SFR 27: People Don’t Buy On Price – Stephen Larsen

SFR 27: People Don’t Buy On Price

Dec 23rd, 2016 anchorwave

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There are 3 actual reasons why someone buys something… And it’s NOT because of price… “Congrats! Saved $153 Today… (by spending $58)”

All right, all right.

It is December. There is snow everywhere. I’m actually from Denver. I’m living in Boise, Idaho right now, which is where the Click Phones Headquarters are.

I actually live like a mile and half from the office, I’m really close to it. Most of the time I’ll walk or ride my motorcycle or something like that, but it has been so icy out. There’s no way you’re going to get me on a motorcycle.

I want to, I’m a little bit of a daredevil, but there’s no way I’m going to. Anyway, I have not been riding a motorcycle.  I’ve been walking a lot. I drove today, luckily just because it’s so freaking cold out.

There’s not as much snow here like there is in Denver, but it’s just as cold, oh my gosh. Anyway, I’m really excited. I love December. December is awesome. Christmas is amazing. I don’t know, I love the whole time of year, I love commercialism, I love ads, I love people trying to sell me stuff.

I’m kind of weird like that.

Not a lot of people like that. I had this tradition when I was in high school, I would wear a Santa hat every single day to school the whole month of December. You might think of that and you’re like, “All right, that’s kind of cool. Awesome job, that’s neat.

You’re a teenager, you can pull that off.” It’s funny because I’ve totally been doing that as an adult and you don’t get the same effect as when you’re a kid. People look at you like, “Hey, you must be going to a party.”, or “what?” I’ve actually been wearing my Santa hat every single day to work with Russell.

He’ll be sitting right next to me and I’ve got this Santa hat on and we’re Skype calling with people and video conferencing and things like that and I’m wearing this Santa hat. I know Russell thinks it’s hilarious, but I don’t think everyone else has thought the same thing.

Anyway, kind of funny and I’m wearing it right now. It keeps your noggin warm. It’s kind of awesome. I keep my hair pretty short because of the Army, so it keeps my dome piece nice and warm.

Anyway, I am very … What am I trying to say here? I am very, very serious though when I say I do love the commercialism. As far as what the meaning of Christmas is supposed to be, things like that, it messes with that, but I like sales so it makes sense why I like the commercialism part of it. It’s funny because I went to Kohl’s and I was walking through Kohl’s.

You get out to the checkout line, and I had a huge lesson from Kohl’s, thank you very much Big Brother Kohl’s. I walked out and I was at the cashier. I hand him just a few shirts that I was getting. It was like $50 and at the end of it they hand me this receipt and they go, “Congratulations, you saved $153 today.” I was like, “What the heck? Okay, thank you.”, and I just walked away.

I went and I showed my wife and I was being all cheesy about it, you know, big hyperbole. I was like, “Guess what, I saved $153 today by spending $50.” She was like, “Oh my gosh, that’s so awesome.” I love that psychology. It’s like, wait a second, so I saved 153 by spending 50.

This is the save by spending mentality. It’s really clever. They don’t tell you how much you spent, they tell you how much you saved. I’ve actually been going back to each one of my sales funnels and at the end of the page, on the confirmation page, I show how much they saved.

There’s a receipt on how much they spent, but I specifically say on there, “Congrats. Thanks so much. You saved …”. If I can’t put a dollar amount I at least put a percentage, you know, “You saved X and X percent.”

I make it the difference between what my down-sales were and the deals I was giving and the funnel, things like that. It’s actually been really cool.

I recommend to all you guys, you guys go back and start doing that. Toss in some kind of save thing that’s kind of a positive reinforcer after they’ve spent money, not just the fact they got to product. Need some more positive reinforcement. I was thinking about how cool it is.

I was thinking about all the different courses I’ve gone through. I think it’s Frank Kern, Frank Kern has got this course, I think it’s Millionaire Marketing Formulas. I think that’s the name of the course. In there … Actually it may not be that one. Anyway, whatever. He said “credibility doesn’t matter nearly as much as believability.”

That’s why you have testimonials and things like that. Credibility does not matter nearly as much as believability.

For Kohl’s, that’s the only part that kind of left a little dirty taste in my mouth is these guys were saying I saved $153 on a couple shirts. I can see in some stores how you would spend that much money on it, but for Kohl’s it’s not like it’s the crazy upscale places they go to. It’s almost not believable. They’re leaning on credibility. To me it’s like, “Ugh, everyone knows what you’re doing and it’s really dirty feeling.”

You know what I mean? That’s kind of the feeling that comes out with it. If they brought that price down a little bit, “You saved $153”, what the crap, I wouldn’t have spent $153 on two shirts anyway.

I guess if I saved, I would’ve spent $200. I would not have spent $100 on each one of those shirts, they’re not that nice. It’s just a couple of tee shirts.

Make sure that what you’re doing … Anyways, those different things started popping through my head as I was at the checkout line. I was like, “That was not that believable.

You’re leaning on credibility and it’s not nearly as important.” Kind of the cool part that Frank Kern says about that is “The way you establish believability really, really quickly is through testimonials.”, especially if you’re going to do some kind of price thing like that, like, “Congrats, you saved $153”, have somebody else say that, a third party. Bring somebody else in.

Anyway, I think it was also from him, yeah it’s from Frank Kern, he said, “Value needs to be greater than your price.” I’m sure you guys have been to my main site, If you haven’t you can check it out. You’ll see on there that I give away the actual site, the one you’re going through, as my front-end hook to get your email address.

I know if a lot of you guys have got that, I mean hundreds and hundreds of hundreds of people a week right now are getting it because that’s a big deal. Every time I build a sales funnel for somebody I charge at least $10,000, and I’m giving you the entire thing away.

That’s just for a funnel that I charge at least $10,000 for, that’s just for a funnel. I’m giving you an actual website that I built inside of Click Funnels. I’m not going to lie, that took a lot of extra time, usually more than it takes me to build a funnel. I spent well past 200 hours on that site and I just gave it to you for free.

The value needs to be greater than the price. I’m giving away so much value. I’ve got a ton of people who’ve been coming to me the last little bit and they’ve been saying like, “Hey, thanks so much. This is ridiculous.

I can’t believe you’re giving away that kind of value. That’s super nice of you.” Think of that in your own business. Think what you can give just for free just because. That goes through the nine mental triggers like Jeff Walker talks about. There starts to become this feeling and this need to reciprocate. If someone walked up and they said, “Hey, here’s a car.”, you’d be like, “Holy crap.”, you would want to go buy them lunch at least.

You want to go back and give them something. It’s very much the same kind of mentality and that’s the way that I get a lot of people into my world. I just give stuff away for free a lot. Things that you should normally be charging, that’s the key with it. When you’re going through and saying …

That’s kind of where the rub was with me on this Kohl’s thing is that it needs to be believable. There needs to be this spot like, “Wow, he’s giving this away for free and he should not be.” That’s the feeling that I need people to have, and it’s been happening.

It’s been really cool, I’ve got several … Last week was really awesome, you guys. It was like one person a day came out on Facebook or wherever, sent me a message and they’re like, “Dude, your podcast is helping me like crazy.” I got several of them. One was like, “You’re helping me get through the days, helped me get through work. I really appreciate it.”

Another awesome listener said, “Hey, I can’t believe what you’re doing, all the value you’re giving away and how many businesses you’ve probably saved from what you’re doing.” It’s just been really, really cool because I was nervous as heck to launch the podcast.

It’s like, “Man, do I’ve got enough cool stuff to say?”, you know what I mean, all the feelings that you’d probably have if you were launching a podcast also.

Really, really awesome though. Anyways, as you go through and you start to craft discounts that are all around us right now inside the month of December, you’ve got to make sure that they’re believable and you’ve got to make sure that the value is greater than the price at all time.

What happens if you don’t do that is you will never have repeat buyers again. One of the reasons I have such huge repeat buyers, which is so true, the reason why is because all these people are seeing, “Oh my gosh, he’s trying really hard to put out value as much as he can.”

The moment that I turn the table and instead start to take as much as I can and try to nickel and dime everybody on every little thing … I’ve got free funnels available, I’ve got free sites available, I’ve got stuff that I should normally be charging a lot of money for.

People are using them in their business, it’s awesome. They’ll send me screenshots, they’ll send me URLs. It’s really cool.

Now the next time I go out and I say, “Hey, I’ve got this cool WordPress Blog thing”, or “Hey, there’s this really cool thing called Funnel Scripts. If you use my affiliate link I’ll give you lots of these bonuses for free”, things like that. Next time I got out and I say that, next time you go out and you say that, it’s going to be a lot easier for people to buy from you and not get upset by that fact that you’re asking them for more money.

You know what I’m saying? I know you guys have all been in a situation where people just nickel and dime you and it drives you crazy. Allegiant, have you ever flown on Allegiant Airlines? They’re totally like that.

It’s like, “Hey, come get this really cheap flight. By the way, just selecting your seat I’m going to charge you $15. By the way, just walking up to the gate without already having your own ticket in hand, another $12.” This is how they do it. It’s clever. They up-sale the crap out of you, but it’s too many up-sales.

It would be like having a sales funnel with 15 up-sales in the middle of the funnel. I would get pretty pissed off by the end of it, feel like, “No. No. Freak, no. Stop it. No.” That’s the feeling that I get when I do it.

Anyway, I’ve been reflecting a lot on this past year and the cool things that have gone on and trying to just pump value into the marketplace.

I’ve always believed that if I just pump as much value into the marketplace and just give, give, give, my own income goes up. That’s the big lesson that I’ve learned this year because it’s so true.

At the beginning of every year I make a video that says what my goal is for the next year. I put it on Youtube and I put it out there publicly so that people know what it is that I’m trying to do. It holds my feet to the fire a little bit more. It keeps me more accountable. Plus, it’s kind of cool for people to see.

Anyways, I’ve done this two or three years now. A lot of it is financially heavy goals. That’s the nature of the video.

I’m excited to make the next video because I hit my goal. When I made it a year ago it seems really lofty, really, really big, super huge, and I hit it. I’ve got several assets now that bring in at least $1,000 a week each.

At the beginning last year, it was a year ago I can’t believe it. I remember I was still in college at that time and I was like, “I’m going to do this. I’m going to figure it out. I’m going to try and make $4,000 passive income a month.”

I have far surpassed that. I surpassed that like halfway through the year. I was blown away at how quickly it happened. I was like, “Oh my gosh.” Please, understand I’m not bragging.

I just want you to know that I’m about to put that video out.

I’ll drop an email out to you guys as soon as I’ve got it. If you’re not on my list just go opt into anything on and I’ll drop it over to you, or just go to, you can opt in there and same thing.

Go be public with your goals. It’s one of the freakiest things on the planet. When I first started it like two or three years ago, it’s been awesome.

Everybody knows that’s what I’m trying to do now. People help me by not getting distracted. I’ll go do something with the Army and they all know what my goals are. They’re like, “All right, hey, no one bother Steve tonight.

He’s got to work on his business stuff.”, and they’re serious about it. That’s nice of you guys, appreciate that. Family members or friends, whatever it is, you will brand yourself so quickly.

If you have not figured out what it is you really want to be doing in this, you will be forced to very quickly because your goal is now public and everyone knows about it. It’s exposing.

It makes you really vulnerable.

Anyway, there’s one last little quote here I wanted to toss in, make this episode a little bit faster. I’ve been going through tons of courses.

I’ll get these courses, sometimes they’re kind of pricey, but I listen to them on two time speed, usually while I’m at the gym or walking to work or driving to work or whatever. There’s just been really cool stuff.

That Kohl’s experience set off a lot of stuff for me. Credibility doesn’t matter nearly as much as believability, and you become believable by just putting a ton of testimonials out there. That’s a Frank Kern thing.

Then he also said, “Value needs to be greater than your price.”, all the time. That’s how you get repeat buyers. If you don’t, you get one time buyers and you’ll never get them to repeat buy again if people think you’re ripping them off or it’s just not quite believable enough.

The third thing here I wanted to point out is another quote from Joe Polish. I really like Joe Polish, I think he’s awesome.

He said, that “People don’t buy on price.” We think we do. We start to look, and especially certain types of buyers, they’ll say, “Hey, give me the cheapest thing”, or say, “Hey, give me the most expensive thing”, but really they don’t buy on price, especially over the internet.

I don’t know anybody who can’t afford some of the things on my site, and I do that. People come and go, “Can you make it cheaper than that?” I was like, “No, I can’t.”

The reason is because of the three things that Joe Polish says. People don’t but on price, they buy, number one, on confidence. I am dang confident that my funnels are some of the best that there are out there. You have to be confident with that.

Number two, they buy on selection. I’ve got lots of different options people can buy. Then number three, they buy on convenience.

How easy is it? It’s extremely easy when people buy from me. Oh my gosh, they buy and it comes in an email link immediately. They just click the link and it goes straight into their click funnels account.

If they don’t have a click funnels account they get a trial for free and the funnel that comes in. It’s crazy convenient.

Anyway, start thinking about that. There’s a lot of guys that’s not the case. They’re not confident about it. I was hiring somebody, I was in the middle of … I’m trying to remember what it was. I was in the middle of trying to hire somebody. I was like, “Hey, do you think you can do a good job of this?”

“Uh, maybe. I don’t know. We’ll see. Um.” I was like I’m not going to buy your time by hiring you because you are not confident at all. This has nothing to do with price right now. You can’t do that if you’re trying to sell yourself through a job or whatever. You can’t be a pain in the butt, you’ve got to be a little convenient. They’re trying to go through a selection.

You got to stand out. As far as confidence, if you’re not confident, what are you doing? No one is going to take you seriously as it is.

I’m trying to remember what it was, I laughed so hard after. Anyway, whatever. Hey guys, that’s all I really wanted to say though today is Merry Christmas. Have a good December.

santa hatIf you got a Santa hat, put it on. Send me a picture. It’s what I’m wearing right now and I’ll continue to wear it the rest of the month and be a little kid at heart forever. Remember, be believable.

Your value needs to be high. Remember that people buy on three things: confidence, selection, and convenience. I’m going to put that video up.

If you guys want to see what my goal is for the next year, please follow along. I will continue to post about that goal. I’ll continue to keep you in the loop on how I’m reaching that goal. The video will also describe how I hit my goals last year. If that’s interesting to you. I do this every year and I’m really excited to.

My wife actually brought it back up to me. We were kind of retrospectively thinking of the last year and all the great things that have happened, especially this last year.

She was like, “Hey, are you going to make the video again?” Anyway, people are excited about it. It’ll become part of your own culture when you start doing this. Please, please make your own video saying your own goal. Put it in the comments on my Youtube one, I’ll put mine on yours.

I’d love to get a little, I mean it’d be cool to see that from each other. We’ll keep each other accountable.

All right guys, I will talk to you later. Thank you so much. You guys are all awesome. Bye.

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