

How I did it is I went out to and I was like, hey, here’s $100 bucks whoever wins can get it. I got 323 submissions over seven days. I was very active. All I do is just once per day during that week I just log in real quick, I publicly criticize what I like and don’t like on each one of them, and then I come back … just piece by piece by piece and basically, the submissions start to improve. The quality goes up by about day three, four or five.

Then you will start to see who is immediately following you and I’m like, hey, I really want this though … an hour later, there’s all these other submissions with the exact thing that you asked for and you’re like, okay, I’m starting to see who the rock stars are so I know it kind of stinks a little bit to go, gosh, that takes a week to do it, but honestly my speed is increased like crazy as I do that. I now know who exactly to go for great voiceovers and I use ’em over and over now with the same tactics.

I know several people who are very, very good at graphics. People who are very good with some video stuff. People who are very good, You know I mean?

Then the parts that need to be creative that I’m not personally creative at … I mean, I will make up projects just to find who those people are and find the rock stars. Anyway, I still would do that and just know that that seven days is gonna do great things for you in the future. Just make a list of ’em. Keep a list of ’em and let ’em know, hey, you know what I do also to increase all submissions is I say inside the project details for the contest, hey, you know what?

If this works out, I would love to think about doing some future stuff with you ’cause I have more projects that need to be done, I just want to see who really wants this. It’s like (explosion sound) these people go crazy. They get out there. They go oh, my gosh, I want this so bad. It’s really, really fun when that happens ’cause there’s some veracity and you can tell that they want it and they get out there and they really start crushing it.

Okay, so what do you do though if you need to hire somebody internally as well. I just got a guy whose doing amazing with support. What I do is I find the people would work for me for free. I find the people who want to be in doing things with my brand so strongly that they’re willing to do things for me for free. It’s not that I’m not gonna pay them. I just need to know that they believe in the message, that they believe in my mission.

They believe exactly what I’m trying to do and accomplish before money because I’ve gone a long time without getting paid before just to get this going. It’s not true anymore at all, but you know I mean? I got know do you really want to get in this because I move at a crazy pace and I need you to do the same and you know I mean.

What I do is I wait. There’s always people who will reach out and go, hey, what can I help you with? The people who do that and don’t ask for money who … I can tell they’re genuine, I say, hey, that’s so nice of you, I appreciate it and I say nothing back to ’em. Well, the ones who reach back out and say, “Hey, I’m being serious. I really want to work with you.” Then I go, “Okay, hey, there’s really, really awesome, what kind of thing do you see yourself doing? I don’t want to take you out from something if you know that you’re really good a certain tag, a certain thing.

Tell me what your super power is.” If they keep coming back at me, well, I’m this. Like cool … take what I’m about to say also with a grain of salt. I don’t give them something crappy on purpose, but I give them a task that is not easy, that is challenging because I need to see how they’ll react to it. It’s a test. It’s totally a test.

I’m doing this with one guy right now and he is killing it. I’m absolutely loving working with him. He’s so, so cool, but he’s done, I mean, he’s done this. He’s grabbed my attention by giving value first and I can tell you, I can’t wait till the time for my next project to come up ’cause … I wanna hire the guy. I’m gonna do it so long as everything keeps going awesome with him.

I’m actually the weak link in this relationship now.

He’s dancing circles around me, getting all this stuff done that I didn’t even know that I should be doing, like that kind of guy. Anyway, let me jump to the next question here, all right?

“Hey, Steve. This is Matt Kaple. I have a question for you. I wanted to see if you could teach us all how to do a ninja way to do a favicon icon so we could import that and use that into our funnels and clip funnels. I figured you’re the guy that could teach us how to do that. Thank so much.”

Hey, what’s up, Matt. Thanks so much for the question. I’m laughing because Russell always makes fun of me for how much I love favicons. I just hate it when there’s at the top of the page in the tab there, there’s just like. There’s either nothing up there and then just a whole bunch of words or there’s like that blank piece of paper little icon. It’s funny.

He’ll send me some funnels some times, be like, dude, what do you thinks wrong with this funnel? I’ll write back. Dude, there’s no favicon that’s why the whole page isn’t converting well and he’ll be like whatever, that’s not it. Anyway. They do nothing for conversions. I don’t think so. Well, they might little bit. I feel like they do for authority when you actually see a favicon, you see something up there. You see a logos.

Well, like again, logos, they do nothing for conversion. They’re just for our own egos, but I like it as far as keeping the same branding for the page. Honestly, they don’t matter that much, but for me what I do is I will go into Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop and all I do is I create a 40 pixel by 40 pixel so it’s wicked tiny. 40 pixel by 40 pixel and what I do is favicons are something to make after logos so I’ll go grab whatever icon or something like that is inside of the actual logo.

I’ll grab the logo and put it inside of the 40 pixel by 40 pixels. The name of the game on favicons is simplicity. Just, you gotta be so simple with them. Don’t try and have more than one letter or a couple of letters if you are doing letters and if you do they gotta be really, really simple.

Second thing is that make ’em transparent backgrounds so that it doesn’t export. You gotta export ’em as a png and then upload them. If you click on settings up in the top right inside your click funnels account, and then you’ll click on digital assets.

If you upload it as a digital asset and then right click on the download button, copy the link address and you can actually go paste it inside of a favicon area underneath the funnel settings. Hopefully, that makes sense.

I usually don’t get to technical inside a podcast because some of you guys who have never used click funnels are like what the heck is he talking about? He just totally lost me. Anyways, that’s what I do though. Keep ’em very simple, transparent background, 40 pixels by 40 pixels and I usually just make it out of the logo, a smaller version of it or something like that. When you do it to a funnel inside of click funnels, it does it to every page.

You don’t have to do it to each page individually. It’ll globally do it the pages inside of that funnel so anyways, great question, man. Next one.

“Hey, Steve, this is Grant Tanner. Question is for the podcast that I started listening to. Good work. Question is I have a client who is trying to drive traffic to her website and get people to sign up for her digital magazine. It’s actually a print magazine as well, but the whole point of her website is to drive subscriptions to a magazine so it’s kind of a model that I’m having a hard time figuring out a good sales model to try to drive people to a certain landing page. What sales funnel do I use to get people interested in signing up for a magazine subscription essentially. Wanted to get your thoughts. Thanks. Bye.”

Hey, what’s up, Grant. Hey, great question. Honestly, I get that question more frequently that you would expect. Not so much on magazines themselves, but on selling continuity right out of the gate. That’s not an easy thing to do and it’s actually something that I usually don’t suggest, not that you can’t do it, but personally I don’t do that. The reason is because when you. It is easier to sell a $5,000 one thing than it is to sell a monthly continuity $60 a month thing, you know what I mean?

You’re just. I don’t know. How should I say this? The mind is so funny because if we just ask for five grand one time on a high ticket thing a lot of times, people are gonna be like, yeah, sure, I’ll go ahead and do that because I have five grand right now, but if I start to say, hey, it’s gonna be a couple $100 every month, indefinitely.

Immediately there’s this long because it’s associated with time, work immediately becomes this secondary emotion that comes in the side of it. I don’t typically suggest that you go and sell magazines subscriptions right off the bat, but if you are, which you are and that’s great so this is what I would do.

If you’ve ever seen Funnel University, model how we do that. It’s very strategic. Every single time we offer anything continuity based ever, it is always with something else. Like this okay? Magazines. Who does this? Sports Illustrated does. Have you ever seen this TV infomercials or whatever, they’re talking about Sports Illustrated Magazine. You don’t just get the magazine when you actually get a subscription set up, do you?

What you do is you actually get a clock, a football clock. You actually get an actual football with someone’s fake signature on it and then you get this. You get a blanket. Then you’ll get a foam finger. Then you get, you know what I mean? They make an offer out of it.

If you’re selling straight just subscription, it’s very, very challenging. It’s hard to do it. Watch how Frank Kern sells his memberships. Watch how Russell sells click funnels. Watch how. It’s always bundled with something else. What’s funny about that especially when the subscription based product is actually digital, they always ship something physical. That’s the pattern. That’s the model.

That’s how we do it and so when you go back and you start looking at. How is that whole thing actually works, don’t think in terms of how can I just sell magazines? Turn the thing into an offer and be like how can turn this physical that they get in the mail when they get a magazine subscription, right?

The magazine subscription also we don’t sell it. We don’t sell subscription as the main thing. We give it away as a bonus. When you get click funnels or when you get the funnel acts course, I’m gonna give you funnel acts, but I’m also just as a thank you, I’m gonna give you six months free of click funnels, right?

That’s how Russell does it…

When you go and get this clock and football and foam finger or whatever, then we’re gonna give you three months free on your subscription to Sports Illustrated Magazine, right? They give away the physical thing. Sorry.

When you get the physical thing, they give you as a bonus, the continuity thing, which is really what they want you to buy. Does that make sense? That’s how I would do it. That is how we do it.

Funnel University usually would cost us $120 out of the gate, typically, in ad spend just to get somebody to join. That’s the numbers when I saw it a long time ago so I don’t know what they are now, but there’s a lot of money just to get one person just to. You don’t even know if they’re gonna stay that long and so how do you actually recoup that cost?

Well, first, we have ’em get. We actually sell the package of the other stuff. We sell the offer not the subscription. Does that make sense? When you do it that way, you’re profitable off the bat far faster so anyway, hopefully that helps.

Guys, this has been a long podcast. I had to break this into two different episodes because there’s so many questions and I still didn’t get to about 10 of ’em. If you want to keep asking questions, go for it. I just make sure that the ones I put on here are not so particular to your business so that they’ll be advantageous for everyone to hear.

If you don’t hear your question on there, please don’t get offended just know that sometimes the question may not be advantageous for the whole group.

Anyway, thanks so much guys. Thanks so much for listening to Sales Funnel Radio and anyway, super excited for all of the great things go. There’s so many awesome things going on here. Go get the free website funnel that I created if you want at Also, I have a whole bunch of free funnels there you can go download and a whole bunch of the little helps as well.

That’sSales Funnel Radio literally the entire reason I built that entire thing. I do broker funnels, but not that often anymore. I should probably change the name of that place to sometime, but anyways, guys, thanks so much and I will talk to you later.

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