SFR 82: The “Russell Brunson Powerhouse”… – Stephen Larsen

SFR 82: The “Russell Brunson Powerhouse”…

Oct 25th, 2017 anchorwave


“What made Russell… RUSSELL??” After 18 months of sitting in the same room every day, I’m beginning to understand WHY Russell Brunson is Russell Brunson… maybe?


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Hey, hope you’re good. Hey, so was it this last week? We were putting on this webinar. It went fantastic. I got to watch Russell in full bore offer creation mode, and it’s been fun. I mean I love watching him in that mode as well, and I try and learn like crazy. I’m trying to be a sponge. The things that I learn, I’m trying to pass ’em on to you guys. I’m trying to soak in those things. I’m like, “Oh, my gosh, this guy’s like a 14 years of experience of obsessive, obsessive perfectionism and being the absolute best inside the marketing world.” Like holy crap, and I’m trying to soak things in.

Well, it’s been fun to watch. We put this webinar on, and it was cool to see why, and it was fun to watch why. He went back, and we were looking at the same old offers we had. We were like, “We need to fix some stuff. We could just fix it and re-put it out there,” but honestly, it’s completely a brand new offer. It’s a totally different product.

We went out, and we launched it and it killed it. It went amazing and yet, again, I had another experience where I went back home to my wife, and I said, “Babe, I just watched him make $1,000,000 again.” Like holy crap.

Russell and I were sitting back the other day, and it was fun to … I love getting him in those moments where he starts to reminisce, and he’s telling me about … If you guys never been inside the ClickFunnels office, all across the ceiling, all across the walls towards the ceiling, there are these 2 Comma Club plaques. They’re all across the walls. They’re all over the place, all over the walls, all over … in the hallway near where the bathrooms are. Literally, ceiling-to-floor totally covered in 2 Comma Club plaques of people, of the ClickFunnels users who’ve made a million bucks, and they’re constantly coming in another five every week. It’s crazy. I mean it’s really, really exciting.

It’s fun to see. I didn’t think I had any kind of aversion towards making money beforehand. I really didn’t, but the scope of what I feel like I’m able to accomplish has just been sky-rocketing.

I was sitting back and Russell started reminiscing. He goes, and he was honestly asking me … “Hey.” He’s like, “Steven, dude, how many 2 Comma Club plaques do I have out there again?” I was like, “You have like 18.” He’s like, “Dude, I’ve been put in the 2 Comma Club 18 times on my own and three of those awards are in the 8-Figure Club.” This is besides ClickFunnels, altogether, which makes a lot of money. Besides, ClickFunnels, altogether, right? Russell knows how to make offers. It’s fun to go back and watch him create offers.

Click FunnelsRepeatedly, one of the phrases, one of the lessons that’s been … I mean it was already burned in my brain. I remember two or three years ago, I was listening to … It was when I first learned of who Russell Brunson was. I hope you guys … I’m totally Russell Brunson Fan Boy. If you guys are not okay with that you should probably get off because there’s … anyway.

I hope you don’t mind if I share some lessons that I learned from him personally. This is one that’s really stuck out to me, and I wanna tell you what I’m doing about it, but anyway, about three years ago, I was listening to one of Russell’s earlier podcasts when it was still “Marketing In Your Car.” He said in there, and I believe I’ve brought this up before, but he said in there … “One of the easiest ways to become successful in something is to get a coach, number one and number two, to be a coach.” Right?

The moment you get a coach, you’re not held accountable. Number two, the moment you become a coach you start to learn your own tactics better because people are asking you how you do what you do. You may not I honestly know how you’re doing what you’re doing, so you get a coach, and you be a coach.
That theme has continued to come up over and over and over. I mean all the time it comes up, and it came up again yesterday.

Honestly, weekly that that is the theme. He is constantly looking for the next coach, for the next person, the person that he can go hook into and not only be held accountable from, but who’s the next powerhouse he can take his plug and plug into and learn more, whatever it is and supercharge.

I love books. I am surrounded in them right now as I’m recording this podcast. There are books all over the place; stacks of them literally. Not just in bookshelves. There are stacks of books. Books a great, but sometimes when it comes to applicable knowledge that you need in the moment, man, coaches are great. Get a coach. Get a coach. Get a coach. Get a coach. That’s been the thing that I’ve been watching him doing. I mean I’m starting to do myself as well.
There was guy when I got hired on at ClickFunnels, and I was the … got hired on as the Lead Funnel Builder.

I’m sitting there, and I was already starry eyed. I’m pretty sure I was mute for the first two months ’cause I couldn’t believe I was sitting three feet away from Russell Brunson. I was like, “Holy crap, dude. I almost put a poster of you on my wall?” He was like, “Ah, ha-ha.” I was like, “I’m not kidding.” It’s like oh, awkward.

There’s a guy though who messaged out to me. He goes, “Dude, do you realize that to be near Russell that often is to become more like him in every way.” Trey Lewellen calls me “little Brunson” now.

I’m not patting my own back, but what I’ve started to notice, I’ve been there a year and a half now, and I’m like, “Oh, my gosh. That’s starting to become true.” The ism’s; my mannerisms. Even the way I speak, the way I teach, all those pieces are starting to sink deeply into my own behaviors. Behavior is not an easy thing to change in human beings, right? It’s not. That takes a long time. There is a huge amount of conscious effort that goes into shifting how you behave, right?

Tons. Oh, especially over the last two or three weeks.

I’ve begun to ask myself why has Russell become Russell? It’s been a very interesting question, and it’s kind of been a little bit subconscious; also conscious question, though. I was like, “Why? Why do I really feel Russell has become Russell?” There’s a lot of reasons. There’s a ton of ’em. The work ethic is through the roof, right? I mean he … The dude knows how to work, right?

He understands how to be a creator, right? Rather than someone just creating a me-too product. He knows how to create offers. It’s so funny. A lot of times we’ll go create something. ClickFunnels will go put something out there and within a little while, people will be trying to knock it off with their own versions of it. Russell has not created his expertise by learning how to do that well.

He has created his expertise on learning how to create brand new amazing offers, right? That’s huge, but why?

One of the major points I’m trying to get here: why has Russell become Russell? Because I have never seen him where he’s not had a coach. I have never seen him where there’s not a sense of urgency, which is in part to the fact that someone else is holding him accountable as well, who he has paid money to. That’s amazing.

Recently, I would do coaching. I love it. It’s a lot of fun. It was actually a buddy. I don’t know if you guys know Akbar Sheik. I actually had him on the podcast recently. I hope he doesn’t mind me telling this. I respect him like crazy. He is not just an acquaintance. He’s a true friend to the core and I really, really appreciate him, but if you think about that. He came, and he’s like, “Hey, do you wanna look over something of mine? I’ll take one of your coaching spots.”

I was like, “Sure, that’d be great.”

I was tempted to not charge him, and I was tempted to not charge him because we’re close. We’re very, very close. You know what I mean? I’ve done that a lot to family, and I’ve done a lot of close friends and you know what I’ve noticed? Every single time is they never do anything afterwards. Ever. It’s the saddest. It’s heart-wrenching for both; the one being coached and the coach.

Because the coach is really trying to help and so even by the way of self-preservation. Not that I’m emotionally weak or anything, but it sucks to watch that.

I was like, “Dude, I hope you don’t mind, but there is a law; some kind of weird unspoken law that if I don’t charge somebody they don’t do anything. They don’t do anything. It’s a sad thing to watch happen. It’s not fun.”

When I first graduated from college, I was so impressed by the book, “DotCom Secrets,” I sent 30 of them to friends for free. I just got the books, and I sent 30 of them out. I was like, “This book literally has changed my life. It started my actual business while I was in college. It got me out the door. It got me. It got me everything.”

“DotCom Secrets” was the freaking way, man. I mean I was so obsessed already that I plugged the powerhouse that I was already learning to become with the powerhouse of “DotCom Secrets,” and it exploded me and made me qualifiable to actually work at a place like ClickFunnels next to Russell. You know what I mean?
It’s because I was trying to coach. I was trying to get a coach, and I was trying to be a coach. That was a principal that was always going through, around in my head, but I told my buddy. I was like, “Dude, I feel like I gotta charge you although it’s weird for me to do so.”

He was like, “Hey, dude, I actually understand that. You charge me full price.” I was like, “Okay.”

It’s amazing what happens when there is a transfer of value back and forth. That’s why it’s free plus shipping. Does that make sense? Because if it was just free, no one would ever do anything afterwards. There has to be, even though it’s usually $7 for the shipping. There has to be some kind of transfer value both ways. It’s a give and give relationship, not a give and take one. Does that makes sense?

All of business is, all of customers … Any business I’ve ever seen that’s worthwhile. It’s sustainable for a lot of reasons. It is a give and take. There has to be some kind of transfer of value back and forth between the two, but I’m starting to notice … Akbar paid me. My buddy paid me. I went and I watched Russell go out and get a new coach again for something different. He is constantly learning.

I started thinking through … Okay. Just bear with me for a second. I’m trying to figure how to share this. A lot of people have been telling like, “Steven, oh, my gosh, you work in the freaking marketing nucleus of the planet.” I was like, “Yeah. I know.” Freaking amazing. I mean it’s the most cutting-edge stuff, right? Status quo is created in ClickFunnels. That’s amazing. Marketing status quo is created in ClickFunnels all the time.

How? He is bathing himself in it and loving it and is so passionate about it and if you can’t be passionate about the thing you are to that degree, change the thing. Find the thing. You may not be in the right thing.

He’s going around, and he’s constantly pushing himself, pushing himself, and I had the thought like how freaky would it be? Would Steve Larsen be Steve Larsen if I had not hooked into that? Interesting. I believe I would, but not with the speed that has happened. If you’re frustrated with how slow things might be moving. Maybe they’re not going fast enough. I dare you to go get a coach, and I dare you to pay them full price. I dare you to pay a full price. You know what? Overpay ’em a little bit.

There is something weird that happens. Every single time I do any kind of coaching at all, I charge for their benefit. Does that make sense? It’s not that I need the money. I’m not dying. You know what I mean? We’re doing great, but if I don’t charge, the other person doesn’t take it serious, and they don’t go freaking get off their butt and do what I said, or you know what I mean?

The best people I’ve ever seen coaching wise – oh, my gosh – they come willingly. They pay beforehand and then they go do the thing immediately. Then they report back to me within like a day. They’ve already done the thing that I said. Like, “Oh, my gosh, that’s way cool.” Then they’ll come back, and they’ll do another session, back and forth and back and forth. That’s how it happens.
I think it’s the same thing. Sitting around listening to Russell, the way he talks and be like, “Yeah. Yeah. This person was my first mentor.”

“Oh, yeah, this person over here was my mentor for a while over here doing this.” “Oh, you know what? This guy over here? He was a mentor of mine.” He was like, “Holy crap, dude. How many mentors have you had?” I know you’ve been at if for 14 years, but really in hindsight, 14 years is not that long. You know what I mean?

Compared to all the greats that have been out there and all the guys who have done this. I mean 14 years that’s not that long. In 2003, 14 years ago, that’s really not that crazy. That’s not that crazy. How has a guy who’s not even, he’s barely past mid-thirties, the way he is? It’s ’cause of his coaching. That’s my opinion, all right? He’s just hooking into people all the time. He doesn’t freak out when someone says, “Yeah, you gotta pay in order to be a part of this.” He gets it. He knows it, right?

That’s why there’s hundred thousand dollar groups in Masterminds. Those people get it, but sometimes it takes a mentality break. It takes a shift for people to understand that. Of course, there’s an element of status to it, as well, being part of those kinds of groups, but that’s not it.

Russell BrunsonEvery time I watch or I hear the guys that are involved with those groups, every time I see someone whose going … I mean they all understand you have got to pay to play. Get a coach and be coach. Get a coach and be coach. Get a coach and be good. I feel I should keep saying that over and over and over again. Just burn it in your head.

That one principle. Russell asked me once. He’s like, “Dude, what was the thing that got it? What was the thing that clicked in your head?” I was like, “Two things. Number one, I learned how to create offers when I was in college.” Not products, offers. Not services, offers. The point is to graduate products and service into an offer, right? You don’t sell products. You don’t sell services. You don’t sell products or ser … That’s not at all what you sell.

You sell offers…

It’s very different. It’s very different. When I learned how to do that in college. Boom. Massive, massive stride and progress for me. Luckily, I learned that before going to ClickFunnels.
Then I was like and I said the second thing, what I told him was, I was like, “Dude, there was this podcast you gave when I was probably a junior in college and you said ‘Get a coach and be a coach.’ That changed my life.”

‘Cause I was trying to be a coach. I was Periscoping and I was Periscoping, I was scared to death. I really don’t know all the things I was talking about. I was just trying to talk about different lessons that I was learning in marketing. That was it. I didn’t have enough experience so I was just choosing little things here and there. That’s what got me publishing and out the door. Then I was trying to get a coach as well. I was just consuming like a beast with the intent to reteach it.

That’s very, very key of learning for two. I’ve talked about that as well on here. Anyway.

I’m blabbering now, but I want you to know that’s really been the major thing in my mind why Russell Brunson has become Russell Brunson. For the last 18 months, I have spent every day, work day, in the same room with him. The thing that I watch over and over and over again … You know what? I bet you listening to this podcast right now, you probably know how to work hard. You probably do. I’m a hard working guy. I do believe in an element of law of attraction.

There’s certainly the attractive character. You’ve probably been attached to this podcast for some reason. Mono e mono. We’re seeing each other eye to eye or at least ear to ear. Voice to ear, anyway, right?

Okay, so then what’s the difference? His speed of execution is insane. The dude knows how to make offers. He knows how to work. You probably know how to do the same thing, but man, the dude has coaches for everything. He’ll have a coach for … Yeah. Maybe I shouldn’t rattle ’em all off, but there’s a lot. It’s all over the place. There’s coaches for everything.

Then I get frustrated when someone’s like, “You have a coaching fee to help me with my funnel, Steven?” Freak. Yes. I do. Because you won’t do a dang thing unless You pay. You understand? You know what I mean?

Clearly, I get animated about it ’cause I’m like, “Gosh, you don’t get it yet. You don’t get it yet.” Anyway, lot of fun. It was fun. I look up the Akbar like crazy. He’s fun to do that with him. All the other people that have done coaching sessions with me, you guys are all awesome, too. I really appreciate it.

If you are looking for one … You know what that’s an announcement for later on, but anyway, guys, I hope that’s sinking deep. Hope you’re getting what I’m trying to say here. That if you choose to get a coach, it increases your speed in a way that’s very hard for me to describe. Especially when you pay, always pay. Otherwise, I have a hard time saying that it’s an actual coach.

I see a lot of people sometimes on Facebook go like, “Hey, who wants to get together and do a Mastermind?” It’s like, “Oh, that’s cool. That’s great.” But if it’s a free Mastermind, I feel like sometimes people have the facade of movement, and they start confusing motion with achievement. It’s just moving. They’re not really achieving stuff. You know what I mean?

I’m not saying they’re not good. I’m not saying you don’t learn stuff. You learn great things. It’s awesome. It’s resources. It’s fun stuff. I totally get it. I’m not backing on that at all. I feel like sometimes people try and take the place of a coach with things like free Masterminds on the internet, and I don’t think that that takes its place at all. I think it robs it if you’re thinking that way.

Anyway, I’m continuing to ramble here, and I’m trying to get faster on my podcast. Sometimes I go a little bit too long, and I know that, but anyway, you guys are awesome. Appreciate it. Go get a coach and be a coach. I’ll talk to y’all Sales Funnel Radiolater. Bye.

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