SFR 30: The 2nd Economy – Stephen Larsen

SFR 30: The 2nd Economy

Jan 10th, 2017 anchorwave

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“Oh the economy, the economy!” Guess What? There’s TWO Of Them… Which Are You In??? (Bit Of A Secret To The Mainstream)


Hey, what’s going on everyone? This is Steve Larsen and this is Sales Funnel Radio.

Welcome to Sales Funnel Radio, where you’ll learn marketing strategies to grow your online business using today’s best internet sales funnels. Now, here’s your host, Steve Larsen.

Man, I’m not going to lie. I’m trying to just sit up straight. I’m so tired. It’s almost midnight, which is not that late, but the last month has just been crazy. Been filming a lot for Funnel Hacking TV.

I built out 11 funnels. 11 sales funnels in a single day…

It was crazy. It can’t take credit all on my own for that one, but I did take 11 funnels in a day. It was fantastic. Really, really cool. It is … Like I said, it’s almost midnight, and I’m here still at the office and I’m waiting for the dumb video to finish rendering and it’s going to take like 40 minutes. It’s crazy. The only problem with really liking to do video stuff and loving most of the Adobe Suite and… funnels and writing script and like I feel like I’m a renaissance man on some of those things.

I’m not trying to pat my own back, I’m just saying oh my gosh. I need to go take a break. Someone else can do some of this for a little while, all right?

Hey, so I got something here that’s actually been on my mind a little bit and I was listening to Dan Sullivan and soon as I heard it I was like, “Oh my gosh, people need to hear this. If they’ve not heard this, this can actually effect the way they look at the world. This is great.”

It’s from his book or program or whatever it is, Pure Genius, and he was talking … I’ll just tell you, I got to it. I was listening to his program. I was kind of driving around. Most of the time I was listening to music, something like that just kind of relaxes me.

Sometimes I just … For a while go through these huge stints where I’d just listen to audiobooks and programs. I’d put them on 2 times speed so I can get them down faster. It’s funny though because I pause them enough to just think about what someone said.

It would probably be just as fast if I just played it at normal speed. Anyways.

Hey, so I was listening to Dan Sullivan thing and he came across this concept and he was talking and he as saying, “I want you guys to know, think about this, think about where you are. Put yourself in this scenario.”

He said, “There are actually 2 economies in the world…

Economy…Most people go and they talk about the economy. Oh, the economy’s this. The economy’s that. The economy’s bad or whatever it is, or the economy’s gone up. But they talk about it like it’s one economy.” Dan says that’s actually not true at all. A lot of the conflict that comes from like you know the difference between a white collar worker and a blue collar worker and a lot of the clashing comes because of this.

He said, “Hey, there’s actually 2 different economies. The first is the economy of time and effort.”

Now, I used to do residential pool construction, like swimming pools. I did … I worked at a golf course. I worked at a tire factory, or discount tire. I was a tire buster. I worked at a plastics factory.

We made anything from syringes to M16 boat stocks to CD cases. I mean everything. It was all over the place. It was crazy. I worked at a sports store for a while. I had a ton of jobs. A ton of jobs growing up. It was very much in the time and effort economy.

If I was not there, I did not make money. You know what I mean? It’s kind of cool, so I was talking to one of my coworker’s sons about this. Chandler, if you’re listening, big old shout out to you, buddy. I was talking to him and he was saying … I think he asked for some kind of advice or something like that.

I said, “You understand that there’s two different economies. The first [inaudible [spp-timestamp time="00:04:06"] said is the time and the effort economy. That’s where most people live. That’s where most people breathe. That’s what they know. It’s just time and effort and all the leverage they have over their life. But there is a second economy. It is so real. It’s so real. It is the results economy.”

Now, I can come in to work and build out a funnel, build out 11 funnels in a single day and have someone else drive some traffic to it or drive it myself and walk away the rest of the week and as long as I know it actually converts and I’ve done my homework so to speak, I’ve made sure it does convert, it actually does make money. That’s a results based economy.

I can walk way from that, right? That’s a full out asset. That’s amazing.

Like I said, I have this … It’s called the MLM Down Line Recruiting Funnel. I’m not actually in an MLM right now. I know MLM… love what I create for funnel stuff. I got one of those funnels in the market place. I… market place, and it makes like 500 to $1000 a week. It’s nuts.

That’s completely the results based economy. You know what I went and did today? I bought a motorcycle because of that. I just walked over to the dealer and that’s the fastest sale that dude’s ever had. I was like, “Yeah, I already know I want this.” He was like, “Well, what’s holding you back?” I said, “Nothing,” so I walked inside and signed the paper work and walked away.

Like, “I’ll be back tomorrow night and pick it up.” Like, “Okay.” I think I shocked him pretty bad.

Anyways, kind of funny. As a result of the results based economy. Ask yourself, are you actually in the results based economy?

It’s possible to be working in a results based I guess enabled company but still not be benefiting from it. Meaning, I could be completely obsessed with building sales funnels, which I am, and even though I could benefit from being in a results based economy, I could still be addicted to the fact that I need to build funnels all the time.

Tim Farris talks about this actually in the 4 hour work week. He talked about how a lot of times even though your basic needs to live and go do the cool dreams that you want, even though you’ll have those means to do that, the mere fact that you don’t know what else you want to do with your life keeps you working at your job.

That’s kind of the next step of the results based economy is that you might be in an industry where you could benefit from just results. Right? Well, I produced X, Y and Z. What else do I do? I don’t know, just work I guess. That’s one of the dangers of it.

There’s cool stories out there like, hey, there’s a really cool CPA that he does all of his taxes for all of his clients like every February. He doesn’t even wait.

He actually tells all of these people, “Hey, I’m actually traveling the entire month of April, so get your taxes in.” He has people collect all these forms, all these things. Suddenly people open up their schedules. They know he’s fantastic and he does tons of client work in February, goes and does whatever he wants the rest of the year.

That’s a client based economy, but people wouldn’t normally look at a CPA as a results based economic job or whatever. What can you do? That’s the only reason I wanted to point it out, is what could you do for a results based economy?

Pool ConstructionI remember when I worked at this pool construction place for a while. We would go build the pools and then a lot of times go service them. It was actually a really cool job.

I was in the middle of college at the time, was kind of just starting college at the time. I was cleaning pools for a lot of the Denver Broncos team players, like Denver Nuggets, the Rockies baseball team. It was pretty cool actually. A lot of cool huge golf players and things like that. It was actually a pretty rare job and it was actually pretty cool.

There was one issue I had with it…

I got really fast at the job. Really fast. It’s not like I still got the same pay, I got home earlier and got paid less. I was like what the heck? I realized this like a month in. I’m like this is getting dumb. I’m getting paid less because I’m getting better at my job.

That’s stupid, I hate this…

I remember I was really pissed off about it and I remember at the last day, getting up and grabbing this … There was this piece of broken tile on the ground and I had worked a lot of construction jobs at the time, a lot of labor intensive jobs at the time.

Some of them made me really sick, some of them made me miss out a lot of health at the time, I wasn’t taking care of myself, wasn’t doing the cool things I want to with friends and things like that.

I remember there was this piece of broken tile on the ground and I picked it up and I swore to myself, I will never do another job like this again for the rest of my entire life and I never have. That’s kind of when I pledged to at least start learning how to get into the results based economy.

I didn’t realize that’s what I was doing at the time, but that’s what I was doing.

What’s nice about it is the harder you work when you’re in a results based economy, your income actually can go up. If it doesn’t, it means you’re in the time and effort economy.

That’s one of the catch alls, so ask yourself. If I work harder at my job, will I make more money? If you aren’t, you are not in the correct economy. Unless you want to stay there, but I don’t know why you would. That’s one of the big tall tale things that you can go through and say … Find a way to leverage your position and leverage your job so you are in a more results based thing.

That way if you want and you want to take on more work and take on more money you can. I want a little side project, want a little side job that I can go build a little business on the side or whatever, do something on my own.

Then you’ll have the leeway to do so, but otherwise, you will stay in a time and effort economy which will keep you there forever.

It’s not like anyone wants you to get out. No one wants you to get out of … Your boss doesn’t. That’s not the normal thing to go do. I’m not trying to tell you guys you should jump out and quit your job or whatever.

It’s midnight. I’m here still at the office. I’m rendering out this video for a super cool affiliate thing. This is a results based activity that I’m doing right now. I know that me making this, there are thousands of people that are going to go see it and then my income’s going to go up. It is.

MoneyIt’s real exciting. This is one of the things that keeps me motivated, because I know when I’m actually pushing forward on things, I have control over it. It’s kind of a base amount of money that I make just by having a job, but there’s all these other things that I can go do and all these other fun stuff that is totally a results based thing.

I want to offer to you guys something. I got up this morning … I’ve actually almost been working for 24 hours now. I’m completely exhausted. I’ve been doing this for like a month. I’m really super tired right now to be honest. We’re in the middle of a results season and we know that next month is going to be really relaxed and we’re just going to be excited about it. We’re pushing out super hard right now results and results on top of results.

It’s really exciting. Super cool. But it’s going to pay off. It already has been. It’s actually been really fun to watch monetary results come in which is not something that usually a boss in a normal job or some other employer that you might have that he’s not going to give you that thing.

Hey, they reward you with some sports tickets or something like that. You can’t control your own monetary income then I said you are not in a results based economy at all.

This is what I would say to you guys though. I got up early. I got here way before [spp-timestamp time="6:00"] this morning and it’s already past midnight. I’m super tired but the reason I did it is because I am getting one to three people every day ask me if not to build their funnel then at least some other funnel related question.

Tons of you are and it’s awesome because I love building funnels. I was like man, I got to control this a little more. I got a wife and 2 kids, I want to go and hang out with them. I can’t do this all the time. It’s understandable you’re there but this is not a lifestyle I want to keep going at.

What I did, and if you guys are interested in it, go to sales funnel broker dot com forward slash services, or you could just go to sales funnel broker dot com and click on services on the top and you’ll see there are 4 categories or questions that

I continuously get asked over and over again…

It’s pretty interesting. The first one is people want me to build their funnel for them. That’s understandable. I like doing it and I think it’s awesome. It’s one of my natural, unique abilities. You have your natural, unique abilities. Mine is building funnels for marketing and stuff. The second category of question I get, sometimes people just want me to critique their current funnel, which I actually get a lot of those.

A lot of people want me to critique it, go through it, kind of break it down, figure out what kinds of things, issues they might be having, explore those with them, maybe things they can do to make them extra money they didn’t know about, things they can leverage.

The third category is people a lot of times … It’s almost like the Papa Murphy’s model. They want me to go plan it, but then they go build it, right? Go pick up the pizza and then go cook it on your own.

The fourth is people just have general questions. I have a lot of people just, “Hey, can I pick your brain?” That’s awesome, but again, I’m trying to stay in a results based economy so it’s really hard. I haven’t taken a lunch in like 5 months. I don’t know if people do take lunch.

I don’t get it…

I like instead to just push out results and you can just live really cool like that. If you have any question that has to do with funnels, I am totally pitching you right now. I want you to know that I can 100% help you with your funnel questions. It is …

Telefon / phoneI do charge a little bit more for a one hour consultation call…

It’s like nothing compared to the cost of a funnel. It’s just for me to start vetting out the people who are serious about this so I actually work with people who are willing to go out and take action on what I tell them to do.

There seems to be a correlation. If you don’t pay for the advice, a lot of times, you don’t value it. You’re not going to do what I say anyway, so why should I sit here and tell you things to do that I know your not going to do. This is a favor for both of us. If you pay me money, you’re going to do a lot more what I tell you to go do. I’ll tell you to do freaking cool stuff that makes rocking tunnel.

Anyways, I am … This is me telling you, I am staying in a results based economy so I went and built that. Again, go check out sales funnel broker dot com forward slash services and then you guys, go do the same thing. Create something that can make money without you being there and only requires ads. Secret MLM hacks dot com is that for me.

There’s a lot of other little funnels I have that are out there also that is that for me. You can come back and my favorite noise is the one the strike makes when I see money came in. Chirps on my phone.

I never like to turn that noise off. Anyways guys, I’m rambling on right now. I’m getting super tired. My throat hurts. It’s crazy late, but I know that next month is going to be awesome because it’s going to be a lot more relaxing. Anyways, guys I’ll talk to you later.

Yeah, get in the right economy…

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