SFR 299: My SECOND 17 Product Failures… – Stephen Larsen

SFR 299: My SECOND 17 Product Failures…

Feb 4th, 2020 anchorwave

I recently recounted through the timeline of all of the business and product attempts I’ve made…

Here’s a recap of my second 17 tries…

Buckle up, this is Part #2 of my 33 product failures journey!

The obstacle is the way when getting started as an entrepreneur

(Alternative Title ‘The Obstacle is the Way’ #2)

Hopefully, it’s cool me taking two episodes to share my actual journey with you ‘cause there’s been A LOT of ‘failures…


There’s also been a lot of growth.

In fact, in my opinion…

Failure is largely made up. It’s a facade to dull the will of dreamers

So when somebody sits back and says, “Stephen, I’ve tried these things, or I’m doing this, or I’m doing that…”

I have empathy, but I have very little sympathy…

Because… you know what?

  • No one cares about your business as much as you do.
  • No one cares about your success as much as you will.

So own that and know that it’s part of the gift.

The gift that allows you to do stuff that the rest of humanity has a very hard time hacking.

They get really sensitive and tender, and that’s okay,…


You will become somebody new under this umbrella faster than anything else I can think of.

Growing a business and getting started as an entrepreneur

And the changes stick, they stay.

My business grows to the degree that I do.

As long as I see that revenue going up, funny enough that’s one of the indicators I know that I’m changing, and it’s awesome.

Generating revenue and getting started as an entrepreneur

So guys, let’s cut back over to the rest of this episode here. I would love to see your comments on this though.

For those of you guys who aren’t watching on the YouTube session, it might be helpful for you to see the list.

If you feel like ‘I got it’ and that’s cool too.

But I would love to actually hear how many attempts you guys have gone through on this.

And this is NOT like a ‘you/ me’ kind of thing.

Instead, I wanna celebrate that with you and say…

  • “Whether or not you’re successful, keep going…”


  • “Hey, that’s awesome you made it.”

Generating cashflow and starting your own business

One of the games I’m obsessed with is called Cashflow (where you aim to get out of the rat race).

And when you get that first funnel that REALLY kills it, you get out of the rat race rather quickly and it’s super fun.

So I want to show you …

  1. How I actually finished out my 33 attempts.
  2. How it actually blew up.

I appreciate you being here, and I wanna know how many times you’ve tried to make a business work, (funnel or not)…

So leave me a comment!


After my first 17 product failures, that’s when I started working next to Russell.

How to sell products that fail

At that time…

  • I was a good funnel builder
  • I was an okay salesman
  • I wasn’t that awesome of a marketer.
  • I was good at the mechanics of the funnel build.
  • I was not good at creating a campaign.
  • I didn’t know how to create a message.
  • I didn’t know how to develop and design an offer.
  • I didn’t know how to publish.
  • I didn’t know to speak
  • I was still learning and getting over a lot of shyness at that time

Understand that the first four years of my entrepreneurial journey did not go that awesome, but these individual little lessons were ‘the way!’

However, I was obsessed…

  • Obsessed
  • Obsessed
  • Obsessed

(I’m just gonna keep saying it 😂)


I was listening to a ton of podcasts (because they were free).

I didn’t have ANY money.

It was a huge deal when I got a $7.95 free plus shipping DotCom Secrets book…

$7.95 was A LOT of cash for us at the time.

It was a painful for me; I was nervous about it, thinking, “Ugh, is this gonna be okay ??? You know we could buy three loaves of bread with that money.”

Money was SUPER tight.

One of the reasons I rode my bike everywhere was because $20 for gas felt like too much

Broke and getting started as an entrepreneur

I know what it’s like to NOT have money.

Everything after I started working for Russell gets a little foggy because I was building most of the products from [spp-timestamp time="6:00"] AM to [spp-timestamp time="9:00"] AM.

Here’s what happened

  • I’d wake up at [spp-timestamp time="5:00"] AM and I’d go to Russell’s office from [spp-timestamp time="6:00"] AM to [spp-timestamp time="9:00"] AM to work on my own stuff
  • Russell would come in at [spp-timestamp time="9:00"] AM, and we’d go from about [spp-timestamp time="9:00"] AM to [spp-timestamp time="6:00"] or [spp-timestamp time="7:00"] PM
  • After we finished, I’ld work on my stuff again from about [spp-timestamp time="8:30"] PM to about midnight
  • Then I’d sleep five hours…and do it all again the next day.

Getting started as an entrepreneur

I just told myself, “Larsen, you ready to feel a little pain?”

I’d say, “Yeah… okay, you’re gonna feel tired for a little while, you’re alright with that?”

I’d be like, “Yeah, I am,”

I’d do a lot of self-talk. I was like, “Alright, let’s do this.”

And for probably the first nine months that’s what I did because I was trying to develop just one additional revenue source.

And that’s really when I started documenting my journey ’cause I realized how freaking rare was to sit next to Russell Brunson.

I was fully aware of the scenario I was in.

One of the things I had to overcome at this time period was like the belief that it would work just because I was sitting next to Russell, so it was a very raw moment for me as I say that.

‘Cause like, Man people, what are they gonna say? “You’re only where you are because you were next to the man.”

Q: Did that help?

A: Of course, it helped, come on!

Q: Would you do the same?

A: Of course you would, right? Of course, you would.

But there are like 340 employees over there now and you don’t know how to name a lot of them.

… that’s NOT a bash, it’s a really powerful lesson, (and I hope no one gets offended when I say that).

But the reason why everything else happens from this point on is that I started this podcast.

I was now getting paid by Russell – so we weren’t broke, but we had four-digit checking accounts or less. We basically had zero savings.

Finally, we had cash flow and we weren’t living on student loans anymore and we were out of the starvation mentality where we’d wait for the next student loan to come in for the next semester…

Tips for getting started as an entrepreneur

“Okay, we have to live off this money for the next four months because we don’t know what other business Stephen’s gonna fail at.”

…you see what I’m saying?

This is a real thing, and I know some of you guys are going through that. That’s why when someone’s like, “Okay, but we’ll do this, we’ll do this.”

I’m like, “Bruh, I get it. I get it ’cause I’ve been there. I get it. It took me years.”

And then when I finally met Russell, it was like three, four times and then it was like boom, big old spikes…

But understand where I’m coming from on this.

It was April when I started working there and I launched Sales Funnel Radio I think in July. So it was several months ’cause I was so freaking scared to be sitting next to Russell.

I was like, “Oh, man, this is like… “ I was fully aware of the situation I was in.

Starting your own business

You can listen to the first few episodes of this show… and you all know, they’re NOT good.


I was in the act of doing the thing.

You have to look back and as you start to put these pieces together…

You don’t want hindsight bias, but when you start looking backward…

Like, “Man, I had to change, like, crazy in order to do what I’m doing now.”

That’s why I just keep launching the next thing.

You’ll turn into somebody new that you didn’t realize.

Then I created Sales Funnel Broker and the cash size started getting large because I started giving away a lot of free funnels.

I started becoming a stronger affiliate for ClickFunnels.

I was an affiliate for a lot of the very projects I was working on and that was BIG for me. It helped my confidence A LOT – it helped me learn a ton of things.

Anyway, probably 50 funnels in, I started doing just audibles on people’s funnels. They could get on with me for an hour for like 100 bucks.

And at that time, I was like, “A hundred freaking dollars. Oh my gosh.” I was going nuts.

So I started selling more coaching and selling more.

You understand I was a good funnel builder but what I started becoming next to Russell was a marketer.

Being a funnel builder isn’t altogether that crazy once you spend some time inside the ClickFunnels mechanics.

Learning to become a marketer was very different.

And I think it’s one of the reasons people like Sales Funnel Radio so much is because I’m very open about the pain stuff.

Learn how to sell products

I’ve been doing this for four years now, (just the funnel game), and to see how fast it all can happen when you just do ‘what the heck I’m telling you to do…’

It doesn’t take that long to make A LOT of cash.

It took me 13 months to make my first million after leaving ClickFunnels.

Hopefully, no one gets weird as I say that. It’s just…

That’s the reality – proof is in the pudding.

Anyway, so I became more of an affiliate marketer for ClickFunnels itself.

I already loved ClickFunnels beforehand but when I saw how genuine Russell is, I began to love ClickFunnels even more.

I still love real estate – I own

Don’t go there right now. It’s freaking garbage. It’s terrible.

Tips for starting your own business

But I just started launching tons of funnels in those evenings or early morning hours.

I’d just launched stuff, man. There was no rhyme or reason.

  • I was doing supplements stuff.
  • I was doing eCom stuff.
  • I was doing real estate stuff.

And the reason it was that during my day job with Russell, we were launching funnels around those things.

And so I would walk away, like, “Oh my gosh, I saw how he did that. I could go do that too.”

So I started launching…

And they would fail, and I’d be like, “What’s going on?”

How to sell products

(This is a very powerful lesson)

The role that I had at ClickFunnels doesn’t even exist anymore, so I’m looking through very unique eyes…

Steve Larsen getting started as an entrepreneur

…I’m trying to give and be very open about this.

This is like a huge key moment in this.

I started launching…

  • Supplement funnels
  • e-Com funnels
  • Real estate funnels
  • Tons of little free plus shipping things…

I mean, there was a time when I had 12 funnels on a waiting list, which was crazy!

And what was nuts was…

None of them worked very well.

And I was like, “Wait, but I’m building all these funnels for Russell.”

But he was creating the offer and the message, and those are the two key things.

It took me, probably, the first six months I was there to really see it.

And then I could follow him. It was all we did all day.

For me, personally, it was [spp-timestamp time="6:00"] AM to [spp-timestamp time="6:00"] PM pure obsession for a straight year, and then also in the evening times.

Then suddenly these patterns started coming in, I started watching what he was doing…

It was all the things in-between that really hard to pick up from a book.

Steve Larsen starting your own business

The stuff that you gain from a mentor, even though he wasn’t exclusively doing that with me.

Anyway, it’s crazy. That’s a powerful lesson.

  • I started stage speaking
  • I started teaching more funnel principles other than marketing.
  • I launched a bunch of small products …(and they made a couple of grand here and there, but still it wasn’t a lot.)
  • I started building Funnels Live.
  • I had something called Funnel Feast for a while.
  • I started doing big client builds.

..that was my first five-figure a day!

I was like, “Holy crap.” My eyes rolled to the back of my head and I realized how big this was.

  • I did the first big client build and then I started launching the first version of Funnel Stache.

It wasn’t called My Funnel Stache, but I’ve launched that product several times now.

We’ve got it at a great place now and it sells well now, which is awesome.

Steve Larsen how to sell products

But it usually takes a few rounds.

  • Next, I did the second launch of Secret MLM Hacks.

That’s when I started doing a grand a week and it changed our lives, (that was probably six months into working for ClickFunnels).

Guys, I was building so many freaking funnels, on top of doing it for Russell.

Not all of them were revenue funnels, I think some people think I built 500 revenue funnels.

No, No, No, No.

Maybe they were a100 of them specifically for leads in sales. Out of the 500 funnels, a lot were just for fulfillment.

There were major projects specifically for ClickFunnels.

So then I started doing big client builds – that was $11,500 a day. That was nuts.

I started launching My Funnel Stache.

I realized the thing that everyone wanted from me was just more funnel education.

So I started selling that.

And the rest is kinda history…

Are you getting started as an entrepreneur?

The BIG moment for me was that I realized that having built…

  • Several funnels for eCom.
  • Funnels for supplements.
  • Funnels smaller stuff.
  • Lots of funnels that were middle price range.
  • Lots of funnels that were top price range…

I was building funnels for anyone from Russell’s inner circle to massive people like CNBC with The Profit.

There were so many projects and what I realized was that the info product model can attach to ANYTHING.

Are you starting your own business?

And a lot of times, it’s how these guys make a ton of money.

They make a lot of money ‘doing the thing’ but teaching it they make more.

It’s really interesting…

I’ve heard several people say like, “Yeah man, that made a lot of money, but I’m gonna make more money teaching how I did it.”

I remember the first time I heard somebody say that, and I was like, “That’s kind of weird.”

But I realized it’s because they’re doing their skill and then they go teach how they did it on top and they get all this cash.

That’s a powerful principle to realize.

So, guys, I took a long journey.

So just from when I wasn’t a kid, that’s technically 31tries until two or three really exploded.

A lot of the funnels that I have that are cash-flowing a couple of grand a day – this is the second or third time I’ve launched them.

That’s very normal for ‘the space.’

But I feel like the thing that happens with people is they’re like…

Getting started as an entrepreneur with Steve Larsen

“Hey, I gotta go do all that crap in order to actually make it happen?!?”

A: Not if you follow a guy like me!

My whole purpose is to condense this, so you don’t need to…

  • Take seven, eight years to figure it out
  • Spend a lot of money
  • Go through a ton of pain figuring it all out like I did.

So make sure you’re following somebody who’s actually done it and walked the walk.

Originally, I thought I’d had 17 failures, but it’s more like 33.


My stories are real. My stories are true.

The only time I’ve ever lied to you guys is on that fake book story.

I’m just bringing that up so that you all know 😂

Anyways, you guys are awesome.

Keep going at it and realize that there are hardcore patterns.

These are just my personal journey funnels that I’m sharing with you.

And you see, (obviously), when I started following someone, and actually paying to get into groups, the acceleration was insane.

It was so fast.

This blog covers the course of a year and a half versus ‘the six years’ I covered last week

Starting your own business with Steve Larsen

So it’s yeah, that’s a BIG lesson there.

Anyways guys, hopefully, it’s been a good episode for you to see that!

It’s of no other purpose than to show you truly what the journey has been…

  1. How awesome it’s been.
  2. How sucky it’s been.

That’s why I created OfferMind… and I’m gonna pitch it right now, okay?

The OfferMind event was created to teach you the patterns that I did not know on any of this stuff.

  • Until 2015, I thought it was all about the product.
  • Then I thought it was all about the funnel.

Even a little bit into working for ClickFunnels, I still thought it was about the funnel.

It’s NOT!

Q: What is a funnel?

A: Funnel is a sales message and an offer.

If you wanna learn the VERY simple formulas,( it’s like six easy steps that I’ve just continued to condense, condense, condense, condense).

I coach like crazy and I’m doing the thing.

  • We have three employees now and 18 1099s.
  • I have a funnel team.
  • I have two content teams.
  • I have what I call a hero team, that’s the admin team.

I am doing ALL this actively, and it’s my obsession.

So if you wanna come learn from a guy like me who’s actually done it and walked the walk…

I’m not just here just blowing smoke and theorizing.

Come to OfferMind.

Go to, grab a ticket!

We’re excited ’cause it’s gonna be crazy, guys.

We have…

I will tell you…

Russell does not go to many events, much less speak at any besides his own, so this is a really rare thing.

I’m so thankful to him and I appreciated him for doing this.

Come to OfferMind, guys. I want you there.

  • It will short-cut tons of time for you
  • Give you a clear road map of not just what to go sell but how to sell it, what that thing is, and how to get it out there.
  • AND… ‘ll give you a road map on your positioning on what you freaking do.

It’s really easy to create a message when you just follow the format that I’m gonna share with you.

and it comes from me doing it and becoming really introspective. So, guys, go to, grab a ticket, so you can come learn from people who are actually doing it instead of theorizing. We’ll see you guys later. Go get rich and give back my friends.


How to sell products like a Capitalist Pig


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What steps would you take to plan, create, and launch your final offer, that will fund the rest of your life?”

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Steve Larsen your final offer

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