SFR 26: Quizzes. Hated Them In School. Love ’em In Funnels… – Stephen Larsen

SFR 26: Quizzes. Hated Them In School. Love ’em In Funnels…

Dec 9th, 2016 anchorwave

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I found, printed, and compared the format of some of the internet’s “top quizzes”. Here’s what I found…


I always want to yell whenever I start one of these. Whoo Hoo, Yeah, this is Steve Larsen, welcome to SalesFunnel Radio.

Welcome to SalesFunnel Radio, where you’ll learn marketing strategies to grow your online business, using today’s best internet sales funnels. Now here’s your host, Steve Larsen.

All right you guys, hey thanks for dealing with my cheesiness. It’s funny though, every time I go to start to hit the record button, I mix my own podcast. 

I mix it, produce it, I now have an assistant, which is totally awesome.

I’ll tell you about her later. Finally, I think it’ll be more consistent with these due to her. She’s amazing. I think that will be really good.

Anyway it’s funny, every time I go hit the record button, I always get this cheesy grin on my face. Anyway, I get excited. I’ve met a lot of you guys now who listen to this, and this podcast, just so you know downloads wise is ramping up like crazy.

It’s been fun to interact with a lot of you guys…

A lot of you guys have sent me personal messages. A lot of you told me, “Hey this has been helping.” That keeps me going, I’ve got to tell you, because it is a ton of work to produce a single episode. It’s nuts.

First I take the podcast, and then I go, I actually mix the thing. I had to make intro and outro, then I had to go get it transcribed, then I turn it into a blog post, then I actually put it in iTunes, and then I syndicate it out to twelve different platforms. The whole thing takes including everything, probably an hour and a half to two hours at least, and that’s flying.

That’s like on really, really, good day. Most of the time, honestly it probably could easily be three hours when you actually factor in everything.

Anyhoo, all right I just want to say thanks for that. I was thinking about you guys like crazy which was a little bit weird because I was thinking about you guys over Halloween. I was walking around the neighborhoods. I was with my little girl, she’s going to be three here in December. Then I also have a one year old. They’re both awesome. They’re dressed up in their little costumes. Princess Sophias and whatever, it’s fun being a dad. Totally awesome.

It’s funny though because this is the first year we’re going to walk around with our kids and they’re starting to get it, you know what I mean? They’re, “Hey, this is Halloween. You’re going to say, “Trick or Treat. You say thank you at the end. They give you candy. This is the only time you can take candy from a strangers.”

It’s kind of weird when you think about it…

We’re walking along and we go to this house and this woman sees me holding my one year old. We have two little pumpkin buckets and so they give candy to my little two year old, almost three, and then go to give candy to my one year, but my wife was holding it.

She looks up and I got sick to my stomach, I was like, “Are you kidding me? Are you joking?” She looked up and she did a double take. She’s bending over and grabbing stuff down, the bucket was on the floor there and she looks up and it’s almost like she was sneering.

She looked up and her eyes were squinting just a little bit and her eyebrows were together just a little bit and she’s like, “Oh did you want one for the kid also, the one year old, I mean you guys?”  Okay, yeah. Clearly we’re going to eat some of our kid’s candy.

She’s one, she’s going to have maybe a single piece of that stuff. Okay yeah, you caught us. She was calling out my wife because she knew obviously we’re going to have of our kid’s candy. I call it the tax. The great dad tax. Anytime they have some piece of food, I’m like, “Okay I’ve got to tax that. This is the taxman.”

This was what the hey is this? Anyways, I was a little bit pissed off about it to be honest, till they called us out. We keep walking along, keep walking along and I’m totally getting clued pictures of my kids underneath. I’m a show and tell dad. You just have to get over it.

Yes, I like my kids, they’re awesome. I know some dads aren’t that way or whatever. I’m a show and tell dad. I’m going to show you a picture. My kids in Halloween costumes are going to be in the blog post of this episode, I’m just letting you know.

We’re walking around and the other crazy thing that happened while we’re walking, this kid’s running all over the place. It’s fun, cool atmosphere. Some of the kids are dressed up all scary and it was confusing my little two year old because she had never seen anything like that before.

It’s a little scary. She actually ended up running away from our house once because she got scared from that…

Anyway, we’re walking around and we walk up to a door and I swear it looked like restaurant. She had listed on the door, hand written on a piece of paper and it was basically not duck taped but very neatly taped, you could tell someone spent a crap ton of time figuring out how to tape this thing to the door.

It had all of the allergy warning information that you’d expect in a restaurant. “This candy may contain or may have been produced in a facility where peanuts were there and soy, and lactose. Please advise if you need candy that does not have … ” It was so funny. It was so funny.

There’re allergy warnings, there were glutton free options...

There’s like, “What the heck is this? Oh my gosh this woman has gone to town.” She opens this door up very proper. She’s standing up and is elongating her neck a little bit, and very proper and bends over, “Why hello.” I’m doing it right now.

I’m recording something audible. I’m doing it…

She bends over and is like, “Hello. Oh your costumes are just adorable.” She’s doing that kind of stuff. I was like, “Oh my gosh, I would kill myself if this woman was someone I had to hang around with at all at an actual restaurant.” Which was funny because it reminded me of a restaurant. She was the hostess and she had all of these pieces out there and it looked like you were walking into a restaurant. I was like, “How interesting. How interesting is that? That patterns are pushed so far into what she’s doing.”

It led me along to start thinking more about this. How crazy is it, you have to follow me on this okay? How patterns really do follow and dictate a lot of things that we do in our own personal lives.

We walked away and went home and put our kids down. They ended up not going to sleep. It’s the first time we’ve ever really given them sugar like that and they stayed up literally the entire night. It was nuts.

It stuck with me. I kept thinking about it over and over again. This woman who has, she’s clearly obsessed about it, which is totally awesome…

I was moving along and I actually thought, “How cool it would be to keep funnelhacking more of the processes that we’re being taken through that we don’t know that we’re being taken through. Much like that woman did. She was taking us through a process. She probably didn’t even know she was modeling after what restaurants do with allergy warnings and stuff like that and supplement products and things like that.

I don’t know, maybe she’s on autopilot or maybe she’s got some condition in the the home there or even with one of her kids or something. I don’t know. Whatever it was, it was crazy. It was to an extreme…

What I wanted to share with you guys was one of my latest hacks and some of the patterns that I saw there. This is pretty intense just so guys know. This is juicy, juicy stuff. I would charge somebody to deliver this. I’m going to talk about quizzes.

Quizzes are fantastic…

One of the reason I like quizzes so much is that they come get someone involved in the process prior you asking them to opt in for something. What’s crazy is ninety percent of the time, I never collect the data, neither does Russell, we never do.

We hardly ever, I don’t know that I’ve ever actually created a quiz online where someone goes through and they’re clicking, “Are you a man or woman? Do you have a peanut allergy? Are you exited for Halloween?”

We don’t really collect that data, I don’t in my own funnels. The reason is that all we’re trying to do is we’re trying to put somebody into a state to receive something. We’re trying to put them into a state to accept what it is that we’re about to offer them next. It totally work, holy crap. Go to SecretEmblemHacks dot com. I don’t care if you opt in, just look at the process I take people through.

I have a quiz in the front…

It’s cool because people go through it, they opt in, I give them something cool. It’s a five day free course and then I push them over to a free plus shipping offer.

Doing that pre frames people. I was thinking like, “For quizzes what are the standard quizzes online and what are the formats that they’re following in order to be most effective?” I totally found it. I was blown away. I ended up showing it to Russell.

We’re using it, it’s really cool…

I want to take you through it. There’s a common quiz format that people who are most successful with quizzes online are following. It was crazy because he’s like, “Here are some quizzes, go look at these.” I was like, “Cool and I’ll go look at XY and Z.” I started going through all these different quizzes.

Tons and tons of them…

I wrote them out and I put them on a sheet. I literally question by question put them side by side. I was like, “Holy crap. These almost look like they’ve been written by the same person.” They’re not by the same company. The owners do not own both of these different companies. I did it to several different companies and a lot of different quizzes.

I put them side by side and I was like, “Whoa, these questions, the number one question, what they’re asking and what they’re asking a person for is really similar.” I moved forward and I went to the next one and was like, “Whoa, this is also really really similar.”

I kept going on and there was almost the same number of questions per quiz. Almost the same number. I was like, “This is interesting.”

Sure enough, I’m sure that they were following something that maybe each of them had seen as well. I went through enough quizzes to find and figure out that these guys were doing something on purpose. This was purposeful. They were unrelated companies and they were unrelated company owners.

They were totally unrelated industries…

One was sports and the other was fat loss. Another one was golf. It was across so many different mediums. I was like, “Man, this is so funny. This is what I did also when I did the SecretEmblemsHacks dot com quiz. It’s been awesome.

Here’s the format and I want to share with you. I was like, “Dude, what can I do?” I always want to give you guys stuff because I think it’s just fun. I want to help. If I can curb the amount of time that it takes for you guys to do something and be successful, I’m all about that. It’s really fun for me to hear stories of your guy’s success which I’ve been hearing a lot lately and it’s been great.

I want to give it to you. In the show notes, go to the blog of this podcast episode and I am going to include the word file, the document with this stuff written out, that’s spelled out. It’s my funnelhacks quizzes basically that I went through and the format that I went through. I took a picture of the actual notes and tossed them on there and the way that they pull through. Very, very fascinating.

I’m going to explain this to you as best I can while it being audio. Here it is…

The first question that these guys all ask, and it was across the board unanimous was, they asked something that was a self identifying question. It was very low barrier to entry. No personal information being asked. Sometimes when we come out and ask, “Hey what’s your email address” right out the gate, sometimes that pushes people away. “

Boy that feels a little bit like personal information still…

Just slightly stepping into my bubble.” That makes people uncomfortable and you don’t want that. They don’t do that. The first question of these is self identifying. For example it says, one of them is “Hey are male or are you female?” Or “Hey, what’s your age range?” Rather than asking straight for the age, they just ask for the range. “I’m lower than twenty one, I’m greater than twenty one, I’m less than sixty five, I’m greater than sixty five.” Very simple. You’re not giving away any personal information with that. Very low barrier to entry.

The first one, some self identifying question. They are telling you, they’re telling the quiz something about themselves. This is like the hook system, this is pulling them in, getting them engaged. You can think of a lot of different other ones that are out there as well like, “Are you an iPhone user? Do you live in America? Do you live in Australia? Do you live in Canada?”

Those are maybe a little bit more intense but just know that as a general category they’re self identifying, very broad low barrier questions…

Sometimes it was the first two questions. Question number one, male or female or whatever? Question number two, what’s your age range? Do you like to breathe? It can be something really very low barrier entry.

Here’s the second question, the second set of questions. Here it was. As a self identifying question but based on the subject of the quiz. For example, I could ask, “Number one, are you male or female? Number two, what’s your age?

Number three, a question based on the subject that’s self identifying, do you have a funnel? Do you know what a funnel is? Does your business have a funnel?” That’s based on the topic of funnels.

Let’s say the topic is funnels. It’s also very low barrier to entry…

Again, I’m not asking anything specific or personal yet. All I’m doing is I’m getting them in the habit of clicking. That’s it.

That’s the whole, that’s one of the major purposes of this…

I’m going to get you in the habit of clicking and I’m going to have you start giving me things about you that are very little barrier to entry. Very little barrier. Tell me a little bit about you and I’m going to get you engaged.

Number three, We want you to self identify and self declare the level of skill that you think you are based on the subject. For example, so I’m going to start from the top again. “Number one, male or female? Number two, age? Number three, do you have funnel? Number four, have you made money with that funnel?”

Now you’re self identifying a level of skill pertaining to the subject. I’m going to say, “How much money have you made? Or are you new at this?” Russell calls them funnelcakes. “Are you a funnelcake? Are you brand new at this? Would you say you’re an expert? What’s your skill level?”

Number five, this is where we say we want to educate plus clarity. This is probably too nitty gritty for this podcast and I apologize, just follow along with me here and I’ll keep going.

This will all be available for you in the show notes on the blog. It’s blog dot SalesFunnelBroker dot com.  Number five, like I said we want to educate and clarify. You can say, “The people who said that they made little to no money, they typically suffer from one to three hell island symptoms,” that’s what I call them.

Symptoms of hell island where you don’t want to be. Like, “Well I have no money.” That could be a good funnel one. Or “Hey I can’t get traffic or hey I don’t even have an offer to promote.”

They typically suffer from one of three, I don’t know how you can say it. One of three moneyless symptoms or something like that.

Then it goes on, “Tell me which issue do you suffer from the most?” Now you’re getting them to say, okay this is amazing. I’m so sorry if this doesn’t make sense. Let me just go ahead and say it all through. “Those with funnels typically suffer from one to three money issues, tell me which”, I don’t know you could say, “Which funnel issue do you typically suffer from the most?”

Number one, and they’re always in the pattern of high, medium and low. Let’s take a sports example. Number one, “I hit the ball too high” or they could say, number two, “I hit the ball in the middle” or number three, “I hit the ball too low.” I noticed those are all just extremes of different types of responses. I’m not trying to bore you guys and I feel like I am, I’m so sorry.

I’m just going to move on here real quick…

Basically what you’re doing here is you’re making them admit to you what they’re problems are. You’ve led them through this entire path where you’re first saying, “Hey, number one, are you male or female.

Number two, what’s your age? Number three, do you have a funnel? Number four, what’s you level of skill with that funnel? Is it actually being profitable? Number five, you know that though, people that have actually said what you have so far, they typically suffer from one of three things.

Tell me what is it? Do you have enough traffic? Do you have too much traffic that isn’t converting? Number three can you not get your actual funnel to break even?”

Those are three different variations of the same and they choose it. They say, “You know what? I’m having a hard time getting traffic to my funnel that’s converting.” They say that to you. This is so key.

Guys please again go pull this up so you can follow along with me and see what I’m talking about…

Number six, this is the surprise slash random curious based question. What we do is we just toss in one question at the end that has almost nothing to do with anything else. What it does is it makes the person go, “Wait a second. That matters? I didn’t know that that matters.” Here’s an example. We could say and I’ll run through it again.

Okay here goes. “Number one, male or female? Number two, age? Number three, get a funnel? Number four, are you making money with the funnel? Number five, your biggest challenge with it?” “I struggle most with getting traffic.” ” Number six, the surprised random curiosity based question. Are you using a Mac or a PC?” “Wait a second. That matters?”

That’s why, it’s the shake and jolt people. You have something random at the end…

You ask something that’s going to be there where they’re going to go, “I didn’t know that matters.” “Were you wearing blue jeans or shorts?” It’s like, “What? I didn’t know that mattered.”

You’ve got to put it in a way that it’s believable…

This is what you say at the end. This is what they all have said, “Based on your answers, your number one reason for not succeeding, your self declared pain is likely because you don’t have a retail funnel. A coaching funnel, whatever it is which typically costs funnel builders an average of five thousand dollars every six months, not to mention a lot of enjoyment in the game, you know what I mean?”

Anyway it costs a lot … That’s pretty much what it says. Basically at the end you’ll say something like, “Based on your results, you need this training and you have to have this to progress and move on,” in the subject that you’re talking about.

I know that was deep and hard core and I apologize about that but please go to the blog…

I’m just going to give this to you guys for free, okay?

It’s going to include three of the phone hacks or quiz hacks that I did along with the common quiz format that I just went through. Think and just keep your eyes open guys for all the patterns that are around you.

They’re everywhere. It’s like brain candy to me, I absolutely love it.

I’ve been going on probably for too long for this. I wanted you guys to know that quizzes are amazing. If you don’t have a quiz I dare you to go create a quiz.

I’m thinking about just making a quiz format that follows this and I’ll just give you guys that page. That would be kind of cool actually. All right, let me think about that. Maybe in the free funnel section of SalesFunnelBroker dot com, maybe I’ll toss that in there and also in the blog post itself.

I want you guys to have this because this is important. This will preframe people’s brains before they go see your offers. This will get people engaged in the process and it starts small and you ramp up.

Small little commitments from them. Are you male or are you female? By the end they’re saying, “Tell me your problems” and it gets them really engaged. At the end you say, “Don’t worry, I’ve got the solution right here. Enter your email and I’ll send it to your email.”

I do that to you guys. The same concept, not always in a quiz but that’s what the SalesFunnelBroker dot com site is, right? I want you guys to use this in your businesses and use this in the different funnels that you’ve built.

Create a quiz…

Use this common quiz format. Be cognizant of the different patterns that are around you.

Anyways guys I will talk to you later. I do have a very funny story for you guys next time, so I’m actually really excited. I’m going to go ahead and probably pump that one out also, batch a few of these pieces together.

Hey I want you guys to know that I think you’re awesome and I thank you guys a bunch. I hope that what I’m putting out to you guys is very very valuable and that you guys are going out and applying this.

Please tell me when it’s working for you…

That is so fun for me. When I know, Hey I put this podcast out and it’s got some really good stuff and I would love to know how this is working in your businesses and how it’s working in your life.

I think you guys are all awesome like I said, get out and crush it. I will talk to you guys all later. All right bye.

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