SFR 34: “The Maestro – A 21st Century Entrepreneur” – Stephen Larsen

SFR 34: “The Maestro – A 21st Century Entrepreneur”

Feb 7th, 2017 anchorwave

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A traumatic event. A deep reflection. The huge epiphany.


Good morning everyone. This is Steve Larsen and you’re listening to Sales Funnel Radio.

Welcome to Sales Funnel Radio where you learn marketing strategies to grow your online business using today’s best internet sales funnels. Now, here’s your host Steve Larsen.

All right you guys, how’s it going? It’s been a little while since I’ve recorded a podcast. Things have been so busy, so busy. I’m actually driving over to our brand new office. We got a really cool event going on. We got most of Russell’s inner circle over here. We’re going to go for the next three days through some cool material to help them launch, but I don’t know if I’m supposed to talk about it yet.

How’s that for a cliffhanger?…

If you guys go to Funnel Hacking Live, you’ll find out more about what it is. You guys are going to like it. It’s really, really cool. I don’t see anyone else doing what we’re doing here.

Anyway, hey it’s been a while since I’ve done a podcast. Again, I just want to apologize for that. I always try and do at least two of them a week. That’s my goal. I always try and do it with an awesome microphone. Just like the last one I did, guys I’m in the car again. Sorry about that.

I’m obsessed with the sound quality like I said before, but whatever…

The message today I think is kind of cool. I think it was only two weeks ago, so I’ve been traveling a lot. We’re going all over the place and we’re switching offices. I haven’t really had a chance to sit down with my microphone and actually do an actual podcast. Just barely we got our security cards to go into the new building.

We got all stuff. For a long time I couldn’t get to my stuff. That’s what I’m saying. I couldn’t get to my equipment and actually do a podcast for you guys. Anyway, enough blabbering on that.

Just about a couple of weeks ago, I was flying back. I was in Vegas on a trip for Russell. I don’t even know how to talk about this. I was feeling kind of down on myself for … I’ll admit. I was feeling a little bit down. I was like, “Crap, like there’s all these things I wish I had up and running.” There’s all these things that I wish I had going. I have like six sales funnels right now that are at the 90% level.

I just got to spend another couple extra hours on each room to get them launched. I know a lot of you guys are going to hear that. You’ll be surprised by that and go, “Wait a second, this is all you do.” Yes, but for other people. I have a lot of my own funnels already running and make great fantastic money.

They’re totally on autopilot and I absolutely love it…

I guess it was just … I don’t know how to say it. I was feeling down on myself. I was like, “Oh crap. I just wish that there are these things going. It must be because I had to push harder. It must be because I have to do this or do that.” I was looking on a lot of external things. I was walking through the airport thinking about this and that’s kind of my nature to be honest. I’m naturally hard on myself, not unlike the bad way but in the incredibly self-motivating way.

Otherwise I won’t be where I am and same with a lot of you guys who listen to this podcast. I was walking to the airport. I was listening to some cool audio books and I was like, “All right, like gearing up. Okay, here it comes. I’m feeling the stress.”

stressedSome guy taught a long time ago that when you start to feel stressed, it’s actually your body preparing to be able to do what you’re thinking about doing.

Don’t always push off stress…

Stress can be a good thing…

There’s good stress and bad stress…

I think I’ve talked about that before like, “Welcome to stress.” Your body’s prepping to go handle and take on whatever challenge you’re thinking about. I was walking to the airport.

I was feeling this. I was thinking this…

I was in my own world man. I feel like I was one of those like the horses with eye blinders on. I was looking right kind … I wasn’t looking at the ground. I was kind of looking right in front of me. I was just pacing. My flight didn’t take off for a few more hours. I got there kind of early.

I kind of came up to the spot where there’s tons of terminals all over the place, meaning it’s almost like the equivalent of a cul-de-sac. There was terminals kind of this huge ring and the people sitting. It was massive, people everywhere. I was walking and all of a sudden I hear this thud, the boom.

I hear the sliding sound and this pair of sunglasses comes flying in front of me…

They land and stopped about right in front of me where I am. It kind of come off guard. I looked down and I looked over at the thud. There was an old gentleman who had passed out laying on his back in the middle of the terminal. A lot of us heard it. He was like may be 10 feet from me.

His wife was standing right there. She turns around and she notices him. She goes something … I can’t remember the name but she was calling his name. “Are you okay? Are you okay? Hello, oh my gosh!” She starts freaking out understandably. I just kind of walked over to him and his eyes were wide open.

He was lying down on the floor. I’m not trying to get gruesome but I just want you to kind of feel what I felt. There was a little bit of blood coming from his head. He wasn’t breathing. His tongue is kind of out a little bit. He basically, I don’t know if it’s a seizure or stroke. Also we realized there were no paramedics around. We were going to have to try and save this guy.

I’m not going, I was in shock. I was in such a stupor because of what I was previously thinking about. I’m thinking about, all of a sudden these are the things. I was like, “I wish I had this going. I wish I had this going. I wish I had this going.” I was in such a stupor that it shocked me that that situation was in front of me right there, right then. I was not able to even really react the way that I would be able to.

I mean we train for this stuff all time. I’m in the army. We trained for that kind of crap all the time. This other guy just like snapped right into gear. He went and he got a defibrillator. We were shocking his heart while he’s on the floor. I was yelling at a lady with a radio saying like get people over here, and another lady was grabbing him. A guy started doing CPR on.

airportIt was really intense. We went probably like five minutes without him actually breathing. Now somebody saw his chest rise just a little bit on his own and everyone clapped in the whole terminal. We’re all cheering and stuff.

I was really heavy and I don’t even know, but that was the only breath that I saw him take. I think like the paramedics came in, but it took them forever. I wanted to yell at them. I saw them coming down terminal and they were walking. I was, “Oh my gosh, that pissed me off so much.” I was like, “You guys …” I’m pretty sure the guy died. His wife was right there screaming.

It was an awful experience…

I remember I had to get to my plane. We were there a while. I had to get to my plane and just get on the plane like nothing … I mean it was a crazy experience. I know that a lot of us have experienced those types of things in our life. This happened several weeks ago and I’ve been trying to figure out how to actually, because I knew when it happened I was like, “This was a huge lesson to me, a huge lesson to me.” You guys, I get a lot of messages from you guys. I said in the last podcast, I’ve got 400 messages behind. I’ve been able to little them down something about half of that now. A lot of you guys ask the same kinds of questions that I was having.

I was thinking like, “Man, I hope I’m not the kind of influence that is helping my audience to not complain but make sure that we got gratitude for what we’re doing.” There has never been a time where entrepreneurship is this freaking easy.

Yesterday, I was talking to a group of guys. We we’re the group of buddies of mine. They’re like, “Dude, what do you do?” I know that a lot of you guys had that question before also. What do you do? You got to sit down. You got to try and explain what it is. It’s hard to explain what it is.

Entrepreneurship, the type that we do can be a little bit lonely because it’s such a new thing. Sales funnels themselves are not but the way that we pull them off, it’s very new. A lot of people don’t know what it is. A lot of people have no idea. You’re like, you got to compare it to stuff. You’re like, “Hey, you know like Amazon. You go buy stuff.”

They say, “Other people have enjoyed this product. Do you want it too? Check the box. It’s kind of like that.” This is not a normal facet for entrepreneurship at all.

Anyway, such a cool time to be alive and such a cool time to be … I am constantly grateful for what we are doing, but it was amazing how stark of a lesson it was to me that … I mean we got a lot of cool crap going on in this world you guys, that it’s amazing. I was talking to that group of guys I was seeing yesterday. They’re like, “What do you do? What do you do?”

I started explaining it to them. They’re like, “Wait a second, so you’re saying that you go create the product or have somebody else create the product. Somebody else fulfills on it. Somebody else drives the traffic for it. Somebody else like …” You get the point?

Somebody else, somebody else, somebody else…

I said, “Yes, that’s the point you guys. The point is we’re living in a time where entrepreneurs do not have to be the ones doing all stuff, especially now that ClickFunnels exist. We don’t have to worry about the tech side anymore. Literally, all you have to worry about is the marketing side. “You can obsess over what your pages look like. You can obsess over certain things, but honestly you can test products and offer so freaking quick. It is amazing.”

Anyway, that’s kind of what I only wanted to say in this. I hope what I’m trying to say is coming across clearly that man, you don’t know when life’s going to end. You don’t know. We got the coolest life on the planet. We’re so lucky. We are lucky amongst entrepreneurs themselves and many people count entrepreneurs as a whole to be lucky.

successFor us to be doing what we are with ClickFunnels, for what you’re doing with your own sales funnel. The speed you can test things. The speed, it’s absolutely incredible. I just found out I think from the number yesterday … I don’t know. The last few days had blend, so I don’t really remember but it’s recently. We found out that ClickFunnels has produced 100 millionaires.

Isn’t that crazy? Oh my gosh, 100 millionaires. We’re just barely at 30,000 users…

See the thing with the ratio is there … I mean that ratio doesn’t exist in MLMs. It doesn’t exist … It’s amazing. Absolutely incredible what it’s done for people. A cool place and time we get to live in.

Then I watch out that guy, I’m pretty sure that he passed away in front of us. His whole skin tone changed. It looked very much like he didn’t make it. It’s very sad to be watching that. It threw me back to reality that holy crap. Just grab the loved ones and keep them close.

Realize that you got it pretty freaking good. You got it good. We all got it really, really good. It’s exciting to be where we are. I love all the cool messages I’m given from you guys. I love it. We had an awesome community just on this podcast itself. It’s very exciting time to be in, very exciting place to be in. I’m excited for you guys success for the reason that you can go spend more time with family and do the things that you want to do.

The point is not to be a workaholic. You know what I mean? I mean the whole reason I started doing this entrepreneurship thing was like to pay for some extra things, pay some bills. I thought, “Gosh, if I could just make like 100 extra dollars this week. A hundred extra dollars here.”

It’s amazing how small that is now that to me. That’s extremely tiny. Then it keeps on growing, it keeps on growing. It keeps on growing. Pretty soon, our attention can start to turn away to other things.

Anyway I know this is a shorter podcast but I’m just thinking about, take whatever lessons that come into your head for yourself. I’ve been struggling to know how to put this in the podcast respectfully, but then also with the stark reality and lesson that it brought to me and what that is.

Crazy grateful to be alive at this time…

My wife and I are talking like, “Man, imagine? I don’t even know what I’d be doing if it was like pioneer times.” I imagine I’d be farming. I like the outdoors. Beyond that, I don’t know. I don’t know what that looks like. It’s just really, really awesome. Anyway, I want you guys to know that you guys are awesome. You guys already know that. Personally, definitely appreciate what you guys are doing.

Look forward to continuing to meet a lot of you guys especially over the next couple of weeks here at our different events that are going on; and very, very excited to see the successes you guys are having. There are cool messages lately where risks are taken, appropriate risk, but then huge rewards that are coming as well. I want you guys go do that, take those risks that are calculated.

Keep producing cool stuff and pumping value into the world. It’s a different kind of mindset for an entrepreneur.

The conference that I was at is very much not about that. It’s very much take, take, take. This is how you make a ton of money and screw a lot of people. That’s what the conference feeling was kind of about. I was like, “Man, this is not our culture as a community.” I’m really, really grateful. Anyway, you guys are awesome and I’ll talk to you later. Bye.

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