SFR 281: Using OPE (Other People’s Events) – Stephen Larsen

SFR 281: Using OPE (Other People’s Events)

Oct 1st, 2019 anchorwave

How am I using the Perfect Presentation Script in OTHER people’s funnels?

Are webinars dead?


Shocking news about entrepreneur events

Russell doesn’t use the term webinars anymore, it’s now called a ‘presentation’.

… and it’s because people are like, “Well, I’m not gonna do a webinar to sell my thing.”

Frankly, people who think that are missing the point… ‘cause it’s the format NOT the name that matters.

The script itself works extremely well… whether you call it a webinar or a presentation 🤓

So ‘YES!’ the webinar is dead…

Long live the Perfect Presentation Script!


So here’s a question for you…

Entrepreneur events question

Q: What has 5 parts and can be used to sell or launch *ANYTHING* on or offline (and why I’m cycling in the boonies at 10 pm)?

A: (You guessed it…) The Perfect Presentation Script!

And this may come as a shock to some people…

Selling a car, is the same as selling an info product, is the same as selling soap, is the same as selling insurance… etc. Sales is sales.

And the other night, while cycling in the boonies, I came up with a sweet NEW way that I could ‘kill two birds with one stone’ to use other people’s events to save myself hours of work

Here’s how it happened…


Growing up, my parents said I was NOT allowed to drive unless I got my Eagle Scout.

Steve Larsen entrepreneur events

I didn’t wanna too… so I biked EVERYWHERE instead.

And it wasn’t just down the road, I put in some serious miles in high school.

Recently, I started cycling again…

It was pitch black and I had only the w flashlight on my bike.

I was trying to study the road and pushing super hard, some things were coming at me fast…

It’s totally a Children of the Corn scenario…

Thinking about entrepreneur events

It was so *FREAKY* … but it got me thinking!


It’s been such an intense week!

Intense entrepreneur events

  • We’ve been…
  • Launching
  • Running lots of payments
  • Getting lots of people onboarded to Offer lab

Now we’re working with people to get all the inputs that my funnel team needs to build their funnel for them.

Sales funnels for entrepreneur events

*Yep! You heard that correctly*

You may not know about OfferLab yet, but this is the second year we’ve run it.

It was successful the first year, but now we’ve found ways to make it even MORE successful.

So, anyway, it’s been an intense week, and honestly, I need time to do aggressive physical activities just to stay in the zone.

I use my little Apple Watch to track my time and distance and I’m at 19 and a half miles in about an hour and a half…

Steve Larsen how to promote your business

Those of you guys who cycle might be thinking, “Oh, that’s not that far, Steve.”

I get it, but check out the bike I’m on…

It’s a mountain bike…

Entrepreneur events

Look how FAT those tires are.

Give me some credit!

I’m pushing pretty hard, and I burn A LOT of calories doing this.

I’m trying to get in more shape so that I can go jujitsu… it’s gonna be a ton of fun.


Anyway, back to that *sweet idea* I had…

Entrepreneur events idea

It suddenly hit me that I’m speaking at events six times in the next six weeks.

Which means…

I have six speeches to plan and write and it takes me, on average a solid 8 – 15 hours to create each speech.

People are like, “Woah, Stephen, you don’t need to do that.”

I’ve had people tell me, “Stephen, you could just take a marker, stand up, and teach.”

How to promote your business

Yes, but that’s NOT the point.

Even if I’m NOT selling something for money, I’m still selling ideas.

And so I need to know…

  • What’s the false belief I gotta break?
  • What are the stories?

This is my craft. I’m not gonna just stand up and just spitball it, that’s dumb.

Lead generation strategy

I’m highly prepared for every speech I give, *highly*…


Living Legends entrepreneur events

I’m gonna be speaking at Carnegie Hall along with…

  • Martha Stewart
  • Dan Kennedy (so long as his health is okay).
  • Michael Gerber, who wrote The E-Myth, (that book changed my life in college).
  • Hal Elrod from The Miracle Morning.

…I’m really excited about it.

I’m NOT normally the kinda guy to name drop stuff, (and frankly, that kinda drives me a little bit nuts…)


Awesome entrepreneur events


These are some of the people that I’ve learned from over the years, and maybe you have too.

I’m pumped about it.

I’m giving two speeches at Carnegie Hall, and then the very next weekend, I’m speaking, literally back to back, at two different events in different locations.

On Friday, October 4th, (I believe it’s the fourth), I’m gonna speak at Boss Con.

Boss Con entrepreneur events

And then Saturday, October 5th, I’m speaking at Carrot Con and Daymond John is gonna be there!

Carrot Con entrepreneur events

Then I come back home to Inner Circle, and then I think the next week I’m getting on a plane to speak at Pruvit’s event.

A lot of you guys know I’m in Pruvit, I’m in Russell’s downline.

I love Pruvit, I’m drinking it right now.

How to promote your business like Pruvit

It’s A LOT of speeches.

So I was thinking to myself, “Self, what else has five things? Oh, My Lanta, webinars/ presentations do.”

So here’s what I was thinking…


Speaking at entrepreneur events

I’m allowed to sell at Carrot Con, but the others, I’m not allowed to.

So, if I just figure out which platforms would be best for…

  • My origin story
  • Secret #1
  • Secret #2
  • Secret #3
  • The Close.

… can you see where I’m going with this?

Genius lead generation strategy

So there are five parts to the perfect presentation, and I’m gonna take the speeches I write, put them in order, and then…

I’ve literally created a whole NEW presentation from all the speeches for these events.

I freakin’ love the perfect webinar (oops, presentation) format; I use it for EVERYTHING.

It’s how I sell my…

  • Affiliate stuff.
  • Expensive stuff.
  • $25,000-program.
  • $13,000-program.
  • $3000/ $1000/ $1-programs.

That format is so beautiful to sell *ANYTHING*…

Even something is FREE, you still gotta sell it.


OfferMind 2019

At OfferMind 2019 we collected about $1.4 to 1.5 million in sales.

We don’t have the final count, so we’re not quite sure yet.

But it’s about $1.4 to $1.5 million in sales and I think we’ll get to 1.6 or 7 – which is crazy.

Here’s the thing, though…

I spent four days just creating the slides for that one hour pitch.

  • Not the research.
  • Not the brainstorming.
  • Not the thinking through.

… four days on just the slides!

‘Cause I’m an artist baby.

I’m a scientist, but I also love the art part as well.

So when people are like, “Well, Stephen, you don’t need to… “


Prepare for entrepreneur events


However, instead of me spending 10 hours each for my next five speeches…

What if I just spent the time creating one webinar, took out the pieces, and I told it across different stages?!?!

Of course, I’m gonna have to adapt it a little bit. I know it’s probably NOT gonna fit perfectly…

I can’t just walk on to the last stage and just immediately start pitching!

How to promote your business well

I’m still gonna have to have a little origin story and stuff like that…

But I’m gonna make sure I do it in a way that I can lace together the speeches from the five different stages.

It’s gonna be sooo sick- I’m psyched about it.

Excited about entrepreneur events


I don’t have that long to speak at Carnegie Hall; I have two sessions that are like 25 minutes each.

It’s not that long and I get it, it’s just an honor to be there.

That event’s called Living Legends – so I’m excited to even be called a ‘Living legend’ – that’s REALLY honoring.

So, 25 minutes is not really enough time for me to teach something in-depth meaty and juicy, which is what I’m kinda known for…

I’ll still teach something, but I’m selling me NOT an idea.

Most people will have no idea who I am…

I don’t think Martha Stewart even knows that I’m breathing air right now

Martha Stewart entrepreneur events

… and that’s totally cool.

So instead, what if I go and I actually sell them on me.

So I might as well tell my origin story at Carnegie Hall.

…and then, I’ll give some cool nuggets on how to create cool offers and sales funnels and stuff like that.


Then the next event I’m psyched for is Rachel Pedersen’s Boss Con Event.

Entrepreneur events Boss Con

Hopefully, you’re going? I’m excited to see you there.

My guess is I’ll probably share Secret #1 or #3 at Boss Con.

Now, if you don’t know what I’m talking about when I say this…

  • Secret #1 or Story #1 is told tell after the origin story and it’s all about the product itself.
  • Secret #3 or Story #3 is all about external-based false beliefs that you have to break.

I don’t wanna get too deep in that here…

But the whole point of this is, that I’m trying to find more patterns and places to tell use the presentation script…

So I’m basically breaking up a presentation funnel script at tons of events and I’m gonna use that to launch a product I’m promoting.

So, “Stephen, what products are you gonna promote?”

I’m so glad you asked… 😉


One Funnel Away entrepreneur events

I love the One Funnel Away Challenge, and so I said…

“Just so you know, ClickFunnels… I think I’m gonna go sell the One Funnel Away Challenge at Carrot Con.”

And they were like, “Cool, we’ve got some additional things we want you to test with that.”

Hopefully, I’m alright to say this…???

But ClickFunnels is sending a bunch of One Funnel Away boxes to Carrot Con for me so I can sell One Funnel Away, which is super cool.

So understanding that I’m such a big proponent of One Funnel Away…

( I help teach a lot of the one funnel away challenge. I’m one of the coaches in the challenge.)

… it puts me in a kind of a neat spot where I can actually create a webinar selling One Funnel Away by telling it over five different events.

That’s *SICK* (in the modern sense)!

I’m so excited about it, it’s gonna be awesome.


I guess the whole purpose of this episode is that it doesn’t need to be an official ‘webinar’…

You don't need a webinar for entrepreneur events

You just need to understand the principles behind why the presentation script works so well.

The presentation script tackles false beliefs in the order that the brain typically experiences any sale or decision.

For example:

When I decided to bike super far tonight, I actually went through the same process that I’d go through if I was buying something.

First of all, my vehicle-based objection to the bike ride was…

  • “My back tire is a little bit flat.”

“Stephen, shut up! (Steve is talking to Stephen, the weak side of me) Go to a gas station and pump up the tire.”

Entrepreneur events objections

And that’s what I did.

  • “Oh man, I don’t know how far I can go.”

“Don’t worry about it, just set your Apple watch, Steve. Go ahead and press the button, and start moving.”

  • “Oh, man. I don’t know if I have enough energy to do that?”

“That’s okay, son. You got yourself some Keto from Pruvit, man.”

…and that’s what I did.

Most decision-making happens in the process of the presentation script, not just sales.

That’s the purpose… that’s what I’m trying to say in this episode.


Entrepreneur events are scripted

So, if you’re like, “Man, I’m gonna go sell something. I don’t have time to do a full-out perfect presentation funnel.”

Then *DON’T*… just take the idea behind it and lace it in these different places.

Every single product that I’m selling right now has a perfect presentation funnel selling in front of it… at EVERY price point!

  • It’s NOT locked to a price point.
  • It’s NOT locked to info space.

I use the perfect presentation script for EVERYTHING, it’s magic.

Probably three years ago, I realized that there was a hack to the game, and ALL I had to do was learn how to sell expensive things to people with money.

That’s it!

Q: Guess what the best way to do that is?

A: The perfect presentation funnel.

Q: Guess what that means though? Guess where you can sell with it?


I was dropping voice mails on people’s phones before OfferMind telling very brief two-minute stories to pre-frame their brains before they showed up.

It’s ALL scripted, baby!

Every single little pause of my OfferMind speech.

There was a lot of thought behind…

  • What people are talking about.
  • When the presentations were given during the day to break and rebuild false beliefs.
  • The effect of All the presentations together.

I love my craft, man, “Oink, baby. What’s up? Oink.” I’m very prepared, I have never stepped on a stage unprepared.

There have been many times that I’ve…

  • Stayed up ’til 3 or 4 AM in order to prepare a speech.
  • Slept a couple of hours.
  • Given a speech.
  • Then rested.

It’s that big of a deal to me to step on a stage prepared because there’s a lot that goes into it.

It’s NOT about content, it’s about beliefs and distribution.

That’s direct response marketing right there; beliefs and distribution – that’s measurable. [chuckle]

There it is, that’s marketing.

Anyway, and that’s the latest way that I’m using the perfect presentation script.

Alright, my friends, hopefully, you enjoyed the episode…

Steve Larsen OfferMind 2019

… and go do something freaky!

#GetRich. #BOOM!


So several years ago, I walked by a stage in a basketball stadium.

It was my college campus and I was deeply concerned with what I wanted to do in my life.

For some reason, I looked at the stage and thought, “Huh, one day I wanna be on stage. I wanna be an entrepreneur and I wanna buy and sell companies.”

Steve Larsen live entrepreneur events

Well, while the last one hasn’t happened … *YET* (Muahaha)… stage and entrepreneurship have.

And as my business has grown and my message has spread, a frequent question I’m asked is, “Steve, what stage will you be on next?”

Now I totally get that this feels, maybe, a little conceited here…

But considering my childhood fear of speaking up, being heard, extreme lack of self-confidence, and getting in front of people, back in my growing up days, I feel satisfied.

I thought I’d tell you where I’ll be in the world coming up.

And funny enough, just literally go over to, and it’ll forward you to the next place.

I love stage and it’s one of my biggest things to look forward to in my current role in my business.

See Steve Live at entrepreneur events

From little 10 person masterminds all the way to gigantic 5000 person events – from free seats to paid events – events have always been one of the ways I can deliver the MOST value and get the greatest “AHA’s” in the shortest amount of time.

Just come say hi, and go over to

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