SFR 297: Your Offer Might Be Good Enough Already – Stephen Larsen

SFR 297: Your Offer Might Be Good Enough Already

Jan 21st, 2020 anchorwave

Although ALL Offers can use a facelift, the main driver of a purchase isn’t the offer itself…

So your offer may be good enough to sell already.

Here are two common things that really keep people from selling…

Steve Larsen comin’ atcha from the Two Comma Club X Cruise…

I’m here (with 400 Two Comma Club Xers) on the largest ship I’ve ever seen in my life.

It’s so BIG that I can’t feel the waves – I wish I could. I like it when mother nature lulls me to sleep on a ship.

I’m wearing ‘the team shirt’ and having a ton of fun…

Steve Larsen offer creation process

I was on the same cruise a year ago… and let me tell you, A LOT has changed for me since then…

  • Business is different.
  • I’m different.

So I just wanted to share two common issues that stop people selling…

  • One is an external problem
  • The second is a gamechanger that I would have made fun of and called “Fluffy” only a short while ago.

I also want to sure with you WHY your offer may actually be good enough already…

And WHAT you should be focusing on instead!

So without further ado…

Learn the offer creation process


Real quick, let me tell you a powerful story… (I think I’ve told you guys this before, so I’ll be brief).

I was a door-to-door sales guy selling pest control in Salt Lake.

And basically I had learned how to sell, (I’m just gonna say it, hopefully, it doesn’t offend anybody), poor lower-income neighborhoods.

I’d spent five months doing door-to-door sales, (which if you’ve ever done that, you know it’s completely grueling but an awesome, awesome place to learn and grow).

At the end of the summer, I was so excited to go pick up my check from the mailbox…

I go to the mailbox to collect the check that is meant to funds the next (however many months) of our life.

I grab the check, I open it up, and my jaw hit the floor.

You know when you’re on a roller coaster and it shoots down really fast, that feeling in your stomach?

The offer creation process

I was like, “Oh my gosh. Oh, Holy crap. I can’t… This has to be wrong”.

On the check from five months of work was ONLY $1200.

I called my buddy and I was like…

“Dude, what’s wrong with this check? Something’s wrong. You’ve clearly made a mistake!”

And he goes, “Dude, that’s it.”

I was like, “Oh, my gosh. This is it!”

I call him back again…

I was like, “No, this has to be wrong. There’s got to be a mistake in what you’re showing me right here.”

And the REALITY is, he goes…

“Dude, you spent the entire summer learning to sell people who have no money.

What do you think happens when it’s time for the second service of their pest control contract that you sold them?

They canceled! … and can you blame them?”

Steve Larsen product marketing strategy

Meanwhile, all these other guys who’d actually sold fewer (but higher value) contracts in more well-off neighborhoods (who didn’t cancel) made waaay more money.

Now, hopefully, it doesn’t offend anybody, but that’s the reality.

The main takeaway here is…

Good products die in poor markets

So I want to share the two major traps that might be stuck in…

Learn product marketing strategy


  • You might be doing the equivalent of going into the wrong neighborhood to sell your product.

And that might be one reason why you’re NOT selling!

I stand up and I go to my market…

A market is NOT a person, a market is a location.

I was going to a bad location (without many dream customers)…

While my buddies had learned to sell in…

  • Richer
  • More well-off
  • Dream customer-filled

… locations or neighborhoods.

This BIG deal to understand, my friends.

This one principle has literally changed my business.

So #1, please understand that some of you are just selling the wrong person.

It’s easy to make a mistake and say, “Oh, you know what…”

  • My product is wrong.
  • Something’s wrong with my funnel.
  • The ads don’t work.

The reality is you might actually have…

  • A Great Product
  • A Great Offer
  • Great Ads.

But you’re going after the wrong “WHO.”

The product marketing strategy

In fact, it’s such a wrong “who” – that they have no money!

So check yourself, sit back and ask…

  • Am I selling people who actually have cash?
  • Am I fishing into a pot where my dream customers are?
  • Am I fishing into a pot that makes ‘me’ feel comfortable ’cause I have a money objection… (which is what I was doing)?

Does this make sense?

Marketing does not work without insane ridiculous clarity on WHO you want to serve.

Good products die in bad markets

Steve Larsen how to increase product sales


The second thing I want you to understand and this happened to me personally this last year…

(No one get weird with me!)

  • 2018 – I did 800 grand
  • 2019 – was almost 4 million.

Learn how to increase product sales

(I haven’t actually done my goal video for this next year, I will do that soon.)

We almost hit 4 millionit’s very, very close!

However, I feel like it was with less ferocious, obsessive, “I’m gonna kill myself ’cause I’m not taking care of myself” style of work.

It wasn’t like that at all.

Here’s what happened…

About a year ago, on the previous Two Comma Club X Cruise, this really awkward thing started happening.

I’d taught for three hours during one of the days at sea.

And after that was over, I had a very challenging time being around people.

Some people got offended by it and they were like, “How dare you? I can’t believe that. This is crazy. I have a question for you.”

How to increase product sales

And internally, what happened was I started freaking out, almost panic attack style freaking out.

ONLY, I wasn’t self-aware about it.

So Funnel Hacking Live happens and I started getting more of this internal anxiety popping up.

And for the last eight months, I’ve been very open about that on this show, I’ve been having a lot of therapy…

Mondays, (at 10 AM), Baby, is usually when I go do therapy stuff.

Everyone should do therapy

Oh my gosh, this cruise, for me personally… and on an internal level, I am so much calmer.

If I feel a trigger happening, if I feel anything going down, if there’s anything…

I know how to stop it.

Offer creation process

I have tools to sit back and grab some mental stability

… I have a foundation – it’s so nice.

I didn’t know that I had anxiety.

I thought it just was just like, “Oh, you’re an introvert…”

But that was not the reason, I might be a little bit of an introvert, but that wasn’t the problem.

The problem was that there was a bunch of mental junk in my head I’d not ever dealt with.

I thought it would be appropriate right now to have you sit back and ask two extremely key questions…


  • You might just be a bad driver…

You might have some stuff in your head -you might need to do some leveling up inside your brain.

Successful product marketing strategy

I always thought that ‘mind stuff’ was some fluffy crap the first time I heard people say that.

I was like, “Stop telling me to do this.”

… it was so frustrating for me.

I was like, “Just give me the formula.”

“Stop telling me, ‘It’s all in my head and it’s all a mental game.’ Just give me the formula, man. What is it? Tell me it, I’m gonna go get it done. It’s gonna be awesome.”

You may have felt that as well in the past ’cause I was believed that, too.

In fact, I used to make fun of meditation.

I was like, “Stop telling me it’s all in my head.”

Product marketing strategy

Well, about a year ago, stuff started hitting the fan personally just a little bit and I started realizing that I needed to go deal with a lot of stuff.

So now, I…

  • Do therapy
  • Learned how to meditate
  • Do a lot more self-care
  • Have somebody who goes and makes my food
  • Have a personal trainer to help keep my feet to the fire – ’cause you all know me, I work super hard.


Do you want to know how to increase product sales

So the two major drivers of EVERYTHING that’s happened during this past little bit, are…

#1: Good products die in poor markets.

  • You may have a great funnel
  • You may have great ads
  • You might have great fulfillment

…and you might be miscalculating, “Oh my gosh, I don’t.”

Because you’re thinking, “Oh, no one’s buying it.”


You might just be selling in the wrong neighborhoods.

The best product marketing strategy

A market is a location, not a person.

You might be selling in a neighborhood that neighborhood doesn’t have enough of your dream customers.

Make sense?

#2: You might not be a very good driver of the vehicle yet.

You may not have gone through a lot of the issues and stuff that you have going on.

If you don’t have to have issues, don’t go searching for them.

But if what I’m saying right now is clicking in your head, you’re like, “I know what he’s talking about…”

That one billion percent affects business.

I wanted to act like it didn’t for so long.

I’d be like, “Yeah I got these problems, but who cares?”

And a lot of them are still there…

Product marketing strategy problems

But I have learned to calm my mind and bring it down.

In fact, several people on this cruise have said, “Stephen, you’re not all “BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!”.

It’s like, “I’m NOT like that all the time – it’s just for fun sometimes.”

Business is fun and I’m gonna have fun while I do it… and sometimes I’m like, “BOOM, Baby! Yeah!”

And other times, I’m just calm.

Your product marketing strategy

In fact, when I landed in Miami right before the cruise I went and meditated at night on the beach.

Oh my gosh, that was so cool.

It was so fun that I did it again off of my suite balcony.

Anyways, I hope you’re doing well and that you enjoyed this little heart-to-heart moment here.


Honestly, most of the time when I look offers, there are changes that need to be made… but that’s usually NOT the issue.

Instead, there’s usually …

  • A ‘Who mismatch.’
  • No idea of the market being sold to
  • No idea the official positioning within that market
  • No idea of what the sales message really is and what the hooks are.

The offer is usually the smallest part…

So while I lead with being ‘the offer guy’ …that’s the smallest session in my events ’cause it’s ALL this other stuff that’s REALLY in the way!

Offers are easy, man – it’s all these other things that are a bit more difficult.

And finally, understand this, I don’t care how nice that cruise ship we’re on is, I don’t qualify to drive it.

And the funnels that we help you guys build are like that ship, ’cause sometimes…

  • You need some educating to drive them.
  • You might have anxiety when a big wave pops up.


You can’t let that steer the course of the ship!

You steer the ship, not the wave.

Make sense?

Alright, guys, I hope you enjoyed this. Thanks so much.


If you guys want me and my team to create your offer and build the funnel that sells it, go to

Thank you so much and thanks for being part of the show. We’ll see you guys later. Bye.


I’ve been asked, “Steve, you were the lead funnel builder at ClickFunnels, why aren’t you offering a funnel building service for people in businesses?”

Okay, that’s a fair question.

Check this out…

Back in early 2016 when I joined ClickFunnels as an employee, there were only about 12,000 users of ClickFunnels compared to the 100,000 now.

And there were only like 40 employees compared to the 400 that there are now.

Okay? What does that mean?

It meant Russell and I were literally the only funnel builders


  • All the sales copy
  • The design
  • The video
  • Building the pages
  • Email sequences
  • Integrating software with ClickFunnels

…it was literally just he and I.

About a year into my employment at ClickFunnels though, other funnel building team members started getting hired, we finally had a copywriter, a designer, etcetera.

It changed my whole world as we now had a funnel team.

So before I offered funnel building services, I wanted to make sure I could not only find my team but that it was also air-tight.

What I did not tell you, and what I’ve NOT been public about was that my team has already been building funnels for other people for over a year now…

  • Testing
  • Tweaking
  • Building
  • Making our process better

… and so finally, I will tell you that we are ready.

We’ve been building other sales funnels for a while, I just have not announced it until now.

If you want me and my team to build your company a professional sales funnel, come get more info at

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Make sure you use the “MY” …

  • You can talk to us
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It comes with a live three-day event just with me, so I can teach you

  • How to use the funnel after it’s done
  • Get traffic

….as well as a year of coaching from myself and my staff.

  • If you want us to be the nerds while you continue to run your business…
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When you think about it, all businesses need to be able to do three things…

  1. Get leads
  2. Sell a percentage of those lead
  3. Fulfill on what they sold

And your professional business needs a professional core offer and funnel to deliver it.

We’ve already been doing this for a year with students who have businesses that are…

  • Online
  • Offline
  • Physical
  • Digital
  • Software
  • Supplement
  • Experience with revenue
  • Just starting out

…you get the point?

Not only will we build the funnel, but I’m also actually going to hook you up with the very people that I use to send various types of traffic to my own funnels.

I want you to be taking care of post-funnel build.

If you’re tight on money, it’s totally fine – we have various payment and funding plans which are also available.

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Just be aware that we’re actually building you a professional sales funnel, and my team and I actually have very limited capacity in what we can handle monthly.

So skip the line of people shouting the most popular question I’m asked which is, “Steve will build my funnel?”

The answer finally is, “Yes,” just go start at now.

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