SFR 35: “Hackathon At ClickFunnels HQ” – Stephen Larsen

SFR 35: “Hackathon At ClickFunnels HQ”

Feb 15th, 2017 anchorwave


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Our 3-day event and the powerful lesson it gave me…


All right, how you doing everyone? This is Steve Larsen and you are listening to Sales Funnel Radio.

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All right, all right, all right. Hey, sorry it’s been about a week since I actually podcasted, I’ve been crazy busy! We had an event here, Russell and I, it was actually really cool, I got to speak on his stage, which is super cool! Get up and speak and teach. It was actually his inner circle.

We were kind of testing an event, we were trying to see how it ran, we were trying to see … Even before we do big things we’ll actually go to a test group, which I’ve been telling you guys to do lately before you actually go out and try to sell it, go through a little test group, which is actually what I’ve been doing with my dad.

He’s got a cool software he wrote that helps you trade futures and he wins like … I can’t publicly announce or declare that he wins 80 to 85% of the time but it might be near those ranges.

Anyways, it works though! That’s what we do, we go take a little test group and we did that here, recently, at the new office and it was three days long. About 15 minutes before, we’re walking around, Russell and I are kind of in the back, there’s an event room where everyone can go and hang out and we’ve got a spot for about 80 people.

And Russell and I … then on the other side there’s all these locked doors, you gotta have keycards, and we’re all official now, we’re kind of laughing like “Crap, we’re like a real business now!”.

And we’re on the other side of the building and he and I are kind of hiding a little bit like phew, we’ve got the jitters a little bit, ‘Alright, you ready for this, its three days.” We’re getting stoked.

I was like, “you got everything you need?” And he said “Yeah, I think so, can you do X, Y, and Z for me?” And I said sure, and we’re kinda going back and forth.

And about 15 minutes before we walk out there he goes, “Hey, will you introduce me every day?” And I was like, “crap, I’ve never done that. Yeah, okay!”. And I literally went to Google and I was like ‘How to introduce somebody on stage’ and I was like, what’s the main goal? And I asked, “what do you want to have happen?”

And he said “The biggest thing I want, I want there to be higher energy than what they currently are so that when I come in I can pick them up from where they are and keep going. It’s easier for me to match them if they’re at a higher level of energy than me walking on stage and they’re all like ‘bluuuh’ with slumped shoulders.” Anyways, I hope that makes sense. But he’s like “would you introduce me?” And I’m like “Okay, sure.”

So, I went and I was like, Okay, I gotta tie it into a story somehow, is there something I can tell about him, what’s something that’s funny? And you gotta be careful, you don’t want to make fun of your boss. I was like ‘Alright man, I think I got it.’ and I got up on stage and I told this story, and I’ve actually told it on this podcast here before so I actually probably won’t, but at the end of it, what happened is this guy in the inner circle came up to me …

What’s up, I know you’re probably listening to this … and he’s like, “Dude I love your energy. It was so awesome to feel that, you got me so charged up for the day I’m brand new here, will you send me the voxxers that you send to Russell … That was part of the story was that every single morning I vox Russell and I just go, “Woo yeah baby, woo its Monday we get to build funnels with Dirk!” and I start yelling, I’m like “Yeah, woo!”.

What other business do you get to do this with? Who else gets that excited over what they get to do? I don’t know. This is a freaking cool industry that we’re all in this together.

And he’s like “Will you send all those things to me?” and I said sure! I’m actually going to play you for them right here, he said “Hey I would love to have these things as my alarm clock.” So if you guys want this, you totally can but literally what happens is every single day I vox Russell just like pumped, and it’s only like three seconds long on every single one of them but that’s all you need!

It’s all about staying in state and its all about pre framing your head top be able to handle what’s about to happen, it’s all about …

Anyway, super cool stuff! So while I was coming in today, I was like hey, you know what would be kind of funny is if I put those on my podcast so here they are!

“Woo, Monday baby, yeah!” … “It’s Tuesday baby, yeah, woo! Get some!” … “Woo! It’s Wednesday baby! The tank!”

All right, how was that? You guys, I am a goofball at heart and I don’t care. I think when people start caring too much they get old and die.

Hey, if you like that cool, if not, whatever. Its something that I do, Its just a little fun tradition I have with Russell and one of the inner circle wanted so I thought ‘Hey, might as well put it on the podcast’. I learned something really valuable, and this is the reason I’m podcasting today. I should say that I relearned it, because I have learned this before, and it hit home so hard.

I learned this, Russell gave me a course by Joe Polish, probably like six months ago now. And I went through and I started listening to it, and my gosh it was so good, and I started going through it and I was like ‘this is incredible, I’m loving this.’ And … you guys are gonna be knocking on my door asking for the name of the course, I cannot remember it! I’d have to go find it.

Anyway, so, at this event there was … in the future I’m gonna be teaching probably about half of the event, so I’ll teach a few sessions then Russell will get up and teach a few sessions, and we’ll kinda tag team back and forth.

On this one, I put together the actual workbook for it, he did most of the teaching of it so we could test it out. But there were a few parts he had me come up and teach on, and … I’m holding the book right now, its called ‘The Funnel Hackathon and for three days we build your funnels. Or you do. But you come in and we tell you, okay, now heres the next thing to do, build it. And we don’t move on until you’re done! Now heres the next thing to build, go build it.

All right now heres where our heads are at when we do this, now you do it.

Its hand holding the whole way through and at the end of it these guys are like “Oh my gosh, that was incredible, so awesome.” And these are concepts and principles that Russell and I have been going back and forth on.

Like, oh my gosh, think about this, think about this, think about this and its been really special to do that with him as he puts his new book together. What was interesting is I get to my sections and in between each session we have these little workshops where people execute what we were just teaching, and we do not move on until they have what we were just telling them to do, which was really helpful for them. To keep them accountable like that.

There were several guys, I mean, I’ve been studying this stuff forever with them, right? I’ve actually been put in a place with Russell’s funnels, I’ve been doing this stuff right and what was fascinating to me is to have … some of these guys in the inner circle are making 100 million dollars, an obscene amount of money, right? Huge amounts of money.

And you guys know my goals, you guys know that I’m, as of last year, making a grand a week, and I’m like ‘yeah, that’s awesome!’ And you guys are following my story of how I’ve been pulling this thing off and that’s been great, its been a whole lot of fun.

But what was making me laugh was the questions that people were asking me, I was like “How is it that you don’t know this and you’re making that much money?” How is it that you are making 100 million dollars and I’m freaking out over a thousand dollars a week and I soon will be making 30 grand a month, that’s my goal for this year and I think I can do it, I’m already on my way. Just so you guys know, a little accountability on that whole thing, I’m already at about two grand a week now and its starting to … Anyway, it’s been fun.

I still have no ads going, I should probably do that. You guys are gonna laugh at me when I say that but its just another thing to do and there’s a lot of crap going on.

Anyway, this is what I … and I’m not gonna lie, I started getting down on myself, like some of these guys are like ‘How do I do this?’ And I’m like … It’s because of this theory, or its because you put these together, or its because you did this, like how do you not know this? How do I know this? Is that what I’m supposed to be contributing to this world like, what the heck?

How come … Anyway, it didn’t make me mad, but I was like crap, it kinda sucks. How is it that I’m able to teach this stuff and where is my hundred million dollars, know what I mean? And please know I’m not … I don’t feel like I’m a selfish individual, I believe in giving and giving and giving and that’s why I have so many things built for you, that on my site I give away for free.

These were all things that were starting to go through my head. Some lines from Joe Polish’s class started to run through my head, I’m bringing it full circle now. In there he teaches that there is no relationship between being good and getting paid. So let that sink in a little bit.

There’s no relationship between being good and getting paid. You know those books like “Why A students work for C students”? Those students are good, but that’s not how you get paid. Isn’t that interesting? But a lot of entrepreneurs seem to think that and a lot of us seem to think that in general and I have that hit home right between the eyes again, right?

I was telling my dad this and I was like, look, its so funny, when you eat humble pie you don’t just have a slice, the whole pie gets thrown at your face, that’s how humble pie works, and I was like crap, all right, huge lesson again, but there is no relationship between being good and getting paid.

However, there is a huge relationship between being good at marketing and getting paid. Isn’t that funny? I’m teaching marketing principles to these guys, I know it’s not a know how about marketing in my situation, its more that I don’t really have a product. I’ve got like a product that I don’t drive traffic to. All right and that’s what I’ve been making that money from.

Like, man, I need to make a product! Why don’t I have my own product yet? Just think about this, so he’s saying, no relationship between being good and getting paid and there’s a huge one between being good at marketing and getting paid.

And he said, what’s the difference between sales and marketing? Sales is what happens face to face, sales is what happens when you’re in front of an individual, or when you’re on the phone with them.

Marketing though, is what gets them to your face…

Marketing is what gets them to turn their path, everyone’s in motion, and all you’re doing is you’re turning their motion and its turning them straight to you and then sales is what happens at that point but until then, sales, and marketing is not the same thing.

There are some businesses that survive because they have a good product. But they’re a terrible business right? Products and businesses are not the same thing. But people think that, just like funnels and business models are not the same thing.

That’s why I don’t build funnels for brand new people, because they haven’t proven their business. Funnel is not the business but sometimes people think they are. Anyway, I’m not trying to get sidetracked, but that really hit me home between the eyes again and I was like crap, massive humble pie again! Very frustrating for me to go through and actually relearn that.

So I think I’m gonna go build a product and I’ve got an idea on what it is, and I’m gonna start pushing it forward again and what’s funny its already in my plan to anyways, its just we’ve been so busy with getting ready for the event we just had, then actually doing the event, and then we got funnel hacking live, woo, that’s in like a week!

My life changed last time I went to the last funnel hacking live I had no money! I’ll tell you guys that story another time, but the way I got there and how it all happened was really interesting and I got seated next to Russell it was very interesting and what qualified me to sit next to Russell was very interesting, I’ll have to go through that sometime, but anyway, guys!

All I want to do is point that back home to you guys and help me realize that its good to be good, but there’s a lot of crappy products that get a lot of money. No relationship between being good and getting paid. Huge one between being good at marketing and getting paid.

I’m just saying that as many times as I can so that I can push into your head that its more about how you market the stuff than it is about … Its been funny too, as I build funnels. There’s been a few funnels I built, I don’t know if I’m allowed to say this, whatever.

So you know Marcus Lemonis. I built a lot of funnels for his team after Russell was on his TV show, and he’s like “Hey why don’t you build a funnel for this company? Why don’t you build a funnel for this company?” So I was like sweet, sweet, sweet! So I built like five funnels for this guy. Marcus is the man! Oh my gosh, he is so awesome, I have so much respect for that guy and what he’s done.

The problem that happened is that there were guys that didn’t have the same epiphany that Marcus did. So they didn’t know what we were doing and at the end of it we built these amazing funnels, totally immaculate, they looked fantastic! I mean they were some of the best looking funnels I have ever created and it was painful because Russell had a call with them and he’s like ‘Man I feel like we built you guys Ferrari’s, we gave you the keys, and they’re just sitting in your driveways, you’ve never even touched them before.

Click FunnelsNot because there’s ingratitude from Marcus’ side, it’s that his team, the actual owners of the businesses, they didn’t have the same epiphany. Like, what the heck am I supposed to do with this? I mean there’s a lot of education behind what a funnel actually is. So that’s where you have to be good at stuff but you can go too far by thinking ‘it’s all about the funnel, it’s all about the funnel, it’s all about the funnel’.

There’s marketing that happens too, its not just about making pages look good. That’s what happened…

Anyway, I’ve had a few of you guys ask that, that’s why I’m telling that story, but anyway I should end this before I continue to ramble but, I just wanted you guys to know that … anyway, get out there and make sweet products, make sure they’re good, make sure they deliver, but understand that its ultimately not the thing that gets you paid, its how well you market it. Just like you always hear those guys like, ‘I invented this cool thing but I don’t know how to sell it, so it just sits on my shelf’.

‘I invented the cure for cancer, but it just sits on my shelf’…

Like, what? Oh my gosh…

Anyways, guys, have a good one! Super excited to see you guys at funnel hacking live, please reach out to me, I’ve had a lot of you guys ask if you could take me out to lunch, and I do appreciate that but there’s absolutely no way that I’ll have time to do that while I’m there to help throw an event.

Sales Funnel RadioI am an employee of clickfunnels still, you know what I mean? Anyways guys, talk to you later!
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