SFR 28: Interview – Nick Arapkiles Exposes Some Of His Youtube Traffic “Hacks” – Stephen Larsen

SFR 28: Interview – Nick Arapkiles Exposes Some Of His Youtube Traffic “Hacks”

Jan 5th, 2017 anchorwave

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I LOVE video…. And traffic. I have over 200 videos on Youtube now and here’s what I wish I’d known…



Hey, everyone. This is Steve Larsen. Welcome to Sales Funnel Radio.


Welcome to Sales Funnel Radio where you’ll learn marketing strategies to grow your online business using today’s best internet sales funnels. Now, here’s your host, Steve Larsen.


All right, you guys. Hey, I’m super excited. I’m super pumped for today because we get to talk about something that has always intrigued me. It’s actually kind of the way it got started in internet when I first started working for Paul Mitchel and driving internet traffic with one of my buddies.

Since then I really haven’t done much so I’m excited to welcome on to the podcast an expert in this area, thank you so much, Nick Arapkiles. How are you doing?


I’m great, man. Thanks for having me on.


Hey, thanks. I appreciate it. Thank you so much for coming on. I was just looking through Facebook messages before you and I got on here and I didn’t realize I think you had asked if we could push the time back and I’m such a morning person, thanks for getting up this early to do this.


Hey, no problem at all, man. I’m happy to do it. Like you said I’m not much of a morning person, but when someone like you gives me an opportunity like this I’m happy to get on.


It’s nice that you did, I appreciate it. For everyone listening, this really is probably the first time, I mean, this is the first time that we’d really spoken like this.

The guy that connected us is Ben Wilson obviously. Ben is the guy. He and I we’re doing that things, Paul Mitchel and several other companies just think the world of him. He sent me a message and he goes, “Dude, I got this awesome guy. He’s the man.” I think I still have the message just to put it on the podcast or something.

It’s pretty funny. He’s like, “This sweet guy, man, he’s this genius and he said he wants to come.” “Hey, sweet.” I’m always looking for talent, for people because I get boring for everyone I’m sure.

I’m excited to have some mix out.


It’s kind of a funny story. I met him at an event here in Colorado and then I actually ran into him at the Rockies, in the baseball game. Then he messaged me about you and here we are.


Dude, that’s great. What event was it?


It was actually for a book publishing event ironically …


He told me he’s going to that. Okay, cool. That’s fantastic. It’s funny this whole internet marketing world, it’s actually a lot smaller than people think it is because people get in it, they’ll get out of it, they’ll get in it but the people that stick around I don’t think there’s … Anyways, get around quick. What is exactly that you’re doing then? You told me that you’re awesome with YouTube which is awesome.

Most people forget you can even advertise there I feel like but what is it that you’re doing?


Basically, I’ve been doing this stuff for a lot. Do you want me to just go on to my story a little bit?


Okay, man. Let’s hear it.


Okay, cool. I’ve actually been online for about six years now and two and a half of those first six years were complete and utter struggle. It’s usually the case with a lot of people’s stories.

I don’t think I’m too much different…


Anyone who says otherwise I feel like they are just lying or throwing a sales video.


Yeah, I mean, it sucked at the time. Obviously it sucked at the time not having, you always expect when you get started you’re thinking you’re going to make money in your first day, first week, first month at least but it was tough man, it really was. I forfeited a lot of things going on.

StudyingI was actually in college at the time…

It was the summer before my last year of college so all my friends were going out partying and going to pool parties, different stuff like that. I was just dedicated to this thing. I essentially locked myself in my room that whole summer and I was dedicated to making it work and I didn’t even make it work that entire summer and even years after that.

It just led me on this path I think once you get into this like you’re essentially infected with the entrepreneurial bug as I like to call it.

You can’t really go back from that. I mean, I kept on trying different things. I even went into the trading Forex and stuff like that but eventually came back into the marketing realm and that’s where I am now like you’re asking I’ve done a lot of YouTube stuff. That’s the big thing is I really always focus on driving traffic because if you can drive traffic then you have a business. You really can do anything, it depends on what traffic you’re using.

Most the time I promote different funnels like business opportunities or just affiliate programs…

I haven’t really dove into much of my own stuff. I just leverage other systems that people put out and that’s pretty much what I’m doing but it all stems from driving traffic and then calling people from YouTube into my world.

I like to really call it my world more so than my list.

I think a lot of people say my list or build a list. That’s great, obviously you need to build a list but I think it helps me come from a better mentality than it’s I’m building a list of people or a list. It’s more so I’m building an audience of people, they are in my world now.

Because I think a lot of people secure a list and they just think of numbers and what it really comes down to is that these are people that are interested and they want to connect with you and they want to learn more. You have to treat them as such and I think when you do that you get a lot better results.


Interesting. That’s interesting. A lot of people I know will talk about, they’ll have you fill out something.

Who are you trying to attract? What’s their likes? What’s their dislikes? What do they hate? Sometimes I feel like that gets pretty artificial after a while. You’re just targeting people like yourself.

I feel like it’s the easiest way to go…


Yeah, to be honest I didn’t express this fully but basically what I do right now is I don’t actually do too much advertising where I’m paying for the clicks and stuff like that. It’s mostly just all organic.

I’ve done a little bit of advertising here and there but the big thing is just putting content up. I know you’re asking if I could drop some nuggets for YouTube and stuff like that but the biggest thing is just to continually put out content just like any other type of platform whether that’s Facebook, Instagram, even Snapchat now.

It’s just continually putting out content because the more content you have out there, the more likely people are going to find you…

I mean, there are some videos that I have that have seven views but there’s also other videos that have 100,000 views. You never really know exactly which videos are going to hit.

You might have an idea depending on the keywords and how optimized your videos are but the biggest thing that I stress and every day I learn more and more, I’m always learning is the fact that you never really know exactly until you start putting up content which videos are really going to stick and gain some traction until you upload them.


That’s interesting you say that. Back in college also I started really, really diving into this also, same thing. I sucked at it.

There’s a guy I listen to and he was saying, “You should always be publishing. Try and get a way to be in front of your people. Produce content.” Just exactly what you’re saying. I started doing that and making all these Periscope videos and I would put the recordings on YouTube.

I can’t tell you how cool that was. Stuff started happening when I did that. The exact reason you’re saying. I had some videos that were terrible but then others were completely surprising to me.

People started watching them and pushing them around. What the heck is this?

My products started getting sold organically. I was like, “This is kind of cool,” I totally agree with that but I have to ask though, you’re putting YouTube videos out. Try to put as many up as you can. How do you rank a YouTube video? It’s hard to… these words for spiders to go crawl and stuff like that like a blog post.

What are some strategies you use to actually try and get them out there?


It almost feels like it’s changed throughout the years, I think the algorithms and everything. I’m not that geeky like that but I just noticed some trends here and there.

As of late, I’ve noticed that a bigger channel with more subscribers and just a little bit more authority, maybe it’s been on for a little bit of while or a little while, those are the videos that’s pushing up towards the top of the search engines.

You can pull back links. I know that probably gets a little bit more complex. I don’t know if you’re familiar with back linking.


100%, yeah definitely.


Okay, I just didn’t know if your audience would or not but that’s basically you can go out there and get some other people to put your video in a bunch of different places. The idea behind that is that the search engines see your video all over the place and they are like, “This must be a video that is good. Let’s start pushing it up towards the top of the search engine.”

Especially a couple of years ago that was huge and it definitely got me a lot of results but the thing again that I’ve noticed lately is that just having a big channel and having some decent subscribers and having people actually watch majority of your video is what’s really pushing your videos up.

I’ve had some videos where I just started making videos and they don’t get much traction at all but then I have one of my bigger channels and I just put it up and I don’t really optimize it at all, I don’t really do anything to it and right away it’s like one of the first videos on the search engine.


I hear of Traffic Geyser.


Yeah the name sounds familiar.


These sites where you just submit your video and they’ll just blast it across the internet so that you could get more views. I mean, totally spam-my stuff, you know what I mean? It’s the dream for every entrepreneur or internet guys to just put your stuff everywhere.

Strategy What strategies do you use for finding people to put your videos up? You know what I mean? Did you have to find related channels to yourself?


Not necessarily. I use a website called Fiverr a lot of the times or at least I used to. I haven’t been using it as much lately but it’s a really cool website. You’re obviously familiar with it but I’ll explain it for your audience. Basically, it’s just a website. It’s called, F-I-V-E-R-R dot ‎com and basically it’s a site that has a bunch of people doing a bunch of different gigs.

They’ll literally do anything for you for $5. I think there’s a processing fee now for like 50 cents. Essentially people will do anything for you on the internet. I should be more specific with that.


It’s funny though because I’ve had people like, “Rap my name.” I’ve had people, “Beat box stuff,” they’ll do anything for five bucks.


Exactly, there’s a lot of different stuff that you can do. Basically I just go on there and look for back links or maybe social signals and it’s not to complicated. I mean, you just have to find someone with good rating, good track record and just test them out and that’s the whole thing that I always tell people too is that you just have to test things out.

You’ll never really know what’s working, what’s not working until you go out there and actually apply it yourself…

I think a lot of people are always asking me for the secret, asking me for different things that are just going to make it click and they’re going to make hundreds of thousands of dollars. That’s really never the case.

You know this just as well as anybody is that you actually have to go out there and do the work, see what’s working, see what’s not working and then throw out the stuff that’s not working and then just ramp up the stuff that is working…


This is one of the reasons why I laugh so much when you brought up Fiverr because it started out as a great class. I’m sorry if anyone’s listening that was in that class. It was like an SEO class in college and it started out great. We’re learning all these cool strategies for SEO and things like that.

Then it just got like the strategies were really old. I’ve been doing it long enough by that point that I just knew that what I was earning wasn’t significant or anything. He’s like, “Hey, what you’re all going to go do is you got to go create a YouTube video and think about a topic a lot and the competition in the class to see whose video can get the most views.” I was like, “I could totally game that.” We went and we made this, you know that, “Do you even lift, bro?”

Those videos that are out there right now, have you seen it though?


I’m not sure.


“Bro, do you even lift?”


Okay, yeah.


The next Star Wars is coming out and we said, “Do you even Jedi, bro?” We made all these funny videos of people. It was pretty cool but I totally went to Fiverr and I paid this dude $5 to send like 10,000 bot clicks.

For no views at all to just this massive spike and we went and we gave the ending presentation stuff like that like we have over 10,000 clicks on this thing and everyone’s like, “Oh my gosh, that’s amazing.” It’s in the last few weeks and what’s funny is that we ended up getting contacted right before the class ended by this ad agency.

They were like, “Hey, we want to use your video to promote Star Wars stuff on.” I was like, “Okay.” None of them knew that this were like … I’m sure that 50 of them were real clicks out of the … Maybe.

What’s funny though is that obviously YouTube after a while can start to see if that’s crap. The views on the bottom went from 0 to 10,000 to 12 and it stayed there. We’re looking at the analytics for a while and then just totally drop.

They took away all of them all the way back down to 3 views or something like that after the class was ended. Anyways, the only reason I bring that up is because A, it was a total failure and I knew what happened.

I knew enough about that world that time but it was I mean, how do you go through Fiverr and figure out who’s going to be sending you real clicks and not. You know what I mean or who’s going to be pushing your video around the right way or not?

Because most of it … I like Fiverr for testing a lot of the lower level stuff but it sounds like you’ve got a cool way to do it that isn’t that way.


Yeah, that’s actually a good point…

I’m glad you brought that up because that’s very important that you find good gigs because if you are sending a bunch of fake traffic to your YouTube videos it can get your video shut down and even your account shut down because YouTube will recognize that and they see that you’re just throwing all these views on there and they are all fake.

They don’t like that. I’ve had the experience of getting a lot of my stuff shut down because of that in the early stages. Anyone listening, make sure that you’re not sending crap gigs over to your videos because YouTube will shut that down real quick. In terms of finding good stuff, basically I just make sure that the vendor has a good track record.

There’s one specific guy that he’s probably one of the bigger gigs. He’s got so many different gigs on there. I’ll just let you know his name is Crorkservice.


Crorkservice, you know, I might actually seen him before.


I’m sure you have. Honestly he’s probably one of the best out there and he’s got the best ratings.

He’s like the top of the top sellers…

I mean, it’s no hidden secret. You just have to go through his gigs and figure out what exactly it is that you want. If you are going to purchase views I really haven’t done that in a long time. I know there are some people that do it and they do actually have success because again like I was saying before, if you can get high retention views where people are watching the majority of your video, that actually can really, really help you with ranking your video on YouTube in specifics.

Just make sure that is a high retention view and again it has a good track record because that can definitely help with rankings on YouTube.


Interesting, okay. What are you doing? I heard some people talk about we’ll give some formula or outline for what to make, what to put in the video to make sure that they’ll push pass minute seven or whatever it is.

Do you have anything that you would recommend there?


Yeah, for sure. There’s a couple of things. The first thing that you definitely need to know, basically how I get all my traffic for the most part is it’s all based on keywords.

People come into the search engines and this is just like general in terms of search traffic. Basically people will come in, they’ll be searching for something, I mean you and I have done this just as much as anybody else is that they have a concern, they have an issue, they need help with something.

They come into the search engines and they start typing it out whether that is how to lose weight, how to grow tomatoes.

It doesn’t really matter, it just pertains to whatever your business is but they’ll start searching things in and then they’ll find your videos if you start uploading videos, you do it on a good channel, you start optimizing it.

Your videos are going to start rising towards the top of the search engines. What you need to do when you’re making your videos is that you need to let your viewers know that they are at the right place.

Let’s say for example that you did make a video about how to grow heirloom tomatoes for example. What you need to say in the beginning of the video, you need to let your viewer know that they’re in the right place at the right time.

You say, “Hey, you probably landed on this video because you are looking, you started searching out how to grow heirloom tomatoes,” right then and there they know that they are at the right place. That’s what starts it out and then if you can get technical and say, you need to say this, you need to say this, but I think it ultimately comes down to is that you need to let them know that they’re in the right place and then give them value.

I know it sounds stupidly simple but I think there’s many people out there that just like they’re trying to heighten all this traffic, all this stuff through your website.

People are smart, you can’t bullshit people…

When you’re genuine, when you give value and you’re just a real down to earth person then that’s when people recognize that. People will connect with you just on that fact based alone, they might be coming searching for information they want to learn how to grow tomatoes or lose weight or whatever it is.

A lot of times people just want to connect with somebody and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had that happen where people just, they’ll hit me up on Facebook and they’re like, “Yeah, I mean, your video is great and all that but you just seem like you’re a down to earth person, you seem like a good dude and that’s why I came out and connected with you.”



PersonailtyI have had it happen before also and I never realized that that was probably it. I’m trying to be authentic on camera, you know what I mean? I’m just being myself and I have people come back and say, “Hey, you’re the man. I have this feeling when I was talking to you I should reach out to you,” and I was like, “What kind of feeling? All right, thanks.”

Interesting. Yeah, that’s cool you bring that up…

There really is as simple as that just answer the question, let them know that they’re there and then connect with them.

There’s a guy I was listening to and he was saying something like, “The first 20 seconds you have to do something crazy to keep their attention.

The next 60 seconds then you got to teach a little nugget then the final two minutes do something that’s also a little crazy to make sure they come back next time.” I was like, “Man, that’s a lot. All right,” but that’s so much more simpler route to do that. What kind of timeline do you usually look at when you’re trying to rank a video?

You know what I mean, like how long it usually take?


Again, it’s kind of goes along the same thing I was talking about just before and there’ll be a lot of people that say, “You got to make two to four minutes.” I certainly agree to that to an extent because like I was saying before it’ll help you start ranking your videos a little bit more if people are watching more of your video.

If you have a shorter video it’s more likely that people are just going to watch more of it. If you have an 11 minute video then obviously less people are just going to watch it just because everyone has shorter attention spans. It does depend on the video that you’re doing because specific keywords especially like I do a lot of reviews.

I’ll be honest that’s where a lot of my traffic comes from, a lot of my buyer traffic. That’s just kind of a nugget right there. If you can start doing some reviews like that’s going to be some of your best traffic out there.

I’ve got review videos that are like 10, 11, 12 minutes long and people watch the majority of it because buyers, think about this, buyers will watch, they will watch everything and they’ll read everything because they’re thinking about it from your perspective. If you’re going out there and let’s just say for example you want to buy a new MacBook or yeah, let’s just go with that example.

Are you going to go to the website and just like look at a couple of pictures and then buy?

No, you’re probably going to be going, you’re going to watch the hour long keynote presentation, you’re going to watch the ten minute video that shows all the details and all the benefits and features on the MacBook.

You’re going to be talking to people, you might even reach out to a support. Buyers they will do their research. To just tell you, “You have to have it four minutes long,” or, “You have to have it ten minutes long,” I can’t really tell you that exactly because if you just target keywords that are buyer keywords, people are going to be searching that stuff until they make that buyer decision.

Does that all makes sense?


Yeah, it does. That’s a great insight. It’s not like a two to four minutes, there’s not a hard fast rule, it’s just hey whatever is … Make sure first that you’re actually delivering value and answering the question and coming back to them.


Yeah, and if you’re asking for a short answer, I would say keep it shorter if you can but if you need more time to explain everything that you need I think there’s nothing wrong with that.


What kind of buyer keywords?

I mean is there’s a trend in good buying keywords, you know what I mean that you’re saying? Like across mostly internet or things that will pull your videos apart because those keywords are more valuable or you know what I mean?


I’ll just be honest, review videos are probably the best videos that you can possibly make.




Yeah, because the reason people are coming and looking for reviews is because they saw a video or they saw a product and they’re a buyer. They’re looking for more information on that, they want to get everything they can possibly know about that.

Once they figured out, once they see your video, once something clicks and they make sure it’s the right product for them then they’re ready to buy right there. Does that makes sense?


Interesting. Yeah, 100%. I was just thinking too I’ve got like, I don’t know, 150 videos on YouTube but 90 of them are unlisted or whatever so that I can put them inside of websites and things like that.

Do you have a preference at all? Have you found that there’s any kind of, I don’t know. I don’t even know, favoritism given to people who stay on the YouTube website versus watching YouTube video embedded on a page?


I haven’t really done too much embedding on different pages so I can’t really speak for that. One other thing I was going to touch is the fact that you can actually look at your analytics too and you can see which videos people are watching longer.

You can see the average duration on how long your viewers are staying on your video…


Yeah, I love the stat section in the back of YouTube, it’s nuts. Most people don’t look at that by a part but it’s pretty fascinating.


Yeah, it’s great stuff and I actually just like within the last few months I’ve really started looking at that stuff a lot more and it’s really helped me. We just go back to the whole thing about testing seeing what works and then start doing more of what works.

pexels-photo-185576That what I was doing is I was really taking a look at the analytics, see what the videos that people are staying on for a long time and then just making more of those videos.

Because there’s some videos where people are staying on for less than a minute through an average of 10,000 views. I’m like, “Okay, that obviously didn’t work so let’s throw that away. It was a good test, that was some good feedback, I won’t do that anymore so let’s move on and let’s find something better.”


I just wanted to touch on something because this really matters a lot in kind of my world. I build funnels all day long, just tons of sales funnels and that’s kind of what I was looking through on your site which is super cool, everyone should go there, You’ve got a quiz there and we’re a huge a fan of quizzes, it kind of pre-frame people.

You got a welcome video from you and automated email that I got and then a link over to $1 offer. Kind of a cool biz opportunity there or business product I should say.

Usually what we do when I build these types of funnels. You just kind of took me through in that is we’ll always take those videos and enlist them and put them inside a funnel.

I mean, I never let people just sit inside of YouTube format. I think it’s interesting that you just said … I mean it sounds like almost all of your review videos they’re all on YouTube anyway which makes sense. That’s what people are searching. That’s fascinating though. I guess I’m just recapping that.

That’s cool though. Do you ever embed it all I guess, I mean you obviously did on that welcome video with Mentor With Nick.


Yeah, that is one place that I do embed, I kind of almost forgot about that but those are like the only places. Mostly just like welcome videos or I like to call as bridge pages, like you said I do promote different things, different opportunities and stuff like that.

What a lot of people will do is they’ll just send traffic directly to an offer and while that can work for sure like I’m not saying it can.


It’s rough though.


Yeah, pre-frame that a little bit and kind of just introduce them, kind of welcome them into your world. That’s a big thing it’s just like saying, “Hey, I’m here for you,” like, “I got your back,” like, “Don’t worry,” like, “We got this taken care of and you know I’m going to introduce you to this thing and you can certainly take us up on that but if not, you know, just connect with us.”

So many people just want to connect with somebody, that’s what my whole video is about and after they opt in it’s just kind of saying, “Hey, I’m here,” like, “If you need anything from me you’ll be receiving some emails from me and you know I’m here to help you out.”

I think that’s just a lot better way to do things instead of just like hard driving traffic to offers…

My honest opinion that’s going to drop convergence but it’s also going to drop your audience where they just think that you’re just trying to sell them all the time.


Yeah, 100% I agree with that and I was impressed with that video that you put out there, I thought that was really good. I always draw out funnels like crazy and in my world we call it funnel hacking.

I was going through your funnel and drawing all that out, the emails that came, things like that and it’s not like you need that welcome video, the one from you. Technically you don’t but I thought it was interesting and cool that you put it in there because I watched the whole thing and it made sense to me is like, “Hey, there’s a lot of trust and there was a lot of …”

What’s the word?

pexels-photo-3I can’t think the word. After watching the video I was like, “Hey, this guy is real. That was cool. What a good video,” and it set me up because I have to tell you when the next video started I was like, “Eh.” I don’t know but because I watched you, I was like there was a lot more trust, like a lot more stock in that video.

Anyways, great example right there, I thought that was fantastic…


Thank you. I appreciate that.


Yeah, everyone go checkout, that’s an interesting process for a bridge page right there. That’s really good.


Thank you.


Do you send people to quizzes a lot also?


I use that capture page right now because it seems to be converting the best. I’ve noticed that in the past like I even got opt in pages like that up to like 50% opt in rate for all my traffic which is really good. Right now I’m sitting at around like 39%.

I mean that’s for the best that I’ve done. I’ve tested with a lot of different stuff and everything else have been kind of sitting around like 32 to 33 maybe like a little bit higher than that.

I just use that because it just kind of like gets them invested…

They have the two step opt in and you are obviously very familiar with all this stuff and that works really well where you have to click on something that makes it a little bit more congruent.

They’ve already invested a little something to make sure they put their email address in but the survey just kind of adds a little bit more like they’re taking a quiz and then they’re like, “Okay.”

Now, they need to put their email address in and they’re already a little bit more invested so they’re more likely to continue with that action, that whole congruency.


100% plus then you can follow up with them, you got their email address and you can re-market to them and ask them if they got the trial.

Yeah, great for you, great for them. Yeah, I completely agree with that too. I had this quiz who’s probably about 50% also, same thing. It’s just quizzes are great things for people. It was only like four questions but it set them into my … It was the same thing that you did which is what I was laughing at, “Where did you hear about us from?” and it was like, “Facebook, Oprah, Obama mentioned me,” and then other.

I’ve never been on those things before but because they heard those names first and then your name last or even other, it’s a lot more stock also. Just increases your authority like crazy, not that you want to be deceptive but it does give you more authority.

The next question was like, “What age range are you in?” and these are questions that sometimes don’t even matter or you can ask questions that just kind of poke them in the eye a little bit. “How much do you make on your side business every week?” “Zero.

A hundred bucks,” and then just, “I got to choose the lowest one.” For a weight loss product, “How many products have you tried?” but at the time your solution comes up they’re like, “Man, he’s right. I fail every time at this. I do need to buy this product.”

That’s interesting though. Cool. Hey man, I don’t want to just keep taking your time. I appreciate you getting up early to do this with me. Where can people learn more about you and join your world like you were saying?


You can add me on Facebook, that’s a good place. I am kind of maxing that out now. Lately I’ve been going pretty hard with getting people add me and everything like that. My friend list is kind of maxing out right now so I did also start up a new Instagram account, a new Snapchat account which my usernames are Mentor With Nick, just kind of goes along with my website. You can also go to my website like you mentioned before which is


Mentor With Nick Instagram and Snapchat, also and then also on Facebook. Hey Nick, I appreciate it man. Thank you so much for taking the time again and for dropping all the nuggets you did.


Yeah, for sure man. It was fun. I always love getting on with like-minded people and just chat marketing something I’m very passionate about.


Yeah, I appreciate it. Everyone else usually who talks about it, sometimes they feel alone in this world. Anyways, it’s cool to meet you man and I do appreciate it.


No problem, man. Happy to be on.


All right, talk to you later.


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