SFR 40: My Day 3 of 3 ‘Funnel Hacking Live 2017’ Notes – Stephen Larsen

SFR 40: My Day 3 of 3 ‘Funnel Hacking Live 2017’ Notes

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Garrett and Danielle White Family, Russell Brunson, and TONY ROBBINS…


What’s going on, everyone? This is Steve Larsen. You’re listening to Sales Funnel Freaking Radio. Whoo! Hey, this is actually a special episode. This is part 3 of 3 in my review day-by-day of Funnel Hacking Live Event that Russell just threw in Dallas. I’m actually in Dallas right now recording this. I didn’t want to leave the hotel room before doing this and spiting it out and everything was fres

h on my mind.

So, I’m just sitting inside here in the actual hotel room itself and just getting these podcasts out to you guys. These are kind of a review. Today, will be a bit shorter than the other two. The other two were a bit long, but I wanted to go in-depth so you guys felt like you were getting some values from the podcast itself. Again, and just as the others, if this is the first episode of this 3 part series that you’re listening to, go listen to the other 2 first.

The whole event was meant to build on itself, so I would go listen to Day 1 first, and then Day 2, and then come back to this one. Really, the last one, but this is the one where Tony Robbins came in and it was so cool.

Welcome to Sales Funnel Radio. Where you’ll learn marketing strategies to grow you online business, using today’s best internet sales funnels. And now, here’s your host, Steve Larsen.

Again, thank you to all you guys that I was able to meet, and talk with, and take selfies with, and all the gifts you guys brought, which I was not expecting that. And it was very, very humbling. Anyway, guys, thank you so much. Again, my voice is totally shot still and talking as much as I am is not helping. But it is what it is.

The very first person who came in was Garrett White with his wife. Now okay, Garrett has spoken every single time at the Funnel Hacking Live Events. The reason Russell likes to bring him in is because he also helps people implement. Now you think about, Garrett made this point as well.

He’s like, “Okay, I know you like coming to Funnel Hacking Live and you get a whole lot of extra goodies and nuggets, and things that you don’t get anywhere else. Think about it, if you would just freaking read the book, watch the tutorials, and do it, you’re going to be farther along than the majority of the people who are out there.”

It was really funny to listen to, but it was like, “Okay, okay, that makes sense.” There is a lot of stuff that you can’t get from a book that you do get at the event. It was actually really cool to listen to him and hear him say that. He was there with his wife though and we’ve never done that with him before. And his kids on the stage.

Garrett was the same Garrett, swearing like a storm, but he went through and he started teaching us more about, like an echo of what Setema taught. But even more depth on certain areas; it was really cool.

He was banker actually and in 2008 when the economy really tanked, he lost everything. He realized that he had no idea who his wife was. He had no relationship with his kids. He realized that the life he was living was pure crap. He hated it.

He realized that a lot of it was because, again similar, was the story he was telling himself. Which was kind of cool because, Tony came in and talked about “the story we were telling ourselves.” There was kind of a theme there for many, actually several speakers, not just those three. At least, that’s what I picked up. Maybe that’s what I needed to hear. You know what I mean? You guys might have picked up something different, who were there. Anyways.

So he said, “You need to choose yourself.” I don’t mean that in like a freaky-deaky way, like weird. Meaning you got to create yourself, okay? Know who you are.

Know the story you are telling yourself. He had us turn and scream, at the top of our lungs, at our neighbor that, “I am a marketer.” Number 2, you got to live in the land of yes or no, none of this maybe crap. “Maybe I’ll get this done.” That means no, you’re not going to do it. It was interesting to hear him say all that stuff. “Got to live in the land of yes or no. No more maybes.”

So, he had us turn to our neighbor and scream, “I am a closer.” So, number 1 is, “I am a marketer.” Number 2 is, “I am a closer.” Number 3 was …

He said a lot of times when we get in these businesses, we start getting followings and we, guys I’ve been totally guilty of this and it’s been cool to hear him say this. Because right now, sitting here right now, as I’m recording this podcast there’s probably 400 messages, collectively, between email, tons of Facebook messages …

Oh my gosh, I can’t even handle it anymore. It stresses me out. I want to give, and give, and give, and give, and help. I feel guilty that I can’t give, and give, and give, because I have to live too. You know what I mean?

I know a lot of you guys listening to this, you guys get the exact same way. We attract like people and you’re listening to my podcast. We’re probably really similar. You start to feel guilty that you can’t help everyone and their mom at all times, for free. You feel guilty that you can’t get out there and do that. I was like, “That’s so true. I’ve totally had that experience before.”

Now, Russell has since been teaching me that it is your moral obligation to sell people. It’s your moral obligation. It’s actually the name of the last section in his new book, by the way. After he and I talked about it, because it’s such a huge deal. People feel guilty about talking other people’s money.

He goes, “No dude, think about this … Russell told me this and then also Garrett White was saying this on the stage too. He said, “Okay, think about it. You’ve gone through, you’ve done the epiphany bridges with people. You’ve been selling like crazy. You’ve helped them realize the need for the product. You’ve gone in. You’ve changed their paradigm of the world. Then you don’t sell them something?”

A. The worst thing you could do is give it to them for free. When you give something for free to somebody for free for too long … Number 1: it can bring in these feeling of well you gave it to me for free, so everything you give me should be for free. And I’m not talking about your base. All the things you’re putting out there for people, that’s fine. But if you’re giving your actual bread-and-butter product and service away for free, for too long, it jacks up the value that they see of what you’ve built.

You guys know that I built the funnels for Marcus Lemonis on the tv show, The Profit. That was like 11 funnels in a day; it was nuts.

Marcus saw the vision. Marcus caught the benefit of the funnel. He understood it…

He had the epiphany. Because he talked to Russell about it and it was super cool. He’s like, “Every business needs a funnel.” And we’re like, “Yeah, that’s why it  exists. This is freaking cool, right?” He’s like, “Oh my gosh, yeah.”

Then what happened is, I went out and started building all these funnels for all these peoples. That was my role in the company shortly after I got hired. I was building these funnels and I was putting them together. It was all these companies. You guys probably haven’t heard of … A lot of them were tv show episodes of the show, The Profit.

I was going back of all these episodes he’d done in the past and building funnels for these companies. I’d build them and I’d put them together and the whole way, the whole way, I had to keep selling these people on why they needed the funnel. They didn’t have the epiphany. We built these beautiful funnels. Oh my gosh, these guys could be making so much extra money and they came in and were like, “Cool.” And it sat for like months and months and we’re like, “You’re not doing a dang thing. Why not?”

And they’re like, “We don’t even know what this is. What do you do? Why is this” … And I was like, “I’ve been telling you. I’ve been showing you. I’ve been coaching you. I’ve showed you so many times how this thing works.” And they’re like, “We don’t want to do an internal launch to our list. Why would we do that? They’ve already bought from us.” And I was like, “You are idiots.” Oh my gosh.

So what was hard and what was challenging is, if people have the epiphany and you don’t sell them something, then you are actually doing them a disservice. If people pay, they pay attention. Right? They need to put some skin in the game, psychologically, to actually go in and digest and get after something.

There is something you have to pay, whether with time, or with money, or with some sacrifice in order to actually get stuff. Understand it. Implement it. Push forward on it. Everything is bought with your time, your thoughts, anything. Right? And if you go in and you say, “Hey, here’s this really cool product and I’m giving you this awesome offer and I’m going through and I’m …

Guys, the funnels I give for free on my site, I should charge for my full 10 grand price for a lot of them. I don’t though. The ones that are 100 bucks or a 127 bucks and people come back and complain about it.

There’s only been one person who’s actually complained about it. It’s because they didn’t know … I don’t even know how they got on the page. I don’t even know what they bought. I mean they probably don’t know how to turn on Facebook. Anyway. There’s only one person complain, I couldn’t even believe it. But no one else has complained.

But then I’ll go back and realize that some people have just not implemented it. I’m like, “I wonder if I charged more money, if people would implement this harder.” Like half of the people get it and they push forward. The other half don’t. Interesting.

That’s what Russel’s been teaching me, is like if you’ve gone through this whole thing and you’ve taken away their ability to pay with money, they have to pay now with something else. Does that make sense? It’s the moral obligation to sell. Right?

So, Garrett White had us screaming, “I’m a closer! I’m a closer! I’m a closer!” at each other. Because we need to live in the land of yes or no. Charge the money. Charge the money. And get out there and make the sale. Because, then they’re motivated. They’ve go skin in the game.

You’ve changed their mindset and you’ve actually given them a way. The product is the path. Right? The service or the product is the path for them to actually get done what you were just saying they could. And it scratches everyone’s back. That’s how it happens. And people who can’t afford it? That’s okay. It means they’re trying to figure out how to afford stuff. That’s the phase that they’re in. That’s okay. Anyway, I shouldn’t keep going about that.

So, he had us screaming at each other, “I am a leader, not a savior.” And then we whispered it. And it was really interesting to feel that. I have a vested interest, you guys, in your success.

You guys know that, listening to my podcast, but there are just some people that I just can’t help. And I can’t do it for free anymore. I did it for free for three years just so I could prove myself to the market that I knew what I was talking about. That I was motivated enough to get it done. All right?

That I was getting it done. That I was getting real results for the companies.

And I gave it free, and free, and free, and free, and helped, and helped, and helped, and helped, and helped. But what really brought more people success, was when I started charging. And I didn’t realize that until Garrett came out and he said that. I was like, “Oh my gosh. That is true. I am a leader, not a savior.” Right?

I am very religious and I believe in Christ, but that is not the point of this podcast. But it was interesting to think about that on that level. It was like, “Gosh, very fascinating point, my friend. Thank you very much.”

He’s like, “There’s no hack to work. Quit looking for an excuse to suck.” All right? He’s like, “Just suck. Just freaking do it. You’re going to suck. And then you’ll suck less. And you’ll do it even more and you’ll suck less. And eventually, you’ll suck less, so little that you’ll actually be good.”

He’s like, “You just got to start. Just freaking do it.”

And his little daughter came up and she wanted to be on stage with him. And he’s like, “Well, it’s going to cost you.” This is the backstory of how she got on stage with him, his little girls. “Well, you’ve got to make $1000.” So, this little girl followed Russell’s path; read the book as a punishment for time-out for something she did.

Garrett makes her read Russell’s book. So, she finished the whole book…

She went through and made a webinar. She made $1200 on her first webinar as a 10 year old girl. It was so cool. And he was like, “Now what do we tell people who are just bad-mouthing us?” She immediately knew what he was asking and she started yelling, “I don’t care about you. You probably don’t know how to do half the things that I’m doing.”

It was really funny. Anyway. I’ll stop on that. It was a big epiphany that I had for the event. That was really cool…

Then Russell came through and we have a sweet traffic course. I mean you guys are starving for traffic. So, what we’re doing is flying in the top experts. The people who don’t sell courses. Right? These are the people who are so freaking good that you can not attain them unless you pay ridiculous amounts of money.

We were like, “What if we paid the ridiculous amounts of money. They train us as a team how to do it and you guys get a camera on the inside watching us do it and how to get trained and how it worked for us. It’s really just such a freaking good offer. There’s a table rush. That was the first time I ever experienced a table rush. People go up before he was even done and just ran to the back, because it was gosh it was so good.

Then we had a big break and Tony Robbins’s security was there…

And we didn’t know it, but they were testing us to see if we were actually bouncing people. I like to fight, so I was like, “Make me a bouncer, please.” I look like a softie and I smile and hug like one. And I’m always pumped and excited, but there’s this other side of me that really likes to fight stuff. Which is why, I think, that I got drawn into the army.

Anyway. So, apparently they were testing us. They were like, “You guys are doing a great job. We’re really impressed with your staff.” We’re like, “Yeah, we’re totally freaking security guard. Yeah, what.” Anyway.

So, Tony Robbins came in. I have got a full page of notes, and graphs, and stuff he was saying. I don’t even know where to begin on this, you guys. It was so good. Gosh, it was so good.

He was like, “Hey, raise your hand if these three days, while you’re here, you’re kind of stressing because there’s things in your business that you know you need to get done, but there just not getting done without you. Raise your hand, if you’re that way. Now, repeat after me, keep your hands in the air: I am a business operator, that sucks.” It was really funny.

He was like, “Okay, you guys are business operators, not owners, if three days is making you freak out. Time to expand it a little bit.” He was like, “I’m not trying to be cheesy. A lot of people think of me as a happy, happy, thinking, go-lucky kind of guy. That’s total bull crap. I am more of a strategist. Realize when I say that 80% of success is your psychology, it’s all about your state.

What state are you in, if someone tells you bad news? Act like you’re having bad news right now and go make the sounds and noises you would next to the person. Shoulders slouch, you know, and face kind of gets upset. You know? And he’s like, “Okay, now stand up and introduce yourself to someone like you’re scared of them. Notice how your body is. Now, let’s go talk to people like we’re excited to see them, like it’s a long-lost friend.”

And the room was like … It was ridiculously loud. You could hear it basically out the hotel doors, way in the back of the hotel. It was so cool.

So we were jumping around like crazy and it was really, really cool. We went through three different forces of creation. He talked about us, you know, who we’re spending the most time with. Life is decisions not conditions. He told us his story, which was very, very humbling.

He said that success was the result of good judgment…

How do you get a judgment?…

By failing like crazy…

He’s like, “You get good at judgment by learning what bad judgment is, because that’s what you make.” Anyway, guys, I don’t want to keep rambling on here.

But, gosh, it was so freaking good. It was about how you kill your fears and people stood up. He’s like, “What is really the most scary to you? I’m not going to make you guys share it. So, just he write it down. And then he’s like, “Let’s share.” It was really funny. “I lied to you.”

And he pointed at one girl and he said, “Stand up. What do you fear most?” And she said and it had to do with, I can’t remember, insecurity or something like that. And while she was describing it, he was like, “Okay, raise your hand if you can identify with this.”

Tons of people raised their hand, of course, the feeling of insecurity. He was like, “Oh man, ma’am I want you to know just how alone you are and how no one has ever experienced that ever in their entire life.” We are all laughing. He was like, “Understand, you guys, that there is the mind, which is the organ in your body, in your head. Then, there is your mind. And so many thoughts of the mind control us, you know feelings of insecurity, feelings of this, or this, or that, or that, or that, or that. Realize that the mind can produce lots of stuff for the body and persuade you.”

He said, “I realize it was fascinating to have the epiphany that the mind is different from my mind. Although it’s happening in the same place.”

And we had people from so many countries there and different religions, different languages even. People all of the world came to this event. So he was like, “Interesting. So people from all over the world, different languages, different backgrounds, totally different places they came from. We all feel the same feelings, though. And yet we are so our own person and think that all our problems are our own and no one else is thinking them. That’s total bull crap.

So, understand there is the mind and then there is your mind and you need to separate them. And when a thought like that comes in, just know that it is the mind. You can dismiss it and you can move on. It was really cool. It was really cool, guys.

I don’t even know what else to say on this huge page of notes. I got nowhere else to go on here. He talked about motion determines emotions. If you’re feeling sad or depressed or bored, freaking start moving. Just get up and already your body is going to start changing. Your biochemistry will change. You’ll feel happier just by moving. Stop sitting. We are a sitting culture now. We just sit. We don’t do anything. Just get up. Do stuff.

You’ll feel better and you’ll be happier…

It was really cool actually. Anyway, guys, that’s all I got for you on this one. Those are the huge, key take-aways that I got from those three days. Thank you so much. I just want to point out to you guys. Thank you. I really appreciate all the awesome stuff you’ve done and meeting you guys. I had to step out a little bit on Tony Robbins at the end, because we go pictures with him. I’m sure I’ll post that as soon as we get back.

You guys get to see that it was kind of cool. It was the whole Click Funnel team that was there with Tony. It was really fun. All the inner-circle people got their picture with him and it was really fun. And it was cool to go through those experiences together. It was very, very bonding.

What I do know is that Click Funnels is far more than a software company. It is a marketing company, but it’s … I mean, do you see Russell as a standard CEO?

No, this company is so much more than just CEO from some competitor that we have. By the way, he totally took the gloves off and we were 100% fighting and trying to destroy Infusion Software and Leap Pages now. Everyone got their own comic book. It was really cool. It was totally over-delivered in true Russell fashion.

Anyways, guys, I will talk to you later. I’ve got some cool, special announcements in the following podcasts here that I’m going to be doing, because I want to take action on my own business and the things I do with you guys based on what I learned at the actual event. So, I’m going to do that. I’ve got some cool things going on that are going to be coming out here. And things that I’m no longer going to be doing or offering so that I can focus and help out where it’s needed right now.

Oh yeah, hey, one thing that was cool, before I get out of here. He brought us to this place called Medieval Times as a staff afterwards. Crazy cool. You go inside and you sit down and it’s one of those dinner theaters. You go inside and it’s like a big arena and there’s real, live horses jousting in front of you. It’s the craziest thing. The guys are riding at each other.

They literally joust each other. Splinters of wood going all over the place. It was the craziest I’ve ever seen. They were sword fighting and sparks going all over the place. It was really cool. Anyway, it was awesome. I was actually really impressed by that place.

It was funny because we are the Click Funnels Team and we were walking around trying to funnel hack them. Okay, they got this many seats. They’re probably pulling this much revenue. Overhead is probably this much. We were figuring out their whole business while we were sitting there and they were serving us.

We were looking up all these different words, medieval vocab. So we were like yelling. Someone did something wrong and we were yelling, “Forfeiture!” It was really funny. Anyway. You should totally go there. It was totally awesome. It had nothing to do with the event. It was really fun, though.

Anyways, guys, you are awesome and I will talk to you later.

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