SFR 268: Myron Golden Teaches WHAT Keeps Us Back – Stephen Larsen

SFR 268: Myron Golden Teaches WHAT Keeps Us Back

Aug 13th, 2019 anchorwave

AFTER someone learns WHAT to do, there’s only a few real reasons why someone doesn’t move forward. Welcome to my sales coach…

He’s invited by some of the world’s top salesmen to help them sell more.

He’s incredible…and amazing at it – I’ve learned SO much from him.

Every time he speaks, I take out a pen and paper…

(Hint, hint…cue, cue…to everybody here!)

Please take out a piece of paper and take notes!

This is a man who’s likely to make MORE money arrive in your pocket just by listening to him… 😉

Mr. Myron Golden.

Myron: Hey, Steve. How are you doing, man?

Steve: Fantastic. Thanks for being on here, man.

Myron: Absolutely my pleasure to be on Sales Funnel Radio, talking to one of my favorite trainers…teachers… ‘OfferMinds…’

Ooh, did you see what I did there?! 😉

Myron Golden on Sales Funnel Radio

Steve: That’s good!

Honestly, thanks so much for taking the time. The feeling is mutual.

I have notebooks upon notebooks from your things.

Every time you come speak…or anytime I’m at Inner Circle or one of Russell’s events, I’d fill a WHOLE legal pad.

And thinking…

  • “Oh, man, that was amazing.”
  • “No, that was better than the last.”
  • “Oh, my gosh, they’re getting better…”

Myron Golden inner circle

Myron: You’re kind, thank you.

Steve: You are just an incredible salesperson.

You have so much skill and so much knowledge…

I’ve watched you unplanned…

(…and I know you’ve done this multiple times!)

….get up and pitch someone’s product better than they pitch it to an audience that doesn’t know you

AND you’ll make MORE sales than the actual owner of the product!

How do you do that?! I know that’s a huge question, but that’s amazing…

Myron Golden pitching


Myron: First of all, how I do that in particular, is how I sell.

First and foremost, I have to believe in the thing that I’m selling. If I believe in the thing that I’m selling, then it’s easy for me to sell it.

What I mean by that is…

Most salespeople don’t even realize that they haven’t gotten out of their own way yet.

Most people who sell things, whether they sell cars, or sell shoes, or sell online courses… or whatever…

… they believe that selling is doing something ‘TO’ people not doing something *FOR* them.

So first and foremost, I look at selling as a service.

I look at it as something that I do *FOR* people’ that makes their lives better. It makes the world a better place because people like me are selling.

Myron Golden inhibitions

So I don’t have ANY inhibitions.

For example…a pitcher will have pain in his shoulder, and he can’t throw the ball as fast, or a golfer will have pain in his back and he can’t swing.

Because subconsciously, his body knows that, “This movement is gonna hurt me or hurt someone.”


When we are incongruent or when we have incongruence about selling in general, that makes it hard for us to sell things.

Myron Golden selling

I think the thing that I have going for me when it comes to selling is that I have *NO* incongruence in me whatsoever.

If I feel like a product isn’t good, then I wouldn’t sell it to somebody in the first place!

Does that make sense?

Steve: Yeah, that makes sense.

Myron: I get out of my own way.

Steve: And I mean, you’ve done that multiple times.

I saw you do that at Dream 100 Con.

I mean, you’re the guy that Russell Brunson asks to come re-pitch ClickFunnels’ amazing offer after he’s pitched!

Myron: Yeah.

Steve: It’s impressive.

Myron: I’m honored. I’m honored by Russell. I appreciate him more than I can say…

Myron Golden and Russell Brunson

I’ve got so much belief in what he offers, that selling a Russell Brunson coaching program is easy for me to sell.

(…even though he doesn’t consider himself a guru, okay? I’m gonna call him my bounce-back guru.)

Because I went out, made a fortune and had a lot of great things happen in my life.

And then…

I went through seven years of life devastation.

Like every year, major tragedy after major tragedy, of some kind, happened in my life.

…from 2007 through 2013.

I signed up for another coaching program in 2014 and I just didn’t like that kind of work.

I don’t believe that the key to success is to find something you’re passionate about and the money will follow.’’

I DON’T believe that’s true.

Steve: I don’t either.

Myron: But I do believe that…

If the work that you’re doing doesn’t match the person that you are, you will never create wealth or massive world change in that arena – because your ‘doing’ has to match your ‘being’.

Myron Golden beliefs


The coaching program was great; they had a lot of people making A LOT of money…it just wasn’t the kind of work that suited me.

After that in 2015, I joined Russell’s Inner Circle and my life has been on an upward trajectory financially, ever since then.

Selling a Russell Brunson coaching program? That’s like the easiest thing in the world for me to sell!

Because he is the one person who I can point at and say, incontrovertibly, has helped more people to become millionaires in a shorter period of time than ANY other human being I’ve ever known of.

Steve: Yeah, not even just “known of”. I’ve never heard of anyone doing that!

Myron: Exactly.

And he’s not an MLM guy. He’s just a guy who teaches you frameworks that work.

So standing up and selling his product is easy because…

Myron Golden selling is easy

I wasn’t selling the product I was selling the payoff

…and I know what the payoff is because I get paid from that payoff all the time!

So that’s why, if I can look at something and it makes sense, then it’s easy for me to see how it makes sense…

…then it’s easy for me to say HOW it makes sense in a way that’s easy for people to receive.

Steve: It’s powerful stuff! And you know what’s funny?

I feel like there’s a lot of people who are jumping in entrepreneurship…

(which is great!)

….but they do it under this notion that it’s NOT sales, it’s “entrepreneurship”.

But like, “ Eh, entrepreneurship IS sales. It’s a sales role.”

Myron: Yeah, exactly.

Steve: And if you’re lying to yourself about that, you’re already a bad entrepreneur!

Myron Golden sales coaching

To be an entrepreneur is to be a salesperson.

Myron: Exactly.

Steve: How can people be better?

How can they get rid of the inhibitions around selling?

Myron: Let’s start with this.

So as you just said…

The reason that people say, “I’m an entrepreneur, I’m not a salesman,”

(What does that even mean?)

…that is because they think there’s something inherently wrong with sales!

But I’m gonna fix that right now.


Blood and sales coaching

…. the people reading right now – they can agree or disagree.

If you disagree …here’s what I’m gonna say to you…

”You’ve been wrong before… congratulations, it’s happening again!”

So I happen to have some money in my pocket….

….if you take some money out of your pocket, any amount of money… and you look at that money – just check it out – and you’ll realize that:

  1. All of the money that you have…
  2. All of the money you will ever have…

To do the things…

  • You desire to do for yourself…
  • For the people that you love…
  • The causes that you care about…

The only reason it’s possible for me, you, or anyone else to ever have money is because somebody somewhere sold something to someone for a profit.

Myron Golden money


(I wasn’t gonna go here, but I will…)

Money is like blood, right?

Money is like blood, in that, money is stored in a bank.

Where’s blood stored?

Steve: In your body.

Myron: Well, no, it’s stored in a blood bank.

Money is stored in a money bank, right?

Steve: Oh, I get what you’re saying.

Myron: Blood is stored in a blood bank.

Blood has to be in circulation in order to give life to your body and money has to be in circulation in order to give life to the economy.

Steve: I love that.

Myron: Right? So money is very much like blood.

Myron Golden money is like blood

  • Blood carries oxygen to every part of your body.
  • Money doesn’t really carry oxygen, but it does help you breathe.

… because when you don’t have any money, you feel like you can’t breathe.

Steve: That’s true.

Myron: Right?

But also…

Money is a mass noun, just like blood is a mass noun.

Yesterday, I went and got some blood drawn – I didn’t go get ‘A blood’ drawn, I got SOME blood drawn.

… even though it’s singular, it’s a mass noun.

So you have to put “some” (which is plural) in front of a singular word.

You’d never say “I gave A blood,” because that doesn’t make any sense.

I gave SOME blood. Well, guess what?

When it comes to money, you wouldn’t say, “I gave A money…”

It’s SOME money.

Money and blood are both mass nouns.

Money and blood are both fungible.

Q: Now, what does fungible mean?

Well, you drove my car when you were in Tampa.

Steve: Yeah, great car, beautiful car.

Myron: With my name on the floor mat.

Steve: On the floor mats right there, that was…wooooo!

Myron: I drive a Bentley Continental GT.

If I let Steve borrow my car, when he brings my car back, my car is NOT fungible.

It’s a car, but he can’t bring me back a Volkswagen Jetta and say, “Here Myron, here’s a car.”

You have to bring back the same car!

…or at least the same kind of car in, at least the same kind of condition.

(Preferably my car, right?)

So if somebody borrows a car, a car is NOT fungible.

If somebody borrows my golf clubs…

(… I wouldn’t let somebody borrow my golf clubs ’cause those are my babies!)

Myron Golden fungible

But if I did, it’s like, “No, you can’t bring me back some other golf clubs.”

“Well, they’re golf clubs! What difference does it make?”

No! Golf clubs are NOT fungible.

If you give blood at a blood bank and then get in a car accident, you need to go get some blood… they don’t have to search through millions of pints of blood to find the exact blood you gave!

Steve: “Oh, here are your cells!”

Myron Golden and Steve Larsen

Myron: Exactly.

They just have to find the same blood type.

It’s like with money.

Money is fungible.

If you loan me $5, you don’t care if I pay you back the same bill.

Or if you owe me $50 then you don’t care if I pay you back a $50 bill. Or two $20s and a $10 or five $10s or 10 $5s.

You don’t care.

Q: Why?

A: Because money is fungible.

As long as it’s the same currency type (#American dollars), you don’t care.

You don’t wanna loan me $50 in American dollars and I give you back Costa Rican dollars.

That wouldn’t work.


Money and blood are very much alike.

So here’s what you gotta realize.

The only reason any of us EVER have any money in our pocket to do…

  • The things we wanna do
  • The things we desire for ourselves
  • The things we desire for people we love or the causes that we care about

Myron Golden family

… is because somebody somewhere sold something to someone for a profit.

Here’s what that means:

Just like money is the blood, it keeps the economy alive, money is the lifeblood of the economy.

Salespeople are the heart of the economy that keeps the blood flowing.

If you are in sales, free yourself from the idea…from this ridiculous Hollywood notion that selling is somehow doing evil in the world.

Hollywood does way more evil in the world than salespeople!

The government tries to demonize business and salesmen and entrepreneurs while they do WAY more evil in the world.

Evil sales coaching

Here’s what you gotta realize…

Being a person who is in sales (a salesman or saleswoman) is one of the most noble, honorable positions and vocations in the world.

You make the world go ‘round.

Once you realize how essential salespeople are in the world and how much joy they bring into the world?

Salespeople bring joy into the world!

Remember how good you felt last time somebody sold you a new car? Or somebody sold you a new house? You felt great!


Because they sold you something that made your life better.

Salespeople bring more joy into the world than almost any other profession.

So once you wrap your mind around what selling really is…

Freedom sales coaching

… that FREES you up from all those internal conflicts and incongruencies that create the cognitive dissonance that restrict you from going out and making your offers boldly.

Steve: I 100% believe that.

Myron: That was a long answer.

Steve: But it’s an amazing answer.

It drives me crazy…. “Money’s evil.”

Money is NOT evil, money is an amplifier.

I feel like (most of the time) when someone is NOT good at sales, usually they need to redefine their relationship with money.

They have so many *false beliefs* around money.

Myron: Absolutely.

Steve: Do you find that to be true?

Myron: Absolutely.

I’m gonna say, money IS an amplifier, but I’m gonna add a caveat.

Because money IS an amplifier…

  • If you’re bad, money will make you a worse person, or give you the opportunity to do more evil in the world.
  • If you’re a good person, money will give you the opportunity to do more good in the world


Money itself is NOT bad, nor is it neutral. Money itself is good. Money is a good thing.

Good sales coaching

Steve: Right.

Myron: How can you say money is a good thing?

Q: What is the substance that represents wealth around the world since the beginning of time?

What’s that substance?

Steve: Gold.

Myron: Gold, that’s right.

Steve: Yeah.

Myron: Gold is the substance that represents wealth.

The first time gold is mentioned in Scripture is in the Garden of Eden.

Here’s what God said, “And there was gold in that land, and the gold of that land is good.”

Now, wait a minute, wait a minute!

Help me understand something here.

  • The Garden of Eden is a place where all the food is free.
  • The Garden of Eden is a place where there were only two people who ever lived there, Adam and Eve, (last I checked, they were married to each other).

There were no stores, there was nothing for sale, and yet God put gold in the Garden of Eden and then, He made sure He told us it was good.

Money is good. It’s not neutral. It’s not bad. It is inherently good.

Myron Golden money is good

You can do bad things with money, but it’s inherently good.

A car is inherently good – it’s not bad to not have to walk everywhere you go!

It’s good to be able to get places faster and it gives you the ability to save time and put more experiences in your life.

But people have run over people intentionally with cars!

You can do something bad with something that’s good but it doesn’t make the good thing bad – it just means that a person did a bad thing with it.

Steve: And the person did it, NOT the car, or the gold, or the object!

Myron: You know how you talk about the Capitalist Pig it really irritates people?

Myron Golden capitalist pig


I’m gonna say something that really irritates people.

Steve: Yeah.

Myron: I’m not attempting intentionally to offend anybody (that’s not my intention) but if they get offended…. they should probably grow up a little bit!

So the government talks about gun violence, right?

Steve: Yeah.

Myron: Oh, there’s no such thing as gun violence.

I know, I just lost a bunch of people….but I lost the ones I wanted to lose.

Steve: Sure.

Myron: Okay?

There’s no such thing as gun violence. I have a whole bunch of guns, not one of them is violent.

(I know I just lost a bunch of people… but I lost the ones I wanted to lose)

Steve: Me too. It’s so funny, they’re just sitting there and they never harmed anyone.

Myron Golden guns

Myron: They don’t do anything to anybody.

They just mind their own business!

In fact, they don’t even mind their own business …because they don’t do anything.

They just sit there until I go to the range and I practice.

There’s no such thing as gun violence, it’s people violence and some of those people use guns.

Nobody talks about…

Steve: Car violence.

Myron: Car violence.

Nobody talks about fist violence.

It’s stupid, it’s like saying, “My stupid pencil failed that test.”

*Your pencil didn’t take the test*

Steve: I’m gonna use that one!

I wish I would have known that when I was in elementary school, hah.

“My pencil’s broken!”

Sales coaching school

Myron: “My pencil…I can’t believe this… What kind of pencil is this?!”

Steve: So we’ve gone through and said, “Okay, in order to get better at sales, you really need to embody…”

Myron: You have to fall in love with it.

Steve: Sales are incredible.

Myron: You have to fall in love with it.

I love sales and salespeople.

Pray for salespeople every night when you go to bed. Thank God for them every morning when you wake up.

Stop being, “I can’t believe that person tried to sell me something.”

When somebody tries to sell something to you, get excited about it and watch their process and see what you can learn.

Instead of , “I can’t stand these stupid infomercials. I can’t stand these stupid commercials….”

I like infomercials… I really love them!

Steve: Me too! I watch them for fun.

Myron Golden infomercials

Myron: Goodness, they’re so entertaining!

I’m like, “Ooh, that is such a great idea!”

Steve: Oh man! So we’re saying …


Number one: You can’t even learn any of the skills or real tactics that you teach if you can’t even accept the fact that…

  1. Sales ARE good.
  2. That money IS good.

Myron: Absolutely, absolutely!

And that you are doing good in the world when you sell things to people.

Do you understand that people only buy something because they value the thing they’re buying more than they value the money?

It’s kind of amazing when you think about it.

Steve: Yeah, money is GOOD. Sales are GOOD.

I’m writing down some of the notes here…

Myron Golden notes

What else would somebody need to do?

I mean these are all major foundational pieces before you even get into tactics…

(or even things that you’ll be speaking at OfferMind about)

So what else can somebody do to just increase their sales?

They’re like, “Hey, I’ve got those things, I know sales are GOOD. I know money is GOOD.”

What would be the next step?


Realize that the struggle is not real, it’s imagined.

“But sales are SO hard!”

No, no, no, no, that’s just a story you tell yourself.

Sales are NOT hard, you’re just NOT good at it.

Imagined sales skills

I love what Jim Rohn said his mentor told him.

He said, “Mr. Rohn, Mr. Rohn. Don’t wish it were easier. Wish you were better.”

Steve: Ohhhhh…there’s some zing on that!

Myron: That’s juicy, ain’t it?

Steve: It’s a little sting, there. A little spicy.

Sales skills truth

Myron: Yeah, he was like, “Sales is hard.”

No, no, no, no. It ain’t the problem.

Sales are not hard. Sales are really, really easy! You just don’t know how to do it.

Jim Rohn said his mentor, Mr. Earl Shoaff asked him, “So how much money do you make?”

He said, “Well, I don’t make that much. I’m broke.”

His mentor said, “How is it that you, being 26 years old and a healthy American male…and you’re broke?”

He said, “Well, I can’t help it. This is the job I have. This is all they pay.”

His mentor said, “Well, now Mr. Rohn that’s not true. Let me ask you a question. Are there people who work for your company that get paid more than you get paid?”

He said, “Yes.”

His mentor said, “Well then, that’s not all they pay. That’s just all they pay YOU.”

And I said, “That is so good!”

Steve: I totally I can hear his voice as you say that. You do it well!

Myron: That’s all they pay *YOU*

Sales skills pay

So what we have to realize is…

Mr. Rohn said, “It’s too expensive.”

“No, Mr. Rohn. The problem is not that it’s too expensive. The problem is that you can’t afford it.”

We always wanna blame it on something outside of ourselves.

We always wanna relieve ourselves from the responsibility to do the thing, but the reality is… the reality is that sales ISN’T hard…

“…I just haven’t learned how to do it yet!”

I’m gonna tell you something, Steve.

I have NOT always been good at sales.

When I got started in sales in 1985 selling insurance and investments through a company called AL Williams, I was not even good enough to be bad yet.

I was so bad, I was worse than bad!

I got started in October of 1985 and I did not make my first sale until April of 1987.

I was working and doing presentations… and I was woefully awful.

See, here’s what happens.

Most people are not willing to be bad long enough to get good.

Sales skills gold nuggets

I was making offers and doing presentations from October of 1985 to April of 1987.

(By the way, if you’re counting that’s 18 months before I made a single, solitary sale.)

Shortly after I made that first sale, I became the top salesperson in our office month after month after month after month.

Some of you will say, “Well, Myron. How did you do that? What was it that changed for you, that took you from not being able to make the sale, to being the top salesperson in your office?”


I ran out of all the ways that wouldn’t work.

Steve: Mat time!

Myron: The only thing I had left? The ways that it WOULD work.

It’s so amazing, Steve.

People resist the only activity that can help them get better at the thing they are desiring to do.

They’ll create all kinds of creative avoidance around not doing the one thing, i.e.,

  • Making offers
  • Doing presentations.


I’m gonna tell you something, I’ve got a young lady who’s in one of my high-end coaching programs.

Her name’s Eileen, I think you met her.

This particular coaching program is $40,000 and they have to put at least half down and then they get on weekly bank drafts, right?

So she’s like, “Myron, I really wanna get in this and I don’t have the money. I don’t know what to do.”

First of all, she came to me and she didn’t hide from me.

She came to me and said, “I don’t have the money. I don’t know what to do. What should I do?”

I’m like, “This person’s gonna be awesome.”

Awesome sales skills

… because when they didn’t have the answer, they knew there was an answer…

… and so they ASKED for the answer instead of avoiding the place where they could get the answer.

Steve: Yes. I’m a student of exceptions.

If you don’t have the means, or you don’t have whatever…


It doesn’t mean that you’re blocked!

You keep moving!

Myron: Yeah, exactly.

Here’s what I told her:

“Eileen, you already have a $4000 offer. Raise the price to six and make more offers.

In fact, take the people who are in your current database right now and give them a date at which you’re gonna raise your price to $6000 and give them an opportunity to get it now for only $4000.

Raise your prices.”

I said, “Then the second thing you wanna do, raise your prices and make more offers.”

Now, here’s what make more offers means to me: *Collapsed timeframe*.

  • Take the number of offers you would do in the next year and do that in the next month!
  • Take the number of offers you’d do in the next month and do that in the next week!
  • Take the number of offers you’d do in the next seven days and do that many offers today!

You will have the money in less than 30 days.

She called me a week later, “Myron, I have the money.”

Sales skills make money

Steve: That’s SO cool.

Myron: It’s something as simple as “make more offers”.

I can tell you story after story. That’s not unusual, but it is unusual to find people who are willing…

  1. To make an offer!
  2. Adjust the offer and then make that offer to another person when somebody says no to their offer
  3. Make that offer just the way it is to 10 more people just to see if the problem is the offer… OR if it’s just the way they’re offering it.

Steve: Right, right.


Most people won’t allow themselves to stay in the game long enough to figure out how to win the game.

Steve: You know, it’s funny. I went back and I recounted how many tries it took me… and it was 33 failures over six years!

It was painful…

Myron: Well, why didn’t you quit?

Steve: Right? Yeah, I know.

Someone was like, “Why did you think you could keep going like that?”

I was like…

I realized that failure is largely made up. You just learn. Everything is progression. It’s not win-lose, it’s just progression.

Steve Larsen sales skills

Man, I had a lot of garbage in my own head around the beliefs in money that I had to overcome.

Myron: Absolutely.

Steve: Before I could even sell what I was making in the first place.


Myron: Absolutely.

What’s really interesting that a lot of people don’t realize?

They’ll say, “But Steve, it’s not working! But Myron, it’s not working!”

I say, “Okay, first of all, let me help you understand something. All work WORKS.”

Steve: I’m gonna put that on my ceiling!

Myron: All work works. There’s no such thing as, “I did that thing, and it didn’t work.”

Oh, it worked.

“No, no, but I made the offer and nobody bought.”

It still worked.

“Well, if I made the offer and nobody bought, how can you say it worked?”

See, work is a two-sided coin.

Sales skills two sided coin

Q: What are the two sides of the coin?

  1. There’s the work I do on it
  2. There’s work it does on me.

When the work I do on it doesn’t do what I thought it would do…then the work it does on me ALWAYS does what it’s supposed to do!

I know all work works.

So when I’m working on something that seems like it’s NOT working, it’s still working on me.

It’s so interesting, we were talking about how you had six years… six years you tried all these different things and none of them “worked.”

You had six years of failure, about 30-some odd failures but here’s what we as human beings fail to realize.

Repetitive use of a limited ability will always produce an increased capacity.

What do I mean?

If I wanna get in shape and started doing push-ups, and I wanna do 30 push-ups, but I can only do five, here’s what happens initially after I do five.

Sales skills

The next day I can only do three, right?

Because push-ups, in the beginning, don’t make you stronger at first, they make you weaker because of fatigue.

So people think when they become fatigued from the activity that they wanna get good at, they think that means it’s NOT working.

But you have to do it over and over again.

Repetitive use of a limited ability will ALWAYS produce an increased capacity.

Unless you do the activity repetitively, it cannot increase your capacity to do that thing.

Eventually, if you do five push-ups today, and three tomorrow, and then five the next day, and then three the next day, and five the next day… all of a sudden, you get down one time and then it’s 21.

Where did that come from?

Repetitive use of a limited ability will ALWAYS produce an increased capacity.

Sales coaching

Over that year and a half when I was making presentations and nobody bought, what I didn’t realize I was learning two very valuable lessons.

  1. I was learning how to NOT work for money.
  2. I was learning how to hone my message and how to adjust my approach and then go back and do it again.

And that’s what I mean when I say I literally became the top seller.

Top sales skills

Went from a year and a half no sales…to making a sale…to top salesperson.

“How did you do that?”

I ran out of all the ways that wouldn’t work. The only thing I had left were ways that would work.

Steve: I totally get it.

It’s kind of the same thing for me… after a while, I was like, “I don’t know how else to be bad, or make it not produce cash.”

Myron: Exactly.

Steve: So just so everyone else can see, I’ve taken so many notes that I even turned the page…

….now I’m going down this side of the page with notes!

I have so many notes and what’s funny is that I’ve listened to you speak so many times…

Every time I hear you speak, more and more comes out!

I have a greater understanding of why I behave the way I do.

Not just, “How do I sell more?”

It’s, “How do I actually behave better?”

It’s really fascinating and I want to thank you for that.

Myron: Absolutely, my pleasure bro.

Steve: So you’re gonna be teaching a lot of stuff at OfferMind and you’re gonna come speak…

Myron: Yes.

Steve: And at the point where you’re gonna come speak, people should have a great idea of what their offer actually is.

The core offer, what they should be doing.

Horse blinders on about everything else and just hyper-focused on that one core offer…which is what I’ll be doing on the first day.

But you’re gonna come in and teach them how to offer the offer.

Myron: How to offer the offer in a way that people expect it.

So many people make the mistake of thinking that the offer is their person.

What do I mean by that?

What they’ll do is say, “Well you’ll get so many hours of my time.”

I say, “How many hours of your time?”

What I want less than hours of your time is for you to have hours of my time!

Steve: Right.

Myron: Okay? So they’ll sell their person.

They’ll sell their pieces, “Well, this has got five books, 17 videos and 47 audios.”

Well, nobody cares about the pieces.

Steve: No, I don’t want that.

Myron: Nobody cares about the pieces.

They’ll sell their process.

It’s fine to teach people the process after they’ve taken advantage of your offer, but don’t sell them the process!

If you sell them the process then they’re not gonna buy it.

I’m gonna teach you how to offer the offer…

Q: …and so how do you offer the offer?

When you’re selling to somebody you don’t sell them the process, you only sell them the payoff.

You don’t sell them your person, you don’t sell them the pieces, you don’t sell them the process.

Q: What do you sell them?

You sell them the payoff and you use a concept that I call Emotional Cooperation.

After you use Emotional Cooperation(and I’ll teach you what that means when I get there – at OfferMind…)

…then you use what I call Logical Justification.

When you combine Emotional Cooperation with Logical Justification, you become what I call a Psychological Artist.

You can hang pictures in people’s minds for them to refer to that help them see your offer in a more favorable light.


Steve: That is powerful stuff and I’m taking notes like CRAZY.

If anyone’s watching or listening to this now, and they’re like, “Will OfferMind be worth it?”

…first of all, if you’re NOT convinced by now… I don’t know what to tell you!

What would you say to somebody who’s like, “You know what, I don’t know if I should show up to OfferMind?”

Myron Golden OfferMind

Myron: What does that mean?

Steve: Right.

Myron: No, no, I know what you mean.

I’m like, “I don’t know if I should show up for OfferMind?”

Some of the greatest marketing and sales minds in the world alive today are gonna be there teaching you how to get BETTER at creating offers, and offering those offers…

…if you don’t know if you should be there…? Perhaps we should come get your family and take them to safety!?!

OfferMind with Myron Golden

It’s that kind of deal.


One of my old mentors, Charlie “Tremendous” Jones… I love that man and he was so amazing.

He changed my life in so many ways.

Steve: Oh, I didn’t know he was! Oh, that’s cool. Wow.

Myron: Oh yeah, I knew Charlie.

Steve: Oh, that’s amazing.

Myron: Yeah, I knew Charlie.

Steve: Cool.

Myron: He lived in the same town as me. I used to go visit him.

Steve: That’s amazing.

Myron: Like, I would go hang out with him.

Charlie used to say:

Your life would be the same 10 years from now as it is today, except for two things, the books you read and the people you meet.

Myron Golden live events

When he said, “The people you meet”, he is talking about the people you associate with.

I have found that NOTHING in this world … in this life…changes your life for the better like going to live events.

Live events are my vibe.

I get to meet people and interact with people.

If I had never gone to Funnel Hacking Live, I wouldn’t even know you and we wouldn’t even be having this conversation right now.

Steve: No, definitely not.

Myron: When you were at Funnel Hacking Live in San Diego, 2016 and I was at Funnel Hacking Live 2016… I don’t even know if I remember meeting you.

Steve Larsen and Myron Golden

Do you remember meeting me?

Steve: No.

Myron: Probably not. No.

Steve: No, no.

Myron: Probably not, right?

We were both there, just as attendees.

And now you’re having your event, and I’m coming to speak at your event!

You learn from me, I learn from you.

We make each other’s lives better and we help each other’s students, it’s like…

…does it get any better than that?!

Steve: I don’t know?!

Myron: You will meet joint venture partners and they can open doors for you that you can’t open for yourself just by going to live events in general…

Myron Golden new way

But OfferMind! Like really?!!

I mean where will an assembly (other than at Funnel Hacking Live) of this level of marketing and sales genius be converged in ONE place at the same time other than OfferMind?

If you’re not there …where else would you be?!

Steve: I don’t know? I’ve asked the same question.

I’m like, “I don’t know why you wouldn’t show up to this, it’s pretty ridiculous…”

Life changing sales coaching

Myron: Your life will change.

I love what JR Ridinger used to say, he is a guy who is the president of a network marketing company I used to be a part of.

He said, “You can change your life in two days.”

How long is OfferMind? Two days or three days? Two days?

Steve: Two days.


You can change your life in two days. You can get more accomplished in two days than you get accomplished in a whole year by being smart enough to get yourself to that next event.

Sales coaching event

Steve: There’s something about it…


  • It collapses timeframes
  • It gives you a synergy
  • It gives you a level of focus that you can’t get…that’s diffused when you’re out here doing your own thing in the workaday world.

When you come into a space where there are that many people focused on sales, focused on marketing, focused on offer creation, dude, it changes everything.

Life changing sales skills

Steve: Yeah.

Myron: Yeah, I’m speaking at OfferMind.

But I’m not just going to OfferMind ’cause I’m speaking, I’d be going to OfferMind if I wasn’t speaking.

Steve: Yeah.

Myron: Let’s not get it twisted, ladies and gentleman.

Steve needs to go to events, I need to go to events, Russell needs to go to events.

The teacher who has stopped learning has lost his right to teach.

Steve: Okay, amen.

I think about like wings on a plane.

I tell everyone, if you’re being coached by someone who’s not also being coached, stop listening to them!

They’re not practicing the very thing they’re teaching you.

Myron: Absolutely.

Steve: Get away from them.

Sales skills coach

Myron: Absolutely.

Steve: Oh man.

Myron: Don’t get stuck like Chuck in a pick-up truck.

Steve: Well hey thanks so much for being on here, thanks for being in Sales Funnel Radio.

I’m just incredibly excited to have you on.

Myron: Me too.

Steve: Guys, go to and grab your ticket.

OfferMind sales skills

By the time while I’m saying this right now, we’re pretty much out of VIP seating – stuff is filling up very quickly.

Go get your ticket and we’ll see you September 2nd and 3rd!

You’ll get to listen to Mr. Myron Golden teach you how to offer the offer that I’m gonna teach you how to build on day one.

Myron: May I borrow one of your words?

Steve: Yes.

Myron: BOOM!

Myron Golden BOOM

Steve: BOOM!


If you’re just starting out you’re probably studying a lot. That’s good. You’re probably geeking out on all the strategies, right? That’s also good.

But the hardest part is figuring out what the market wants to buy and how you should sell it to them, right?

That’s what I struggled with for a while until I learned the formula.

So I created a special Mastermind called an OfferMind to get you on track with the right offer, and more importantly the right sales script to get it off the ground and sell it.


Wanna come?

There are small groups on purpose, so I can answer your direct questions in person for two straight days.

You can hold your spot by going to

Steve Larsen OfferMind

Again, that’s

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