SFR 271: Fight For, Fight Against – Stephen Larsen

SFR 271: Fight For, Fight Against

Aug 23rd, 2019 anchorwave

One of the simplest ways to create the noise needed for large sales is to get public about what you’re fighting *for* and *against*.

You’ll find the added polarity CAN carry your product faster and further than you could on your own…

I’ve been making some people pretty livid recently…

How to improve product sales

…and it’s ALL because of ONE simple sentence!

What if I could share this dangerous fill-in-the-blank sentence with you, (it has the power to totally revolutionize your business) – would you be interested???


… this sentence isn’t for the weak-minded and it will probably bring you some haters!!! (I’ve definitely been feeling nervous recently).

How to increase sales

But it’ll also help you to…

  • Develop your attractive character
  • Define your market
  • Increase engagement with your content
  • Grow your following (which is one of the questions I get asked most often)

…so are you ready to take this next step?


Capitalist Pig sales psychology

There are a few specific principles that I use which work very well to get my message out there, and they have EVERYTHING to do with The Capitalist Pig!

But you have to understand the reason why The Capitalist Pig has worked so well and why I’ve made such a big deal about my schtick lately.

It’s all because I’ve been taking a stand *FOR* and *AGAINST*…


I’ll just tell you right now, the BIGGEST thing you can do is to figure out how to complete this ONE sentence…

How to improve product sales with one sentence

It’s coming soon….

(Well, I’ve gotta create some suspense… 😉)



How to increase sales with one sentence

My name is ——— ——– and I am fighting FOR ——- #Blank ?! and fighting AGAINST ——- #Blank?!


You just need to answer the questions:

  1. I’m fighting for —— #Blank?!
  2. I’m fighting against—— #Blank?!

… and if you can fill out that sentence, suddenly there begins to be purpose behind everything you do.

Let me tell you WHY…


How to increase sales of clothing

Recently, I had a chance to go consult with a clothing company for the whole day and we talked about how to create funnels so they could sell MORE.

They do a lot of e-comm in traditional methods, such as Shopify but they were like, “Hey, we want a funnel.”

So I had a chance to hang out with them.

They make a lot of videos, and they’ll go live like four hours every day selling clothing… and they make A LOT of money!

So I started asking them, “Which articles of clothing sell the most?”

Understanding sales psychology

They said, “Well, it changes a lot because we get so many new pieces in.”

They named a few types that did really well, and then at the end, (and this is fascinating), they added, “And frankly, any article of clothing that’s tied to a purpose.”

I asked, “What do you mean?”

And *this* is what they told me:

“Any article of clothing that is tied to a bigger ‘why’ than the clothing itself ALWAYS sells more than anything else.”

How to improve product sales with a why

I’m telling you this to illustrate the point that, it doesn’t matter…

  • What you’re selling…
  • What you’re doing…
  • What content you put out…


The Capitalist Pig thing, I totally do it for that reason.

How to increase sales capitalist pig style

Ever since I started posting about being A Capitalist Pig, I’ve had people reach out to me totally #LIVID!

(… until I get the opportunity to explain to them why I do it)

I tell them:

“Look, I just don’t believe that we should get government hand-outs.”

They say, “But I believe we you should take care of people.”

I’m like, “I do, too!”

In fact…

I believe can take care of more people when I’m rich rather than poor.

They’re like, “Oh, okay. Yeah, me too.”

It’s NOT about me living in an ivory tower.

But when you say:

“Hey, my name’s ——- ——-, I’m fighting FOR —- #Blank, and I’m fighting AGAINST—- #Blank!”

… in the long-term, people care MORE about your cause than what you sell.

Do you hear that clearly?

Get public about what you’re fighting for and fighting against. More and more, people are WANTING a heavy scoop of opinions on the side of their product purchase…

We all have products, (and that’s great), but until you have a cause you’re kinda invisible.


Find your cause for sales psychology

In Expert Secrets, Russell explains what causes a mass movement; he teaches that you need:

  1. An Attractive Character,” (that just takes practice).
  2. A Cause, (which is what I’m talking about, but most people kind of skip over).
  3. A New Opportunity.

The new opportunity is the one that everybody typically will run to and say, “This is the one I really want. I’m so excited about this.”

The new opportunity is sexy, it’s attractive.

Learn how to improve product sales

The attractive character is hard to develop – you gotta deal with a lot of crap in your own head.


One of the easiest ways to create the cause and know what cause you’re moving towards is knowing HOW to complete this sentence:

My name is ——— ——– and I am fighting FOR ——- #Blank and fighting AGAINST ——- #Blank!

… it’s also one of the easiest ways to create your market positioning.

I get asked questions like, “Stephen, I love this! I get it, it’s awesome, but I don’t know what market I serve. I don’t know what market I’m against?”

Filling in the blanks in that sentence is NOT just meant for your cause, it also helps you create your market positioning.


Steve Larsen how to improve product sales

I fight for Clickfunnels!

… that’s the vehicle, and I’m an appendage to that vehicle.

The market positioning that I have actively and purposely taken is:

“Get ClickFunnels, and I will help accelerate your success with it.”

  • I’m fighting *FOR* the ClickFunnels message.
  • I’m fighting *AGAINST* a lot of the mainstream entrepreneurship topics.

From a Broader Perspective:

  • I’m fighting *FOR* Capitalism.
  • I’m fighting *AGAINST*the negative parts of socialism, i.e, a lot of hand-outs that I do not agree with.

Steve Larsen how to increase sales

And… because I can finish that sentence, people know what to expect from me.


I just had a conversation with some guys, (and I can’t repeat the whole thing), but they were like…

Sales psychology haters

“Hey, I don’t understand why you do this? I don’t understand the Capitalist Pig thing? Do you understand? Wake up, wake up! Are you kidding?”

And I was like, “Not kidding! And understand what I’m doing for it. Have you ever turned down a paycheck? If money’s so evil, when’s the last time you turned out a paycheck?”

How to improve product sales with money

Money’s NOT evil. Money’s an amplifier. Money accelerates us. Money just takes who we are and makes us louder in those things.

If you’re a jerk when you’re poor, you’ll be a jerk when you’re rich – except you’ll be an even bigger jerk.

The money doesn’t change you. You change you. The money just amplifies you.

And what’s funny is, I was nervous to launch The Capitalist Pig shirts, but it wasn’t because I thought it wouldn’t work…

(…it’s easily the biggest thing that I get Instagram and Facebook DM’ed about…)

Everyone and their mom wants a Capitalist Pig shirt!

Capitalist Pig how to increase sales

It was a dream of mine to get them out, and I’m very stoked about it.


I was nervous about the next wave of polarity and what that’s going to cause for those who follow me.

But it’s just a natural part of taking a stand.


The further you get in whatever business you choose; if you can find the answer and fill in the blanks:

My name is ——— ——– and I am fighting FOR ——- #Blank and fighting AGAINST ——- #Blank!

If you can fill out that statement and you have a product with a marketing message…

  • You’re gonna offend people by nature.
  • You’re gonna offend people by breathing.
  • You’re gonna offend people without trying.

Sales psychology marketing

… it’s going to happen.

The further you get down the road you go with your message, the more the polarity will increase.

You might think, *OH, CRAP,* but it’s splitting thinning the herd – it’s just part of the game itself.

I just wanna jump on here and tell you guys, “Hey look, that’s natural. It’s gonna happen…”

But the easiest way to solve a lot of the questions you guys are asking me, which is things like:

“How do I gain a following?”

… is to know WHO you’re fighting *FOR* and *AGAINST*

How to improve product sales and gain a following

To have ‘a following’ means you need to have people not follow you also, and there’s no way around it. People are gonna hate you.

You gotta get over it!


If you want a following, you need to have opinions and you need to share them

… which means people are gonna have opinions against you, and it’s gonna shock you, and make you go like “Man, I can’t believe you think that way?”

Learn sales psychology

But it’s human nature. It’s okay.

Love everybody. Serve as much as you can. But the hates still gonna happen.

So if you want a following, and you want your own Facebook group and you wanna have actual momentum in whatever you’re creating…

You have got to learn to lift a banner and be willing to catch some of the flack that comes from it.

The banner can’t be a politically correct answer though – it has to be whatever your opinions are – you have to be unapologetic.

You lift it up and watch opinions split – it’s just part of it.

I recommend that when you start raising your banner; stop looking at all of your social media messages ’cause it will destroy your psyche. It will wreck you.

Figure out how to improve product sales

It’s nuts.

You have no idea how much negativity comes, but it just strengthens your resolve.

So whatever it is that you’re doing…

  • Figure out what you’re fighting for
  • Figure out fighting against

Understand, it’s a very natural process, especially as the attractive character develops.

When your cause gets stronger, the attractive character is required to get stronger. Your new opportunity gets stronger. It’s just kind of a circle that moves around those three.

So stand up and say like, “This is what I am for. This is what I’m against,” and be open about it and speak your mind and speak your opinions around it.

It’s attractive for a customer to follow the why as the reason for them buying the product in the first place.

For example, Toms Shoes…

You buy a pair of shoes because you also give a pair of shoes away to somebody else.

Toms Shoes sales psychology

… it’s a pretty clear message!

People buy the shoes as much for the message as the pair of shoes, and it’s the same thing with tons of stuff.

I’m NOT saying that it has to charity-based, but you gotta figure out what it is that you believe in

… and then lift that banner up and be willing to catch the flack that comes with it.

How to improve product sales by filling in the blanks

But first, you need to fill in the blanks!

  1. I’m fighting for —— #Blank?!
  2. I’m fighting against—— #Blank?!

… and then we can move on to the second step of the formula which is figuring out your dream customer and your positioning.

This is what creates that ‘why’.

  1. It’s very easy to find which markets you serve when you really can fill the sentence
  2. It’s very natural to figure out who your dream customer is once you know what you’re ‘for’ and ‘against’.
  3. Then it’s very natural to find out what problems they have and then it’s very natural to create a solution to their problem.
  4. Next, you create an offer around that.

It’s not a hard formula, but most of the time, people just haven’t learned it.

  • I didn’t learn this formula in school
  • I didn’t learn it from mainstream entrepreneurship.

How to improve product sales Steve Larsen

I kinda had to discover it myself, but only after putting in the mat time..

I’m excited for you to come to OfferMind, but I also want you to spend some time thinking about:

  • What the heck you’re fighting for?
  • What you’re fighting against?

People want to know about you and they are looking to join forces with you, but they have to know what you believe in first, so…

Start getting loud about what you believe in.


If you’re just starting out you’re probably studying a lot. That’s good. You’re probably geeking out on all the strategies, right? That’s also good.

But the hardest part is figuring out what the market wants to buy and how you should sell it to them, right?

That’s what I struggled with for a while until I learned the formula.

So I created a special Mastermind called an OfferMind to get you on track with the right offer, and more importantly the right sales script to get it off the ground and sell it.

How to improve product sales OfferMind

Wanna come?

There are small groups on purpose, so I can answer your direct questions in person for two straight days.

You can hold your spot by going to

OfferMind how to improve product sales

Again, that’s

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