Show 6: HeySteve! Mass Q&A Part 1 – Stephen Larsen

Show 6: HeySteve! Mass Q&A Part 1

Jun 1st, 2017 anchorwave

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It’s been awhile since I’ve done any Q&A on “HeySteve”… I’m kinda already in the Q&A zone this week so I just kept on goin’.


Woo! What’s up, everyone, good morning. My name’s Steve Larsen and you’re listening to Sales Funnel Radio.

Welcome to Sales Funnel Radio where you’ll learn marketing strategies to grow your online business using today’s best internet sales funnels. Now here’s your host, Steve Larsen.

All right, all right, all right. Man, I’m kind of just a happy, excited individual in general but particularly this last week has just been such a personal win, it’s just been so awesome. Many of you guys know I went and I got to speak on Russell’s stage for three days, it was crazy. Oh my gosh, it was so much fun, I had a lot of fun with it. It was … A lot of guys know we just launched the Two Comma Club Coaching Program and it’s been awesome, it’s been a lot of fun.

We had hundreds, and hundreds, and hundreds of people join in and ask for Two Comma Club Coaching training, all the material. Those people who also purchased it they came for … The last time we opened it, just this last week they came for three days. We went through their messaging, we went through their webinars, we built a funnel out, we built the sales portion, we indexed stores, it’s really intense.

The first day we went from I think was about [spp-timestamp time="8:30"] in the morning and then we’d leave at about six. Not bad, right? There’s no breaks, we don’t take breaks the entire day. We let everyone out for lunch once just to grab some food but besides that there’s no breaks, there’s nothing else. The second day what happens is we get up and at [spp-timestamp time="8:30"] everyone’s back in there and then it was me. I went from 9 am to midnight.

It was crazy. Russell came in and he taught a segment of it but man, we were on there for 17 hours. That’s a ton of energy. I’ve always thought, “Oh my gosh, this is going to be such a … I’m going to be exhausted,” but I didn’t realize how much. At the end of the day I was like … The whole day is built around just us trying to help you get your slides done so you can do a webinar.

It’s very intensive and we stop slide by slide, by slide by slide…

We walk around the room, we’re like, “Hey, that doesn’t look right or switch this or change the messaging to this or switch this word around or okay now pitch it to that guy over there,” you know what I mean? It’s like, it’s intense and it was a whole lot of fun. What I wasn’t expecting is how incredibly sore my body would be just being on stage keeping high energy, keeping big, loud, and proud, and keeping my hands all over the place.

You know what I mean?…

I didn’t expect that part of it. I remember I laid that night at about [spp-timestamp time="1:30"] in the morning by Russell and I did a little strategy session for the next day. I laid down to go to sleep and my feet just started throbbing, not like, “Oh, they’re sore,” they actually hurt. I said, “Oh my gosh, I truly am an indoor animal now because I’m not used to … that would not phase me in the past.”

Anyway, it was great. The next day I got and we went again from about 9 am to about six, five or 6 pm. It was great. We went through and people had all their stuff done.

Anyway, last time we did this the people who actually implemented it and got out there, they’d make 19 grand on their first webinar. Another lady, she already did 700 grand, $700,000 in the last two months since she launched it, when we did this event last time.

Anyway, this was a great event…

When Russell invited me to come teach part of it, it was really honoring. I was shocked he asked. I was like, “Are you talking to me?” He’s like, “Yeah dude, you know this stuff so well come teach it with me side-by-side.” I was like, “Okay, cool.”

It was a lot of fun, just super honoring, very, very honoring…

Anyways, that’s what’s been going on…

My dad flew out and we had him over and he was doing that also for his webinar. Anyways, it was just a really, really good experience but I feel like I’ve been in recovery mode. It’s Saturday right now and this all just happened just this last week. Then Friday we had all these people who joined the Two Comma Club Program.

There’s a two week program that we put you through before that you can even come to Boise so that you can be prepared for it. I had my first Q&A session over the phone, it was over Instant Tele-seminar. These guys went in, they got … It was about 70 people on the phone with me and I was on for three hours straight. It was crazy. It was so funny because at the end of the day I walked back into the room where Russell was and I sat down at my desk there.

Russell was like, I think he started laughing, he goes, “Hey, how you doing?” I was like, “It’s going really, really well.”

I didn’t expect … I was like, “I have so much more empathy for how you feel after your events, that was really intense.” A solid 17 hour day, another eight hours after it, I only slept … I went to bed at 5:30 in the morning a few days before the event started just because I was preparing, I was trying to get ready.  I got a pretty big home office here, at least floor space-wise.

Man, I was walking around and I was teaching as if people were in the room. I was getting really intense, really animated. I got whiteboards all over the place, I was drawing stuff out, doing all the things that I would to help concepts sink in deeply for when I was going to actually be on stage and teach.

One thing to note, it’s another totally different thing to teach it…

Anyway, so that’s what’s been going on with me. I’m so sorry, I feel like I haven’t been, I guess I have launched a few podcasts lately but I realized after I was doing the Q&A session I was like, “Wait, I have a Q&A session of my podcast and I haven’t done that in probably …” I don’t know, it’s been probably 30 episodes at least. I went and I looked at the app that I use for people to ask questions to me.

Now, if you guys don’t know what I’m talking about go to salesfunnelbroker … Sorry, salesfunnelradio … Scroll down a little bit, there’s going to be a green button on the right that says record voicemail. You can record a voicemail question and it’ll be straight across your browser, it’s really awesome. It’ll email the copy to me and what I do is I kind of vet the questions to see which questions could apply to everybody.

Those are the ones that I place inside the podcast.

I’m going to do that. I lined up about one, two, three, four, five, six, seven. I lined up about seven questions so I’m going to play the questions so you guys all hear it and then I’m going to answer them real fast, does that sound good? This podcast might go a little bit longer than normal but it’s only because I have not done a hasty segment of this podcast for a very long time and I’m so sorry.

It just hit me while … I got so tired in the middle of my three hour Q&A session yesterday I actually sat on the floor for a while with my laptop answering questions. Russell came in and Melanie came in and they were handing me snacks and treats because I was just going, and going, and going.

It was really fun. We had people from all across the world on there, it was so fun. Anyway, so let me play this first question here. I’m just going to kind of shotgun fire over several of these questions, that sound good? Cool. Al right, that’s the plan. Let me put the first question here.

“Hey Steve, how’s it going, it’s Adam here, 20-year-old college student out of U Mass. I just had a quick question for you. You had mentioned before how you started off by providing a free service where you would build sales funnels for companies that were already established. I kind of want to take that same approach as I have a pretty in depth knowledge of how to use ClickFunnels. I’ve been using it for a while now, I know all the tools inside of ClickFunnels.

I use actionetics setting up email sequences, all that fun stuff.

I kind of want to take the same approach where I provide a free service to go into a company and build a sales funnel for them. I was just wondering if you can give me some insights on what approach I should take. I feel like that would be really beneficial for a lot of others out there. Thanks for your time, I really appreciate it.”

Hey Adam, that’s a great question. There’s a lot of ways to do it. If you don’t have any … Okay, let’s start with this. It’s all about results. If you’ve never built for anybody ever then you need to do it for free. You got to get out there and you have to do it for free. That kind of sucks a little bit but that’s how it’s going to work. Do it for free because this is now very much a results based economy. What you 100 other people can do in their immediate area.

They may not know it but the moment they realize it, it’s like, “Oh my gosh, why are you different?” The way I actually got started was I just started … I was like, “Okay, what industries do I want to work in?”

There’s a little bit of a checklist I used to actually get started with the stuff. The thing that I started doing was I said, “Okay, number one. I want to work in an industry where there’s a lot of money that flows into it and it’s a normal thing to do so.” You think real estate or cars, people expect to spend a lot of money in those areas.

I wanted to spend … What’s nice is if I was to get them an extra two or three sales a month that would change their whole business. Rather than going for something worth really low ticket eCommerce drop-ship style where there’s hardly any margin in it. If I was going to go choose and try and prove myself to a market like that I’d really have to increase volume to show massive improvement.

Does that make sense? It’s the power of the high ticket.

That was the first criteria that I was looking for. The second criteria that I was looking for was that they already needed to be in business with a customer base. I did not … I did the startup game for so long just going person to person, startup to startup. Great, super, awesome to do that but you know what? It was really, really hard because if for some reason the sales funnel didn’t work the first time we launched, and half the time Russell and I launch a funnel it doesn’t work the first time. We have to see what happens and we make tweaks and then launch it again.

Usually that’s when it starts to really make money. Does that make sense?

These guys would come back and be like, “Oh my gosh, you must not know how to build funnels.” I’m like, “Actually no, you’re a startup and you haven’t proven your market, you haven’t proven your model, you haven’t proven your product, your business isn’t proven. You don’t even know what you’re doing.” They thought the funnel was the business and that’s not true at all.

Anyways, if you’re going to go do that, what I did is I just started making a list of the industries I wanted to go do that stuff in to fit those criteria. Then all I did is I … Go to Google, search locally different businesses with those industries. I literally started shotgunning this email out or I’d go find them on Facebook. I’d be like, “Hey, I know this is weird …” If you say that then people for some reason put their walls down.

If you don’t say that then they’re going to be like, “This is weird,” so you just call it out. “I know this is weird but I build these things online called sales funnels and I just wanted to know if I could do it for you. I know it’s totally out of left field but I love the industry, I love …”

You can talk about their business specifically so they know that it’s not spam.

This works really well on Facebook Messenger by the way also…

“Hey, I really, really want to be able to show the market that I know what I’m doing in this area. Let me build what I call an internet sales funnel for you for free, it’ll come out of my pocket. I’m literally just trying to get results as big as possible for anybody right now. Could I do it for you? It will be completely free to you. The only thing I ask is that when it works, only pay me if it works. If so, I would love to get a video testimonial.”

That’s how I did it and I shotgun blasted that style of message to tons of people and I started getting a response.

It’s funny, any time I wanted to get into a new industry, I still do that. I did that probably a couple months ago. It was before I moved to our new office but I was thinking about going into the real estate area. I was like, “Okay, who can I go build for for free?”

I just started blasting the same message across so many platforms that I think Facebook thought I was spamming people, which I kind of was because I was trying to get my message out there and ask who I could build for for free. That was basically it. I got back great people. A few days later I was building for free for a lady who was a realtor to prove myself in the real estate niche. Anyways, that’s how I would do it.

Hopefully I answered your question, Adam…

All right, and there’s the next question.

“Hey Steve! I just wanted to know do you do your own graphics or do you outsource it? If you outsource it what’s your process, how do you do it? Thanks, have a great one. Love your podcast.”

That question was coming from Greg Grimsley and that is a great question. Graphics-wise, if you’ve been in any kind of funnel building you know that graphics is a heavy part of it, graphics, and video, and copy, which is pretty much all web pages in general. Yeah, you got to solve that problem. I do my own graphics. I

‘m pretty sure you’re talking about those little funnel box graphics that I made. Yeah, I made those, I used the Adobe Illustrator for that. One of the things that I learned from Russell sitting next to him is he is so good at taking complex things and turning it into a simple picture. When you can do that your ability to teach is going to go through the roof.

Sometimes what I’ll do is .. I still do it. I got whiteboards up here over on the side and if there’s something that I need to explain better I will draw a picture.

It’s one of the major reasons why half of his … He’s got a lot of pictures in his books and that’s why he does it. It’s on purpose, it’s not just because … It’s so that we can explain things that otherwise would be very hard to see without a visual.

A lot of times what I’ll do is I’ll sit down and I’ll draw the picture.

If you’re not personally a graphics guy, man you can go on Fiver or or whatever and go and pay someone to make a little graphic out of it. If they charge you more than 50 bucks they’re probably charging too much money for you.

Anyway, that’s how I do it though and that’s how I do it. I use Adobe Illustrator. I was a layout head editor and designer in high school and I’ve kind of always just liked layout and design so I do it myself. If you don’t have that skill that’s fine, that should not stop your progress.

All right, this next question comes from Art Boyd.

“Hey Steve, Art Boyd here! I do have a question for you. First off I want to say you’re amazing, I listen to all your podcasts. You bring tremendous value to the marketplace and I just appreciate all that you share with us. My question is this, how come you give away your free click funnels website that you spend over 200 hours on? Why are you giving that away for free and not charging for it? What’s the real marketing ninja tactic that you’re using that pays you on the back end? Let me know, I appreciate it man. Talk to you soon, thanks.”

Hey, that’s a huge, huge … Thanks for bringing that up. The reason I do it is because of, well really two different things. Okay, how many times do you go to a … Have you ever been to a used car salesman? You go to a used car place or a new car place or any place where there’s supposed to be sale happening. You walk up and the biggest thing you know that you’re going to run into is the moment you pull up somebody is going to be there as you open the car door and just hounding you.

They’re going to be hounding you, that sucks. I hate that. Anyway, I love to be sold but I do not like to be bullied. That makes me feel bullied. I feel like I’m being backed into a corner like, “So do you want it? You gonna get it? Okay, we could buy this.”

People who will jump out and immediately show you how your objections are worth nothing rather than actually valuing the objection and dealing with it. The reason I do that is because I read … Anyway, the free thing … A lot of you guys get hung up on the free thing.

“Well, I got to have a free thing in the front.”

Not always but it really helps to have something free on the front end to start building your list. I haven’t been doing this podcast that long, I’ve barely spent any kind of advertising dollars behind it but because I do that I gained like 2,000 people on my list in the last little bit.

It gets shared. The reason I do it is because it gets shared and it’s something that I should be charging for. When you guys are starting to come up with the free thing, the bait to pull people into funnels or pull people into your world or whatever it is, the thing that you’re doing do it for free for somebody else. Also do, maybe if you can, depends on the industry, depends on to make sense what you’re doing but man, I would take something that should be paid for, especially for branding yourself.

Especially if this is a coaching, author, speaker, consultant, whatever it is.

Myself, man take something that’s free or something that people should pay a lot of money for, help them feel that they should be paying for it, which is the reason I reference the fact I spent 200 hours on it. I’ll charge 20 grand for funnels now, however I don’t usually take any kind of funnel … build products anymore.

Got my own stuff going on which is awesome…

Anyway, take something that should be paid for, something that’s crazy so that when people like, “Oh my gosh, this is crazy. I get it for free? Oh my gosh.” That reaction right there, that’s what I’m trying to cause inside of them, inside of their psyche because they’ll go share it.

If they go share it, it means I won. How do I grow a business almost completely organically while working on the side for one of the most intense entrepreneurs that is even out there? Like that, that’s how I do it. What happens is I know that if there’s ever a product in the future I have delivered so much freakin’ value. Personally I just know. I have delivered so much value.

My goal is to deliver so much value. If I can deliver so, so much value and turn around and say, “Hey, you know what? For months I have helped answer questions, I have helped give things away that you should have paid a lot of money for. The next that I do come out with a product …”

I say, “You know what? This product, I actually can stand behind it. It took me a long time to make it but it’s going to help you do this. Here you go.” There’s going to be a lot of people who are fine paying me money for that. It’s completely the law of reciprocity.

The book “Launch” by Jeff Walker, I really like that book. There’s a section or chapter in there that talks about the nine … There’s nine principles of persuasion or something like that. Nine principles … Gosh, I can’t remember the name of it. Anyways, it’s any of those categories. One of them is reciprocity. If I give you something for free or … This happens all the time.

Oh, here’s a good example. This happens all the time during Christmas or holidays or whenever.

If you’re in a spot where there’s all these neighbors and you walk up to someone … Someone rings your doorbell, let’s say in the middle of dinner time. You’re like, “Who’s at the door?”

You walk up to the door and there’s a neighbor there and they’ve got a plate of cookies for you and a card. They walk in they’re like, “Hey, Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays or whatever.” What’s your immediate gut reaction? “Oh my gosh, thank you so much. I wish I had something for you. I wish there was something I could give you back. Stay right there, stay right there.”

How many guys would turn around, run back into the kitchen and you grab a can of beans or something to give them to try and show appreciation back. You feel the need to reciprocate, that’s literally the reason why I do it.

I want to pump value in the marketplace and it also sets me apart like crazy. I get tagged all over the internet for being a resource for people to go get things they need to in order to be successful with funnels.

“Well shoot, if you just want to get started right off the bat I got a really great funnel for you and it’s free. It took me a long time to build it. Well there you go, you can have it, it’s yours. It’s a template, I took it out of my content, you can go grab it.”

Anyway, that’s why I do it. That’s why I’m a little bit bossy about it. I have an exit pop. If you go to it’s at the bottom but there’s also an exit pop. Some people feel like exit pops are a little bit aggressive but I know that what I’m asking for in the exit pop is such ridiculous value for the funnel and what it gives you that I don’t feel bad.

I feel like it’s totally fine. I don’t feel like it taints my image at all by being annoying one more time before somebody leaves the site. Anyway, that’s the answer to that one, that’s why I do it.

I thought about it a lot, there’s a lot of strategy behind that and there’s a lot more that I’m about to put into that as well. Great question man. Right now what I’m going to do is I’m actually going to break this into a second podcast because there are so many questions. I don’t want this to go, it’s going to go like 40 or 50 minutes if I keep going here.

Let me break this into another episode here. I want to thank you guys. Go ahead and tune into the next one, I’ll make a part two on this.

Anyways, if you guys got a question though please go ahead and ask me. If you go to, scroll down to the bottom, green button on the right, you can go and ask one. Just make sure the question is something that can be advantageous for the entire group and no so specific to your business that I can’t answer it in a broad way.

Sales Funnel RadioYou want to be detailed as possible but also … I’ve had 8,000 downloads in the last … This podcast has taken off guys and I really want to thank you all for being avid listeners and for being supportive with it. That being said, I’ve got to make it still applicable for everybody and funnels in general. All right guys, thanks so much and I’ll see you in the next episode. Bye.

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