SFR 57: I’d Start With THIS Funnel… – Stephen Larsen

SFR 57: I’d Start With THIS Funnel…

Jun 8th, 2017 anchorwave

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People always ask, “WHERE SHOULD I START”? Well… here you go 🙂


What’s going on everyone? This is Steve Larsen and you’re listening to Sales Funnel Radio. Now, I don’t know about you guys, but I would love to hear maybe a new podcast intro. Now, I’ve not made one. However, I do want to know if you want to have a new podcast intro. If you wouldn’t mind, reach out to me and let me know.

We’re almost to Episode 60, which is crazy, but I honestly, I wouldn’t be … There’s been many times I fall asleep and the podcast intro that I currently have right now just keeps running through my head so anyway, super excited for this episode. Welcome to Sales Funnel Radio.

Welcome to Sales Funnel Radio where you’ll learn marketing strategies to grow your online business using today’s best internet sales funnels. Now here’s your host, Steve Larsen.

All right, all right, all right. Hey, and I’m so excited for today and for what I’m going to share with you because I got some really huge news.

Hope you guys had a great weekend. It was Memorial Day Weekend recently and my family was all out. We were having fun. We got up early. We went on a run. We went to the park. We hiked just a little, small little … It was really steep for my little girls. I have a 1-year-old and a 3-year-old so whatever they can handle, but it was really fun. It was awesome.

After we went on this hike, right, a park was nearby and what we did is we went down to this park. We’re playing and having fun and my little girl’s 3 years old, she’s running around and there’s tons of people there, right. As a parent, you’re on red alert. You’re looking around like crazy all over the place, making sure everything’s fine, making sure there’s no creepers around. You know what I mean?

Now, I am all for my kids getting their own scrapes and bumps in life. You know what I mean? I’m not going to let them get hurt on purpose, but it’s going to happen anyway so, I might as well not be helicopter parent and rather actually go and just prepare them for those experiences. You know what I mean? There’s a point to this story, I promise.

I wasn’t too surprised when there was some kid politics that started and these kids started getting in my little girl’s face and just screaming at her. At first, I sit forward, I’m sitting on the side and it was crazy hot out so I was sitting in the shade, but I was watching her.

I was watching closely, seeing what’s happening, and this little kid starts getting off on my little’s girl’s face.

She’s 3, right. She’s 3 years old. What are you going to do? She’s a little girl. She barely understands what’s going around her still. You know what I mean? She’s barely becoming self-aware kind of. You know what I mean?

My resting state is nice guy personally. Steve Larsen, I’m a nice guy. That’s my resting state. That’s how I currently am. However, there was this … Man, there’s few things that will set me off and make Papa Bear come out and I have no … I actually like when Papa Bear comes out.

I invite Papa Bear to come out whenever it can. It’s kind of fun.

Anyway, this kid starts almost physically getting at … His brother was standing nearby and he started getting really close to my little girl. Suddenly, the brother is holding back this younger kid from, I don’t know, hitting or tackling whatever my girl. My little girl is so funny. She’s so much like me. In the face of danger whenever there’s high stress or whatever, I tend to laugh and it’s not always that it’s a funny experience or whatever that’s going on.

It’s literally just that sometimes there’s nothing you can do about it so you just laugh like whatever and it makes really serious things calm down.

That just egged on this kid, right. My little girl starts laughing. It just egged him on and I was … Anyway, he starts getting too aggressive though with her. I’m watching from across the playground. I stood up real fast and I walked over there because he was trying to push her and shove her really hard and there wasn’t anything behind her. She would’ve fallen off the playground pretty far into the ground. Papa Bear comes out, right, and I come out and I start getting out and I’m hoosh, I’m trying to be cool, but at the same time, I want to throw this kid through a window.

You know what I mean? I get really pissed off about that kind of stuff.

There’s no reason to be a jerk in life.

Anyway, I go over and I walk up to this kid and I was like, “Hey, chump, why don’t you stop throwing my girl around, huh?” The kid started bawling and it shocked him so much that I was standing there and I guess you would say I was calling him names. I called him a chump, all right, whatever. There’s worse things I could probably say to him, but the kid starts bawling loudly.

I was like, “Uh, whatever,” and I just walked around, I was like, “Come on, Brinley,” and I took my little girls and we went into another part of the playground. It was a big playground.

Two seconds later and I’m like, “Crap,” and I can feel parents eyes on me and I’m like, “Uh, whatever,” like I don’t … Anyway, whatever. We’re playing around over this other part of the playground and pretty soon, this really heated mom comes walking up to me and she goes, “Excuse me. Did you just call my kid a chump?”

I turned around and I was like, “Yes, I did.” She’s like, “Why?” It’s like, “Because he’s pushing my little girl around. He can’t do that. You understand?” She just stood there for a little while and then, she just turned around and walked away.

Look, there’s no room to be a chump in this life, all right…

If you’re going to be a chump and if you’re a chump and you’re on my podcast, you can get out of my community. You know what I mean? That’s my attitude about it. Life’s too dang short to be a chump. Don’t be a chump. Don’t be a chump in business. Don’t try and be all sneaky. I got people who steal from me. I can’t stand people like that. If I ever find people who’s stealing from me, I just block them out immediately and I …

I was talking to Russell about this, you guys.

My mentality is to give and give and give and give and give as much as I possibly can, overdeliver every freaking time I launch anything, every time I put anything out, any time I do anything so that when somebody turns around and they come back to me and they say, “Hey, you know what, I think that you should’ve done this or you’re not doing enough here or you’re not doing this or you’re not … “

I’m like holy crap, I am bleeding, bending over backwards, giving way more than I should, that sets me off. You know what I mean?

I know that probably a lot of you guys are probably the exact same way if you’re in this community with me, right, the Sales Funnel Broker, Sales Funnel Radio, community. You know what I mean? If you’re in this, we’re very similar people is what I’ve noticed. Birds of a feather flock together.

I actually truly believe that and it’s one of the major reasons that I wanted to start a podcast thing was because I was tired of the people I was hanging around and I wanted other people who thought like I did in my community. You know what I mean?

Anyways, the types of people out there who are going to steal from me and stuff like that, I do believe in an element of karma. It’s going to come around. It’s going to nip you in the butt. You know what I mean?

The other part is that man, if that parent and the same is true for you as an entrepreneur, if you’re not bridled enough to function in society or let’s say parent … Anyways, I’m not trying to get into parenting stuff, but what I feel like is that if my little girl goes out and she’s doing something that’s stupid, it’s my job to correct it or else society is going to correct it for me later on down the line and they’re going to be way less nice about it. You know what I mean? I feel like those kinds of thing …

Anyways, I’m not trying to get into a big ranting thing about that, but my gosh, I was laughing so hard. Finally, I was like man … I was talking to my wife, like, “Alyssa, we should probably get out of here because these parents are going to rage at the fact that I just called this kid a chump and made him bawl.”

I don’t really freaking care. Anyway, I think it’s funny.

It’s the same attitude when people come to me like, “What? You gave all this stuff to me and it’s super, super cheap, but you’re not bending over backwards to make sure that I’m successful with it.”

I’m like, “Dude, it is not my fault if you can’t figure it out. I have overdelivered. I’ve given tons of walkthrough guides. I have given so much stuff like crazy. If you can’t figure it out, I’m sorry. You can hire me as a coach, but I’m not going to keep giving stuff away to you for free. My time is more valuable than your feelings.”

You know what I mean?

It was weird for me to cross that threshold as an entrepreneur and as a business guy just because in the past, I was all about just giving and giving and giving and I still am, but eventually, I was like, “My gosh, I got to self-preserve here.

I’ve got to create a way for me to still live, still have a family life.” You know what I mean? Still do the things I want to in life or I will literally spend all day every day … I had 100 notifications in Facebook just two days ago. It was in a single day. My email was at 200 a week ago. It’s at 900 now in a week. You guys know what I mean?

You all are going to be there. I know especially, you all are going to be there for sure if you’re not already. Anyway, don’t be a chump.

Hey, I got some good news though. That wasn’t the good news. I told you I had good news at the beginning of this episode. I got great news. I’ve been working … Over Christmas, my dad and I, we got together and I flew over there a few days early and I did it for the explicit reason of sitting down with him and beginning to build out his webinar.

He’s got this cool software that lets him trade the futures market, E-mini specifically, and he’s been doing it for about six years. He learned that basically for him to be successful, he’s got to create this thing that didn’t exist before and he’s a software engineer so he could create it.

He created this cool software that sits on top of a trading platform and it tells him whenever to get in and out of a trade and he wins like crazy on the thing. I can’t tell you legally because I can’t make any kind of income claims, but he wins a lot.

He’s like, “Do you think anyone would ever buy this?” I was like, “Oh, my gosh, Dad, yes.” He showed it to me and my jaw dropped. I did some stocks and options trading for a while and I definitely understand what he was showing. When he showed it, I was like, “Oh, my gosh, that’s amazing.”

Anyways, fast-forward, so over Christmas, we were building out a webinar, putting all stuff together. He ended coming to what Russell and I are calling the FHAT event, the Funnel Hack-A-Thon, FHAT event. It’s F-H-A-T. He came to this for a three-day intensive and he figured all this stuff out and then he’s like, “Okay, Stephen, at the very last Saturday in May, I want to launch this thing.” I said, “Cool. Let me help you.”

I slept probably three, maybe four, sometimes five hours every single night for the last week and we got this thing put together. It was really cool.

If you want to check it out, you can. I’m not promoting it. It’s just so you can check it out if you want to and actually, I know there’s quite a few of you guys that are stock traders or financial markets traders in my community as well, which I think is really cool, super, super awesome industry there. Anyways, you can go to It was a good webinar and I was so proud of him. We got out there and he went and he just launched it and made money and it was his first webinar ever.

You know what? He did half of it wrong. You know what I mean? He just did it though. He just did it. He got out. He executed. He just did it. I was so proud of him. It was so cool.

He wasn’t expecting to make any money.

I was wondering. It was his first time ever doing anything like this. He’s just barely launching his own podcast, barely getting these things up and running. Super smart. You know what I mean?

He’s not a salesman, he’s not … but he’s, oh, my gosh, such a smart engineer. He’s created a lot of industry standards in the software world, anything from watches to NASA rockets. He’s very smart. Much of how things are coded and as far as on a code sense architected is because of the way he has put stuff together.

He’s very, very smart…

Anyway, he … I’m just really pumped for him. He went out. We had 55 people register and about 13 showed up, which actually for the metrics that Russell always teaches is the exact same metrics that always will happen, about a fourth show up and we had … I haven’t looked at the final numbers yet, but then we had people buy.

It was really exciting. His first webinar ever, it’s so cool.

A lot of people will sit at this point and go, “Okay, now what do we do next?” You know what I mean? It was from you guys, I asked you guys if you wanted to come and 50 of you guys signed up and 12 of you showed up or 13 of you showed up, which is what I was expecting. We were expecting.

We’re just testing it to see how it worked, right. What do you do next at this point? You do what we call the Dream 100. I don’t know if you guys have ever been doing this. If you haven’t been doing it and you’ve been actively driving ads, you are leaving so much freaking money on the table. I can’t even believe it.

At the last Funnel Hack-A-Thon event, it was the third day. I was on stage the whole day. I was speaking. It was really, really exciting and I really, really loved it, but one of the whole things we teach you guys about is this concept called the Dream 100 and we hope you guys go through it.

What I’m having my dad do right now is he’s got his webinar and we’re continuing to make tweaks.

We’re continuing to make little adjustments here and there, but honestly, the thing that I’m having him do now is writing out a list of all the people who are podcasting in the financial market world, all the people who have blogs in the financial market world, all the people who have YouTube channels, who have live trading rooms, anybody who has an audience, anybody who has any kind of list or a following where my dad would want to sell to them.

While we’re getting Facebook ads up and running, we are starting to “date” or “court” these people on this Dream 100 list. We’re starting to reach out to them. We’ll probably send a package out to them soon. We got to smoosh them up just a little bit. You know what I mean? This is a relationship business.

Internet marketing is still a relationship business especially, especially for the way you do sales funnels and the way we teach because what we’re going to go do is we’re going to go … we want them to promote his webinar. He’s got a great software that he personally wrote that helps him trade the E-minis with great success. You know what I mean?

Anyway, that’s what we’re doing right now though.

When you think about this … I’m trying to think where to start on this because when you think about where we came from and this whole journey that he’s currently on right now, a lot of times what people will start doing is they’re like, “Okay, I’ve got this webinar, and I’m going to go build this webinar.”

Let’s say they’re just starting out, brand spanking new. They haven’t done anything yet. They’ve never even put anything together. They’ve never even sold anything. They’ve never … You know what I mean? Brand new. What a lot of people do we’ve noticed is they’ll create what we call the value letter, right.

They’ll go, “Okay, first, we’ll have low ticket items and it’ll be in this whole funnel. Then I’m going to send them to this mid-range funnel and there’s a whole funnel for that. Then I’m going to send them to this really high ticket thing and then the whole funnel for that as well.”

The tendency for people is to turn around and build a tripwire funnel or a low ticket funnel first, and I will tell you that is not the way we do it. That is not the way we do it whenever Russell and I build for a client. That’s not the way I personally do it whenever I build for a client.

There’s very few circumstances where we actually start with a low ticket front end funnel, very, very, very few scenarios. The reason is because it’s so much harder to make the numbers work. If I’m selling a $50 knickknack versus a $1,000 product, I can spend so much more money to acquire a customer, right.

Now that my dad needs some sales, he can spend a good chunk of money to get one person to buy and I doubt it’s going to cost us $1,000 to sell a $1,000 product, right.

Now it’s just the big rinse and repeat game…

How much can we tweak it? How much can we get more traffic into it? How can we fill it up? Does that make sense? That’s the reason … I don’t know if you guys have heard of the Two Comma Club Coaching Program that Russell and I are doing. It’s so, so fun.

My gosh, just oh, I absolutely love what I do on that thing. Anyways, we teach people though how to make $1 million funnel and we help them hit what we call the Two Comma Club, right, $1 million.

We don’t actually start with a tripwire funnel and I’ve had a few people reach out and ask that like “Cool, I got this sweet webinar. You guys help me plan. When do I start the tripwire funnel?” Like you know what? Probably not ’til like six months of it being successful are you even going to start thinking about that. People are like, “What? That’s so crazy. Oh, my gosh. That’s nuts. How is it that you can do that?

How is that you … You know what I mean? People will start to do that and they’ll start to think that.

I understand why that would be a temptation because as you read a book like DotCom Secrets or you read other books where it talks about increasing value or monetizing your audience, things like that, the tendency is to think I must start with this low ticket item and then I will go to this mid range item and then I’ll go to this really high ticket item. I will tell you that the majority of the time when we actually build funnels, it’s actually the opposite.

We start at the top and we work down.

Here’s the reason why. It’s funny. We had this four-hour Q&A last Friday with the Two Comma Club Coaching Program and a lot of these guys are out there and they’re asking this very same question. They’re like, “Why would you do it that way?” Let me take you through it. Here’s why.

Here’s why. Number one, I already told you that the numbers are going to work better, right. You’re just going to do better just simply by starting at the top because if you start with a high ticket item, how many people does it take to really start turning some revenue? One? Two? You know what I mean?

You probably know where to find those kinds of people. You know where those communities are. If people aren’t willing to give you that money yet, it means you haven’t proven yourself yet. Go do it for free for a few people, all right. I’m talking about high ticket application style funnels where it’s 10,000 to 15,000 to 25,000 to 50,000.

You know what I mean? Higher than 10,000 is usually what I’m talking about when I say high ticket application funnels. People are applying to work with you, right. You got to go get crazy results, lots of great results, right.

Either you’re starting at that spot or you’re starting one step down, which is what we teach at the Two Comma Club Coaching level, which is the webinar funnel, right.

At the webinar funnel, what you can do is you start to get all these people in, right, tons of people, and you start tweaking the offering, you start tweaking the message and you start tweaking your traffic sources and you start finding out which ads convert the best. You know what I mean? You start figuring this whole thing out.

What happens after a while, right? What happens after a while? What happens after a while is you’re going to start getting a ton of questions, lots of questions. Man, you know what, I wish that the products from your webinar, I wish it did this. Or you know what, I wish it was this? What if it had this capability? Or how come this isn’t here? You know what I mean?

You’re going to start to get questions. You’ll start to get support questions. As those come in, document them because what’s going to happen is very, very slowly, sometimes slowly or suddenly, whatever it is, but clearly, there will be this area that starts to rise up and you’ll be like, “Oh, my gosh. You know what, I wish that I was selling something like that,” right, and you’ll go over …

What’s happening is the market is showing you which product to create next. Does that make sense? If you are able to go through and massage out a $1,000 to $2,000 product offer and actually get it converting, get it selling, you’ve already laid so much groundwork for a smaller low ticket front end product funnels in the future. It’s just the way it works.

Because all of a sudden, what’s going to happen is you’re going to turn around and people are going to say, “Oh, my gosh, I wish I had X, Y and Z.” What are they doing? They’re telling you what they want and then all you do is you go create it.

Why did Russell go make something like Funnel Scripts? Because people asked for it. He didn’t start with Funnel Scripts, right. He made Click Funnels. He figured out his $1,000 webinar. He figured out how to sell something for $1,000 that sold Click Funnels, that got continuity going, right. That was the hard part.

Once he got this hard part down, then he can turn around and he starts going, “What are all these [funnel [spp-timestamp time="00:19:47"] things? You know what? Let’s build this thing called Funnel Immersion, Funnel Scripts. You know what? How about Funnel Graffiti.” It’s all these things related to the core offer, right, that eventually ascend somebody up into the Click Funnels level.

It’s the exact same thing that I’m trying to tell you to do. It’s the exact same thing I was trying to tell my dad to do. Don’t worry about small ticket stuff at first. That would be my advice.

Now, other people would tell you different, that’s totally fine, but my advice, do not start with something small. Start with something at least $1,000.

There was a lot of people on the call who were like, “A thousand dollars? You really think people are going to give me $1,000?” I can hear your questions right now as I’m saying that. The answer is it depends on if you charge $1,000. What’s easier to do is simply just put down the price point, 997 and then figure out how you can justify that price point.

What is an offer that is so ridiculously cool that someone would give you $1,000 for it? Does that make sense? Instead of thinking, “Oh, no one will ever do that,” and killing yourself the other way around. Start with $1,000 product.

What’s funny is at one of the last events … Actually, I’m sorry, not one of the last, the last Funnel Hacking Live Event, beforehand … I think it’s okay if I tell you this. Beforehand, Russell was trying to figure out something he could sell at the Funnel Hacking Live Event.

What’s fun for me is to sit back and watch … You know when you’re so good at something, you don’t realize you’re that good at it? I think that happens a lot for Russell and it’s understandable why it would because he’s been doing it for so long. It’s fun with my fresh eyes to sit back on the side and be like, “Oh, my gosh, what a cool process you’re going through.” You know what I mean?

Anyways, he’s preparing for the event. He’s putting together different presentations and he’s about to put together a presentation and here’s how he starts it. “Gosh, I just wish I had something I could see for like $3,500.” That’s how he started it. Guess what came from that? The Fill Your Funnel Program.

It’s okay to start with the dollar amount. I know it must feel like I’m all over the place right now, but the only reason I’m hitting this really hard is because there’s been several people who reach out saying, “Where do is start, Stephen, where do I start,” right? I’ve had tons of people come … I don’t know why, but definitely in the last month, there’s been a lot of people that ask that, “Where do I start?” What I would tell you to do is to start by figuring out how you can charge $1,000 for something, turn it into a webinar or an invisible funnel or black box funnel. Then what I would do is I would move to high, high ticket, right, because there’s going to be a percentage of the people that buy my dad’s $1,000 product who want more one-on-one coaching, right. I would not put yourself in the fulfillment or inside of the offer of the $1,000 product. Rather make them pay you more to work with you more. Does that make sense?

I would start with this $1,000 product in the middle and then I would go put you into this implementation and coaching area where it’s done-for-you services, but it’s more high ticket, like 5, maybe 10% of the people who buy your $1,000 product are going to be interested in that kind of thing. That’s great. You’re only going to sell one or two of them to really make a huge difference. You know what I mean? A really easy way to do that.

You guys see what I’m saying? Should I trial close you? Are you guys getting this? Are you guys seeing this could work for your business? What would your spouse say when this actually works for you? Can you imagine what it’s going to be like when you walk out and you’ve made that kind of money?

You imagine when it’s automated?

Should I keep trial closing you guys? That’s true though. Does that make sense? Then what happens is then we go out and we start going on tripwire funnels and we start going for breakeven funnels and we start to …

When you do it the other way around, you’re totally guessing. It’s so much harder to make a tripwire funnel breakeven if you do it the other way around.

Instead, do it the other way where you start at the top or in the middle, right, and make the tripwire funnel last or last-ish. People will tell you what they want so then just go make that and the chance of success is so much greater. It is so much less risky to do it that way.

It’s pretty funny when I sat back and realized what was going on with that and that’s the way we do it that it just blew me away because I remember the first funnel that I built, it was low ticket continuity. That’s the hardest category I can even think of to sell ever. Continuity stuff in the front, that’s wicked hard. That was crazy. It’s more challenging as a category usually to sell continuity, especially low ticket, anyway, upfront.

Anyway, so it just reminded me of all these different funnels that I put together and I think part of the reason why they would fail and stuff like that.

What’s funny is I have really low ticket free plus shipping funnels right now. I have also … You know what’s funny? It is just as much work for me to sell the mid-range stuff than it is for me to sell the low ticket stuff. The support tickets that come in are almost the exact same. It’s so funny.

When I actually go out and start selling $1,000 stuff, it’s easier for me to do that than it is the lower ticket thing. For whatever reason, it brings in a higher level customer. It brings in somebody who’s in a different position in their life, someone who I want to work with.

Anyways, I don’t know how to sell you on this. When I was thinking about my dad’s webinar, when I was thinking about all the stuff going on, and those of you who are trying to make this business succeed, I’m not trying to tell you to abandon everything if you already have a funnel, a tripwire funnel on the front end. What I am trying to tell you to do is charge more money, just charge more money.

Then what you do is have some person in the back end after someone buys your mid range product, your $1,000, $2,000 product, have somebody calling them up in the back end saying, “Hey, you want to work with Grant Larsen for 15,000 or whatever?

He’ll give you one-on-one coaching for six months,” or something like that. You know what I mean? You only close two of those a month, that is seriously massive revenue boosters right there.

Anyway, guys, I hope that what I’m trying to say is coming across clearly because the type of question that I’ve been getting recently, which by the way, I’ve been loving the questions. I hope you like the mass Q&A sessions I just did, the last two podcast episodes. Those were a lot of fun.

As a by product of that, people have been asking more and more questions. It’s been a whole lot of fun. Really, really enjoy that.

Usually, the type of question is like, “Hey, where do I start?” I’m trying to tell you please for the love, from a guy who did it for years at the low ticket price thinking that he was serving better or thinking that he was making it more affordable, but in reality causing a harder headache and I actually had to sell it harder sometimes. It’s not fun.

I’m telling you, please start with something that’s at least $1,000…

I’m saying that over and over and over again because it doesn’t take many of them to really change your life. It does not take many of them to have seed cash for your next ad campaign. It doesn’t take many of them to really start figuring out also what people want in the next tripwire funnel. Start with something high ticket.

It’s so funny. There was a few people I was coaching this last week and they’re like … I kept telling them $1,000 price point, they’re like, “Awesome. I’m selling for 497.” I said, “Why? I keep telling you,” and it came down to it … Now if you have a legitimate reason like sometimes there’s a legitimate reason and that’s fine, but most of the time, there isn’t one.

You literally are just afraid to charge more money and I’m begging you not to do that…

I’m begging you to get out and actually say, “You know what, I’m going to charge $1,000. I’m going to figure out how I can charge $1,000. I’m going to figure out how to sell at that price point,” and when that becomes your focus, oh, man, it’s so rewarding when $1,000 comes in. It’s like, “Whoa.”

MoneyJust emotionally, it’s so nice. Holy crap. How many of those does it take to actually cover the mortgage or rent? Not many. You know what I mean? I guess it depends where you live, but still even then, not many. That could fit a really wide range of households, but I guess it’s on my mind because we’re in a house now.

Anyways, guys, hopefully that helps. Super excited for this week and what’s going on here and I appreciate you all like crazy. Just gosh, I just love our community. It’s so, so, so fun. I remember I was posting different pictures, what we were doing and things like that and just the engagement, I just really, really enjoyed it and I really appreciate Sales Funnel Radioall you guys are doing. Anyways, keep at it. Funnel on, my friends and I will see you at the next one.

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