SFR 83: Keys Of Good Offers… – Stephen Larsen

SFR 83: Keys Of Good Offers…

Oct 28th, 2017 anchorwave


If you can figure out these 3 things, then you can make good offers…


Hey, hey. What’s going on everyone? This is Steve Larsen, and you’re listening to Sales Funnel Radio.

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Hey, hope you guys are doing great. It is a fantastic, what is it, Monday night, and it’s a little bit late. I am loving the day though, great day, went awesome. Recently, Russel did a webinar and went fantastic. I know that I’ve mentioned it on here before but the webinar just … I mean, it was incredible. The whole thing was incredible, really enjoyed every piece of it. It’s fun for me to watch, fun for me to go through it and see all those pieces in action. And there’s a pattern to … and I don’t know if I ever shared this before, so I thought I would.

There’s a pattern to how we create webinars.

And Russel’s unique ability is really offer creation, specifically webinars, I’ll say that. Kills it with the webinar slides, with the webinar creation, all those pieces. And I am the Secrets Master Class coach, in the Two Comma Club program. And the whole purpose of the program is to help people get $1,000 webinar off the ground, which becomes the core of their business. So there’s a place that we always start every time. I don’t think I’ve ever shared this with anybody though, on this podcast anyway.

When peoples webinars aren’t converting, one of the biggest things I always notice right off the bat is it’s usually that … okay, if you haven’t read the book Expert Secrets, some of this is gonna be techno babble. Okay?

So go read the book Expert Secrets. I don’t know why you have not read it. If you haven’t, go … it’s seven bucks. I had a buddy once that was … he was like, “Dude. How come you’re not telling me exactly how to do this stuff?” And I was like, “I’ve told you how. Go get the book. It’s free, you just pay for shipping.” And he’s like, “What? Hey dude, that’s totally a scan dude. Are you kidding me?” I was like, “Wait a second. Wait a second. Dude, you’re asking me,” and this is a buddy I kind of grew up with a little bit, and he’s like, “Dude, you’re asking me.”

Actually, he’s a buddy in the army. Anyway, whatever.

I was like, “Dude, you keep asking me over and over again how I’m doing what I’m doing, how I’m able to do what I am doing both financially, both with my time, with all the … I’m telling you right now, go get the freaking book and read it.” And he was like, “Dude, no. It’s got to be a scam man. Look at this. This is one of those sites that takes your money.”

And I was like, “You’re paying for the freaking book. You’re telling me you won’t gamble seven freaking dollars on trying to figure out what it is I’m doing.” He’s like, “No. No. No. No.” And I was like, “Oh my gosh. Okay.” That’s kind of my litmus test now. I don’t work with anybody who has not read both Expert Secrets and DotCom Secrets. Maybe because there some technobabble and not so foundational.

Anyway, whatever. All right. Anytime someone … I recently did a coaching session with someone and they’re like, “Hey. Could you look at my webinar funnel?” And actually this is a repeated coaching session topic. As the Two Comma Club coach, this is … so anyways I was looking at the webinar. This is on one of the Friday calls that I do. It’s a lot of fun.

And they used to be four hours long, but I cut ’em down to two hours ’cause there’s so much recorded content in there for people to go through already. But anyway, the part that people always mess up on … I was going through four different people’s … I was going through their entire webinar funnel and script live, in front of the whole coaching program. And it was a lot of fun. I really, really enjoyed it, went through it.

And the part that I’ve always noticed that people mess up on is really like only two or three things. And if you get these two or three things, the rest of the webinar script and funnel is really easy. And you can put it all together, a monkey can put it together. It’s really, really simple.

The most challenging aspects of it, right, after you’ve created a niche, after you’ve gone and you’ve created the niche, you’ve created a new opportunity, and you started to put an offer together. The most challenging thing that people have to figure out, and the place where people mess up the most on is figuring out their three secrets. Steven, what’s the three secrets? The three secrets are completely based around false beliefs.

And what people will do … this is what we tell people to go do, go run an Ask campaign. Right? Figure out what people have got. Don’t try and figure out what the market wants. Don’t guess it. Go ask ’em. Ask ’em. Figure out exactly what it is that they want or that they’re struggling with, and now you know what their false beliefs are, and now you know how to create your three secrets. That’s like the spot, those three secrets. The three secrets and the big domino statement and the stack, those are the three different things.

If you don’t get your big dom … If you have no idea what I’m talking about go … seriously, go get the book. All right? I’m not asking you to buy it through my affiliate link. I’m getting no goodies by saying that to you right now.

It is bar none … I have a marketing degree, it is more valuable than my entire marketing degree, which took me five years to go through. Anyway, that’s … in all sincerity though, that is a life changing book. If you read DotCom Secrets and Expert Secrets, those two pretty much recap and more all of my degree, far more actually. But anyways, those are the three areas though.

So, the big domino statement is the one where it’s kind of like the first, you know, “How to blank without blank!” Right? That’s like the headline of the whole webinar. People will mess that up sometimes, or they won’t get it quite right, or they’ll be too wordy in it, or they will say something that it just doesn’t sound true at all. How to lose weight without … eating cookies only. And I mean, that doesn’t sound believable. You know?

So, that’s the first place, the how to without statement, the big domino statement, basically the title of the webinar. Right? That’s number one, the title of the webinar. Number two is the three secrets.

Those three secrets: internal false beliefs, external false beliefs, and vehicle based false beliefs. Now again, if you have no idea what those things are … really, really simple way to put your marketing message together and your script in general. And what’s cool is that I use that formula. I use the Perfect Webinar script in so many places besides webinars. I’ve used it in podcasts. Some of you guys don’t know that’s what I did to you. I’ve used it in email scripts. I’ve used it on stage presentations, both when I’m selling and not selling. I’ve used it … I mean, I’ve used it a lot of places.

It is persuasion 101, so don’t think of it as the only thing you can do with it is a webinar. And then that third place that really people mess up on is the stack. Now, the stack is your offer. A lot of times people will not realize that they’ve gotta go and use the Stack Slide. The Stack Slide is the key to creating an offer in any business, any business. Stack Slide, it is the key, the key for the entire webinar, the key to your niche, the key to your new opportunity, the Stack Slide every single time.

Whenever I’m creating anything, I use the Stack Slide. I think through … what’s the main offer? What are the three bonuses that directly address the false beliefs? Right? And what’s a tool I can give ’em to help speed up the progress? If I can think through those things, boom, offer creation. Boom. Really, really easy to know that you’re gonna win. Right?

And it takes a little while, cause you gotta go run some Ask campaigns and stuff. So, anyways, this has been a little bit more of a techobabbly broadcast, and it already feels weird coming out of my mouth. I’m gonna be totally honest with you right now. I’m giving you freaking straight gold right here, but I haven’t packaged it around a story so it’s not really being delivered very well. And I know that, and I can feel it while I’m saying it.

I’ve been doing podcasts long enough now to know that I … it feels weird coming out. So please just take what I’m trying to say and just … I wish I had, I should have packaged a story around this a little bit better. But, you know what? Here’s one right here.

Now, I didn’t realize that I was doing this when I was in college. And I know I keep bringing up stories back in college time, but that really was the birth of me as an entrepreneur as I struggled for four freaking straight years failing after … I listed it out once a couple of months ago, it’s like 17 businesses I failed in before I had the first success. And it was an okay success, and the next one after that was like a huge one.

And then, after that, it’s been like bigger and bigger and bigger, and it’s been awesome. But there’s this product that was selling, and I was selling the product. It was a great product. And there was some up sales with it. There was a problem though. Every person that I was selling this product to, whether or not they bought the up sales, they would message me afterwords and go, “Great product Steven. Oh my gosh, great product. I’m loving it. This is so awesome. One thing though, I feel like the up sale should go with it.”

And I was like, “Greedy son of a … are you kidding me? What? I’m not gonna … no, it’s the up sale. Are you kidding … no, it should be with, you’re supposed to buy that to get it. Are you kidding?” And I was like, “Ah whatever!” And then the next day, someone would ask the same thing. And that request started coming more, and more, and more, and more.

And I was like, “Good grief! Oh my gosh, are you kidding me?” Anyway, I was really, really mad about it. And I was telling my wife, “Man, these bunch of people I’m selling to right now are just really greedy. They want all of it for the price of the initial thing.”

And I was like, “And I can’t tell if I should do it because the market’s asking me to. Is that what that is? Or am I selling to the wrong people and they’re willing but not able to buy?”

Where am I there? Where am I there? I might as well test it. So what I did is I took the main offer, the main product, I took the main product and I went and I took the up sale, and I made it a part of the first product. So when you got the product, you got the up sale also for free. Little bit of time goes by. Little time goes by. There’s suddenly there’s this big spike in my sales, and I was like, “What the heck is going on? Are you kidding me? Okay. Cool, cool, cool. I don’t know what the heck, traffic source is the exact same. Why is there more sales coming in?”

And then, shortly after that, all these people started coming to me, and they’re like, “Hey Steven, you should put in that second thing. Put in a second thing man. We would love to have that. Put that in. That should be part of it because that’s gonna help us do the actual …” And I was like, “Daw greedy, are you kidding me? That’s freaking … you’re supposed to buy that. I already added in the first up sale.”  Anyway, I ended up adding in every thing from the funnel into the first product, which made it an offer. That’s what made it an offer.

And when I did that, huge spike in sales, and it sustained at that level for a long time, and paid for tons of stuff. It was great. Oh my gosh. It was awesome.

Anyway, long long time. And I learned a lot from that. I learned that inside of every single funnel is a mini Value Ladder that your business overall … my business overall was … I had this Value Ladder where I had this free stuff in the front, like mid tiered stuff kind of in the middle, and then high ticket stuff in the back. Yes, my business was that.

However, every funnel was also a mini Value Ladder. And I was like, “Interesting. And it’s an offer.” And I started putting … anyway.

Anyway, I hope that that makes sense what I’m trying to say here. But in these webinars, when you’re going and you’re creating ’em, you gotta understand that the Stack Slide is the key for everything. If you wanna go make a sexy brand new new opportunity, a brand new offer, as a B2B person. Boom. There’s a way to do it, Stack Slide. Use that as a template.

Let’s say you are in network marketing, or MLM. What do you have as assets out of the gate? Well, if they give you physical products, cool. And we’ll fill in the other spots of the Stack Slide. We need a few bonuses. And let’s toss in a Master Class on how to use the product. Boom. Stack Slide. Done. That’s the new opportunity, new offer going in. No one else has done that, so you’re brand new. You just created a niche. You understand what I’m saying?

The Stack Slide is the freaking key for how to create offers and create niches … to create niches in places where it’s all improvement based offers where it’s no longer sexy. What’s some of the least sexy businesses you can think out there? There’s a bunch. But the way to make them sexy again … you might be thinking Steven I’m in retail, how can I use these funnel things? Stack Slide. Okay? That’s how you do it.

Every time I create an offer now, whether it’s at ClickFunnels or personally, I start with the Stack Slide. Okay? And what I do to fill it out is a go run an Ask campaign, figure out what the false beliefs are.

That helps me figure out what my bonuses are, bonus one, two, and three. Again, if you don’t know what I’m talking about, this is straight techno babble if you’ve never read Expert Secrets. Go read Expert Secrets. Okay? So I gotta start with the Stack Slide. Then what I do after that is I start thinking through the main thing that people are asking for. That becomes my master class. You know? Or the physical thing, whatever it is.

Click FunnelsThen I think through something physical as a tool, or a piece of software, or whatever it is that I can pull on with it. So, I’m putting the main thing with it, like a master class … or let’s say I’m in eCommerce, the physical product.

All right. Now, let’s give ’em some kind of tool. So if I’m selling an info product, what kind of tool could I give as an info product? Well, there’s a piece of software, maybe there’s some pdf guides, maybe some checklists before someone can use their thing fully.

There’s all sorts of stuff you could pull, and you don’t have to come up with it. The market tells you. And then, there’s bonuses one, two, and three that relate to the internal, external, and vehicle related false beliefs. Does that make sense? It’s the template for every freaking business, for every single brand new niche that’s out there that you are creating.

The way to get into it is through the Stack Slide. And it blows my mind that people have a hard time understanding that. It doesn’t matter what business you’re in. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in. If someones sitting there and they’re thinking, “Oh, I don’t know if that’ll work for my business.” If you freaking need customers or leads, it will work for your business. It’s how you address the false beliefs of your market with products as the answer, and create a new niche.

While you’re doing that, you’re also making the niche stronger. So it’s harder for people to knock you off. Does that make sense? I’m sorry for how much techno babble … I feel like I’m on a soap box right now. This has not been a normal episode of mine. But I hope that … I hope that makes sense, what I’m trying to say here, that the Stack Slide is the key, not just for webinars. Okay? Webinar is just a … it’s a sales script. Right. It’s a sales opportunity but what are you actually selling on the webinar? You’re selling the Stack Slide. Okay?

So take that Stack Slide, and that becomes the blueprint for how you succeed in whatever business you’re doing. I don’t care if there’s 100 other people competing in the exact same thing. Where you differentiate yourself? Stack Slide.

That’s how you do it every single time. Right now, on my … let me turn around here, my mic’s on the other side here. Right now, on my whiteboards in my office right here, my home office, I have Stack Slides all over the place. New offers, new things I’m thinking through. Once you nail that Stack Slide, man, the funnel is easy to build. Steven, how does ClickFunnels build so many funnels so quickly? We start with the Stack Slide, that’s how.

That’s how we do it. And then we think through like … cool, okay, here’s our offer. Here’s our brand new offer. Now let’s go find someone else who’s done something similar, funnel hack them, add in our offer instead, funnel hack their traffic, figure where it came from. Boom. Ensures our success really quickly. That make sense?

Not that we succeed out the gate every time. Mostly we don’t. But on the second tweak usually we do. The second tweak. Tweak, not full readjustment. You know what I’m saying? That’s how. So anyway, that’s all I’m trying to say. I’m just trying to place emphasis on the Stack Slide. I feel like that’s one of the themes that I keep telling people about all the time, it’s like Stack Slide, Stack Slide, Stack Slide. If there’s one thing you can do to figure out how to make more money in your business, Stack Slide. Stack Slide. Stack Slide. Stack Slide.

I feel like I should … before Russel knew who I was, I wanted to get his attention on social media. So I told him I was such a huge fan of ClickFunnels that I would staple his logo to my chest in one of his events. That never happened, but I did get a laugh out of him. And he did figure out who I was after that.

But I feel like I should do that with your Stack Slides, like go freaking stapled to your chest. Okay?

And it’s all about that. If you wanna be competitive. If you wanna be the guy who’s … the person who’s out there keeping everyone else on their toes, rather than you feeling like you’re on your toes all the time and barely in business, it’s because your offer or your Stack Slide isn’t good enough. So go back to it. Get real clear on what it is that you’re actually delivering, and that’s the whole key to all of it. Anyway, thanks for letting me get on my soap box a little bit. I realize how some of that was a little bit technical, it might have been a little bit more challenging to understand just by hearing it.

But if you seriously have not read Expert Secrets, go read the book. That book is fantastic. Anyway, I’m not just saying that ’cause I work there. I’m surrounded in marketing books right now. That still is easily, now you know, top five ever. Ever, of like any category. So, go read the book.

Then you’ll understand what I’m talking about. When it gets to that part about selling, specifically creating new offers with the Stack Slide, really really take your time. Don’t try to power through it. Really take your time to try and Sales Funnel Radiounderstand how you do it. And then, create examples of different industries you would create offers in.

Anyway, that’s all I got for you guys. I will chat with you later. B’bye.

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