SFR 261: My ‘Guru Tabs’ – Stephen Larsen

SFR 261: My ‘Guru Tabs’

Jul 19th, 2019 anchorwave

I’m at Myron Golden’s awesome speaker training and here’s a few of the takeaways from the epic experience…

I’m at a really interesting point right now in my business, and I’m trying desperately to ONLY listen to people for the skills that they’re known for.

Meaning, I’m looking around asking:

  • How can I get better on stage?
  • How can I get better at the act of selling?
  • How can I get better at just —–?

Then I learn from the one person who’s known as being the best.

So, that’s why I’m at Myron’s event because he’s absolutely incredible at stage speaking.

Learn entrepreneurship from Myron Golden

(Looking good Myron 😎 )


At Funnel Hacking Live, about two years ago, Russell did eight million in sales for his program…

And then Myron did a re-pitch, and sold another four million…

*Crazy Amounts Of Cash*

When I saw that, I was like, “Right, the proofs in the pudding.”

And if someone’s NOT actively doing the thing that they’re coaching on, why on earth am I gonna listen to ’em?

I’m NOT going to.

So I want to tell you a few things about the way I operate – ’cause a lot of people ask me:

  • Stephen, what do you study?
  • How do you learn?
  • How do you go do this or that?

… and, the reality is, I don’t study the way that most people think I do very often.

*I’M VERY SELECT*… don’t ya know 😉

Learn entrepreneurship by being selective

In fact, I have specific GURU TABS on my computer for people I follow in different areas:

  • Health
  • Relationships
  • Wealth
  • Marketing, (which is Russell).
  • Finance strategy.

It’s really interesting because as you learn to NOT be an employee, you have to learn other skill sets that those who run businesses have.

I would NEVER have told you, “I’m going to go study freakin’ taxes,” but that’s a skill set that my dream required me to have…

Learn entrepreneurship taxes

But I’m NOT gonna go try to learn it on my own.


About I two or three weeks ago, I was driving in my car when I had this thought…

I was like:

“I don’t want to just keep buying books. What I’d rather do is go find the person who’s the psycho-genius.”

Like, I’m the crazy in the offer creation space, my eye twitches on that topic.

I want to go find the person with the eye twitch on tax… on health, on whatever…

I want to go find the psycho…

Learn entrepreneurship peaks

…’cause it’s really hard to be on two peaks at the same time.

So, I want to know who has spent most of their life climbing just one peak, and how can I pay them to teach me for a day?

I called someone recently, and said, “Hey, would you just teach me?”

They didn’t fly in, and wasn’t a full day… but it was hours and hours of intense learning.

I learned MORE in that compressed finite period of time, right from the horse’s mouth…

It would have taken me FOREVER to go learn that stuff and put it all together on my own.

There’s some serious power in that…


As I’ve been doing more and more in my business, there’s been a fiery focus on just learning from those individuals who already have the skillset I want…

Learn entrepreneurship focus

… but there are a few caveats that I need to place on them.

  1. They have to be rich. If they’re not rich, I’m NOT listening.
  2. They have to be actively participating in the skillset that they are teaching.

If they’re just someone who’s standing on the side, and they’re like:

“This is how I did it forever ago, and I’ve never had any experiences since 20 years ago when I took the cake that one time.”

I DON’T want to learn from them.

3. I want to learn from somebody who knows how to teach, NOT just has knowledge…

(It’s NOT as important, but it’s still one of the things I look for)

Knowing and teaching effectively ARE completely different.

Another thing I look for is…

4. I want to make sure that whoever I’m learning from has developed their own framework.

Think about this?

The reason why my stuff has been so impactful is because I spent tons of time going and learning from all these people.

Then I realized that if I started combining all the gems that I’d learned and added my own zone of genius, I could create my own framework.


People could just learn the framework, instead of going to the 15 people that caused all the pieces that went into the framework.

Learn entrepreneurship framework

I want to learn from somebody who has gone through the mental jog that it takes to create a framework.

That’s why I push frameworks so much.

Some people made fun of me for that… but, whatever…

If I can create a framework, it means I understand it to a level, not just to do it, but see the patterns, and then teach it.

And I always wanna make sure whoever I’m following has done that.

And so, why it’s been cool to learn from Myron, and why I went to his speaker event…

Business strategy event

  • I learn finance from Brad Gibb and Ryan Lee for – they’re freakin’ amazing.
  • I follow Wallace and Ashlyn Nelson for health
  • I love to listen to Grant Cardone for sales pieces… but stage selling, I like to learn that from Myron.

There are very specific individuals that I listen to, and then, I don’t listen to anybody else.


My head is so active and fast-paced, (it’s just naturally that way)…

… so I need to do is make sure that after I learn frameworks, I do nothing for a while.

Brain play business strategy

It’s very important for my brain to play.

So I do * NOTHING*…

… and I know that because of the systems I’ve created, (I have frameworks around so many aspects of my business now), it looks like I’m NOT taking any breaks…

But, man, I’ve worked a nine to five, nine to six, pretty much every day, (except a few rare occasions), for the last year, year and a half.

I’m just clarifying because sometimes people have said, “Oh, Stephen, you’re not taking any breaks. You need to take care of yourself.”

I play. I have fun.

(I went shooting again over the weekend – it was awesome.)

Anyway, “Stephen what’s the whole point of this?”

Make sure that following people with intent. Don’t consume stuff just because it’s available.

Unplug from Facebook if it’s not your time to check in with those you’re following.

Unplug and learn entrepreneurship

If you are ALREADY learning from a guru on the mountain, l, shut everything else off.

Just turn it off.


I like Tim Ferriss – A LOT!

The Four Hour Work Week is a book that I repeatedly go back to.

And there’s a spot in the book where he talks about learning on-demand, (which is kinda where I got that).

He says in there that reading, after a certain time can pollute the mind and distract it from its creative pursuits… which makes a lot of sense.

In fact, probably two months ago, Russell and I were having a conversation about this over Vox …

I was like:

“Hey man, have you ever had any fears that you won’t be able to replicate what you did in the past, or you’re not studying as hard as you once were to get the results that you’ve done?”

( If you’ve been in any game ever, you’ve probably had those feelings)

  • Am I gonna be able to do it again?
  • Am I gonna be able to replicate this again?
  • Am I learning fast enough?
  • Am I running hard enough to go figure this stuff out in the future?

Business mindset motivation fear

… it’s a legitimate fear, and I totally understand it.

So, I was asking Russell for his feedback on that…

I was like, “Hey, you know, have you ever thought that?”

And he was like, “Yeah, I have.”

(Hopefully, he’s fine with me sharing this…)

Russell Brunson business mindset motivation

I’m all about doing a BIG immersive study at the beginning.

Any time you go into some brand new, you immerse like crazy.

You consume all the books, all the courses, all the content, the gurus…

You’re pulling in as much info as you can because you don’t have a base. There’s no foundation… (and this is kind of what Russell told me).

He’s like, “Once you have that foundation, your learning still continues, it just changes.”

Let’s say you come to learn offers from me…

In the beginning, there’s always this big, major, massive, huuuge brain dump. *BOOSH* There’s a HUGE smack of education…

But then, after a while, the education style shifts.

The education style shifts once you have learned the framework. Now what you do is learn by executing.

Learn entrepreneurship by executing


Myron said something this morning I thought was awesome.

He said, “You don’t get to learn anything until you do something.”

He’s said…

“You’re not here in this workshop so you can learn the thing. You’re here to get the tools that you need to go home and study it by doing it.”

Myron Golden business strategy

I thought that was really prolific… it was TOTALLY awesome.

AND that’s EXACTLY what I’m saying here too…

Your learning style changes once you know the framework


It’s no longer about consuming another book…

Now that I know the framework, I’ve got to start executing.

I learn in a very active state.

For Example:

How to learn business strategy

Most of us didn’t learn how to ride a bike by reading books.

I’m not saying you can’t do that – I’m not saying it’s NOT helpful…

But eventually, the learning is very different from what you can learn from a book – once you get on a bike, the learning style changes…

  • Once you get confident riding the bike…
  • Once you get confident in the offer creation and start launching…

… you get more specialized in your education needs.


If you don’t want to become irrelevant after 10 years…


I can’t tell you how many times Russell, (when I was in his office) would say, “Dude, you remember this guy X, Y, and Z?”

And I was like, “Nope, never heard of that guy.”

He’d be like, “Are you serious? He was a huge deal only five years ago.”

But that happens A LOT ….

And the reason is, (and Russell talked about this a lot with me), that individual stopped learning, and stopped being relevant…

Never stop learning business strategy

They became irrelevant because they said, “I know my one trick. I’m a one-trick pony.”

Boom… and that’s it.


What I’m doing now is very key to my personal progression…

I’ve identified certain, specific areas that I know I need to develop…

I could go and learn it on my own by reading all the books and being a tightwad…

Business strategy tightwad

But I’d be spending my time, rather than my money.

That’s the opposite way to how I should do it.

I should be spending money to save, compact, and compress time by learning directly from these gurus.

So that’s EXACTLY what I’m doing.

I’ve shifted my focus, and I want to learn NOT ONLY skill sets, but for lifestyles. So I’m asking

  • How can I go learn it from the BEST?
  • How can I compress the time it takes to cause the ‘aha.’

I truly believe that it does NOT take as long to learn something as we might all think.


I grew up in Littleton, Colorado…

About 15 minutes away from where I grew up there was this drag strip right off the highway. Anyway, there was this drag strip speedway…

Business strategy race

If you’ve never seen a drag car:

  • The tires are giant so they don’t flip.
  • They have more traction and they can take off faster.
  • They’ve got these MASSIVE fins on the back literally keeping the tires on the ground by pushing air.

It’s pretty fascinating…

Anyways, let’s say that I have a drag car and I have a Prius… and they’re gonna race.

Okay, now let me ask you a question, (I want to be very, very careful how I ask it here)…

Q: Who will reach the end? The drag car or the Prius?

Business strategy finish line

A: *BOTH* #TrickQuesion…

I asked who will reach the end? I didn’t ask about the speed. They’ll both reach the end.


The freakin’ drag cars gonna blow everything out of the water.

I mean, the drag car might be cooled down by the time the Prius hits the end of the strip, right?

And that’s the whole point…


There’s a speed to education, and it’s exactly the same with wealth.

Million dollar business strategy

A million dollars is a million dollars, but a million dollars in a day has more value than a million dollars over a year.

Isn’t that interesting?

It’s still a million dollars, but my utility of the million is way higher for a million dollars in a day versus a million dollars over a year or 10 years.

Everyone’s gonna make a million dollars in their lifetime.

If you go work a nine to five job, you’re gonna make a million dollars by the time you’re done, I mean, you will.. do the math!

Business mindset motivation

What matters is *SPEED*

… and it’s the same thing with learning.

That’s exactly why I’ve been speeding up my education in certain areas lately.

I see the vision that I’m trying to go for, and I know exactly what it is, and I know exactly what my value ladder is (most of you don’t even know what it is yet 😉 )

Business strategy value ladder

  • I know exactly what I’m trying to build.
  • I know why I’m in business.
  • I know what I do outside of the business.

What I’m trying to do now is figure out how to increase my speed…

And the way that I can do that through education is NOT to just go buy books… (I’m not saying I don’t, of course)…

I buy a lot of books. I probably have a book-buying issue.

Business strategy books

I buy a lot of books, but I don’t actually consume that many of them unless I have a specific question…

And then I hunt the answer.

Once I have the answer, I put the book down.

… that’s NOT where I start though.

I start by finding the person who’s…

  1. Rich because of their skillset – the proofs in the pudding.
  • Actively doing what I want to learn.
  • The creator of their own framework.
  • Able to teach, not just do – they must know how to teach and cause epiphanies

When people are like, “Huh, Stephen, I’m NOT willing to pay you to teach me…”

I just kind of laugh.

Steve Larsen business strategy

“Ha! You just valued money over time.”

I can’t save up time… so I’d rather use my money to save time by learning the frameworks from the main expert people and surround myself with those kinds of people…

That’s one of my major tricks.

Make sure those that are coaching you are also getting coached. It’s like two wings on a plane, and if they’re NOT…

Stop getting coached by them.

If they’re NOT actively doing the thing they’re teaching you, then don’t listen to them.

Stuff changes so fast, (especially in technology)…

That’s why I did sooo many live funnel builds as soon as I left ClickFunnels…

I wanted to cement those industry-specific lessons into a course, or a video, or something, so I wouldn’t forget them.


Business mindset motivation hacks

Last little thing here…

I listen to a lot of famous speakers while I work, (depending on the kind of work I’m doing)…

Recently, I’ve been listening to Robert Kiyosaki’s book Why A Students Work for C Students and B Students Work for the Government…

… very fascinating book.

In that book, he talks about the different learning styles, (I can’t remember which scientist it’s from)…

  • Reading is the lowest…
  • Lectures, I think, was the next lowest…
  • The highest retaining education was by merely doing the thing through simulations.

So, that’s why he sells the Cashflow Game.

That’s why… even if you’re NOT trying to launch your next funnel, start crafting your next offer.

Let your mind go to those places, and it’s literally simulation.

I can’t remember which book it was this came from, but they hooked up a whole bunch of athletes to these brain scan things, and they had the athlete go run their Olympic event in their mind…

Business mindset motivation simulation

They watched the brain patterns, and then they had the Olympic athlete actually run the real thing…

There was no difference in brain signals between the ones sitting in a chair and visualizing versus the ones doing it.

So if you sit down and start thinking to yourself:

  • I’m gonna go create this wealth.
  • I’m gonna go create this solution to problems.
  • I’m gonna go help people in this way.
  • I’m gonna go make an offer like this.
  • These are the price points I wanna go do for

… and actually, just run through the simulation.

I can’t even tell you the number of hours I’ve spent at a whiteboard, (before anyone knew who I was), trying to:

  • Craft my offers
  • Craft how I would launch them
  • Plan out the entire funnel.

Learn entrepreneurship

I have notebook upon notebook upon notebook with drawings of funnels.

I was…

  • Visualizing like crazy.
  • Sure I would reach my goal.
  • Not sure how long it would take, but willing to pay the price for how long it would take, (which was not nearly as long as I thought it would be).

Shortcut your timeline and get some freakin’ coaches in your life. Make sure they’re amazing, and it will compress time.

Make sure you just learn their framework for the thing they’re known for.

My last piece of advice is that when you learn something from somebody who’s a BIG deal…

You cannot start taking other topics that are NOT related.

Business strategy gurus

If I’m gonna go learn finance from somebody, I shouldn’t also learn health from that person.

But we do that with some of the gurus that we follow.

We’ll say, “Hey, you taught me X, Y, and Z about marketing, therefore, you must be amazing at marriage counseling.”

It’s like, “What? No!”

That’s a very natural thing to do, but catch yourself before you do it.

Only learn the BIGGEST thing, (what they’re most known for and what made them rich), from the person that you’re hiring.

Unit Next time…


Learn entrepreneurship, get rich, do good

“Stephen, why do you call yourself the Capitalist Pig?”

Ahh, there are several reasons…

I had a lot of beliefs around money that were NOT correct, and eventually, in order to actually launch, I needed to change my relationship with money.

It’s one of the BIGGEST steps that most entrepreneurs need to take.

So I wear this shirt that says Capitalist Pig, loud and proud, as a reminder of the power and responsibility that we’ve been given as entrepreneurs.

If this is resonating with you and you believe the same, go get your Capitalist Pig Shirt at

Capitalist Pig business strategy

I believe in Free Market Capitalism and its personal development power.

Entrepreneurship is the best personal development course that you never enrolled in.

Entrepreneurship is NOT about greed or being flashy.

Entrepreneurship doesn’t discriminate, it treats Baby Boomers and Millennials the same.

Entrepreneurship pays you more, the more you personally grow.

I believe that money is the reward for my discipline and the types of problems that I solve.

I believe the sickness of entitlement is spreading, and I’m quite the opposite, I am due nothing.

I deserve, (I hate that word), I deserve NOTHING.

I fight for EVERYTHING.

I defend my message that you should get rich on purpose, and it’s NOT evil, and I am vehemently against socialism.

I believe true change will come from entrepreneurs and society, NOT the government.

In the words of Grant Cardone, “Money can’t buy happiness, but broke can’t buy anything.”

  • I do not believe that the government should take care of me, an able-bodied person.
  • I do not believe in unwarranted handouts.
  • I DO believe in God and I believe in helping those who cannot help themselves.
  • I believe God would rather me be rich than poor.

Capitalism fosters personal growth, and God has been all along this journey.

I believe the pursuit of riches creates strength of mind.

  • I can do more as a rich person.
  • I can fight louder for what I believe in as a rich person.
  • I can help more people as a rich person.
  • I have more time to work on my weaknesses as a rich person.
  • I have more power to hire the right people to help me grow as a rich person.

In the words of Mark Cuban, “I don’t care what anyone says, being rich is a good thing.”

Money doesn’t change me. Money amplifies me.

  • If I’m a jerk when I’m poor, I will a much bigger jerk when I’m rich.
  • If I’m charitable, and human-oriented when I’m poor, I’ll have the power to bless in a massive capacity when I’m rich.

If this is resonating with you, and you believe the same, go get your Capitalist Pig t-shirt, at

My friends, Get Rich, Give Back.

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