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SFR 65: One BAD Business Card…

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I’m the “Anti-Renaissance Man! If you know anything about my message, I’m pretty against doing more than one thing/business at a time. I believe success comes to the “mono-maniac”.


Oh, what’s going on? How’s it going guys? This is Steve Larsen and you’re listening to a sweet episode of Sales Funnel Radio.

Welcome to Sales Funnel Radio, where you’ll learn marketing strategies to grow your online business using today’s best internet sales funnels. Now here’s your host Steve Larsen.

Now legally I don’t know if I was allowed to include some of the soundtrack from Pirates of the Caribbean, but if the government comes after me I’ll just ask them about their failing business. Ho, ho, how about them apples?

Hey. Hope you guys are doing great. Hope you guys listened to that last episode with Alison Prince, that honestly, that was such a good episode, oh my gosh. Anyway I thought it was great.

Hey, hope everything’s going great with you guys. The last little bit here has been crazy busy. Not that that’s any different at all than any other time so I guess I should say everything’s normal, but I guess anyways it just feels like there’s a lot going on because some holidays, you know, 4th July has been going on.

I actually have been able to detach a little bit and take a little bit of a break, which I highly recommend everyone does that every once in a while. It’s a weird feeling, but I literally had to not bring my computer with me and we went to Pirates Cove, what?

Russell Brunson the man was super nice and did not need to do it at all actually. But he invited my wife and I to this place in Vegas. I can’t remember what it’s called, Boulderville, Boulder, something like that.

Anyways it’s like 30 minutes outside Vegas. Apparently one of the guys who owns Nuskin is one of the top guys in … he bought up all the old Pirates of the Caribbean stuff and ride stuff from Disney when they shut down the old Pirates of the Caribbean and they remodeled it for the new pirate stuff. Anyway he bought up all the old … so you got all the old, like the dog in the corner and all the little pirates and stuff in their cages and things like that, and it’s all over the place.

The guy built … I mean he bought like five mansions all in this little neighborhood and built pools and water slides and stuff like that in between. It was awesome, it was so cool.

We were for several days just hanging out there and they got this crazy fast water slide that we were flying down that thing, I still have scabs all over my elbows for how fast we were going down that thing, it was super fun. Soon as the kids all went to sleep we were just hauling down.

Anyways it was a lot of fun, we did a lot of things.

It was honestly just a lot of play and it was good to detach and I recommend everybody do that every once in a while.

I have a hard time doing that because a little bit of ADHD in my head but it is anyway super helpful. My wife and I though, we drove around, we swan and played, we watched movies, we did nothing. I took a nap, that was the weirdest thing, I don’t do that. It was great and we went on … The Hoover Dam is like 10 minutes away from where we were so Lake Mead was right there.

We were over at the Hoover Dam, we were like, “Hey we should do a helicopter ride over here. And let’s go do that, let’s go to the helicopter tour.”

And so we did. We booked it and we drive over early the next morning for this cool helicopter tour around the Hoover Dam. I had no idea it was that big first of all, I had no idea, and that it was built around the Great Depression, you guys didn’t know this was going to be a Hoover Dam history lesson but I just took a sweet tour.

100 people died making it, like I had no idea it was that big…

So we get in this helicopter. Well I should say beforehand we drive up and the rental car we got was just super awesome sweet Camaro that was all tricked out. It was fun. We blew money, we had a lot of fun though. So we drive up to this little shack where we waited for this helicopter to come [inaudible [spp-timestamp time="00:04:14"] right next to this helipad, right.

It was super hot out, we go inside and we were waiting for our turn to get on this helicopter, and they’re going through little safety videos and things like that.

It was so funny because we walked inside this little shack thing and there’s like three guys in there and at first they’re spraying this stuff on the windows and then they take this orange squeegee, then they’re wiping it off again, and then they would do it again, so they spray it again, spray the window, and then squeegee it again.

And they do that again. This guy must have cleaned this window like I don’t even know, like seven times. He’s cleaning it and he just keeps squeezing off over and over and pretty soon I was like what the heck is, like what is he doing? It almost got kind of annoying because he just kept doing it over and over and over.

Pretty soon, this guy leans over and … alright my wife’s attractive, right, I know that, she’s awesome. It always cracks me up when other guys start to hit on her and it’s totally what this guy was doing. He leans over and there’s no lead in, like he didn’t set the stage at all.

All he does is he turns around while he’s spraying this window, turns out they were tinting the window, and I’ve never seen that process before but they were cleaning it like crazy because they were about to put tinting on it, it’s to keep the heat out because it was like 116 degrees. No joke, so crazy hot while we were there.

But he leans over and he looks right at my wife and he goes, “I speak eight languages.” And I was like, “You got to be kidding me? Are you joking? Are you serious? You gonna … you’re hitting on my wife like that blatantly and you’re clearly, you’re not self aware enough to realize that’s what’s going on? That’s what you’re doing?” And he leans over he’s like, “You know I speak eight languages.” And she’s like, “Wow, cool.” And I was like, “Uhh, really? Wow, eight languages that’s cool.” He’s like, “Yeah.”

And he starts rifling off all these sayings in different languages, and I was like, “Dude, just coz you can say sayings doesn’t mean that you speak the language, it just means you know the saying, you know?”

And he turns over and he keeps cleaning windows and you could tell he’s in charge of the other guys that were there, and he was like barking orders at them like getting stuff done and he kind of like you know … I mean it’s totally what happens when I’m sure a lion sees a lioness, you know what I mean? They fluff the mane, you know, they start presenting, they start looking like all macho, they start fluffing the muscles out, you know what I mean?

Guys do that all the time, it’s natural, you know what I mean?…

We try and impress the girl. I could tell that that’s what he was doing, so I started like putting my arm around her and I was just like hey, like clearly we are together, like you see the ring on my hand, you see the ring on her. Like what are you doing? I was like whatever look, let’s just play this out, this could be really fun. So I did.

He kept going. He’s saying all these phrases in different languages, and like cool. And he goes, “How long are you guys here for?” Then he starts giving us all these stats of Vegas, you know just I guess, and he’s like, “Dude,” and he looks at me, “Any club you want to get into, here you go, here’s my card. You just give me a quick phone call, I’ll make a phone call, I’ll get you into any club in Vegas.”

And I was like, “Oh wow that’s awesome.”

He hands me this card and as he’s doing it he also says like, “Hey what do you do?” And I was like, to people who don’t know what internet sales funnels are, it’s totally technobabble, and so I always tell people, oh I’m in internet marketing. He’s like, “Oh cool, I’m actually a marketer also.” And I was like, “Oh wow, okay cool.” But he hands me this card and this has got to be one of the coolest cards that I’ve ever seen in my life. It is a relic.

This is like the prime example card. I’m going to take a picture of this and put it on the blog so you guys can see it if you want to, if you want to check it out. But it is the most ridiculous card I’ve ever seen in my life.

This guy was so proud at was he was doing. It was great for him, you should be, he was working hard, you could tell he knew what he was doing, which is awesome.

But he was handing a card to me while he was doing something that is not on his business card. And I started thinking, I was like wait a second, and I started looking at the card and I was like, this is the most ridiculous, stupid card I’ve ever seen in my life. Is he serious?

And he was dead serious…

He was telling me, “Yeah I do this. Oh yeah I do … oh you do that? Oh I do too.” I was like, “Oh wow man you do everything don’t you?” I was like wow cool.

This is what his card says. On the back of the card, I’m not going to say his name obviously or the phone number or email or anything like that, but it is the most eccentric, eccentric, it’s the most eccentric business card I’ve ever seen in my life.

On the back of it there’s three categories, it’s basically a resume. On the back, the first thing he does is management, corporate. Right, you do corporate management and you’re tinting windows. Nightclubs, he’s a nightclub manager and you’re tinting windows? Bar and restaurants, loss prevention. What does that have to do with the others?

Okay first of all I’m not even a third of the way through this list. This is like really small fine print on the back of this thing. Just get a load of this, alright. Hopefully we all take this as a lesson okay. I’m going to wrap this all up here this will be a fast episode but this is pretty intense.

Alright so under management, we’ve got corporate and then the next one is nightclubs, bar and restaurant, loss prevention. Man that’s a lot of things you manage on the side of your window tinting business. Alright next thing, marketing. This is the biggest … I don’t even know what some of these things are and I’d like to think I’m a marketer.

Alright, under marketing he has director of marketing. What is that? Second thing, creative marketing expert. Is that not the same thing? If you’re a director of marketing and you’re not a marketing expert … anyway okay. So director of marketing, creative marketing expert. Next one is internet marketing. Next one is brand marketing.

Okay and by the way brand marketing is the most fluffy thing on the planet. Are you serious? Anyway that’s what I think. Now there are some people who really go specialize in it and that’s awesome, but I don’t ever sit down and just start thinking through brand. I go create a cool product, make it look awesome, the brand kind of comes on the side.

Alright, that’s how I shortcut that whole thing. Otherwise you could spend too much time doing stuff on business that is not revenue generating and that’s frustrating for me, and it’s frustrating for me to watch others go do that also.

I come up with a cool logo or honestly I just go to some place like GraphicRiver, I’ll download one of their sweet logos and then I’ll tweak it inside Adobe Illustrator because I do like graphics, things like that. But it’s not something that I sit down and just, it’s not like a checklist thing that keeps me from selling, it’s like something that I figure out along the way.

I’m like cool, here’s my brand I guess…

By that I guess that’s what colors are. I mean I don’t know. I’d rather call it culture, culture building, let’s go focus on that. I really don’t think many people care what my logo is. I’m the only one who cares what my logo is. Logos are just self backscratching things.

Anyway moving on, I’m only halfway through this list. Okay so director of marketing, creative marketing expert, internet marketing, brand marketing. Next one is direct marketing specialist, next one is social media marketing, next one is promotions manager. How’s that not the same thing as the one before? Next one is special events coordinator.

Alright now we’re branching out a little bit. Next one is corporate sponsorships. Does that mean you just did one event and you put those two things on there?

Alright, alright, alright, here’s the third category. This is all on the back of a single standard business card. Anyway. I kind of want to keep this, this is a relic, this is a relic. Maybe I’ll auction it off if we have some cool contest or something because this is … I feel like I should have laminated this.

Alright next thing is under consulting, so we are management, marketing, and consulting. Okay. First thing on here revenue increase programs. Next one motivational communication. That dude was not motivating me, he was motivating me to slap him from stop hitting on my wife.

Next one, restructure business planning. Restructure business planning. Oh man, okay. On this card also PowerPoint presentations. Next thing, life coaching. Are you serious? There’s so many different things on this. Alright next one, staff development. How many things does this guy do? Alright, I’m going to call this episode the anti renaissance man.

You guys, I so hope that we do not do this to our businesses.

I understand that we are all great at many things, we are. I love sound editing, it’s one of the reasons why I like to do the podcast, I love it. It’s super fun. Because I’m right now inside Adobe Audition recording it right now, right? I did the episodes previously, it was two or three ago about how I make my podcast, it’s fun, I actually enjoy the process, for some reason podcasting is almost therapeutic to me. I enjoy it, but it’s not my flagship talent, right?

Funnel building is. I choose one peak. Please go choose one peak.

There’s a guy I was talking to recently, he’s like, “Stephen Larsen I love the things you’re doing, it’s so awesome, so inspiring, it’s so great. I really appreciate it. I’m learning all about funnels. I just built my first few funnels, now I’m going to go learn how to be a traffic expert.” And I was like, “No!” It’s not that you can’t be. It’s not that it can’t be a side interest, but man like find somebody else who is passionate about …

Okay, when I run my own stuff, I don’t run Facebook ads on my own, I barely know how to do it. I go find somebody else who made Facebook ads their peak, who made it their summit, the thing that they want to stay on top of and be the top in the world at. Right?

I go find them, not somebody who’s like dabbling in this and that and all over the, oh my gosh, back and forth, what are you actually … it’s like Russell says, man you give people schizophrenia with your offers if you don’t know what you’re good at, the one thing, the one opportunity switch and then you do a bunch of stacks of things that are related to it, right, from the Expert Secrets book. It’s the exact same thing that I’m talking about here.

First of all, if you hand me a business card with all this stuff that you’re doing on it and you’re tinting windows, you’re probably not making money with these things, therefore this whole card in my opinion it total crap. Right, the whole thing, it’s all fluff.

This card is a nice card, you can tell it’s laminated or it’s great, it’s amazing card, paper, whatever, it’s like crazy high gloss, it’s really thick. I mean it’s a nice card, but man what a supreme waste of money. This is not revenue generating, this right here, this business card, it’s not revenue generating at all, right?

I’ve had one business card ever and it wasn’t even mine, I made it for my dad for his own webinar, that’s it.

Alright, and it’s because it’s not a revenue generating activity. If you want to contact me, gosh, there’s a ton of social media profiles I can direct you to, right, there’s a lot of ways you can get in touch with me. Some of you guys disagree because I know a lot of people try to get a hold of me so I’ve had to build more and more walls and try and figure out who’s actually serious and work with those people, you know what I mean? It happens.

You’ll have to do it too at some point. But man, please only focus on one thing at a time and only make one of your skills your main thing that you’re going to go climb a mountain on, right?

I think I’ve told the story before, I get so frustrated, this is about four years, about three and a half years ago, I got so frustrated with what I was doing, I realized that I had been learning and not executing and I was stuck in this education loop, right, and I was focusing just on learning and I was … and yeah, yeah, you know what, sure maybe I could say brand marketing, I’ve made logos before. Maybe I could say promotions manager, maybe, I don’t know, I’ve run a Facebook ad before, it wasn’t good.

FacebookSocial media marketing, I’ve posted stuff before. You know what I mean? Every single one of us has got multiple skills inside of our wheelhouse, but that does not mean that it’s the flagship thing of my business. It’s the same thing with you, don’t do that.

It’s so funny because finally I was relieved when we were talking to this guy and I was just trying to get away. He went on for a solid 10 minutes, which is forever, and he wouldn’t stop so I literally was like, “Hey, I forgot something in the car, whatever,” and we walked away.

The helicopter came, we went, we got on the helicopter, we were flying around the Hoover Dam, it was so cool, and came and landed and threw the little life jacket thing that they make you just hold while you’re in there back in that room, and walked away as fast as I could because I did not want to start another conversation with the guy.

Do you think there’s any chance at all I’m going to call this card? It’s like heck no. Choose something. Choose something. Or at least don’t barf all over me. If you’re doing a sale it’s so true, when I was doing telemarketing, when I was doing door to door sales, whoever does the most talking is usually the one who loses, and the dude lost so hard, oh my gosh, he barfed all over us.

I still don’t know what he does besides window tint. I don’t know what half the things are on this business card.

Anyway just choose one thing and be good at that one thing. Outsource the rest, right.

Every one of us has, what is it, is it Dan … I’m going to misquote it, I’m so sorry, Sullivan? Maybe I’m mixing up names. Dan Sullivan? Anyway I think he’s the one that talks about every one of us has unique abilities. You have this unique ability to do something in a way that nobody else can do it, just you, and it’s the coolest thing. It’s this amazing gift that god has blessed you with, that comes to you more naturally than anybody else, right?

Funnel buildings, systems and automation, little details, things like that, those things come to me extremely naturally, and I know that for a lot of the people that are like, “Ah, I can’t figure how to put this together. I don’t know how to do the funnel, I don’t know how to do x, y and z.” I realize like I actually I’m kind of good at this stuff but number one, which is awesome, but number two I kind of want to plant my anchor here.

After several years of trying stuff, right, in one of why previous podcasts I said I was the seven year overnight success story. After several years I was like, you know what, I think I’ve found it.

I’m going to plant my anchor, I’m going to drop anchor right here and I’m going to say no to everything else.

And I started doing that and it was awesome and things started happening. You can’t brand yourself if you’ve got several things going on. I was like I’m going to brand myself as a funnel guy and I started building for free for all these people, and that’s really when everything started happening.

Before I did that it was like someone would walk up and they’d be like, hey I got this cool thing. I was like sweet let’s go do it, right? Because that’s what I thought it meant to do business.

Deal, so you do deals, that’s what business is. That was totally the Trump way. If you’ve ever read any of his books, business is just deal making all the time. I actually don’t think that’s true, I think that you do one deal, you know two deals, unless that’s your thing, but whatever it is you’re just doing one thing though, it’s not multiple things.

Just choose one thing, do that one thing really really well, and outsource or figure out a way to get around the rest of it then everything’s going to go a lot better for you.

Anyway that was a long story and I said it was going to be a short podcast but I think I’m going to take a picture of this thing and put it on the blog because that is just … it’s completely a relic. I feel like I should almost make a t-shirt out of it.

This is quite the card…

I am thoroughly impressed by the level of depth. Who was it that said … it’s one of the quotes I have written on my wall. I’ve got all these legal sheets all over my wall and I write quotes on them. I could have swore that one was on my wall, I’m looking around. Anyway it basically is that every time you open your mouth, you’re either creating value or making noise, one of the two. It’s not both, it’s one or the other. And this card is all about noise.

Make sure your marketing is not all about noise, don’t say you do this and this and this and this and this, that’s the equivalent of a website, that’s why funnels work better than websites, it’s one thing.

Sales Funnel RadioAnyways I think I’ve beat a dead horse on that one. Hey guys, hopefully you’re doing awesome, you’re all rock stars, and I will see you on the next episode. Bye bye.

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