SFR 260: Why The ‘Capitalist Pig’? – Stephen Larsen

SFR 260: Why The ‘Capitalist Pig’?

Jul 16th, 2019 anchorwave

This is why I started calling myself the ‘Capitalist Pig’…

Besides, “Steve will you look at my funnel…” the 2nd question I probably get asked the most is “Where do I get your shirt?”

What’s with the Capitalist Pig t-shirt?

You know, it’s really fun to wear this shirt in malls, airports – you get a lot of scowls, and I totally get it…

Capitalist Pig entrepreneur mindset

It’s meant to be aggressive, it’s meant to be abrasive.


I created it to both attract the right people, and repulse the wrong people…

It’s NOT meant to be offensive on purpose, but it does attract my tribe without me opening my mouth.

There’s A LOTof reasons that I wear that shirt….

I’m NOT just walking around thinking, “Hey, let’s see how we can cause some controversy today.”

I believe in using controversy for the purpose of spreading a message when you have something of real value, but controversy for controversy’s sake, I think it’s stupid

Controversial entrepreneur mindset

… it’s NOT helpful – there’s enough noise in this world as it is!

So there’s a very specific reason that I wear this shirt.

I went on a two-year mission for my church, and when I came back I had NOTHING.

I was in college, (before I met my wife), and I was working a labor job.

I worked a lot of labor jobs growing up.

I worked at Discount Tire for a while as a tire buster

I did it through a winter in Denver when everyone’s switching to snow tires. I got crazy sick ‘cause the doors are always open, and it was was always snowy.

Another job was residential swimming pool construction + cleaning and maintenance.

I cleaned a lot of pools for the Denver Broncos, the Colorado Rockies, and a ton of really famous golfers.

I got to meet some really cool sports people…

The beginning of entrepreneur mindset

But I knew that I wanted MORE in my life, but I didn’t know what that meant.

The last day of the job… before I started college after my mission…

(I’d finally learned how to learn, and how to have a goal and just move for it.)

I picked up this piece of broken tile, (I still have it), and put it in my pocket

It was a small piece of black tile, about half an inch, and I held it in my hand and said:

I will never work another labor job again.

I wanted to learn how to use my brain instead of my hands.

Anyway, I remember driving, and I heard a radio ad that said something like:

“Come learn from Rich Dad how you can invest in stocks,”

Investing in entrepreneur mindset

I said, “Yeah, alright!”

And so I went to this two, three-hour evening seminar thing…

As I was driving to the event, I felt kinda nervous. I was like, “What if everyone in the room’s really crazy smart?

I didn’t know that I was literally walking through a funnel , but a physical version.

(I don’t think I’ve ever told you this story?)…

Inside of the room, this guy was teaching some cool strategies, and I couldn’t believe that you could make money without going to a nine to five!

I was like, “What! I thought this was only possible for highfalutin people who had access to resources …

Money entrepreneur mindset

….cause it takes money to make money, right?”

I had so many false beliefs

I was sooo excited

And when they announced a three-day event where we’re gonna teach you more about these strategies, I was like, “Sweet.”

It was $200, and I think I had $250 in my account.

It felt like this mountain of cost for me at the time cause I was working labor jobs for nine bucks an hour…

But I paid the $200 and got the time off of work.

I go to this first day of this seminar, and I couldn’t believe what they were teaching.

I was like, “This is insane, I didn’t know you could do this kind of thing!”

Insane entrepreneur mindset

It wasn’t just like, “Here’s this stock principle…”

When I left, I was kind of on fire because of the things that they were teaching, but also because of the different mentality around cash.

It was the first major combatant that totally ninja punched me in the face in terms of all my old false beliefs around money.


Entrepreneur mindset false beliefs

The funny thing about false beliefs is… you don’t know you have ’em.

If someone asks, “What are your false beliefs?”

You’d be like, “I don’t have a false belief, I only have beliefs.”

Anyway, this was the first time I realized, “Oh my gosh, I believe something, and it might NOT be true.”

When I got home and I was like, “Dad!”

And I just barfed all over him:

Becoming an entrepreneur

“You gotta come do this. I learned this thing, and this strategy, blah blah blah blah blah,…

And my Dad got nervous that I was being kinda brainwashed.

I was like, “You gotta come with me on day two, I’m allowed to bring a guest.”

He said, “I’ll go do this with you, but it’s ’cause I wanna show you that they’re probably scamming you.”

I was like, “I get it, but just come see for yourself.”

Halfway through the 2nd day, guess what they did?

Entrepreneur mindset training

*They dropped a pitch for a $30,000 thing*

My dad looked at me, and we said, “You know what, this is really freakin’ cool.”

He’s like, “I get it now. I see what they’re doing.”

So we paid 30 grand, and went into these stock and options courses… and it’s how my dad got into what he does now.

Finding entrepreneur motivation

(Eventually, he stopped trading on the Nasdaq and now he does Forex…)

I don’t know why, but that event seemed to set off some kind of chain reaction in me.

I’d already read Rich Dad, Poor Dad, that’s how I knew who he was, but anyway…

  • I’d read Rich Dad, Poor Dad
  • Gone to that seminar thing
  • We were doing these courses
  • I started reading books like Richest Man in Babylon (if you haven’t read that book, it’s a great one)
  • I read The Alchemist, (I love that book) – I’ve heard it’s Will Smith’s favorite book – Super good book.

Entrepreneur mindset books

… and I realized like, “Oh my gosh, this life is malleable, and I can do something about all this stuff?”

… you probably know where this story picks up 😉

My wife and I got married, I was still taking stock classes from Rich Dad Company with my dad.

I still had A LOT of mentalities about what it takes money to make money.

So I was like, “Well, maybe I shouldn’t do stocks and options. What should I do next instead?”

When I found out I couldn’t feed my wife, I called my dad, and asked, “Hey, will you lend me the cash?” And he goes, “No.”

He basically said, “Figure it out,” and it put me on this path to move forward as fast as possible.

There were the 17 failed business attempts, and what was really happening inside my head was…

I was losing these false beliefs around money and cash.


Becoming an entrepreneur without money

When you read Rich Dad, Poor Dad he says there are three different asset types:

  1. Real estate
  2. Paper assets – like stocks and bonds and mutual funds.
  3. Business.

I had so many false beliefs around:

  • Business
  • Money
  • Capitalism

… that I literally chose to try business last.

That’s why I was doing stock and option classes first.

I didn’t wanna look like I was being greedy.

Greedy entrepreneur mindset

How stupid is that?

That’s why I went into real estate afterward, and I didn’t try to start selling things, even though I had the desire to.

I’m saying this because I know A LOT of you are like that.

Then, I finally slunk over to the third asset type…


That’s actually how it happened.

And that’s the real reason why I chose business last, and it really shows where I mentally was at the time.


I became The Capitalist Pig because…

As Batman became Batman because he’s afraid of bats, I was very afraid of cash, so I became The Capitalist Pig.

Entrepreneur mindset

I mean I liked cash, and I think everybody does…

If Money’s The Devil, then tell me the last time you turned down a paycheck?

Think about that…

Money’s NOT the devil.

Entrepreneur mindset truth

#Misquoting the Bible.

We all like the cash, we like what it allows us to do and the resources it gives us…

And, I’ll go religious, God has ALL the resources, he just knows how to use ’em properly.

So the resources themselves are NOT the devil, it’s how and what we use them for…

*Intent matters*

Why are you getting rich? That matters.

I decided to become The Capitalist Pig to become my fear.

That’s one of the major reasons I wear this shirt, guys.

For a long time, I was like, “Man, I’m gonna become a Capitalist Pig,” and I would say it almost like a joke.

I would say, “I wanna get rich…” (and it was like a sidestep)…

  • “…but only so I can give it all away…”
  • “… but only so that I can do…”
  • “…but only so that I can die poor ..”

And I started trying to justify my dream.

This is a lot deeper for me than just wearing an aggressive t-shirt.

“Capitalist Pig” could be the name of the story that I’ve gone through for the last 10 years to gain the mentality that I have.

Anyways, fast forward to now…

There are so many reasons I wear this shirt.

Yes, it’s to be offensive in a jarring way against socialism, but I’m NOT against helping people, in fact, I’m very for it – and it’s one of the reasons I wanna make a lotta money.

  • I’m really against handouts.
  • I’m REALLY against getting stuff that you did not work for.

I tell people like, “Look, I don’t deserve anything.”

So I wrote a post about ‘Why I call myself a Capitalist Pig…’

It starts with a conversation I had with my little girls.

It says:

🐷 “Steve, Why Call Yourself The “Capitalist Pig?!”

Here’s why…



🧔🏻 “Lets say Brinley (my oldest) does all the chores on her own and does a good job…
Should Brinley AND Maiya (my second) get ice cream”? Or just Brinley?”

🧒 “Just Brinley!”

🧔🏻 “Yup! If NO ONE does the chores today, should you STILL get ice cream?”

🧒 “NO!”

🧔🏻 “Right, and that’s Capitalism. But, if someone is hurt or sick or can’t take care of themselves should we help them?”

🧒 “YES!”

🧔🏻 “Definitely! Can you help more people when you have a lot of money, or only a little bit?”

🧒 “Ummm…. a lot of money?!”

🧔🏻 “YES! So when I’m here in my office everyday trying to make a lot of money, it’s on purpose…”


My little quip “get rich, give back” is not a cute saying…

I study MONEY a lot!

  • How it works…
  • How it’s made…
  • Where value comes from…
  • Where it flows…
  • The pieces that increase flow…


💵 Money is man-made

That’s FANTASTIC NEWS!!!! Cause IT HAS RULES! (learn the rules, beat the game)

If so, I need to keep going deep learning Capitalism and learn the rules of money!!

I believe the ‘entitled sickness’ is spreading in the world…

🤺 And I believe quite the opposite:

I am ‘due’ nothing

I ‘deserve’ (i hate that word) nothing

I fight for everything

I defend my message that you should get rich on purpose…

It’s not evil…

Capitalism fosters personal power and growth 💗 and God has been all along my pursuing path🙏


I’ve been studying more economics lately…

I have a new bookshelf of ‘basic economics’ books (haha, they’re so huge)…

It’s a hobby of mine and not something to fear (which I used to)…

I’ve been playing the CashFlow game A LOT…

I’ve been talking to big, rich people about their personal finances…

I’ve been learning lots of vocab…

⚡ “Poor people own everything, but control nothing…

⚡ Rich people own nothing, but control everything…”


Yesterday I was in Russell Brunson’s office and spoke to him about what to do with the cash from the funnels…

🧔🏻 “Russell, what if I made a product or two with no other purpose than to store up for future cashflowing assets?!”

🤼‍♂️ “Stephen, ALL of your products should be geared towards that…”

oh, yeah… hmmm….

Understand that I’m only 4 years into the funnel game (8 years into the entrepreneur game)…

Compared to a normal profession, ‘offers and funnels’ is such an EASY thing get good at.

“Steve, but, but, but…”

but, LOOK AT IT!

>> Where else does this kind of time-money leverage happen?

✔ I have funnels AUTO-SELLING EVERY DAY…

✔ I’m not boasting. It’s what I TEACH YOU TO DO!

✔ And I KNOW stuff is broken or needs improvement in my funnels (that’s my point – you don’t have to play this game perfectly for the market to find you worthy enough to pay you – perfection ≠ cashflow)…

I’m only concerned with the REQUIRED pieces that cause cashflow. The 20% that causes the 80%…


⭐ Much like we create frontend-breakeven funnels to remove ad spend and make profit in the backend…

⭐ I’m structuring my business like the ‘frontend-breakeven’ to my personal investment strategy which fuels my investment-backend…

— DISCLAIMER: i’m not your finance guru and won’t pretend to be. i’m merely documenting my journey and these are the ‘problems’ i now need to look at as my journey is progressing…


🎤 My event, OfferMind was BUILT to 👨‍🏫 show you how to design and launch LUCRATIVE offers…

(many of you have a good enough offer but are still broke cause it was never ‘launched’ or ‘evergreen-ed’)

I’ve built quite a lot of successful offers now and their getting larger…

And there most certainly IS a pattern to the successful ones…

“get rich, give back”

That path has caused more personal growth in my that any personal development course could ever hope to deliver…

Unapologetically >>> Get Rich, Give Back…

Your Friendly Neighborhood Capitalist Pig…



Capitalist Pig entrepreneur motivation

If I call myself a Capitalist Pig, I need to keep learning Capitalism itself and learning the rules of money.

I believe the entitled sickness is spreading and it’s spreading in the world, and I believe quite the opposite of that mentality.

I am due *NOTHING*

No one owes me anything. I don’t deserve, (I hate that word), *ANYTHING*

I hate it when people say, “You deserve it.” Bha, No man, I don’t deserve a thing.

I’m willing to fight tooth and nail for every single inch that I gain..


The other day, someone asked me “Stephen are you ever nervous about losing it all?”

I’m like, “No, because I know that most people can’t hack my work ethic, so, uh no.”

Even if everyone stole EVERYTHING from me, they can’t create it on their own, which means I’m gonna outlast ’em.

It takes just as much work to steal as it does to do it on your own

… which is hilarious.

When you steal, you don’t have the mentality that it took to make it.

You know what I’m saying?

So that doesn’t make me nervous at all.

I fight for EVERYTHING. I defend my message that you should get rich on purpose.

MONEY is NOT evil.

*Capitalism fosters personal power*

I watch more people grow and progress in their lives when they try to actually be industrious.

So Capitalism fosters personal power and growth, and God has been all along my path while I pursue this.

Perfection does not equal cash flow.

Cash flow comes way before perfection, but I think people try and learn what I teach to such a degree that they’re like, “It has to be perfect, uhh. uhh, uhh…”

*Just Execute*

Sales Funnel Radio is about me documenting my journey on the way to certain monetary figures, or as I go create the next asset or whatever.

So as far as me documenting my journey on this, this is me documenting it.

One of the things I’ve been running into now is what do I do with the cash that’s coming on in?

(It’s very protected in these different asset protection entities. It’s very protected it’s all over. We’ve been building it smartly, which is great.)


There are two reasons for this episode…

#1: I want you to come to OfferMind.

OfferMind is NOT about funnels. OfferMind is specifically about mechanisms that cause cash flow whether for your business, or your personal finances.

We have some really cool surprises that I don’t think much of this audience knows about.

And I’m not making fun of it, but for a lot of you guys, this is your first stab into the business space, but it’s been my obsessive focus for 10 years now.

I mean, we didn’t eat unless it was working for a little while there.

Most people have NOT made that jump or been able to feel that kind of pressure on their lives. And so you learn it different.

So what I’m telling you guys (and the reason why I’m sharing this with you) is that…

Capitalist Pig T-Shirts are now available.

Capitalist Pig t-shirt entrepreneur motivation

Go to

We’re only gonna do this swag drop like once a month because I’m smart on swag. I don’t know if I can say that, it sounds conceited.

But I’m not gonna go buy just a bunch of swag and have it sit there on the shelves, and all the money sitting on the shelves – we’re hoping that it sells.

So I’m only releasing them once a month for a couple of days.

Entrepreneur mindset swag drop

And if you’re in the middle of like a “Hey, the swag drop’s about to come,” just join the Facebook list. Join the waiting list because that list is gonna be the list that I tell like:

“Hey, it’s coming out. Boom! And we zap it out to all of you guys. Hey here it comes, here it comes. All right, and poof!”

It’ll only be open for brief periods of time, then we’ll ship it out to you real fast. That’s how we’re gonna do it. I’m really psyched about it.

We also have other shirts that say:

I got 99 problems but my pitch ain’t one.

Another one that says, “It’s Monday, Baby!”

Love Mondays entrepreneur mindset

… which is actually gonna be a show soon, (which we’re very excited about), ’cause Mondays DON’T suck! What sucks is what people are doing.

I love Mondays, Mondays mean I get to work really hard.

Anyways, we have another one that says:

Work for the system, or build one

It’s true, those are like the two options.

Anyway, we’re gonna keep making really aggressive shirts that have a point.

Aggressive entrepreneur mindset

It’s NOT meant to be offensive, but if someone gets offended, that’s okay.

I believe that socialism is spreading, and this country is starting to beg for it. In order for me to fight the spread, I gotta get loud… and so do you.

I don’t have a problem helping people, I think that you should… we do. I’m all about using your resources to go help other people. I believe in that.


I don’t believe in straight up handouts that people just live off.

I very much am against that, and if that offends somebody, I won’t apologize for that, ’cause I think it’s wrong.

And so if you wanna stand with me on that, and get real loud about what Capitalist Pig means… it means, *own your crap*

If you’re gonna get paid, understand you’re gonna get paid to the degree of the value you create in the marketplace.

So the question is…

How do I solve more problems in the marketplace?

It’s NOT unfair for the rich to be rich. No, screw that, they figured it out, congrats to them.

If someone’s like, “Oh that’s so unfair they’re rich,” UNFAIR! are you kidding? Oh man, I wanna go freakin’ nuts every time I hear someone say that.

Like, “Get out of my audience if you believe that.”

UNFAIR! It’s NOT unfair.

They went and provided value to a degree that the market said, “Yeah, I’ll pay a lot of money for that if you’ll sell that to the market.”

Go do that.

That’s okay, ’cause there are people out who can’t serve themselves.

There are people out there who can’t work or can’t take care of themselves.

And yes, I do believe that it’s our blessing and obligation to take care of those people as well.

This is a different style episode that I know I’ve ever done in Sales Funnel Radio, but it’s my beliefs. I really believe that.

Your business better be solving a problem. Solve a problem, get paid for it, and get paid real well…

..but solve a problem.

Help people along the way, otherwise what the heck is the point… you can be rich and lonely.


Make A LOT of money

  • Do it on purpose
  • Be unapologetic about it

…know that that’s why I do this, and why I wear this shirt.

I try to wear it in public places, and I love getting some of the scowls that I do.

Frankly, I get a lot of people who are like, “Oh I love that…” and I’m like, “Right! Seriously, we need more of this.”

Be industrious my friend, no one owes you a dime.

No one owes you a thing, and when you treat it that way, you will be shocked at how much of a beast, animal, superhero you will become in your own right.

You start holding personal power in your own hands.

And you say, “You know what, I’m willing to feel a little bit of discomfort while I figure out this whole money thing,” ‘ and then you start moving forward.

I’m massively, massively pro for everything I’m telling you right now.

And if it’s really offensive…

I’m very against socialism, for hand out’s sake.

I’m very against it, and I’m not saying like, “Oh yeah, that’s too bad.” No! I think it’s wrong. Go get paid, to the degree of the types of problems that you solve.

The amount of money you make in this life is akin to the types of problems you solve.

So if you wanna solve a problem of how to put groceries in a sack at the end of a grocery line, you’re gonna get paid accordingly to how much of a problem you’re solving there.

That’s not much of a problem, therefore society doesn’t pay you that much.

It’s NOT about fair, it’s about value.

You wanna make more money? Learn how to solve bigger problems.

Solving problems with entrepreneur mindset

It’s super fun WHO you become as you do that, and that’s kind of like the pseudo-theme of Sales Funnel Radio.

That wasn’t on purpose, it was just as I was documenting my journey, I was like:

“Dang, I had to shed that character flaw. That sucked.,Nah, dang it, I don’t wanna let go of that one, but I see that my message needs me to let go of that one.”

That’s one of the fun parts about the game, and so that’s why I wear this shirt, and that’s why I wanna invite you guys to do the same.

I’m really, really sick of all of the entitled crap, (and yes it comes from baby boomers too), yes it comes from everybody.

It’s a mentality that’s coming from everywhere.

And I want you to look at this shirt and be like “Oh, yeah, you know what, I’ll be a “Capitalist Pig” in your eyes.”

I’m gonna go get paid really nice because I solve actual problems. That’s cool, I don’t believe in feeding off of the government, or “Who’s gonna take care of me.”

*Own your crap*

Move forward and say, “How can I own my life,” and you’ll become this person, that’s like the funnest part…

The money’s fun, but what you become, “oh my gosh,” that’s the funnest part about what I do.

I turn around six months after coaching somebody, and they feel like a new person.

They’ve got self-confidence, and they are owning it, and they are moving forward.

  • They’re saying:
  • This is what I do
  • This is what I solve
  • This is who I serve
  • This is how much money it is

I know I get the results for people, and I’ve been labeled prideful, for helping get people to that spot.

Being confident in your ability to deliver a result is NOT pride

…. and that was a HUGE false belief I also had to overcome in terms of becoming a Capitalist Pig.

I’m inviting you to become a Capitalist Pig.

Go to, that’s my last little shot with here with it.

But just know that I really stand behind this message. Go get rich, on purpose, it’s NOT gonna happen on accident…

You hear me clearly as I say that? It’s NOT gonna happen on accident.

You may already be rich… but maybe not.

You need to have intent, clear intent, and purpose behind getting money and causing value in order to do so.

I tried to buy… whenever someone’s like bashing me online, I just put #oink

I’m like, “Yeah baby, lean into it sucka, ’cause I’m not apologizing for what I believe, and this is what I believe.”

*Get some cash on you*

Capitalist Pig swag

“Steven, why do you call yourself the Capitalist Pig?”

Ahh, there are several reasons…

I had a lot of beliefs around money that were NOT correct, and eventually, in order to actually launch, I needed to change my relationship with money.

It’s one of the BIGGEST steps that most entrepreneurs need to take.

So I wear this shirt that says Capitalist Pig, loud and proud, as a reminder of the power and responsibility that we’ve been given as entrepreneurs.

If this is resonating with you and you believe the same, go get your Capitalist Pig Shirt at

I believe in Free Market Capitalism, and its personal development power.

Entrepreneurship is the best personal development course that you never enrolled in.

Entrepreneurship is NOT about greed or being flashy.

Entrepreneurship doesn’t discriminate, it treats Baby Boomers and Millennials the same.

Entrepreneurship pays you more, the more you personally grow.

I believe that money is the reward for my discipline and the types of problems that I solve.

I believe the sickness of entitlement is spreading, and I’m quite the opposite, I am due nothing.

I deserve, (I hate that word), I deserve NOTHING.

I fight for EVERYTHING.

I defend my message that you should get rich on purpose, and it’s NOT evil, and I am vehemently against socialism.

I believe true change will come from entrepreneurs and society, NOT the government.

In the words of Grant Cardone, “Money can’t buy happiness, but broke can’t buy anything.”

  • I do not believe that the government should take care of me, an able-bodied person.
  • I do not believe in unwarranted handouts.
  • I DO believe in God and I believe in helping those who cannot help themselves.
  • I believe God would rather me be rich than poor.

Capitalism fosters personal growth, and God has been all along this journey.

I believe the pursuit of riches creates strength of mind.

  • I can do more as a rich person.
  • I can fight louder for what I believe in as a rich person.
  • I can help more people as a rich person.
  • I have more time to work on my weaknesses as a rich person.
  • I have more power to hire the right people to help me grow as a rich person.

In the words of Mark Cuban, “I don’t care what anyone says, being rich is a good thing.”

Money doesn’t change me. Money amplifies me.

  • If I’m a jerk when I’m poor, I will a much bigger jerk when I’m rich.
  • If I’m charitable, and human-oriented when I’m poor, I’ll have the power to bless in a massive capacity when I’m rich.

If this is resonating with you, and you believe the same, go get your Capitalist Pig t- shirt, at

My friends, Get Rich, Give Back.

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