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SFR 300: Creating Funnel

Feb 11th, 2020 anchorwave

BOOM! What’s going on everyone! This is Steve Larsen from Sales Funnel Radio.

I’ve spent the last four years learning from the most brilliant marketers today, and now, I’ve left my nine to five, to take the plunge, and build my million dollar business.

The real question is, how will I do it without VC funding or debt, completely from scratch? This podcast is here to give you the answer.

Join me, and follow along, as I learn, apply, and share marketing strategies to grow my online business, using only today’s best internet sales funnels.

My name is Steve Larsen, and welcome to Sales Funnel Radio.

What’s up my people? I was about to erase this…How to create a sales funnel

…and then I realized it may actually make a really cool podcast episode.

I’ve spent about six hours today researching different types of summits,

Funnel University is something that goes out every month where Russell talks about some of the coolest funnels he’s either seen or has been building.

And, back in the day, I was often was the guy holding the camera, helping him film those.

I remember, about a year and a half ago, there was an episode he put out, (I was filming it) where he was going through his favorite summits.

I really wanted to do a summit and so I bought

And this morning when I woke up, I thought I’d be building…

But the problem with is that there’s no hook.

The domain is NOT a hook itself, which is a HUGE issue.

So, I changed it.

Think of the 30 Days Summit that launched the actual 30 Days Book, (…wherever mine is???)…

One Funnel Away Challenge offer creation strategy

I got ’em all over the place, but for some reason, I can’t find one right now.

Anyway, for that book, Russell could have created but he didn’t!

He wanted a hook.

And I don’t know why I was NOT thinking about that.

This morning I woke up and I was like, “ is a cool domain but, it actually sucks because the hook isn’t in the domain.”

And he would focus on that a lot with people.

Let’s think about this…

The 30 Days Book is ridiculous. In my opinion, it’s one of the most valuable books out there for anybody who’s trying to actually start or expand. Very up-to-date information, it’s really cool.

Hopefully, you guys have read it? If you’ve not got to ofasignup.comit’s an amazing book.

The hook of the OFA Summit was “Hey, if you lost it all, how would you get back in 30 days?”

Well, I thought, ” There’s always offer types, there are all these things that are out there but, why don’t we ask the gurus out there, what their final offer would be?”

We’re all building this stuff so eventually, we can have the passive income that exceeds our expenses.

#Be on the beach and work

I think it’s funny that people are like, “You could work on the beach.”

Digital marketing training

“Dude, if you’re working on the beach, you did it wrong! Leave the laptop in the hotel.”

Anyway, I was thinking, why don’t we ask all these gurus, “What would your final offer be?”

“How do you get it back in 30 days?” is a really cool hook, but I was thinking, “Why don’t we flip that?”

So I made, and we’re doing going out to all these people and asking ’em…

What would your final offer be?

“If you could make one last offer in your entire life that you have to live on for the rest of your life, what would that be?”

How to create a sales funnel like Steve Larsen

… that changes the game of it.

And so that’s what I’ve been doing today.

I went through and did some mega hacking of different funnel and summit types and frankly, I gotta be honest with you guys…

I am so exhausted.

Exhausting offer creation strategy

This is the second funnel I planned for my whole team today.

It’s a solid three, four, five-hour process.

They’re really skilled people, but my role is to go deep and make sure all the details are given ahead of time so they can do what I hire them to do. Right?


Anyway, this is the second funnel I’ve planned today!

Steve Larsen digital marketing training

I’ve just finished the

I’ve been filming since [spp-timestamp time="6:00"] AM, and it is [spp-timestamp time="6:50"] PM.

It didn’t take me long to draw this…

It took me that long to go in and think through hooks and see if there’s a domain available for it.

So I have

I’m going to all these people, and I’m asking ’em…

“If there was one final offer you could go build the rest of your life… Let’s say you build an offer, and it’s your last shot. The doctor said ‘stop working or you’re gonna die,’ what would that be?”

How to create a sales funnel for a summit

Man, that’s powerful! I’m excited.

So, I decided to go dive deeply into the different summit types that are out there.

And so we’re going in and we’re looking at the

  • The registration page
  • These four different styles of thank you pages with different hooks to go in and buy the actual product.

It’s free to attend – so go to and you can watch this all happen.

So, anyway, I just wanna stop and document what I’m doing right now…

Let me flip the camera around real fast and share this with you.

So we’re going in and looking at…

There’s the…

  • Registration page – you get the free PDF guide and the actual summit pass obviously.
  • Four different types of ‘Thank You’ pages – with different hooks to go in and buy the actual product.

I looked at an episode from a Funnel University and started drawing; I realized like, “Oh, my gosh, this is actually one of the most legit funnels ever.”

The best offer creation strategy ever

The reason why it’s so legit is that as soon as you register, there are all these different hooks that push back to the same thing, like:

“Hey, we want you to go order this.”

And then there’s a tripwire funnel… It’s kind of a tripwire funnel, kinda



  • The first email that goes out pitches them to ‘come buy’ this main product through the hook of, “Hey look, here’s $10,000 with the free training!”

How to create a sales funnel with hooks 1

(If you guys are listening to this, I would go to YouTube watch instead.)

A few days go by, and then, I’ll send…


  • The second email with a NEW hook that says, “Hey, well, do you want surprises?” And you enter your name and email to get entered into a raffle… (and there are various ways to increase your points for the prizes).

How to create a sales funnel with hooks 2

A few more days go by and we go for another angle to try to get somebody to come in and purchase.


  • Email three“Well, how about a gift?” When you click it takes you to a page that says, “Well, here’s $3,000 and free gifts that go with this.”

How to create a sales funnel with hooks 3


Maybe some people are motivated by savings, (I’m really not but some people are 😂)


  • Email four offers a saving.

How to create a sales funnel with hooks 4

So across the top of each ‘Thank you’ page the header changes.

So that pages one, two, three, four have a different hook (each email leads to a different page), and it’s clickable throughout…

  1. Free Training
  2. Prizes
  3. Gifts
  4. Savings

Offer creation strategy with hooks


So all these different hooks get them onto these pages and then every single one of these buttons pushes you back to the order page.

Sales Funnel Radio digital marketing training

And then when you get to the page where the actual summit is going down, you can see…

  • Who’s gonna be on
  • What they’re gonna talk about
  • A picture of them
  • A button saying, “Yeah, I do want this!”

Learn how to create a sales funnel

And guess where that button takes you?

A: Down to the bottom of the page which has the exact same block as all the 4 thank you pages others.

And then you click and it takes you, bam, straight to the order form.

All roads lead to the order form.

The upsells are there to (a point that I learn from Russell)… obviously, expand the average car value.

But what’s cool is this is that there are all these different angles to go and get somebody to the same order page.

Super interesting, right?

We have incredible affiliate tools, and so we’re gonna pre-built bridge pages…

Awesome offer creation strategy

…it’s gonna be awesome.

So that’s what I’ve been building!

And at the end, there’s a super awesome, really cool members area that pops out right there!

Sales Funnel digital marketing training


The purpose of this funnel is to make more noise about OfferMind.

How to create a sales funnel that sells

I am shocked that someone chooses not to come to OfferMind.

We’re selling tickets every day, but as a direct response marker, it’s interesting to note that…

The moment you stop a campaign, so do the sales.

  • The moment you stop pushing
  • The moment you stop the ad
  • The moment stop any kind of campaign or promo


It’s NOT that you took the page down, you just stopped pushing.

…. which directly fights the idea that if you build it, they will come.

Hope marketing is a terrible strategy.

The best offer creation strategy

Hope NOT a marketing strategy.

So anyway…

  • That’s what I’ve been doing.
  • That’s why we’ve been doing it.

I’m exhausted thinking through all the pieces, all the details.


My process is…

  1. I draw out funnel the first time
  2. I think to myself, “Okay if I am the guy that I hire for my writing, what are all the things that I need to go do?”
  3. I create a checklist for him across the entire funnel and I make a video specifically for him, saying, ‘I need this, this, this.’
  4. I capture it all in a Trello checklist.
  5. Each card in Trello has a checklist for all the team members and what they’re gonna be building.
  6. I upload that video and I link it to a Trello card and I say, “Hey, here’s the assignment. Here’s what I need you to do, and here are the details, here’s a detailed checklist,”

And it gives me a moment to think through each role in the funnel build process.

i.e, Video Guy: “What are all the things he’s gonna need to go do?”

Then I erase all the other colors that aren’t black on here and I take a different color and I go back and I draw across the top of it…

  • “Hey, I’m gonna need this video, that video, and this video and that video.
  • “Let’s put these here!”
  • “Let’s make sure we have these video enders here.”
  • “ Let’s make sure we have intro outro motion graphics.”

Do you see what I’m saying?

After that, I pause, I stop the video, I go write all of them on down, and then I step back on and go, “Okay, now if I’m the ads people what would I wanna know?”

Part of the reason why this stuff works so well because I know the roles. I don’t know how to do all the roles, but I know what those roles do.

Does that make sense?

That’s a super key difference.

And so when it comes to your teams, I would recommend you NOT know how to do all of the things.

It probably means that you’ve learned things you really don’t need to know.

But I would at least know what the roles do – so when you sit back and you’re like, “Okay, I’m gonna design the suite funnel, and then we design a launch campaign, then we design evergreen campaign…”

You can ask…

  • Okay, what does the graphics guy need to know?
  • What does the writer need to know?
  • What does the videographer need to know?

And you make all these checklists.

Then the game gets a lot simpler, and it’s the reason why I keep turning out these major projects.

These are NOT small projects…

Digital marketing training for big projects

It’s a BIG freaking funnel, I’m excited about it.

So, yeah, go to and check it out!

We’re gonna try and theme some of it out like the show Who Wants to be a Millionaire.

  • “Is that your final answer?”
  • “Is that your final offer?”

How to create a sales funnel for your final offer

Anyway, we’re still working through some pieces on that, but hopefully, you guys will like it.

This is kind of a fast episode, but I just want you to see my process and what I go through – it’s really in-depth.

It’s so funny, we make a lot of money every day, and it’s great but people would be like, “Stephen, you made all of this money because of this, this, or that, or whatever.”

And I was like, “No, I work my face off, okay.”

I work really hard… and while I’m working hard there’s this wake of cash flow that comes in. Then when I’m done I see…

  • What remains
  • What’s consistent
  • What I don’t have to work for anymore

…and the passive income increases!

Then I go and I put more fuel on the fire and I go build up this next funnel…

The purpose of this is *NOISE*

I’m gonna go create a butt ton of noise.

I’m trying to get 50 major people. I’m really trying to get major gurus from yesteryear.

You know what I mean?

The big guys that we all know the names of, I really want them to come. So we’re gonna start reaching out to them and get them to contribute to the Summit and make them look like the rockstars that they are.

Noisy offer creation strategy

I’m gonna say, “Hopefully you see that, yes, I got big eyes, but I do work hard and this will be a really cool thing for your brand. Would you like to come speak at OfferMind?”

You see what I’m saying?

There are multiple facets that I’m running this.

I started creating an offer for those gurus, and what it is that they’re gonna get from me that serves them.

If I go to them and I say, “Serve me,” that’s freaking annoying!

I hate that.

I know when people do that to me, it drives me nuts.

If I’m tired of that, they’re definitely tired of it… ‘cause I’m not nearly as big as they are, right?

They’re huge, it’s gonna be really annoying to them.

So how can I approach them in a unique way?

I’m gonna ask that anyone who comes to contribute on the Summit to do a couple of interviews.

There’s gonna be things that we ask them to contribute and promote one or two to cause A LOT of noise…

Because they’re gonna come in and drop some pretty awesome stuff but it’s also to help grow their list.

There are a lot of list growth silent secret strategies we’re using o to help it go even further than a Summit naturally does.

But it’ll all spin directly back into…

  1. The OfferMind funnel
  2. “Hey, would you come speak at OfferMind itself as well?”


OfferMind digital marketing training

I bootstrapped this thing from the ground up, and it’s been awesome!

….which is why I get kinda touchy when someone’s like,

“Well I can’t do it ’cause I don’t have time.”

I’m like…

Offer creation strategy

*ARE YOU SERIOUS* “Don’t even say it!

Q: How bad do you want it?


So, the question to ask yourself is…

  • Do I have a product?

If you don’t have a product, then focus on what a market wants and build that.


If you do have a product and you’re trying to build the next thing, two questions…

  • Should I be focusing on creating something that’s higher ticket, so I can get what’s called second money (that’s what I call it).

Right, second money meaning…

Second money is always easier than first money.

The second time I say yes to you is always easier than the first time I say yes to you.


  • Should I be creating something that’s more expensive, (which I believe is the next place to go).

So when you have the product and the product’s awesome, right? Do I go and I sell something more expensive?

Then I believe the second question to ask is…

  • “How can I expand the pot? How can I make my list massive?”

And these kinds of strategies are the ways that I go do that for other clients of mine.

It’s exciting ’cause I’m doing it on my own projects also.

It’s gonna make a massive list, it’s gonna grow like crazy, it’s going to highlight and feature and scratch the backs of all these big guys, which is great.

It’s gonna gain a relationship with me too.

Sweet, you should probably come to OfferMind, right?

It’s not the same stuff as you saw if you came last time or have seen the replays.

If you wanna dive more deeply into the offer, you should come to OfferMind!

Offermind 2020

Small tweaks can make a mile worth of difference in your cash.

Anyway, go to

Anyway, it’s kind of a raw moment here. I’m exhausted. I’m really, really tired.

Honestly, my brain, I can tell is starting to slow down – I’m in this spot where I’m like, “Should I have a little bit more caffeine or should I just go rest?”

And I know the answer is rest, but I got a huge speech in two days and I’ve not begun it yet.

So anyway, this is what I’ve been doing…

I filled an entire 25 gigs worth of video filming for my team.

Your role changes when you start to get a team.

My role is not to do the things that the team’s doing and that’s what I used to do…

And that’s fine when you’re starting out, and that’s usually how you start.

My role has shifted, and I’ve felt that shift hard in the past six months.

My role was no longer to do all of these things, my role is to facilitate whatever the team needs to do what I hired them to do.

And so as I think deeply through all the things they might need from me and I’m constantly adding in all the assets they might need.

I want to tee them up so far for success so it’s hard to fail, which has been the case. It’s a mental jog on my side, my gosh, I’m exhausted.

I’ve been going for 12 hours but that’s why I do it though…

  • It sets me up
  • It sets them up
  • It sets the team up
  • It sets the funnel up
  • It sets the customer up
  • It sets the guru up for success.

How many cards can I stack in the favor of pre-launch?

And that’s why I do it.

So, hopefully, you guys enjoyed the episode, if you did, you should come, come to the Summit, it’s FREE.

Go to and then go check out OfferMind, Id love to have you there.

I know sounds conceited, but I’m shocked at how many tickets are going still without a campaign.

Next week we should turn on ads on to keep that evergreen campaign going.

However, this funnel is more of a launch campaign.

See you guys at OfferMind.

Hopefully, you guys choose to come and remember that positive pressure is your friend.

Get Rich On Purpose… it will NOT happen on accident.


Hey, if you’re like me, you love marketing and sales strategies, right?

I have a hunger to learn new marketing and sales strategies all the time.

So I recently reached out to 98 marketing experts to ask them how they sell their products…

But I decided I wanted to do it in a clever way, and here’s what I actually asked them…

“Your doctor suddenly delivers terrible news. You’re diagnosed with an unknown disease, and unless you stop working in exactly 90 days, you will die.

You have a thriving business, an epic cash flow but now you need to use your marketing know-how to trim it all down and prepare for your final offer.

What steps would you take to plan, create, and launch your final offer, that will fund the rest of your life?”

Now, of the 98, only about 30 answered.

And I decided that I turn my video interviews with them into a cool FREE virtual summit.

If you want to watch the summit for free and see…

  • What their final offers would be for the rest of their lives
  • How these experts use their skills to keep their offer selling for the long term
  • Even how they set it up so they have very low management

…just go to

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