SFR 294: Fulfillment Hacks – Stephen Larsen

SFR 294: Fulfillment Hacks

Dec 31st, 2019 anchorwave

I believe that there are three major roles in every business.

They all work together and they all talk together, but they are three VERY different systems.

Last week, I shared WHY building funnels for other people used to freak me out

The worst thing I could ever do is…

  • Take on a million-dollar client
  • Build them an amazing funnel
  • Hand it off to them

… and they do NOTHING with it.

  1. What is that gonna do for the story?
  2. What is that gonna do for my fulfillment?
  3. What is that gonna do for the client?
  4. What is that gonna do for future sales?

If I cannot engineer success into those who I’m selling, I should not sell to them.

But now, I’ve reached a point at which I’m finally happy to say…

Steve Larsen product fulfillment

I’m officially building people’s funnels.

But I can ONLY do it because of the fulfillment systems I’ve set up – that practically *FORCE SUCCESS*

I’ve found a NEW way to blend the Done-For-You and the Done-With-You worlds.


It’s been under some VERY strict guidelines that my offer evolved and I’m about to give you a sneak-peek 😉

(… and you’ll discover WHY funnels are like Michael Bublé???)


If you want to join My OfferLab, there are #2 things you need to understand…

  1. It’s not ‘done for you’ but it’s not ‘done with you’ either – it’s kinda an in-between hybrid.
  2. It’s gonna cost you NOT only financially but also in your willingness to take on a few simple skillsets of a business owner’s role ‘in being a marketer.’

Not that you need to be a Steve Larsen, eyes massive, yelling around all over the place funnel freak…

Product fulfillment

Like, “No, no, no, no, no. Let me be ‘the nerd’. Let us be the nerds, but you still gotta be involved.”

The reason I’m bringing this up is ’cause there are A LOT of people who jus sell and sell…

And then they wonder why their business died???

A: They didn’t get any actual success stories for people that they’re were selling to.

That’s my *NIGHTMARE*

I’d rather be more strict and let fewer people in – and then, have a higher success rate.

So when someone walks up to me and asks, “I want you to build my funnel.”

I’m like, “Sweet!”

And then I send them to my funnel.


We spent ages building the OfferLab funnel – it’s one of my favorite funnels EVER and I’m gonna explain to you WHY this is such a BIG deal.

My OfferLab

Now, there are a lot of varying opinions on what I’m about to say next and they’re all true, depending on the lens you’re looking through…

So the first thing is you have to understand is that…

I believe that there are three major roles in every business.

Three major business systems

(…. now, of course, there are in-between roles, and there are micro roles of that role, and you can go as far with this as you want!)

But these 3 roles are the reason that funnels work for EVERY business…

  1. Every business must be able to get leads – if you can’t get leads, you die. That is directly tied to cash flow.
  2. Every business must be able to sell – they have to convert a percentage of those leads.
  3. A business must be able to fulfill on what it’s sold.

Now, you’re like, “Man, that is really, really simple, Stephen.”

And, Yep, you’re right, it is!

So here’s a question for you…

Q: Guess which part of these #3 roles a funnel is involved in?

Sales funnel business systems

A: All of them!

And you can automate ALL of those pieces – especially with ClickFunnels.

  • They all work together
  • They all talk together

…but they’re three very different systems.

Okay, check the first part is this…


  • My actual ClickFunnels funnel itself.
  • That data is passed off to Pipedrive, (specifically, it’s a phone conversation at that moment).
  • Once somebody gets sold is I wanna manage the funnel building process through some kind of software.

Can you imagine the terror that would be around in my life if I did not have a system around fulfilling?

We had 70 people join OfferLab at OfferMind

OfferLab sign up

70 people = 70 funnels.

Most people have never thought about building that many funnels – so I have to have a system around that.

I’ve had A LOT of fun doing this program with A LOT of amazing people already.


  • The management software I like for our funnel builds is

And of course, “It is Monday, Baby!!!”

I like Trello as a project management tool but it’s too breakable.

I like Monday because it’s harder to jump off or break as a user – there are less moving parts in Monday.

I use Monday to manage…

  1. Building the funnel itself
  2. Tracking where my client is inside of the actual program.

People get so jacked up with this game ’cause they’re like, “I built the funnel.”

But because they don’t think of Leads/ Sales/ Fulfillment in terms of three separate individual eventsthey get kinda messed up.

It can ALL be in ClickFunnels or whatever, but there are still three separate phases in the sales cycle.

Now, I’m telling you, don’t apply to My OfferLab unless you’re actually serious… or if you want us to be calling you – because we’re gonna, okay?

I’m going to share my screen real quick…

This is probably one of my favorite funnels we’ve ever built ever – it’s so incredible.

So we have…

  • The first page with the offer
  • An NDA to sign (for real), which is pretty powerful.
  • An application
  • A phone call
  • A Thank You Page

The biggest thing I can do in this first phase is to work on my follow-up systems.

So I have an eight email series that teaches them really powerful, cool stuff over the next eight days and reminds them to come back and finish the application.

So that’s the funnel – that’s my system for the lead in this scenario.


Business systems and processes


Q: What happens when someone actually fills out the APPLICATION page?

A: I like to use a thing called Pipedrive – which is similar to Trello, but it’s meant specifically for my program director.

When somebody applies, you see real live applications that have come in here in the past a little bit.

Inside Pipedrive, there are different categories…

  • Applied
  • Contact Attempted
  • Contact Made
  • Sold – Collecting

… and then there’s ONE more that I’m NOT gonna share with you 😉

But Pipedrive is NOT just to track our sales, it’s also a CRM that contains…

  • All the program material
  • All the program content
  • When did they start?
  • When did they buy?
  • How much did they buy?
  • When did they get it?
  • Have we given this to them?
  • Have we done this? Have we done that?

All the program details and EVERYTHING you’d expect an admin to keep track of per client is kept under the customer’s individual profile.

So we actually track each individual lead as it progresses left to right, from lead to onboard.

When a NEW person hits the onboard queue, Austin gets a message that says, “So and so would like to join the program and they’ve paid.”

Here’s what happens next…

We have a locked internal page that no one except us knows the URL to – when we add their email – it automatically fires this big long string of things – which automates a HUGE portion of our fulfillment.

  1. Send them access to all the stuff.
  2. Add tags.
  3. Send out a text.
  4. Tag fulfillment so they can ship a physical box
  5. Set up a phone call.

It’s an internal funnel.

I started building internal funnels at ClickFunnels for the FHAT Event.

We’d sell a place and then fill out an internal form that would…

  • Add them to the right sequences
  • Send the t-shirt in the right size
  • Tag the fulfillment guy over in another state.

Before I was a funnel builder, my job was to go in and build product processes for other companies – it’s one of the ways I made money in college when my funnels weren’t working yet.

I used to tie software together for other companies.

So that’s the marketing fulfillment, but now I need to go in and I need to actually fulfill for real inside of Monday.


Fulfillment business systems

Q: How am I gonna track each individual person as they go?

I am NOT gonna share a lot of this part with you…

So underneath the Program Admin Tab (on the left side) is all the stuff that we would need from an individual person…

And on the right side, we track if something is…

  • Started?
  • Not started?
  • Where they are in the process?
  • Who’s assigned to it?

This is our master copy – so we clone the master and there’s a whole bunch of other fields that we fill out…

This is all the stuff that we ask during the onboarding call.

I love the info products space – but one of the BIGGEST issues is that people don’t track where their people are.


When it’s time to actually start building their funnel, we have individual people with their specific agencies and roles….

Info product fulfillment

(…. we have a HUGE huge checklist.)

The checklist allows me to tie multiple people’s agencies together in my process.

I’m having them conform to how I know the funnel is best built.

And then, once we start building the funnel, the client’s ONLY focus is to go do the third thing – which is campaigns.

We need to know their message and their offer + a lot of other things that we ask them.

And then once we start building their funnel, they don’t just sit back. I teach them how to launch something.

And then they get assigned to a specific launch person.

Guys, I did EVERYTHING I can to force someone to be successful with this!!!

There are actually four specific people I like to listen to, follow, or outsource completely to – and I brought them into the program.

And I hand people off to them as part of the program to *FORCE SUCCESS*

I got so tired of people saying…

  • “I can’t do Facebook ads.”

Business systems

I can’t either, man.

Let me go get the person I use, here you go.

  • “I don’t know how to do Dream 100 stuff.”

Don’t even worry about it – I got you the person that does that too. Bam! Part of the program. Just sign here. She’s gonna come in hook you up with sweet people.

  • “I don’t know how to do content.”

Yeah, I know. It’s a pain in the butt. If you don’t wanna be a freak of nature, like myself, which I encourage you to not be, you should do the ‘WHO’, not the ‘HOW’…

“Here’s who I use for my content – by the way, he’s gonna go create your podcast intro for you, as part of the program itself. Boom!”

And so we take this thing that was extremely convoluted and all over the place…

And with the power of processes in these three key areas, we actually make it so that not only can I sell somebody…

Our fulfillment is airtight and there’s personal hand-holding through the program.

The member’s area is NOT just for general education, they filling out a specific form they get access to at the beginning – so that they can send over all the stuff that our funnel team needs.

But then once the funnel team’s running, that’s NOT why they have success.


Q: You know you can make money without ClickFunnels, right?

Make money with business systems

Oh, I said it! I mean, it sucks doing it that way – #UseClickFunnels.


The funnel isn’t WHY you make money.

The funnel is like a catcher’s mitt catching the ball – something still has to throw the ball.

So while my funnel team is building the funnel (building the catchers mitt), I teach…

  • How to pitch a baseball


  • Find the person that knows how to do it for them.

Explosive OfferLab

That’s WHY it’s OfferLab is explosive.

  • That’s why Jerry did 97 grand in three days.
  • That’s why Jeremy is crossing the 3 million…

It’s because of the process that we take somebody through.

And one of the BIGGEST Key Takeaways I wanna drop is this…

Processes are stronger than talent – a system is stronger than talent.


Dream business systems

I won the Dream Car Award – so I got myself a Toyota Tundra…

Q: How can Toyota, (when they’re building their awesome, sweet, new Tundras), take somebody who’s just out of high school and put them on an assembly line to help build the truck?

A: It’s because they have airtight, insanely simple, ‘anyone can use it’, ‘turn this lever’ systems.

I’m not trying to belittle it, but you understand, I’m trying to show you the power of it.

When you’re building these funnels, understand that the funnel truly is NOT the business.

The funnel is the revenue system, you still have to build the business.

For, we pretty much, the last two weeks Austin, Coulton and myself have been trying to BREAK THE SYSTEMS WE’VE BUILT to making sure that the fulfillment on my team and my funnel team is airtight…

  • How does Monday talk to Pipedrive and does Pipedrive talk-back and forth?
  • Can we log in here?
  • Who has access back and forth?
  • Break the system, break the system. Smack it.
  • Where does it hurt? Where does it bleed?
  • Oh, crap. Patch the hole. Patch the hole.
  • Run someone else through it.
  • Test, test, test, test, test.

So now for a very open shameless plug…

OfferLab plug

If you’d like me to build your funnel – I can now do that for you.

But there’s a lot that goes behind it – it’s not just a stupid dumb Done-For-You service.

So head over to if you’re interested.

It’s a super passion-filled thing for me.

And, finally…


Undiscovered product fulfillment

I was driving my kids around looking at Christmas lights…

I’m a goofy dad, and so we had Michael Bublé playing – I was going nuts on them singing at the top of my lungs “Jingle bells,” and they were like, “Daddy!”


I was driving up this hill thinking “Man, Michael Bublé’s got some mad pipes. That’s some really good singing – he’s so talented.”

And then I was like, “I wonder how many other amazing, talented singers are out there that are better than him, but we’ll never know about because they have no idea how to get the noise around of their own talent?”

You know what I mean?

They’re so good, they could be better than Michael Bublé, and we’d have no clue ’cause they don’t know how to market themselves.

Marketing business systems

It’s the same with funnels…

Once you’re good enough at your thing for it to be sellable, your role changes.

Keep doing the things that get you to awesome, but then, you gotta get into…

  • How do I get the leads?
  • How do I sell it?
  • How do I create fulfillment systems?

I think of it like wings on a plane…

Sales are the fuselage and there’s a wing on one side for the leads, got another wing on the other side for the fulfillment, so it all flies together as a plane – but without one part, it all sucks.

Product fulfillment rant

Alright, I’m gonna stop ranting.

Let me know if you have any questions …

But that’s how we built the fulfillment behind OfferLab.

It looks complicated, but it is not.

It’s funny because I’ve heard a lot of people say in the past, “Your solution should be simple.”

Tell that to Henry Ford!!!

While driving a car is simple, under the hood is NOT that simple, and the same thing is true for anything that’s simple in life.

Usually, it’s complexity that creates simplicity for the end-user.

So I feel like we’ve built an engine, but for the individual drivers throughout the whole funnel process – their process is so simple…

Simple product fulfillment

… they’ve just gotta click and drag.

I hope to see you guys inside of OfferLab.


I’ve been asked, “Steve, you were the lead funnel builder at ClickFunnels, why aren’t you offering a funnel building service for people in businesses?”

Okay, that’s a fair question.

Check this out…

Back in early 2016 when I joined ClickFunnels as an employee, there were only about 12,000 users of ClickFunnels compared to the 100,000 now.

And there were only like 40 employees compared to the 400 that there are now.

Okay? What does that mean?

It meant Russell and I were literally the only funnel builders *period*.

  • All the sales copy
  • The design
  • The video
  • Building the pages
  • Email sequences
  • Integrating software with ClickFunnels

…it was literally just he and I.

About a year into my employment at ClickFunnels though, other funnel building team members started getting hired, we finally had a copywriter, a designer, etcetera.

It changed my whole world as we now had a funnel team.

So before I offered funnel building services, I wanted to make sure I could not only find my team but that it was also air-tight.

What I did not tell you, and what I’ve NOT been public about was that my team has already been building funnels for other people for over a year now…

  • Testing
  • Tweaking
  • Building
  • Making our process better

… and so finally, I will tell you that we are ready.

We’ve been building other sales funnels for a while, I just have not announced it until now.

If you want me and my team to build your company a professional sales funnel, come get more info at

Make sure you use the “MY” …

  • You can talk to us
  • Learn about the process
  • See what we ask of you in the process as well.

It comes with a live three-day event just with me, so I can teach you

  • How to use the funnel after it’s done
  • Get traffic

….as well as a year of coaching from myself and my staff.

  • If you want us to be the nerds while you continue to run your business…
  • If you’re still looking for the core offer and funnel that supports your business revenue needs…
  • If you’d like to hand the critical funnel building task over to professionals who do this full-time…
  • If you want to learn how to design and launch your lucrative offer while my team of techies takes care of your funnel building and logistics for you…

Get more information and apply at

When you think about it, all businesses need to be able to do three things…

  • Get leads
  • Sell a percentage of those lead
  • Fulfill on what they sold

And your professional business needs a professional core offer and funnel to deliver it.

We’ve already been doing this for a year with students who have businesses that are…

  • Online
  • Offline
  • Physical
  • Digital
  • Software
  • Supplement
  • Experience with revenue
  • Just starting out

…you get the point?

Not only will we build the funnel, but I’m also actually going to hook you up with the very people that I use to send various types of traffic to my own funnels.

I want you to be taking care of post-funnel build.

If you’re tight on money, it’s totally fine – we have various payment and funding plans which are also available.

Come learn more and apply at

Just be aware that we’re actually building you a professional sales funnel, and my team and I actually have very limited capacity in what we can handle monthly.

So skip the line of people shouting the most popular question I’m asked which is, “Steve will build my funnel?”

The answer finally is, “Yes,” just go start at now.

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