SFR 262: The 3 Day Design Challenge Winner – Stephen Larsen

SFR 262: The 3 Day Design Challenge Winner

Jul 23rd, 2019 anchorwave

In this interview I get to chat with the winner of my 3-day design challenge, Sal Peer… AND review his funnel. He did an epic job in this challenge…

Here’s the backstory…

Recently, I reached out to a bunch of designers and said, “Hey, I really need to create some Facebook profile frames…”

You know when there are these massive events or movements where people put frames over the top of their Facebook profiles…

I thought, “Why don’t I do that for my groups!”

So I reached out to all these designers and asked, “Hey, could you design some FB frames?”

In full disclosure, when those designs came back, I did NOT like any of them.

Facebook profile funnel design

So I thought why not ask my actual audience design the frames instead, so I reached out …

And it was *INCREDIBLE*

We ran a 3-Day Design Challenge, and the prize was that I’d critique the winners stuff on an episode of Sales Funnel Radio…

Awesome funnel review

… thus, here we are!


I’m with the incredible Sal Peer, and I’m very excited that you’re here.

Super excited that you won, (by A LOT). Thank you!

You’re clearly a very talented designer. It’s been awesome having you on here.

Sal Peer funnel design

You run a company called Funnel Chefs.

Anyway, I just want to thank you for being on here; welcome to the show.

Sal: Thank you so much for having me, it’s a real honor. I’ve been following your stuff. Amazing!

Just the amount and your presentation. Like, literally, in the last year, it’s just gotten better. Like, you’ve gotten better and I see it.

Steve: Thanks, man.

Sal: So it’s amazing to be here with you. The Design Challenge was so much fun.

It was a challenge to design five frames with no direction. You’re like, “Just do it, I trust you. Just do what you can. If you win, you win.”

I’m like, “Holy shit, there’s no direction here.”

So I dug into all your stuff.

I went into the MLM Hacks Groups, the Sales Funnel Radio

I went into EVERYTHING, and I was like, “Okay, what is he talking about?” And then, I was like, “Oh the cube. He’s talking about putting stuff together correctly.”

I was like, “Well, why don’t we get a Rubik’s cube and kinda put the frame around that…

Rubik's Cube funnel design

…and whoever’s in there has kind of figured out the Rubik’s cube for OfferMind and Sales Funnel Radio.”

…it was a lot of fun, man.

Steve: Dude you’re so cool.

It was funny because I remember we were scrolling through all of them, (and thank you, first of all, to everyone who did do it – it was great).

Sal: There was some awesome stuff on there, by the way.

Steve: Really cool stuff on there.

But there were ones that really caught my eye, and I was like, “Who? Oh Sal, Sal, Sal, Sal, Sal, Sal….”

Sal Peer funnel review

Sal: I hacked it though! I’ve got to say, I hacked it.

Steve: Good.

Sal: I submitted my first drafts, which I never submit.

I was like:

“Oh, let’s just stick that out there, and create some traction, I’ll see what people are doing, and then I’ll come over the top like a minute before the competition ends and just be like, BOOM!”

That was so much fun.

Steve: That’s funny because I’ve noticed a lot of the best people on Freelancer, (where I go run contests on there a lot), do the same thing. They just toss something out and then they see, “Yeah!”

Steve Larsen funnel review

Sal: Yeah, because you want to see, “Oh, wow, he liked this one so how do I make that better?”

… that’s what we look for, and the branding.

I really wanted the branding to be strong.

When somebody puts it on the frame, they recognize the colors, they recognize the kind of thing – that was very important.

Steve: So the intent was for my social agents and our community ambassadors to be able to have those frames on their profile, so then people knew, “Hey, this is legit.”

Sal: Yeah, it gives them status too. It’s a really solid idea.

How to create a funnel

Steve: Yeah, it’s been awesome. How did you become a designer?

Sal: So it’s funny, let’s just go back to like four or five years ago. I was out of work. I was living retired or my mom would say, “retarded life,” and I was just hanging out…

Then, my wife got pregnant and we bought a house… and I had no money left.

How to get into funnel design

I had eight and a half grand, (which is three months of paying the mortgage, but NOT the bills, the hospital bills, the insurance, the cars – all the stuff).

I was like, “I got to do something,” and I didn’t know what to do.

And it’s like you said…

You test your market by presenting offers and seeing who reacts to it, and I did, basically, the same thing.

I owned computer stores a long time ago and I started them with classified sections, and I was like:

“Why don’t we just put out a bunch of ads and see if there’s a market?”

My wife and I were talking, and I decided, “Well, I don’t want to do that because it will get me traveling everywhere and I want to kind of stay put and maybe do one or two events a year.”

Funnel design career

And so she’s like, “Well why don’t you do marketing? You know websites, you know marketing. You did it for your computer stores in ’98. You get this stuff.”

And I was like, “Well, I don’t know…”

  • I don’t know if there’s a market?
  • I don’t know where I’m gonna get clients from?
  • I don’t know…?
  • It’s gonna cost me three grand in Google ads… or 30 grand in Google ads to get clients!

And all these excuses just start piling up.

Funnel review excuses

Then I’m like, “Alright, well let’s do all the Google testing because I need to know Google back in and out.”

So I got eight certifications from Google and I went and opened up a marketing agency by putting FREE classifieds out EVERYWHERE – even long ones.

I got the real estate ones, (where they have the lawn thing), and stuck that in the ground.

I got fined by the city, by the way – so I’m NOT recommending to do that, but it worked.

Funnel design fine

That weekend, (the ad was $197 for a basic website, five pages, and then, I up-charged throughout), I sold like six of them.

I was like, “Dude, I made $1200 bucks this weekend.” I was like, “Hmm, there’s something here…”


I look at myself as an Entrepreneur, and I’ve been at this working for myself since I was like five.

My dad was a tour guide and I sold candy that I would get as a kickback, (from places he would take tourists), back to the tourists on the bus to make money.

Candy funnel review

So entrepreneurship was kind of in my genes.

I just saw a huge opportunity and I was like, “Yeah, I got to get into it.”

I was watching Russell’s stuff and I was like, “Oh, I don’t know, it’s another marketing guy with the same old stuff.”

I worked with Mike Long…

Frank Kern was part of a project that we launched a while back, and I was like, “Oh, well you know what, I gotta do it.”

Final funnel design

A bunch of my marketing buddies started coming in. I was, “I’m gonna pick up the book…”

And then, I just said, “You know what, the book is so good. It’s like ‘Inception’ for real!”

Funnel design inception

… there are ONLY a few books in my life that did that, and it got me integrated into this.

My mom was an interior designer so I have taste.

Sometimes, “Yeah you can do stuff on Canva or stuff, but it’s the creation and the creative that goes behind it (before it gets touched up), that’s the gold.

Making funnel design work

That’s what makes everything else work.

Steve: That’s so awesome, man.

Sal: Because basic Photoshop skills are easy.

Steve: It’s super cool, yeah.

Sal: But coming up with creatives, (just like you come up with offers), it’s difficult.

You’re like, “Well, why do you need that? Well, we have to do all this research first,” and stuff like that – so it’s been amazing.

Steve: That’s so awesome, man… and again, thank you, you clearly won.

And guys, just so you know…

My offer to whoever won was to go through their funnel.

And so which funnel do I get to go through?

Sal: So, obviously, I’ve been following you closely for a while now and I built this funnel with you in the OFA Challenge

Steve: Sweet.

Sal: If you guys haven’t taken his OFA and haven’t signed up through his affiliate link, do it because the bonuses are AMAZING.

One Funnel Away Challenge funnel review

Steve: Thanks, man.

Sal: So that’s how I built it.

It’s actually converting on the front end really well – it’s like 37% conversion on the front end.

Steve: That’s awesome.

Sal: And then once they’re in, maybe my email follow up isn’t on point or maybe the sales page isn’t on point… because it’s NOT converting there. That’s the problem.

So it could be the offer?

I’m open to EVERYTHING.

Steve Larsen OFA funnel review

Literally, because I’ve listened to you, I went and recorded this live – I streamed it live and then I turned it into a masterclass.

Steve: Sweet. That’s awesome. That’s super cool. I’m really excited about it… and we’ll cut over now, and I’ll start diving through your pages man.

This is awesome, and again thanks for putting all the effort in to do the design… because I know it’s a lot of work. It’s a ton of work.

Design is its own beast.

Funnel design beast

I mean, holy smokes!

So it’s A LOT on your end as well, so it means a lot.

And where can everyone go to learn more from you?

Sal: To get a free discovery call with me, go to

Chef Sal funnel design



This is the funnel Sal built during the One Funnel Way Challenge – the One Funnel Way Coach, I’m excited go through to see what he created…

First funnel design

The purpose of that challenge is to get your first funnel out the door.

So if you’ve NOT had the chance to go through the One Funnel Way Challenge, is where you can go sign up for the challenge and get a whole bunch of extra stuff that I give you – which is super awesome.

If we had a live audience right now, I’d say let’s give Sal a round of applause…

Live funnel review

…because what he’s doing right now, (letting me go critique his baby), that’s kind of a freaky thing in and of itself.

Usually, I do these sessions with people one-on-one or privately, not on a big old radio show.

So anyway, let’s go to this next piece right here…

So I’m gonna walk through Sal’s Funnel, but before I do, I just want to tell to go over to YouTube, so you can watch the me do the review, (I cover a ton of stuff)…

I’m a really visual learner and a very visual teacher.

I’m actually gonna share my screen and walk through some stats that I’m seeing, and I want to share some of the epiphanies that I’m having…

Well, in order to do that, it’s gonna be really easier if you watch.

So, head over to YouTube and you’ll learn:

Funnel review on YouTube

  • Why even Russell Brunson’s guessing without the 1000/1000 Rule…
  • How to find out where your funnel is clogged…
  • How to avoid a mismatch in messaging that can destroy your sales
  • The *OBJECTIONS* you unconsciously create in your customer’s minds that prevent them clicking your button…
  • How to get sales psychology on your side and sell MORE…
  • Why Urgency and Scarcity matter…
  • A simple tweak that makes your sales page waaay sexier…
  • easy way to create *ULTRA* clarity that gets your customer’s brain ready for the sale…
  • Where in your funnel you need to have an offer…
  • What % of story you need to add to your funnel to make your customers care…
  • The details I’d LEAVE OFF an order page…
  • Why you should NEVER rent a Cadillac Escalade in a big city … and how Enterprise got it right!
  • The ONE principle that will make all of your funnels convert waaay better…

Funnel review truth

… and a TON more *TRUTH NUKES* that’ll help your funnel to convert


The most common question I get is, “Steve, will you look at my funnel?”

Of course!

If you want me to do this kind of review on a funnel of yours, go to

Quick funnel review

It’s the notification list that I have, so whenever I do have an opening, I just drop an email straight to that list…

I’m just like, “Hey, here you go, first come, first served. Here’s the time I have and here’s a little order page so you can grab some of my time.”

So if you want to be notified the next time I have an opening, just go to, and I can dive through your funnel, your offer, and your message with you.

Sales Funnel Radio funnel review

Whether you want me to coach you, give some handholding and guidance during your funnel build…

Or simply review the one you have…

Head over to, and book your session now.

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