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SFR 53: On Popularizing Products…

May 22nd, 2017 anchorwave


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The 3-Month Lesson I Learned From Russell Brunson’s 3-Day Pitch…


Hey, what’s going on everyone? This is Steve Larsen and you’re listening to the greatest podcast on the planet, Sales Funnel Radio.

Welcome to Sales Funnel Radio, where you’ll learn marketing strategies to grow your online business using today’s best Internet sales funnels. Now, here’s your host, Steve Larsen.

All right, all right, all right. Maybe a little biased there. Not the best podcast, not the greatest one on the, well I think it is. I love my podcast, it’s so fun. I’ve had a lot of fun interacting with you guys a lot lately, it’s just been great. All right, well I think I just mentioned in the last podcast, we just barely finished filming, it was a three day little launch thing that Russell’s been doing.

We just launched the Two Comma Club Coaching Program, which is awesome. It’s my baby. I get to take it under my wing and run it, and I’m really excited. I’m so excited for it.

I had this really cool experience though today, so we had at the peak of it, I think it was almost like 2600 people watching live as Russell would teach during this free masterclass, right? It was really, really cool. You know what’s interesting? I know I talk about Russell a lot, guys I want you to know why. It’s because I sit next to the guy, all right?

He’s the greatest marketer, I believe, on the planet and when he asked me if I wanted to be his funnel building assistant, first of all I was in total, utter disbelief. I could not believe how amazing it was.

Second of all, it was like dang. Like I better keep my ears open and my eyes open everything I can, just start writing it all down, and so I actually have a huge list on my computer just of all these lessons that he’s taught me over the last year.

I don’t think he knows that I have it, actually, but I write a lot of the things he says. Just huge, huge lessons, right? Well there was a lesson today in selling that hit me so, so hard. We just finished this three day launch thing, and I just wanted to share the lesson with you because it’s not something that I think a lot of us think about.

We have a unique position from where we are, sitting at ClickFunnel, there’s over 41,000 active users of ClickFunnels now. If you don’t have a trial go to, you can get the free trial right there. Of course it’s my affiliate link, just that’s how the game’s played man, all right?

We have a really unique spot because we sit here and we go, “Okay, we can see everything that’s selling well, everything that’s not selling.” Hey, this works really well in this industry, that doesn’t.

Wow, in this industry did you know you should sell this way? Wow, don’t sell that way. You know what I mean? It’s really unique to see and sit where I am and see these different places and be able to get feedback that way. I’ve got a little tip for you, and honestly it’s just because it’s a personal tip.

First I want to start with a quote. All right I believe this is from Frank Kearn. I think it’s from Frank Kearn, I mean I can’t remember. Guys I’m sorry if it’s not. If it’s not I’m so sorry, but just know that it’s a really cool quote, okay?

He says, “The popularizing of a product has relatively little to do with the product itself. It has everything to do with being cool, all right? It has to be attractive itself.”

That’s the whole quote…

I was like whoa, that’s a sweet quote. I can’t even remember what course I was listening to lately when I heard that. The popularizing of a product has relatively little to do with the product itself. It has everything to do with being cool and being popular and being attractive.

Being something that’s talkable, shareable and that’s what’s been so crazy cool about this Two Comma Club Coaching Program that we just launched is amazing, and it’s being talked about all over the place, right?

Has very little to do with the product itself…

Now, keep that in the back of your mind, okay?

What happened was Russell got up and he’s teaching all this stuff and he’s really, really cool and it’s fun for me to see, because I’ll see him teach the same concepts over and over and over and over, and each time there’s something a little bit different.

He said this a little bit different over here, and he said this a little bit different over here, which is why you guys have to continue to do webinars, publish. I urge you guys to go publish and start a podcast of your own or start a YouTube channel.

Whatever, I don’t care what it is, just publish. Start talking and get your voice and your message out there, right? Because you’ll get better and better and better and better.

What happened was day one was awesome, right? Day two was awesome. Day three was awesome. They were all awesome, but what ended up happening was on day one there was a Q and A session and I got to sit on stage on camera with Russell and do it for a little bit, and then day two we didn’t, but on day three we did also, and what was funny was that on the third day we sat down and I start queuing up all these questions for Russell, I start telling him, you know, hey, people are asking this.

Hey people are asking this, people are asking this. Well, eventually somebody asked, okay what actually is in the Two Comma Club Coaching modules, like what are the modules? What’s in each of those things?

I thought this was so clever, but it was a huge lesson to me, okay, this is so big. Turn up the volume, listen to this, okay? Russell said, “You know what? It doesn’t matter that I tell you right now what are in those eight modules. What you need to know is that everything you need to become a millionaire is in those modules.”

That was it…

That’s all he said, and I was like, “Whoa. Really?” My immediate thought was like, wow, super powerful. Because of this, okay this was the context, I went though 10, 12 years of Russell’s content and I found, I indexed all of it, and I went through and I found all these different pieces. Okay, this is the best video of him teaching this concept. Okay this is the best video of him teaching this concept.

Okay, these pages in the book are the best of teaching this concept. Then after I indexed years of content, then what I did is I went and I laid it chronologically together and said, “Okay, when you get through these three things you should have x output ready.”

Does that make sense? Okay, when you go through and you read about the three secrets, or you read about your moral obligation to sell, by me going through that content, you should be able to produce x, y and z before you move on. It’s super powerful.

I hand hold you the whole way through all of his material, all of his content…

It’s massive. It takes most people 20 to 40 hours a week just to do a single module. It’s incredible. Huge, huge, huge project. It has taken me three, almost four months to produce the thing.

It’s massive…

You know to produce it, to build the whole members area inside ClickFunnels, to build the entire thing, I spent three months just building the product itself that we just sold for over three days, and guess how much he actually talked about what’s in there? Like that was it.

When he said, “Yeah, there’s eight modules and everything you need to know in order to become a millionaire, and I have 93 other examples of that.” That’s all he said, and that’s what he was selling though. He was selling the product but he didn’t actually talk about the product that much.

Now you think back, okay, why would you do that?

Why would you do that?

Why would you not talk about the actual product?

Because when I was doing door to door sales, right, and I was doing pest control and I was going door to door to door, person to person to person, I was talking about the product and I was pitching people. I was the number two sales guy, you know, for the first years. The other guy came out like six weeks before I did.

I would of had him but he had such a lead on me by six weeks, it was nuts…

Anyway, anyway what ended up happening was I would go door to door to door all over the place and I was out there for about five months. For the first two months, I was crushing it. I was crushing it, you know, I’d come back with a $1,000 a day, and back then for me that was huge. I was like this is sweet, man, holy crap, this is super, super powerful stuff what I’m doing right here. I’m loving this door to door sales thing.

It’s hard, I’m getting rejected but I’m making money and it’s been awesome. Well I started asking questions about the product, and I started learning about the product. It’s not that it’s a bad thing, it’s not that it’s a bad thing at all to know your product and know what it is, but when I learned about my product I stopped selling.

I started telling, and I started walking door to door to door and saying, “Did you know that our product has this chemical in it which is safe for your kids, you could basically lick it? You know what I mean? I would tell just random facts.

Yeah, it will totally take care of your wasp’s nest, oh it will totally do that. It’ll do this, it’ll do this, because of this and I’d go into the science of it because I thought it was fascinating. I’d go into the science of this piece over here and I’d go into the science of this piece over here. It was because I thought it was really, really cool, this certain thing. It was awesome, I mean we legitimately had a great product. I thought it was awesome and super unique.

It was fun stuff, but my sales plummeted, I mean plummeted. Pretty much stopped…

I went from going and selling anywhere from three to five, six, seven, eight in a day to like three a week, I mean it dropped that hard. For a long time I kept going, man, what’s my problem?

What’s my issue?…

Number one I got distracted because I started thinking about online sales, stuff like that, but the real problem was that my pitch changed and I started talking myself out of the sale and I started telling too much stuff. It’s not that you should try and be mischievous or keep things from being shown or trying to hide stuff, but the real problem is that you end up talking yourself out of the sale when you tell too much about the product.

That is not how sales happen…

So what ended up happening was I walked up to Russell afterwards and I was like, “Dude, holy crap, I just noticed man I just spent three months on this product and you didn’t even talk about it. Why is that?” I think it’s because that’s not actually needed to sell and he was like, “You’re absolutely correct.”

He said, “The reason why is because if I start talking about the modules and I start telling people in there, people will think that they know it already just from the title, they’re like, “Oh, I know it already” and then they’ll dismiss it and then they’ll immediately will not buy it because of that. There’s no more curiosity.

There’s no more scarcity, there’s no more urgency. Curiosity, urgency, scarcity those are the tools of sales, and if you get rid of one of them, you’re not going to sell. You’ve scratched the itch just by giving them the knowledge, right?

What ends up happening is that person’s not going to go off and become a Two Comma Club person. Like if he had gone out and started telling about it, all these people, because it sold like hot cakes you guys, I mean this funnel that I built basically while he was pitching it, the actual funnel itself, the product took me three months to build, but the actual funnel itself I built while he was pitching it and put it together, but this funnel itself is going to be in the Two Comma Club really, really fast. All those people who have been jumping in, if we had told them, “Hey you, it’s about this, this and this.”

They’re going to go, “You know what? I kind of already know that. Or I could go over here and learn that over here, or I could do this over here, or this other guy’s product does that. I’ll just stay with that.”

You scratch the itch and you get rid of the sale and you get rid of the ability for someone to actually give you money, because there’s no reason to anymore. They’re not curious, okay?

So when you think of curiosity, urgency and scarcity, those are the three tools of sales. Those are the three things that make the sale happen. Anyway, so thought that was, anyway. Super, super awesome. The whole point of it is when you guys go out and you start doing your sales, if your sales are suffering, I know that we love our products. I know that they are our babies. That product that I put together, I know that it is probably one of the best products that ClickFunnel’s ever put together besides ClickFunnel software itself.

It is amazing. It is so, so good. Oh my gosh. We’ve already created millionaires basically from this, it’s incredible. Just in three months some people have made $700,000 from the content and what we teach in there. It’s very different than anything else because of the hand holding and what I force you to do before you can move on.

It’s a cool program…

Really great, really, really fantastic program. What’s powerful about the whole thing about it too is that the way it was sold was through epiphany bridges. I mean the exact same way that Russell teaches you in the book Expert Secrets is how we sold it, and we literally sat down and said okay, what’s the one thing? What are our three secrets? What are the false beliefs? What are the stories attached to those?

What are the false beliefs that people are going to have immediately when they hear the title of this presentation? We do the exact same thing we tell you guys to do, all right. We disclose all of it, that’s the only difference between us and a lot of other companies.

Anyways, that’s all I wanted to tell you guys. Stop letting the cat out of the bag, all right, you’ve got to leave some curiosity and you’ve got to leave some urgency and you got to have some scarcity.

If you can put those three elements on there, you don’t even need to talk about the product, and it’s not that you’re hiding it, you shouldn’t hide it. You can give an extremely high level overview of what’s actually in the product itself, you know, but that’ not how sales happen.

Sales happen through causing belief which creates action. That’s it. Add a little urgency, scarcity and you’ll be good to go. With a lot of curiosity and that’s how sales happen.

It took me a long time to realize that and I did not understand that when I was doing door to door sales. I didn’t get that. I didn’t get that when I pitched people on stage for investors, when I thought getting investors was a good thing. I’ve done that many times.

You pitch people, you know investors, on stuff like that. Probably been three or four different, oh I can’t remember, I’ve asked investors for money several times and I kept letting the cat out of the bag. Too many times, I kept letting the cat out of the bag when I’d go sell this stuff, or whatever it was.

Just don’t let the cat out of the bag. It doesn’t matter, and if someone starts complaining, “Oh, I wish I knew this. Oh I wish I knew this” that’s probably not your ideal customer anyway if that’s the kind of people that are not the action takers. You need people that are going to take action based on belief that they’re going to get it.

Obviously, be ethical all that stuff, but anyway, that’s all it was. What ended up happening is we had tons of people jump in and I went and I told the story about getting your shut up cheque, which is the ability to make money enough that you can hold the cheque up to anyone who’s been poo pooing on your story and what your dreams are, and hold up the cheque and go, “Hey, shut up. This is my shut up cheque.”

I hope you guys are all going to get your shut up cheque if you haven’t got it yet. Anyway, that’s it. That’s all I wanted to share with you guys, is while I was talking to Russell and I watched what he was doing. He didn’t not talk about the actual product. He didn’t and it was so powerful. Such a powerful lesson for me to watch that, so anyway leave some curiosity there.

Don’t love your product so much so that you barf all over everybody and literallySales Funnel Radiotalk yourself out of the sale and you’ll be ready to rock.

All right guys, that’s it. Talk to you later. Bye.

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