SFR 296: The First Day Of Onboarding – Stephen Larsen

SFR 296: The First Day Of Onboarding

Jan 14th, 2020 anchorwave

Here’s the plan people receive after they join OfferLab…

See how you can use what I’m doing in your own business!

I have an Offer Building Servicewhere we just happen to build your funnel too…

But a funnel just doesn’t work on its own.

So that’s why we created OfferLab.


And I thought it’d be really fun to share some of the welcome video that I send to people when they join the program…

You’ll see first hand the lengths you need to go to if you want to have a successful funnel…

And why being a funnel geek is optional!

Sales funnel business strategy and planning

I’m literally sharing a birdseye view of my personal funnel building process… and how I cloned it to create success for other people.


Hey, guys.

First of all, I just wanted to congratulate and welcome you into this group.


When you pair OfferLab with everything else that ClickFunnels teaches, therein, in my opinion, (my very strong and validated opinion), lies the secret to making this game work.

OfferLab was created specifically because I can’t go to everyone’s office.

I get this request a ton…

Business strategy and planning request

“How much would it cost to fly, you in, Steve?”

I’m like, “Oh man, I don’t know. I can’t do that.”

And plus, usually when I’ve made exceptions in the past and have gone and actually done a day consulting for somebody, what usually happens is…

They don’t end up being able to pull off what I taught them anyway.

Business strategy and planning for sales funnels


And it goes back to what a lot of what OfferMind was about…

For you to have success in this game, historically meant and required that you also were a funnel nerd.

Now, while you do need to understand certain parts of the funnel, you don’t need to be a funnel nerd.

OfferMind isn't for funnel nerds

A lot of people aren’t.

A lot of the BIG people that you see making the Two Comma Club …

A lot of them didn’t build their own funnel.

Start looking into the stories of the people who are making A LOT of money…

A lot of them are NOT doing every single thing that’s being taught inside the space right now…

Instead, they understand what marketing is.

When I started looking at this whole pattern, I was like, “Holy crap. This is really interesting.

There’s a lot of people in here who are NOT funnel geeks.”

OfferLab is not for funnel geeks

Anyway, you guys all know the story – so I’m not gonna keep telling it, but I just wanna welcome you to OfferLab and give you a brief walk-through of…

  1. What’s gonna happen next
  2. What you can expect from us
  3. What’s expected of you
  4. What we’re gonna go through and do with you guys here.


OfferLab is a program that’s NOT meant to be taken at a sprint.

I’m not telling you to slow down, I want you to go fast as you possibly can.

However, there’s been times in the past where people have been like..

“Well Steve, it’s been two days here and I don’t have a million dollars yet?”

Business strategy and planning

And I’m like, “This is a process.. .it takes time.” 😂

So, I actually have the OfferLab Packet with me here – which by the way, these are sick, huh?

So as we go through the packet here, I just wanted to walk through, piece by piece, what you all get as part of the program.

Sprint, but it takes time – and that’s okay.

I’ll be very shocked if you guys don’t at least make six figures in this program – VERY shocked!!!

We’ve stacked so many cards in your favor, it’s ridiculous.

I’ve NEVER seen a program like this!

Business strategy 2020

So anyway…


So what I wanna do real fast is to just walk through the pamphlet so you know where everything is…

It’s frustrating for me when I buy something, (’cause I buy a lot of stuff… it’s one of the reasons I know how to sell.).

And it’s like, “Well, where do I get that thing you were talking about?”

I hate that.

OfferLab sneak peak

So instead, what I’m going to do real quick is just walk through EVERYTHING – so that you know, not only where to get it… but when it comes in play.


So the first thing is the entire OfferLab course.

Now, this is very key, okay?

This is a living, breathing course.

What we need you to go through and do right now is start preparing for the OfferLab event that’s coming up in six weeks.

OfferLab course

It’s here in Boise, and it’s just with you guys – it’s not for anybody else, it’s not gonna be 600 people like OfferMind was… that’s not it at all.

If you can’t make the first date that’s okay, there’s another one.

The OfferLab program comes with one OfferLab event.

So you can choose one of the dates.

If this one doesn’t work for you then go to the next one. And if that doesn’t work for you, then you can also go to the next one after that.

It’s an event that we do twice a year.

This first part right here is to help you develop the inputs that my funnel team needs from you.

This has been a massive mind jigsaw puzzle as I sat back and asked…

  • What do they need first?
  • What do they need next?
  • They need this, but how do we get them to create that for the funnel team?

You know what I’m saying?

The point and purpose are …

  1. You get inside the group
  2. You get the inputs that we will be using for my core offer team, i.e., the actual funnel builders that are gonna build your funnel for you.

So as far as the timeline goes, this is kind of the way the program works…

As far as the timeline goes for the whole program, the focus for the first little bit on the actual content.

Each week, we go live each Tuesday and Thursday.

Tuesday, Austin’s gonna do open office hours, which means…

  • If you have a question about that week’s topic
  • If you have a question about anything

OfferLab live event

… go in and ask questions to him.

They’re open office hours and the schedule’s now posted inside the Facebook group picture.

On Thursday, he’s gonna be doing what we’re calling Input Audibles.

Meaning, since a marketer is ONLY responsible for the…

  1. Message
  2. Offer
  3. Campaigns

… those the macro-level inputs we need.

So, there are a few things inside of the offer and message that we need to get down… and that’s what the program is gonna walk you through.

So on ThursdaysAustin is gonna be doing audibles on the funnel inputs…

‘Cause you’re not building the funnel, which is awesome.

Q: How freaking cool is this program?

A: Really, this is pretty awesome 😂

I’m so excited about it.


Wednesday – It’s open office hours with Rhonda but she goes in with slightly more themed things that have to do with that week’s topic.

How to grow a business

We go through these first six weeks together with you.

And my role?

At the beginning of each month, I do a deep dive.

Steve Larsen OfferLab

I hope you guys do this in your programs…

Stand back and look to see how people are reacting to what it is that you’ve created, so that you can plug the holes.

And so, that’s what you’re doing. And that’s what I’m doing.

I sit back and I’m like…

“Okay, if I’m a marketer and a result I’m trying to create is Two Comma Club or Titans of Industry Funnels…”

  • Where is it NOT being understood?
  • What’s the piece that’s falling out?
  • How can I get more clarity on X, Y, and Z?

And my role is to…

  1. Go very macro-level
  2. See the different pieces
  3. Create systems.

I’ll also be going live as well, I’ll be very interactive with the group.


So let’s talk about The OfferLab Event…

OfferLab phase two - the event

DAY #1: Review Day – is gonna be a bit of a review of EVERYTHING we’ve covered so you can see them all in-flow.

You spend six weeks going through all those pieces…

But it’s over six weeks.

So, we’re gonna spend one day just reviewing real quick

DAY #2: Campaign and Guest Speaker Day.

So in this next one, we have Dana Derricks coming to speak…

Then we have…

They’re gonna be guiding a two-hour workshop walking you through a whole bunch of really just awesome stuff that’s needed to kinda sustain what we’re having you create in the program.

DAY #3: Asset Day – is my personal favorite day.

We used to drive everybody around, but logistically it’s kind of a nightmare – so we’re having everybody come to one place to …

  • Taking cool headshots for you like you see on my Facebook profile.
  • Make cool videos of you
  • Create cool logos for you… (that might be a little bit later on during the funnel build process – but we’re gonna help you create cool logos, both for your name and the program that you’re selling)

OfferLab asset day

… it’s *FREAKIN’ COOL*

Asset day is ridiculously insane.


I remember when I first started this, Russell would be like..

“Well, just go use the who that knows the how.”

And I’m like…

“Dude, I would but I’ve gone through five who’s and I’ve wasted tons of money.

Just tell me the who and I would use them, man. I’m sold on the concept, but ‘who’s the who?’”

Russell Brunson OfferLab

And that was the thing that was really frustrating for me – so, I get it.

I heard Russell say once, “The only reason I am where I am is because I spent the last 10 years putting the Rolodex together that I have.”

I was like, “OH, CRAP!!!”

So you guys are gonna get the fruits of that by coming to asset day – which is really cool.

*ASSET DAY* … is VERY exciting.


Now some of you guys are gonna be ready before the OfferLab Event, and that’s okay.

The whole purpose and point of these first six modules are to create those funnel inputs.

If you’re ready to rock, you don’t have to wait!

Once you have those first inputs created, we have a form that you fill out.

It’s a test form, it doesn’t actually go to the funnel building team…

We don’t want you to use your funnel chip as fast as possible.

First of all, we want you to run through with Austin – he’s gonna look at ALL your funnel inputs

OfferLab business strategy and planning

… it’s kinda like a test run, you understand?

I‘m gonna look at your stuff too – I’ll spot check and be like…

  • I love the message
  • I love the positioning
  • I love the offer
  • I love the way the angle

“… okay, cool, this is ready to push into the funnel team.”

Does that make sense?

I don’t want you to go use your chip immediately.


Garbage in, garbage out…

OfferLab business strategy 2020

(…not that you’re garbage, but you know what I mean 😂).

And so, as soon as you…

  • Have those inputs ready
  • Have the workbook we handed you done

… you’re gonna start using those inputs.

You’ll send a form to Austin, (it’ll be in the member’s area), and he’s gonna look through all your funnel inputs – it’s kinda a dummy run before handing off to the funnel team.

Once you go, take some time to understand what causes the funnel to have success…

‘Cause it’s very little to do with the funnel.

Anyway, so then what we’re gonna go do is after OfferLab, whether you’re ready before or after, we’re gonna start having you guys go and put in your stuff to the funnel team.


Plan on the funnel team being about two to three weeks to build your funnel – that’s about how long I personally wait, ’cause I don’t build my own funnels either.

You understand, the process I’m putting you guys through is the very process I follow.

It’s my process, that’s how I know how to do it – we literally cloned it.

How to grow a business in 2020

… and we’re giving it to you guys.

There are gonna be A LOT of things I have you prepare (that you may not be thinking about) that will massively impact the level of success you have post-funnel build.

So, plan on it being about two to three weeks for the funnel team to actually build the funnel.

During that time, it’s NOT time to go sit on the beach yet.

Steve Larsen business strategy and planning

While my funnel team builds the funnel we start building the actual launch campaigns.

That’s when your role shifts from funnel inputs to launch campaigns.

*That’s* the other reason why we focus so much on launch campaigns in OfferLab.

I’m just kinda giving you an overview of the timeline of the program itself.

So it usually takes two to three weeks for me to have a funnel back from my funnel team.

That’s just how it happens, but it’s gold.

I have to didn’t touch anything and it lets me focus on what will actually cause cash – which is campaigns!


So, while my team builds the funnel, I put together launch campaigns.

I like to put A LOT of pressure behind my campaigns, and even if the funnel’s ready, it’s not ready until I’ve built the PRESSURE…

When I have a lot of pressure, (and I mean tons of pressure) like…

OfferLab launch campaign pressure

I’ve got so much pressure built up and I’m like, “Here it comes, here it comes… “

And sometimes, I’ll be honest with you, the funnel has been ready but the campaign hasn’t built enough pressure yet – so I push off the funnel launch to keep building pressure.

I’m gonna throw a lot of campaign ideas at you guys, so I recommend that you choose ONE and then build up the PRESSURE!!!

You want them hot and bothered.

Business strategy and planning campaign

If you don’t have that hot and bothered feeling from the people that you hope will buy, Don’t Launch Yet!!!

Run your next campaign – they’re like football plays.

And then you’re like, “Oh no, maybe not yet.”

Then run that campaign, build up the pressure and then BOOM!

Guys, I’ll tell you that, again, I said this at OfferMind

When I launched my funnel with the campaigns that way, all the money comes off that table…

And that’s the money that I use to go pay off my funnel team.

By the time you actually get the launch out and rocking, that’s the money I pay off the funnel teams with… (this is how I personally do it, do whatever you want to, but that’s how I do it).

And then, whatever money is left over, I dump that into my evergreen campaigns and I start running evergreen campaign styles and strategies.

And that’s kind of what forces it successful and keeps it out there.

Now, if I start to notice that the funnel starts to drop a little bit like the has…


OfferLab pressure launch has done really well – it’s probably pulled 150 grand in affiliate commissions, but it’s kind of petered out.

Q: So what should I do?


  • I’m gonna take it off the table
  • I’m gonna go re-work it
  • I’m gonna build tons of launch campaigns around it
  • I’m gonna re-launch the whole funnel on the back of tons of pressure and noise into the marketplace

I’ll do the same kind of thing over and over again.

So again…

The purpose of the program is to go literally from idea and inception to launch and evergreen.

Now, there’s a lot of people that are waaay better than I am at certain parts of launch and evergreen campaigns, which is why I brought them in the program.

So, once you actually have the funnel being done, I want you to choose ONE campaign-style inside the member’s area.

And we’ll go through this in more detail, I know I’m saying a lot of stuff right here…

Choose one campaign style and just follow that process.

And when you’ve used that person’s process to the ‘T’ …then you go to the next one, and the next one.

I told the people that I brought in, “I don’t want you to just send me more videos.

People don’t need more info.”

I mean, they need the info that they need to take a step, but there’s too much info.

So, I asked …

  • The Campaign Team
  • The Scale Team

…to give OfferLab something that was actionable.

A mechanism that would hold your feet to the fire.

What's inside OfferLab

You guys will do…

  • A Launch Campaign
  • An Evergreen Campaign

…and then a high focus of the program at that point is publishing.

I’m gonna teach you guys how to publish the right waywhere it’s kind of low impact.

The goal and vision is that we build the middle of your value ladder.

For me…

  • The middle of the value ladder is what actually pays for my business systems.
  • The front of the value ladder is just to create leads and noise.

Whenever I start getting a drop in leads, I want another front-end funnel.

When I need to build and pay for another set of business structures, I create a middle of the value ladder funnel.

That pays for a lot of my business structures.

When I’m like, “You know what? I’m ready to get paid.”

OfferLab is a little bit more of an expensive program, but it’s actually a middle of the value ladder program.

And it’s what’s helping me build out a lot of these business structures.

I don’t necessarily personally get paid a lot from it – the numbers might shock you 😂

There’s a lot of cost to running a program like this.

I’m gonna show you guys a lot of behind the scenes in my own business, I hope no one takes offense to that, sometimes people do, which kind of confuses me.

Anyway, the whole purpose is to build out the middle of the value ladder…

So once you have the funnel launched and you’re getting consistent sales through evergreen ads.

And you’re like, “You know what, I’m gonna do another launch campaign.”

Anyway, the whole point is to keep turning on more evergreen strategies plus build business systems, (that’s why Alex Charfen is coming on in)…

So this is like a conglomerate of A LOT of awesome experts!

OfferLab 2020


I’ve been asked, “Steve, you were the lead funnel builder at ClickFunnels, why aren’t you offering a funnel building service for people in businesses?”

Okay, that’s a fair question.

Check this out…

Back in early 2016 when I joined ClickFunnels as an employee, there were only about 12,000 users of ClickFunnels compared to the 100,000 now.

And there were only like 40 employees compared to the 400 that there are now.

Okay? What does that mean?

It meant Russell and I were literally the only funnel builders *period*.

  • All the sales copy
  • The design
  • The video
  • Building the pages
  • Email sequences
  • Integrating software with ClickFunnels

…it was literally just he and I.

About a year into my employment at ClickFunnels though, other funnel building team members started getting hired, we finally had a copywriter, a designer, etcetera.

It changed my whole world as we now had a funnel team.

So before I offered funnel building services, I wanted to make sure I could not only find my team but that it was also air-tight.

What I did not tell you, and what I’ve NOT been public about was that my team has already been building funnels for other people for over a year now…

  • Testing
  • Tweaking
  • Building
  • Making our process better

… and so finally, I will tell you that we are ready.

We’ve been building other sales funnels for a while, I just have not announced it until now.

If you want me and my team to build your company a professional sales funnel, come get more info at

Make sure you use the “MY” …

  • You can talk to us
  • Learn about the process
  • See what we ask of you in the process as well.

It comes with a live three-day event just with me, so I can teach you

  • How to use the funnel after it’s done
  • Get traffic

….as well as a year of coaching from myself and my staff.

  • If you want us to be the nerds while you continue to run your business…
  • If you’re still looking for the core offer and funnel that supports your business revenue needs…
  • If you’d like to hand the critical funnel building task over to professionals who do this full-time…
  • If you want to learn how to design and launch your lucrative offer while my team of techies takes care of your funnel building and logistics for you…

Get more information and apply at


When you think about it, all businesses need to be able to do three things…

  1. Get leads
  2. Sell a percentage of those lead
  3. Fulfill on what they sold

And your professional business needs a professional core offer and funnel to deliver it.

We’ve already been doing this for a year with students who have businesses that are…

  • Online
  • Offline
  • Physical
  • Digital
  • Software
  • Supplement
  • Experience with revenue
  • Just starting out

…you get the point?

Not only will we build the funnel, but I’m also actually going to hook you up with the very people that I use to send various types of traffic to my own funnels.

I want you to be taking care of post-funnel build.

If you’re tight on money, it’s totally fine – we have various payment and funding plans which are also available.

Come learn more and apply at

Just be aware that we’re actually building you a professional sales funnel, and my team and I actually have very limited capacity in what we can handle monthly.

So skip the line of people shouting the most popular question I’m asked which is, “Steve will build my funnel?”

The answer finally is, “Yes,” just go start at

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