SFR 29: Call Your Own Shot (my 2017 goal…) – Stephen Larsen

SFR 29: Call Your Own Shot (my 2017 goal…)

Jan 7th, 2017 anchorwave

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Every year I make a video, publicly announcing my goal. It’s actually selfish cause it freaks me out that everyone knows my goal and I push even harder.

Last year, I set (what was to me) a lofty financial goal… and I hit it. This year is another big one and I’m pumped (and scared to death) to announce it…


Welcome to Sales Funnel Radio. Where you will learn marketing strategies to grow your online business. Using today’s best internet sales funnels. Now, here’s your host. Steve Larsen.

Hey, what’s going on everyone? This is Steve Larsen. Well this is the third year I’ve done it. It is still a newish tradition but I am keeping up with it which is awesome. Every single year, what I do is I go and I create a video publicly saying what my goal is for that year.

It makes me scared and nervous every time I do this, but what’s been cool is to go through and look at the last year got … Wow, I got all this cool stuff done.

You know what I mean? Two years ago when I did this I was like, “Gosh, I’m am going to try my hardest just to make an extra grand every month like that would change my life.

We are struggling where it was super, super hard and we were having a hard time just living, just hitting the basics. Oh my gosh. I know that you have probably felt … If are watching this video and you follow me at all you’ve probably have gone through something like this.

If not, you most likely will or someone that you love will. Anyway, you feel challenge like, “Man, I was brand-new married.” Well, not then. I’m married five years now. We have two kids a one-year-old and a three-year-old. I remember just thinking like, crap divers are expensive.

I was like, “Man, just an extra grand a month would just change everything for me, right? As I was about to … It’s about three or four years ago actually now, I sold my first stuff online. I went nuts. It’s like, “Oh my gosh. This works. This is so crazy.” Right?

I just set goals and like, “Okay, I am just going to try to make an extra grand a month.” That was three years ago and I didn’t hit. It was crazy though so within the second year.

I will put the links down of those other videos down in the description here on YouTube.

MoneyTwo years ago, 2015. Yeah, 2015. I was like, “Oh my gosh. It would be so awesome if I could make an extra, two grand a month.” I didn’t hit it but I made someone else like 53 grand. We’re using the methods that I use and I was like, “Wait a second.” Okay, I think I might be on to this.”

I just kept grinding and grinding and grinding. Staying up till like [spp-timestamp time="3:00"] AM all the time. Like pushing it so hard, not stopping, barely sleeping, that kind of thing. It’s not like I want to live like that but I hadn’t figured it out yet. 2016, just this last year, a year ago. I made a goal and I was like this is huge, like I am so scared to actually hit this and I said I’m going to try and make $4000 every month after a passive income stream.

I was like, “That’s insane. I’m nuts, I’m crazy. There’s no way I am going to be able to get that done,” and I hit it. Please understand, I am not trying to be braggy. I am not trying to be weird when I say this stuff but I work my guts off.

I have an amazing wife who allows me to be able to do what I’m doing so that I could hit those kinds of goals.

This is income on the side of my actual job.

I am going to give you guys little accounting for my year real quick and I am going to tell you guys what I did. This last January, I built this funnel for, it was an ROTC. It was for charity and we’re doing a charity mud run. It was a 5K, and we are trying to raise money for woman soldiers. Really cool actually. January I built the funnel using click funnels for school thing. February, I got 650 people to sign up for it. It’s awesome.

Click FunnelsMarch, we raised $7000 and I just kept building for several other clients. I actually start making a lot of money for other clients that I was pulling in. I was like, “My gosh. Like I am figuring this out. This is cool.” April, I got hired by a ClickFunnels and I get to sit right here. It is really cool.

May, I just was trying to keep up with my boss. I was like, “You are a genius. My gosh, I can’t handle what it is that you do.”

I was, again, I get up. I’d usually stay up till 12 and then get up at five again, I do that everyday.

You kids arrived on that…

I just build up my own thing, right? June, I finish and I went and start again subscribers. It was really cool. That’s June. Then in July, I started interviewing tons of people for a podcast that I wanted to launch. July, I interviewed like crazy.

August, I actually launched it. The first month, we had 1100 downloads. The second month was 1300. The third month was 6000. It caught like wildfire so thank you to all of you who look into that.

Anyway, that’s fast forwarding a little bit so back in August I launched the podcast and I started doing coaching calls and actually charging for that because I am getting so many questions, I couldn’t handle all. I was like, I got to zip people out somehow. It kind of sucks but it’s the way it works. I got to charge for that, so I started doing coaching calls.

September, that’s when I have my first $12,500 week. That was like. “Okay.” I remember, I was sitting at a Wendy’s and I saw my phone and I was like., “Good crap. What the heck?” I showed my wife and we both just sat there and in silence for a little bit like, “whoa. All right. This is super validating.”

I was like, I’m glad my wife was sitting there next to me. All the people who were saying, “No, you can’t do it.” That works for like five years for that. I knew I could do it, I just was like, “How? How? How?”

That was the struggle for the longest time…

I call it my shut up check. The first time you get paid online or whatever it is you are trying to pursue. “Shut up.” Like, “Look, I did. Shut up.” Just the shut up check. I learned that from Shawn Terry by the way. Anyway. October, that’s when I started having several $1000 days just back-to-back-to-back-to-back. I was like, “Man. That’s crazy cool.”

It was around the beginning and like middle of summer. Around that time when I started making about a grand a week consistently off of the same few assets that I developed, over and over and over again.

I was blown away about it…

I was like, “Man, this crazy cool stuff.” I’m super excited about this. I am hitting my goal. $1000 a week, that’s $4000 a month. My goal is $4000 a month, baby, what? I just, I hit to hit the fire for me. I was going nuts. I was like, “This is the coolest thing on the planet.”

It was really cool. That’s when I started building a lot for other people. I was like, “Man, this is really cool.” I started building. I was like, “You know what, this is actually worth a lot of money to businesses. Why am I not charging just a little bit more?”

I started charging 10 grand for these funnels that I was building and it was awesome. Super cool. All while, these other assets were going. Then this last month in December, I’ve built a lot of my own affiliate programs to promote the actual company that work for us. It was awesome. It’s ClickFunnels. It just increase that which is really, really cool.

MoneyPlease understand, I am not bragging. I just do this every year at the beginning of January and I am calling my shots. Okay? I am so nervous.

The only reason I have so much confidence to be able to do this is because, A, I’ve now finally proven at after like five years of trying and figured out how it actually works which is crazy. So cool. So awesome. You know what I mean?

Crazy cool!

I can’t believe the amount of sleep I’ve given up. Like, I just look back and it’s been very introspective over the last three months especially. Like, my goodness gracious. How cool. Anyone of you guys can do this. I barely graduate at high school. No joke. I barely did. I failed my first semester of college. No joke. I actually did. I got kicked out, okay?

Then I went back to study and I came back and started to get my straight A’s and it’s not like like I fell into this. I work my butt off.

It’s really really exciting and it’s super validating. Anyway. That’s the accounting of last year so I am calling the shot. I have $1000 a week, consistently going on. Especially for the last five months and in particular. We were able to go like on a cruise. I was able to treatment my wife to some fun stuff. Like really, really personal wins. Strong personal wins. Feeling like, my gosh, it’s really exciting and a lot of cool lessons coming along the way how I actually did it.

Anyway, which is fun. It’s really cool guys. You guys can do this. Anyway, I’m really scared to say the number because I put it altogether and I have a plan and I know half of the funnels to get to this next goal that I have already built. I know I’m going to hit but it is so scary for me.

I mean that sincerely…

I don’t mean scared, meaning … The amount of money I am trying to go for month is like, I mean, we’ve never … My wife has eaten one meal a day while we first go married. We had a $1000 when we first go married. No jobs. Nothing. A lot of you guys heard that story. It was really hard for me.

Anyway, I want to make 30 grand a month. That’s a lot.

It’s not quite… I think it is realistic. I actually have it down to the number how am I going to do with a lot of leeway and I think I can hit. Please don’t think that I am trying to be braggy. Okay?

That’s my goal and I do this every year…

In one year, I am going to account to you guys and hopefully by then, I’ve hit it. If I don’t hit it, whatever. This is my journey, okay? If you guys want to follow it at all. I am going to be documenting it and, it’s my podcast.

Anyway. I am nervous guys, but it’s going to be good. It would really be good. A lot of personal development happens when you start going for something like this. I feel like it’s not such a huge goal that it’s going to be out there and crushing it, right?

It is going to be a big hairy audacious goals, right? It’s out there. It’s going to stretch me like crazy but I think I am going to hit it.

I’m going to do my best to do so. That’s so nerve-wrecking. Oh my goodness. That’s more money than we made in the first year that we are married, by a ton.

Oh gosh, you guys. Anyway. I would love to hear your stories, if you can comment below. I would love to hear what your goals are. I am dead serious about it, okay?

If you have any negativity about it. Don’t post it below, I don’t want to hear it. I am also very serious about that too, okay? I don’t want to hear any negativity. I want to hear things that you are out there trying to succeed and accomplish on.

I remember there’s a time, it was like three years ago. I knew I was onto something but it just wasn’t there. I know a lot of you guys are that way. I remember standing in front of our bathroom mirror at my apartment and I just undo to our sales and I did a good job with it for the first little while and then the second half, I got distracted and started to say, started putting things like … That’s when I realize I could sell another ways so I started exploring.

Anyway. I remember coming back from that like I feel I did a good job but also feeling like, “Man, there’s nothing sustainable. I made those sales and they are done. They are done.”

I get to do all of that again just to make those sales again…

I was like, there’s go to be a better way. I studied like crazy and I was staying up really late, barely sleeping. Reading even e-books, listening to podcast. Things on repeat.

I listen to Russel Brunson in two times speed which is like four times speed for anyone else. Like he talks so fast but I listen to him like crazy. I remember standing in front of my bathroom mirror just looking at myself and I just started hitting the counter just boom, boom, boom.

I said, I can do this. I started smacking it. I got really intense. I don’t know why but every time I am kind of pissed off, things happen.

For whatever reason. I was hitting the counter, I was looking at and I was looking at myself go, “Larsen, you are the freaking man.” I started psyching myself up because I didn’t know I was going to do it. I knew what my goals were.

I just knew that if I just plowed for it with the most ridiculous force. Something would happen. It was totally true. It meant I had to work for free for some people just to prove myself. It meant I had to go have meetings with CEOs of seven-figure businesses all the time.

Eight-figure, even a nine-figure like pitching my stuff to them. Fail, fail, fail, fail and then like fail but I learned something really valuable on this one.

It was like, “Whoa. Wait a second.” I started putting all these pieces together. I started watching very specifically what a lot of the other guys out there were doing who are actually making money and serving.

Not just … I don’t want to be a shady guy doing the stuff. I want to actually help people.  I was watching what they are doing and I was like, “Gosh, that’s so sweet.” It has nothing to do with ability. I know I can do it. I am just trying to figure out how. I know a lot of you guys are that way.

I am probably talking in circles now but you feel it in your gut and you are like, “This is me. That is me. I can do that. I can accomplish that,” and I would imagine myself … This is going to sound weird but I would imagine myself just tearing my goal down, just ripping it apart over and over and over.

Tons of motivational videos when I wake up because I wasn’t sure how I was going to do it. Anyway. It is all I thought about and obsess over and knew that I could do it. I’ve noticed that it’s not always true, because you got to have a life balance and that is important but I also agree to a point for a while, when you want something that’s extreme … Life balance doesn’t have any option for a little while.

You got to do stuff that’s not quite normal to get out there…

You want to do some kind of abnormal things. A lot of times, you get to do things that are abnormal which is true for a little bit but then it’s about building systems. You don’t have to do that anymore and live crazy like I’ve been doing. This next year, the issues that I’m running into and I’ve written down was … I am having issue with scaling.

I got to get a few people here and there in place now so that I can step back and make sure I’m still providing value for my … The goal is not for me to solely focus on this one thing on the side, I work for just an insanely amazing company. I don’t want to put my number one focus anywhere else except for where I work because I love it but I also know what it takes in order to push forward on it and I am seeing that and I got that.

This year, I really caught that. It was exciting for me to do it…

Anyway. I am kind of rambling now but that’s my shot. I am calling my shot, okay? I am going to do it. I am going to make it happen and it’s really nerve-racking and I always hate making these videos but three years ago when I started doing this, I made the first one.

That’s actually when stuff really started happening. I challenge you to go out there and make a video, publicly stating to the world and the internet what your goal is, okay? Whether that’s financial or whatever the one big goal is. Don’t make a huge list.

To me, that stresses me out. I never do that. I never make a big list. “I am going to do this, and this, and this.” It’s like, “No. That’s going to stress me out and I am going to drop it all in two weeks.” I got a one huge goal, just one and I know I can hit it. I have a plan to do it. It’s realistic but very stretching and I challenge you guys to do the same and post it out to the world.

Anyways. If you guys want to follow my journey on this step, if you want to know how I am doing on it. Go to Subscribe to the podcast, because that’s actually where I am going to be tossing in a lot of these things. I got some great interviews on there already. Should be releasing the next one tomorrow but anyway, excited for it. I’m excited to see what you guys’ goals are.

I think this would be a good journey. This is scary to be accountable like this, okay? Be gentle, but not too gentle because I won’t grow. All right, guys. I’ll talk to you later. Bye.

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