SFR 39: My Day 2 of 3 ‘Funnel Hacking Live 2017’ Notes – Stephen Larsen

SFR 39: My Day 2 of 3 ‘Funnel Hacking Live 2017’ Notes

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Russell Brunson, Justing and Tara Williams, Caleb Maddix, Emily Shai, Trey Lepelen, Jason Fladlien, Darren Stephens, and Setema Gali…


What’s going on everyone? This is Steve Larsen and you’re listening to Sales Funnel Radio. This is day number two from Funnel acting live. These are the things that I learned, the things that I loved. You’re going to get a front row seat here on some of the things that, behind the scenes, of the things that I thought were awesome during Funnel acting live day number two.

Welcome to Sales Funnel Radio where you’ll learn marketing strategies to grow your online business using today’s best internet sales funnels. And now, here’s your host, Steve Larsen.

What’s so funny is that, we brought in so much energy. We wanted everyone to be in a state to receive, and to learn, and to be there, and to grow and develop that by day number two, my voice was already shot. It’s actually been this way for several days.

Anyway, it’s slightly painful actually but that’s okay. Okay, so the first day, if you haven’t listened to it, I would go back and listen to it before you listen to this. Because there’s a lot of foundational things that were said in day one. The conference was meant to build on itself. I would listen to day number one before you listen to this.

We’re just going to jump right into it. We get in there, we’re all fired up and stoked up. They had me as a VIP badge checker. Just so you know, inner circle, certified partners, anyone else who’s kind of in the VIP area, they sit in the front seats. And I was a bouncer. It was a lot of fun. I really, really enjoyed it. I got to meet tons of you guys again.

I took a lot of selfies, it was a lot of fun. It was a fun time, guys. Just like I’d said in the other one, very touched and humbled by the amount of people who came up and said hi and thanks for the podcast. Guys, that fuels me. You know what I mean? This entrepreneurial journaling is not easy for anybody. It was really nice to hear that from you guys. It was just nice. It was very nice. Especially the guys who brought gifts. Man, that was just … that put me on the floor. That was so nice of you guys. I really appreciate it.

Anyway, man, today was so nuts. Or, day number two was. It was Wednesday, February 22nd, 2017. The day before was all about marketing strategy, and how to sell without selling.

Day number two was all about the funnels. What we did is, we brought in all these experts in different industries. We know the majority of you guys are in MLM, or e-commerce, or you’re an author, speaker, coach, consultant, or you’re in retail, you’re a brick and mortar. You fit in these certain categories, so what we wanted to do was bring in people who were using funnels in those industries that you could hear from. That’s what day two was all about.

What happened is Russell came up and we did a presentation called Follow-Up Funnels. We were thinking about what happens when somebody comes in to one of our own funnels. We had John, who does our traffic, he went in and he ran some numbers. We found out … it was pretty cool, because Russel showed all of our actual numbers.

He’s like, “Okay, here’s all of our funnels during the month of just this last December. Just two months ago.” And he said, “Okay here, you notice …” And he went through all these funnels and they’re profitable, and they’re profitable, and they’re profitable. He was showing the actual numbers. Opt-ins, cash, revenue, profit on marketing a car and Funnel University, and all these different things on all the front-end funnels.

What was so funny, we realized when we were looking at him, we were like, “Man, how does … how are we making money?” We didn’t ask that question. We obviously crafted this on purpose. This is just how we presented it.

It’s like, “Wait a second. We pulled in only like 17 thousand dollars in front end funnels on December.” We’re like, “What the heck?” And Russell goes, “Wait a second, are you telling me, Russell, that you’re running a multi, multi, multi million dollar business, but you only pulled in 17 grand in December? How is that even possible?” You know what I mean? It’s like, “What the heck?”

We went through and we found out that for every dollar that we are gaining on those front-end funnels turns into 16 dollars in the back-end.

We wanted to do this because we realized that a lot of you guys, what you’re getting stuck on, is you go out and you build this tripwire funnel, right? This front-end funnel. You will expect it to make you beaucoups of money, right? That’s cool. That’s true. Somewhere though, the customer has to be bought.

Whether it’s with your time, you have to buy the customer, or actual money with ads and stuff like that, you have to buy the customer. Somewhere, a customer will be bought. What we do then, is those front end funnels is how we buy the customer. We call them break-even funnels. They’re not to make money.

What they’re supposed to do is get us a customer, get them buying something, and then recoup costs by selling them products and/or other services…

So, we break even on the front-end with these funnels, but then it’s all on the back-end. It’s all these huge follow-up sequences that we have going on. I’m not talking about email sequences. Okay, that’s one of the elements. But massive, massive things that have everything to do with actionetics. All the stuff that we put in behind turns into 16 dollars after we bring in one dollar.

Now, the hardest scenario for you guys to make a whole bunch of money in is by making a front-end funnel … okay, listen to me … is to make a front-end funnel only. Some of you guys are like, “Well, I’m making money, but not much.” Well then you’re done. Move to the next step. Make a webinar. Make an invisible funnel. Make something.

Ascend them to the next level on the … you know what I mean?…

Don’t try and make all this money from your tripwire front-end funnels. We call those break-even funnels. We only made 17 grand ourselves in December on that, but we turned all that money into 16 dollars per dollar, right?

Ascend. Age and ascend. It’s one of the most important elements of your strategy, okay? He went through and he started showing how we use all this stuff. We’re like, “Hey look, if you’re all in, you’ll be able to kill it with this thing.” It was so cool. People ran and sprinted to back before he was even done.

He was like, “We’re not like, hard-selling anything. Just so you guys know.” I think he pitched one thing the whole time. That’s not the point of these conferences. The point is not for us to make money, either. We barely break even on these babies. You know how expensive it is to through an event like this? It was massive. Oh my gosh, it was so massive. We barely break even on them, and it’s to help all of you guys get the tactics down, the strategies down.

He first went into fallout funnels, and we did kind of like a state of the union, and showed some cool things and new features that are coming out that are just … oh my gosh, they’re mind boggling. I’m sure we’re going to have to come up with a list of all the cool things we talked about there, because there’s no way I could do it here.

I mean, it was like an hour presentation, and people were on their feet going nuts. It was the coolest thing. Oh my gosh…

Then we had a little break. And then, Justin and Tara Williams came up, and they talked about podcast funnels. They talked about how their entire multimillion dollar business has been built using podcasts. I’ve talked to Russell personally about this before and he’s like, “Dude, the reason why podcasts are so good …” You’re on it right now.

The reason why podcasts are so good is because the kind of person that listens to a podcast is usually someone who’s a more active, proactive individual in their life. If I was to put a YouTube ad up, typically people who congregate around YouTube, they only want things that are free. Or, they might not be action-takers. They just want to be purely entertained.

If you’re on a podcast, you are deliberately trying to accelerate your life, and I applaud you for that.

That’s what you’re doing right now. I’m trying to give you guys some cool strategies and little insights on what happened in there. Anyways, they came through, and they … like, “Hey look, we built our entire empire using podcasts. You’ve got to go in there and you’ve got to be able to deliver great value, but don’t get hung up on it.”

They gave a lot. It was so good. My dad was actually at the conference. I was able to get in and get him a seat. He was like, “Oh my gosh, that was the coolest thing I’ve ever heard.” He started a podcast before yesterday was even over. It was so cool. He had the first 20 episodes planned. It was super cool. Super cool.

Then we had Caleb and Emily Shay come in. Just so you guys know, Emily is like eleven. She wrote her own book. It was book on how to have the perfect sleepover. She’s a cute little girl. She calls herself princess of the pitch, and she was standing up. She had the whole crowd laughing. She was a total natural. My gosh, it was so cool. She was teaching us all about what this whole funnel game is really about.

She wrote that book and then she sold it door to door and made 20 grand. What’s your excuse?…

I was like, “Oh my gosh.” She’s like, “I knew I could target people at car dealerships even better.” So she would hang out at car dealerships and sell her book on how to have a perfect sleepover to all the kids that would come in. I was like, “Holy crap.” Little marketing genius. That’s amazing. What was I doing when I was twelve? I think I was picking my nose or something. I don’t know. What the heck? Oh my gosh, she was great.

She talked about it’s not about making money. This about your power and your ability to make a difference. Sometimes you make a funnel, and sometimes the funnel makes you. Sometimes it just sucks, and sometimes it makes money. It’s all about the repetition, and wanting it, and fighting for it.

It was really … I was like, crazy impressed with the amount of wisdom that came out. You’re not too small for your dreams, and your dreams are not too big for you. It was really cool. I came in. I wrote down a whole bunch of things she was saying. I was like, “Do you know what you’re saying? You’re like twelve and you’re killing it.” You know what I mean? This is really really impressive. You and your kids are just one funnel away. That was really, really cool.

Then Caleb came in and he smashed it. Caleb is an outstanding, just incredible speaker. I really, really enjoyed listening to him as well. Very impressive individual. He’s spoken with Gary V. and he’s been on the news like crazy. He’s fifteen. Just so you guys know, he’s fifteen. He’s killing it. He’s written four books, been all over the news, he’s done a TED talk.

It was crazy cool, crazy cool. Been with Tai Lopez, hanging out with him. Been with lots and lots of huge people. For what he’s done as a fifteen year old is insane. Most of it he did when he was fourteen. But a lot of it was because of his dad. He went through, and he showed how his dad wouldn’t give him money for certain things he wanted, and instead taught him how to build a business, and get it that way.

It’s really, really cool. His dad wouldn’t pay him for doing chores, and instead taught him how to do business stuff. It was really, really cool.

It was fantastic. The first secret he gave to us was that you got to work your face off. Just work like crazy. Number two is give like crazy. He said, “Give your face off.” Just give and give and give, and be charitable to all people. It’s always about the individual. It’s never about the money. It was cool to know that he was being genuine about it. It was so cool. Very inspiring.

People were tearing up in the audience, man…

It was really, really cool. Right now he said he’s experimenting with doing the perfect webinar script, but inside of a game show. He’s like, “You’re not going to get kids inside of this webinar, just watching it.” So, he’s making a game show. It’s really clever. Probably going to interview all those guys here in a second, and put them on the podcast. Anyway, really cool.

Then we had Trey Lewellen come in. Gosh, if you guys know who Trey is, this guy made … I don’t think I’m at liberty to say the numbers. But, he is the person who’s made the most money using click funnels ever. He also has the world record for offer that has made the most money in the shortest amount of time. There’s been no offer ever, in the history of the world, that has brought in the amount of money. Insane, ridiculous amount of money.

We’re not talking just a million or two million dollars. This is a lot of money. I don’t think I can say more than that. He came in and he showed us some really interesting numbers. He showed us funnelitics. He showed you, literally get a product in these price ranges. Aim for these types of conversions. Once you’ve got that, then you can do this. And then once you’ve got those conversions and these numbers, then it’s time to implement these things. It was very tactile, very awesome.

He basically gave the road map on how to make a million bucks. It was so cool…

Something he said in there was very key, and I wanted to bring it up here. He said, “Any time you add another product to what you’re selling, you immediately 12X the complexity in your business. Immediately.” He said, “People say to me all the time, ‘How did you make that much money? Do you just have like, thousands and thousands of skews and products, and things that you’re seeling all the time?’” He’s like, “No, we got like, 20.” It’s like, what? 20? That’s it?

He went through and he showed how simplicity inside of what you’re trying to sell is better. Don’t try and do this and this and this. He would build one funnel a week to just see what works. Just a little more of the backstory, because I know him.

The guy is awesome. I’ve gotten to talk to him a lot, actually. He’s the man. He said, “I would launch a funnel. One per week. Just to see what would work. Then, when one would stick, I’d abandon the ones that didn’t work, and put all my focus and energy to the one that did break even.”

They would make it profitable with a few little tweaks that he showed us. That’s how I’d blow it up. Then, I’d automate it. Get a little customer support in there. Then, find a relatable product that I could upsell them to after they got done with the first one.

I’d build a funnel a week…

It was really, really interesting. He’s like, “Every time you do that though, you literally … the number is, you will 12X the complexity and stress inside your business do to all the customer service, and support, and all the extra processing, and all the extra stuff that goes into a single product.” I was thinking about it, and I was like, “Crap. I’m selling too many things. I know I am. I’d rather just focus on one or two, get extra good at it and then …”

I’ve got some big announcements after I’m done with this little series on … Then, right after that, Jason Fladlien came in. Jason is the Amazon funnel expert. He has made over a 100 million dollars in the last couple of years using Amazon. You’d think, “What the heck? How does that even work?” It was so cool. I mean, it was so cool.

He came through, and he showed us how he’s taking … He has his product on Amazon, obviously. He’s like, “Guys, for every dollar that is spent on the internet, 25 cents of it is going through Amazon right now. Do you know how many buyers that is?” He’s like, “I can make a million dollars selling ketchup, or something stupid.”

There’s so many, and they go to Amazon with the intent to purchase…

The stat right now is that like 83 percent, or something like that. It was huge. I think he said it was in the 80s. 83 percent of people make a purchase per month in the US. Isn’t that crazy? 83 percent of people make a purchase per month in the US on Amazon. That’s nuts. That’s so many buyers. He’s like, “And, it’s increasing.” It’s the most insane thing ever. He’s like, “So I totally hacked Amazon.

What I do, is I take the image of the product that I’m selling. I put it on top of a …” He showed us the exact strategy. He showed us the seven strategies that he’s using. He walked through all seven funnels, showed exactly how they’re working. I was like, “Holy crap. I’ve never even heard of this.” It blew my mind, and I’m pretty immersed in the funnel world. I was like, “This is the coolest thing ever.”

He went through, and he showed how his product is on Amazon. He takes an image of it and he puts it on a click funnels page. He basically sends people to it.

He sells it a little bit, but he said, “The less copy on selling physical products through Amazon actually converts higher than more copy.” I was like, “Oh, that’s a cool tip. Thank you.” He’s like, “And it’s easier, which is awesome.” He’s like, “So then what I do is I say, ‘Hey’…” He acts like it’s a product launch.

When people go there, there’s a coupon code they can download…

Well, when you click download coupon code, a pop-up with an opt-in form comes in. That’s how he gets your email address, right? Because, Amazon keeps all the emails. So, when they put the email address in, the second page has the coupon code. He just walks people through how to buy the product.

So, they take the coupon code. They’ll go to Amazon. They’ll search for the product, which boosts his ranking like crazy inside of Amazon’s algorithm. Then, they’ll go inside there, search for the product, pull it on up, buy it with the coupon code, and it scratches so many backs, it’s ridiculous.

Oh my gosh, I couldn’t believe what he was doing. He’s like, “Now I got their email for follow-up purchases of the same type of product or same product. It’s the craziest thing on the planet. Amazon fulfills it. If they got Amazon Prime, it’s like free shipping. I don’t have to worry about that crap. It was really cool. He’s leveraging what Amazon’s doing.

That was worth it all just right there. He showed seven different variations of strategies of when to use which. It was really cool. That was awesome.

Then, Darren Stephens stood up, and he showed us event funnels, and how he throws events like crazy. Just so you guys know, you may not know who Darren Stephens is. He has helped author some of the best selling business books on the plant. Darren’s a very impressive individual. One of the most well-connected individuals I’ve ever met in my life. Just insane, what he does. I’ll stop there on that.

But, he has gone and made, several times, one to two million dollars at a live event with only 80 people in the room. Think of the numbers on that. So, what he did is he goes through … Okay, one to two, even 2.5, I think was the biggest one he did, million dollars in a couple days with only 80 people in the room. Think of the numbers that that takes. That’s insane.

He went through, and he showed the strategies that he uses. Very subtle cues and techniques. Ways to keep the brain engaged while you’re talking to a live audience. Very subtle, little things that you do. They may not seem that big, but he’s like, “They make all the difference in the world. Because I get them with me before I’m even pitching anything.” It was cool.

Then we had a little break. Then we had Setema come up and share … Gosh, if you guys don’t know Setema, he won the Superbowl with the Patriots. He showed some really fantastic stuff. He went through, and he started showing. He’s like, “Okay. My job here is to show you guys how to implement, and to get things done in your life.”

And he said, “Number one, you’ve got to get clear about what you want in your life. You gotta declare it.” He showed some really powerful examples. He’s like, “I’m not just telling you to say, ‘Well, I want to make money.’” He’s like, “No, you’ve got to get clear. When you’re clear, you don’t go hang out with your buddy, okay? You make your business happen. When your clear, you give up a little bit of time here, you know? You start doing ridiculous sacrifices.”

He gave some very powerful, tear-jerking examples…

I won’t lie, I don’t cry. But man, there was like three times at this event I was like, “Holy crap.” Not just with Tony Robins. Setema is one of them. I want to go learn from him. I’m actually going to go find … I don’t know if he’s got a course or what. But, I want more of that. It was cool. He said, “Number two, the story I believe most about myself is the story that I tell most to myself.” He’s like, “If you want to change yourself, just change the story you keep telling yourself.”

He’s like, “That sounds really simple. And, it is, but it’s harder to implement than I’m saying.” Meaning, I’m too slow, I’m too fat, I’m too this, I’m too that, I’m too scared, I’m not good enough on the camera, I’m not good enough to do a webinar, I’m this. He’s like, “Then you’re never going to freaking do it.”

You have to change the story that your telling yourself. Really cool. Number three was have a holy cause, right? Just take ridiculous, imperfect actions. Stop trying to make it perfect. The things that he was saying were so … I mean, it was good. It was really, really good. It was calling to a very entrepreneurial ADD person like myself. Really awesome. I got to keep moving a little bit faster here. The day’s almost over.

Then we had Two Comma Club awards. These are the people who made a million dollars inside of click funnels. Just think about this ClickFunnels is only a two or three year company, right? We’ve had about 100 people make a million dollars in a single funnel with ClickFunnels.

You don’t have those types of ratios in any other industry. MLM doesn’t give that to you. Nothing else gives that to you. Really interesting. Just do what Russell says. You look at all the people that were standing up there getting a Two Comma Club award, they were doing what Bran and Caleb did.

They paused the video. They did what Russell said. Then, they played it and they paused the video. They did it. It’s very, very cool.

Then Russell did a presentation about how you’re only one funnel away, and he brought us through his actually story from college. All the intense … Oh my gosh. I already respected Russell like a brother. I’ve told him that many times. I look up to him like that. It’s cool to sit next to him. Really cool. But man, you guys, that man cares about you.

I already knew that, but I listened to what he went through to get where this all is right now. He doesn’t share the whole thing much. I don’t know if there’s a dry eye in the audience. It was very humbling to realize that I got to sit there.

I already was humbled knowing that, but I mean, everyone else in the audience was thinking the same thing. It was so crazy.

Then after that we had a … All I’m saying is, if you were at the event, please tell Russell thank you. Even on social media. I got a few gifts from you guys that you wanted me to bring to him. That’s really nice of you all, so I’m obviously going to do that. But, just say thanks to him. The guy obsesses over your success, and I don’t know any other business with a CEO that does that. Please show who that is.

Then we had a sweet hackathon. It was very similar to the roundtable before. I was out there mapping out stuff with you guys, and answering some of the questions. It was so freaking fun. You guys are my people, man. You hackathon people.

Oh my gosh, I love it. We got an even in Boise. A new even in Boise. I’m not going to let the cat out of the bag a little bit, though. Just watch social media, you guys will see what’s happening. I’m really stoked, because you guys get to come hang out with Russell and me for three days, and we build out your funnel with you.

Click FunnelsBy the time you’re done, and by the time you leave, you have an entire webinar done. The script, you’ve actually done it live. You have the entire funnel complete. You have several variations that you can get it done.

We’ve recrafted the entire message. It has nothing to do with the product, like I was saying in the previous episode. It has everything to do with the way you put the message together. We rewrite your message. Russell is an expert copy writer. He doesn’t always it himself.

Actually, he does. Never mind. He does do all the copy. I forgot about that. I’ll go through, and I’ll write it, and usually … I’m getting better at the copy writing part. He actually doesn’t tweak as much of my stuff now, but he is a great copy writer. We go through. We write it all. We put it all together, and it’s three days. Very soon here, you will have to do that before you’re even allowed to get into the inner circle.

We’re taking the whole inner circle through this course, because we realized that the inner circle was struggling with the same sets of things, which is the whole reason we created the event. In the future, whether or not you go into the inner circle, you’ll have to go through it as a lock gate to even apply. He’s going to be able to elevate what he does within a circle even higher. It’s going to be awesome. Giving you even more stuff.

Anyways, guys, that’s day number two. Thank you so much for sticking around, I know this is a lot of stuff. You guys are all awesome. Appreciate everything you guys are doing. Again, go get the ticket for next time. Day one was all about market strategy. Day two was all about the funnels. Day three is all about personal development.

It will be a shorter podcast next time, because I don’t even know how to capture the things that Tony Robbins taught us. I had never seen him before, and I know that everyone rants and raves about him. I was going with an open mind. I was like, “Cool. This is going to be awesome. I’m sure it’s going to be great.” But, I had no idea the level. I’m going to do that for the next episode, here.

That’s kind of my run through on all these amazing dudes. All right, bye.

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