SFR 77: Watch Me Build My Next Funnels LIVE… – Stephen Larsen

SFR 77: Watch Me Build My Next Funnels LIVE…

Sep 26th, 2017 anchorwave


Russell Brunson and Gary V have both said it’s better to “Document and Sell”, rather than simply just “Create and Sell”… SO! Watch me build my next personal webinar funnel LIVE…


What’s up everyone? This is Steve Larsen. You’re listening to Sales Funnel Radio.

Welcome to Sales Funnel Radio, where you’ll learn marketing strategies to grow your online business using today’s best internet sales funnels. And now here’s your host, Steve Larsen.

All right, all right. Hey, it’s gonna be a fast episode. It’s more of an announcement styled episode. Hey, a few episodes ago I finished a six part series where I went through each of the industry’s, basically six different categories of businesses, that are using ClickFunnels.

And honestly, pretty much every business that I know of fits in them. And it was fun because I went through each one of those categories, and went and I found a rock star that’s killing it in each one of those areas.

Now my whole … I believe in a level of business karma. And I know that there are people out there who may not be in love with sales funnels the way I am, and that’s totally fine.

It’s my thing. And you have a thing. I’m not asking you to take on my thing. All right? It’s your peak. You stay at your peak. You be the best in the world. Stay on that peak.

It’s the reason I won’t go learn Facebook ads. One day, Facebook won’t be the hot shot stuff. You know what I mean? One day, there will be a new traffic source that’s massive. Now it may not happen for a really long time. I don’t know.

MoneyBut guess what I know is always going to be there? Funnels. Because it has to do with sales. And whether or not you meant to build one, you have a funnel. All right? Online or offline, you always have a funnel. Right? And so I decided to stay on this peak.

Well so, I got these six different categories, and I’ve been thinking to myself how cool would it be if I went and I live built a funnel, that works really well in each of those six different categories? And so what I thought was now I don’t know how long this will take. I don’t know the timeline. If it’s gonna be really, it’s gonna be all over the place.

But I’m going to … Anyway, I believe that if I just keep pumping value into the marketplace, value always comes back. And every time I’ve ever done that, it’s always true. And so I thought how cool would it be … What if I was to build a Webinar Funnel live for everyone? You know?

And I probably wouldn’t give the funnel away for free because every time I build them, they take a solid ten hours. You know? I’m not just gonna give that for free. I’d charge for it. But it wouldn’t be a lot. It’d just be a little bit.

But how cool would it be if I went and I built an application style funnel the way that I know they work? How cool would it be if I went and I built an E-commerce funnel the way that I know that they work?

MLM the way I know that they work? You know what I mean? Each one of the industries, go through it. Retail. Back and forth, and back and forth, and I actually built live. And you guys could come join me and watch, and ask questions, and stuff. That’s freakin’ awesome. That would be a lot of fun.

Anyway. So that’s what I’m thinking. And I’m thinking it’d be a lot of fun. And so I guess the, I don’t know if you want this kind of lesson or whatever with this. If you can include people in the act of your own craft. Whatever your specialty is, if you can include people in that, you’re really …

You guys know it was in the movie, “Hitch.” Right? In the movie, “Hitch,” there’s that scene where Will Smith goes and he makes dinner with the chef. You know what I mean? With his date and his date’s boss. Right?

And he goes, and he’s there, and he’s cooking the food with him. The chef is including them in the process of making the food. That’s why they’re there for the process.

The more you can do that, and unveil, and show behind the curtains of what it is that you actually do, and peel back the curtain, and show like hey, this is how I do what I do. People fall in love with you like that.

And so I guess that’s me just being vulnerable just telling you that’s my goal is to help you see exactly what I do, and why I do it. And so what I’m thinking is I … Anyway, I think the way I’m gonna do this … I had this idea just a few days ago. And I think I’m gonna do it.

Where I think we’ll have it where if you go to, I used to have it all building, or I’d build live on a different platform, but I kinda want to keep it all in the Sales Funnel Broker platform, that I’ve already got there.

By the way, there’s the equivalent of thousands, and thousands, and thousands, and thousands of opt-ins. There’s so many people, that have downloaded free funnels off of that site, which is awesome.

But that’s the reason I built is just to give tons of value away. But I kinda need to revamp it. I built that over a year ago now, and I need to get that a little bit more. I need to update it. So I thought how cool would it be if I actually included you in the update.

And if I go rebuild kind of the bank of funnels that’s there as well as all of the stuff that is given. So I’m gonna start with a Webinar Funnel. And I’m gonna do it I think on September 30th, this Saturday. And I’ll get up, and so right now by the time you hear this episode, this will be up. Go to

And what I want you to do is you can opt in. And what you’re opting in for is basically I’m gonna make that page basically a webinar registration page. And what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna be able to register for a live funnel build with me, and with whoever else wants to watch.

And you can follow through, and do the same thing that I’m doing. Now I’m not there to train each aspect of ClickFunnels, or to give massive orientation. So I’m gonna go my normal speed. And I’ll play some music. And I’ll explain what I’m doing as I’m doing it. And it’ll be a lot of fun. Like they’re just funnels I want to build anyway.

I love what I do. But just know that I’m doing it for a specific purpose, for specific reasons. And I thought hey, how cool would it be if I just, I don’t know, if you want to join.

So, and then what I thought would be kinda cool was if I posted the replays underneath. And you can get the full replay when, and the funnel that I built. You know? And I’ll charge. But it’s not gonna be a ton.

But these will be prebuilt funnels based on how I know that it works. So I’ve built almost 300 sales funnels now for ClickFunnels in the last year and a half. I built a crap ton of funnels. I literally have dreamt in the Editor, the ClickFunnels Editor. You know what I mean?

Anyway. So this is kinda a fast episode, but I thought I’d give that announcement, that this could be kinda neat. That if you want go to … And I’ll always, I’ll have you opt in so for the purpose of me being able to go and announce when the next funnel building live session is.

So the first one will start with the Webinar Funnel. But then we’ll go on to the next one. Right? Be an E-commerce funnel. Then we might go onto the next on. It might be a … You know what I’m saying?

And I thought how freakin’ cool would that be to include you guys in that process. You can see, number one what I’m doing. Number two though, I actually give you the funnel, that you were watching me build. Like that’s freakin’ awesome.

With all the little tricks, and all the little things that I do, and all the little ninja stuff, that we know works. And I mean that’s freakin’ cool.

So anyway, whenever you’re … Think about your own business right now. What can you do to include your customers, and your prospective customers, or your following, or whoever.

In the process of your craft include them in your craft. It’s your art. You know what I mean? And don’t be afraid if people are gonna steal your art. That’s not at all what this is. So I wouldn’t be too nervous about that.

So all right guys, number one let me know if that’s sweet ’cause I think it’s, I think it’d be awesome. Just know that it’s gonna be a several month project. It’s not like it’s gonna be I’ll drip this out as I have time to, which is very limited.

But I’m gonna start with the Webinar Funnel, and I’m gonna do it on September 30th. If you’re gonna … If you hear this episode afterward, it’s probably already up. So you can probably go check it out.

Again that’s I’m gonna revamp that entire thing. But for right now, that’s how we’re gonna do it. So yeah, I think that’s how we’ll do it. All right guys, cool.

That’s all this episode is. Just a little fast. A little invitation announcement. And the reason that I’m doing it is because we’ve learned that when you actually show people what it is behind the scenes that you’re doing, you’re sales go up like crazy because you’re answering all these beliefs inside their head, that might have been false. You’re rebuilding belief patterns without them even asking.

For example, Funnel Fridays. Right? Funnel Fridays is something that Russell puts together with Jim Edwards who’s the creator of Funnel Scripts. Last year that made millions, and millions of dollars. Several multi-millions by doing nothing else other than showing how Funnel Scripts works in those 30 minute little funnel building segments.

You see what I’m saying? That’s exactly why I’m doing it. So I’m gonna go through and I’m gonna show you guys what I do. That’s my skill. That’s my art, and my craft, and the thing that I love doing.

And so I thought hey, might as well show you what I’m actually doing. And I’ve got another 200 funnels to build in the next few weeks here, which is ridiculous. I don’t know if I’m gonna make it. But it kinda stresses me out to be honest.

Sales Funnel RadioBut how the heck can Steve Larsen do it that fast? Well I’m gonna show you, and then I’ll give you the option to be able to get the actual funnel, that you’re watching me build. And you can follow along with it, anyway.

So be prepared for a five, six hour build. Okay. It’s gonna be long. And we’ll have the whole thing … I’ll have the whole thing recorded for you for your pleasure.

So all right guys, I’ll talk to you later. Again, go to

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