SFR 259: Part 2 – Designing Your Value Ladder – Stephen Larsen

SFR 259: Part 2 – Designing Your Value Ladder

Jul 12th, 2019 anchorwave

Follow along and create your own Value Ladder as I show you how I designed my personal one.

This is part two of this series.

First, I walked you through the principles I use to design and develop my value ladder.

And today, I wanna teach you MORE about my personal value ladder, (and give you a sneak peek into my EXCITING plans)…

Excited about the value ladder


The value ladder is super important and very powerful.

However, sometimes, after reading the book DotCom Secrets, people try to design their ENTIRE business before they even have a product or a funnel.


However, the value ladder is NOT something that I try to design, or feel that I need to have designed before I start moving.

I want you to know that the value ladder is very malleable; it’s something that’s designed as you move forward.

It flexes as you go… and as you get further along the path, your value ladder starts to become more solid.

If you’ve not read Part #1, (shame on you), go check it out before you read any further, (it’ll make more sense – honest).

In Part #1: I teach you under what context I even try to develop a value ladder.

And I use the following definition from DotCom Secrets to define the function of value ladder:

A value ladder is where you want to take your client.

First, a quick recap of Part #1…

Before you can even think of starting to create a value ladder, you need to know:

  • What market we’re serving
  • The Dream Customer that we’re serving inside the Dream Market
  • What problems that they’re having and what we can go solve for them
  • The Core Problem and Offer
  • How to launch

… the value ladder starts in that whole five-step process.

Five step value ladder process

I also talk about value ladder education being the easiest way to make MORE sales…

In fact, my team and I, have a funnel building template, and towards the bottom, there’s a whole section called value ladder tie-ins.


So here’s a value ladder …

Here's a value ladder

I’ve got…

  • A funnel at the top
  • A funnel in the middle
  • A funnel at the bottom with a little downsell…

All these funnels work together…

(… by the way, this might be one of those episodes that might be helpful for you to watch on YouTube).

  • The funnel at the bottom of the value ladder brings in new people faster than the middle.
  • The middle funnel brings in new people faster than the funnel at the top.

I have eight different mechanisms that we use to auto-educate customers and ascend them through the funnel.

Different value ladders

People on the bottom of the funnel are ascended through email sequences, thank you page webinar, etc, which let them know…

“Hey, since you bought that, did you know you could go buy this?”

Now that we’ve already acquired the customer with a dollar in, I don’t have to pay for them again (we’ve already paid for them).

Let’s say it’s $1.00 in and $1.30 back out on the bottom of the value ladder…

Bottom of the value ladder

Now, if I can just automate their ascension, I don’t have to pay money to do that.

  • Maybe they wanna go from the bottom all the way to the top.
  • Maybe there are people out there who are like, “I don’t want the bottom or the middle, I wanna go straight to the top…”

…and that’s totally cool.


One of the most shocking things for me when I first attended an Inner Circle Meeting (I remember it was an amazing day)…

Russell Voxed me, and goes, “Dude, do you wanna come to the next Inner Circle Meeting and just sit in?”

Honestly, I felt like I’d just died and went to heaven…

I was like, “What? I’ve wanted to be in The Inner Circle ever since I heard it existed, are you serious?”

Inner Circle value ladder marketing

Russell goes, “Yeah man, just sit on the side, you can keep working on stuff, but just so you can kind of get a feel for more of the thing.”

I was like, “Absolutely man!”

What was crazy is that at that time, ClickFunnels was not that old; half of The Inner Circle had still NEVER read DotCom Secrets

DotCom Secrets and value ladder marketing

… but they were paying 25 grand to be in his Inner Circle.

I remember thinking, “ …are you serious?”

And at first, I was like kinda, like, “…that’s dumb. Are you kidding me?”

But you have to realize that different people will buy different things from you.

Different places in the value ladder

So we have different places in the value ladder to cater to different buying styles.

For Example:

Right now, I would rather just pay the author to teach me their formulas, than go read the book.

You know what I mean?

And that’s EXACTLY what Russell’s Inner Circle were doing.

In the beginning, when I had no money, the free plus shipping book and the bottom of the value ladder stuff definitely made more sense for me.

But now, I’d rather just go to the top and learn straight from the person…

Learn value ladder marketing

Which is why…

  • There’s a bunch of automated email series that ascend people immediately…
  • We put ads in EVERY single value ladder step…

…but with the understanding that…

  • Some people are gonna come straight to the top of the ladder and NOT go down..
  • Some people are gonna go to the bottom of the ladder and NOT ascend.


I want to show you my personal value ladder…

Steve Larsen's personal value ladder

…and it’s so you can learn how to develop your own.

Some of what you’re gonna see isn’t even launched yet… …and it’s to illustrate a principle.

Now I have two value ladders, and a few people have said, “You can’t have more than one business.”

And that’s generally true… until you have teams.

There are a lot of funnels that I haven’t touched in like a year… and they still cash flow really hard.

I can go build other stuff, as long as I have systems

And so I do have a second value ladder.

But what I’m gonna talk about today is *My Core Offer* value ladder… (you can check it out on and

So when I start building my value ladder, the main thing I want to do is prove it’s core idea, and I actually have several steps with this.

Now, if you were at Funnel Hacking Live last year, (and if you weren’t, I would strongly recommend you go next year)…

It’s one of the purest forms of marketing knowledge that I believe is out there.

One of the reasons I love Funnel Hacking Live so much is because it opens your eyes to things that you didn’t even know were there.

There are people not just doing it, they’re really freaking successful – so you get to learn these powerful things right from the horse’s mouth.

Learning about the value ladder

For me, it’s the place where I get immersed, and I’m like:

“Holy crap, I didn’t know that you could do that in that industry. Now that’s NOT my industry, but what if I took that idea and pulled it into my industry?”

That’s why I LOVE Funnel Hacking Live – it’s like a decade of learning in a weekend.

It’s all in one shot; there’s no way you’d get all those HUGE people to teach you that for the ticket price anywhere else.

OfferMind, on the other hand, is very step-by-step on how to launch *YOUR* thing.

OfferMind and FHL are meant to be companions.

OfferMind value ladder

So, in the middle of my value ladder, I have OfferMind.

Now the reason why I put OfferMind in the middle is because I wanted to test out the idea of the value ladder.

I wanted to make sure that I had it ironed out all the places.

The reason it’s worked so fast for me is that I’ve been teaching this stuff, doing it myself, coaching people, and helping people make a million dollars for a while.

So last year’s OfferMind was me reteaching it in my own format, and teasing out the sticking points in people’s understanding.

Value ladder sticking points

I was like:

“Oh okay, there, okay, I didn’t know that that would be a sticking point, okay. Oh, there too, okay I didn’t know that would be a sticking point either.”

… it was cool because I was able to go in and iron a lot of sticking points out.

It’s was the same principles, I just wanted to make sure that I was teaching them well.

So, I taught that and I was like, “That’s sweet!”

On my value ladder, above OfferMind, I have a program called OfferLab


Top of the value ladder

Now the purpose of OfferLab is to get my time and my team’s time to help you launch your offer.

It’s a year-long coaching program that includes a live event where we help you actually get your thing out the door.

There’s a lot to this, but it’s actually really simple when you just see it in one shot.

And people make a lot of money with it, which is great.

However, the top of my value ladder isn’t just OfferLab – there’s some other stuff too that you probably haven’t heard about because they’re NOT launched yet…

So at the Top of my Value Ladder, I have…

  • OfferLab
  • My mastermind, which is called Titans of Industry.
  • Business Syndicate – at the VERY top, (the thing that I’m moving towards, and I’m so stoked about)

Business Syndicate is the coolest URL I have ever bought in my entire life.

What I’m doing with Business Syndicate is fighting against Shark Tank!

Shark Tank value ladder

I wanna fight against the idea that I have to go get VC funding.

I love the show Shark Tank, but I hate what they do.

Shark Tank teaches that you need funding in order to grow your company.


If you know how to build a front end funnel you don’t; 99% of businesses do NOT need funding.

99% of people who take funding, usually don’t need it.

Now I understand you might need a loan if you’re building a big factory or some manufacturing plant. I get it.

That’s why I’m saying 99% of the time, most businesses *do not* need capital… they just need to know how to build front end funnels.

So many people ask me to build their funnels for them, I was finally like, “Alright! Let’s do it! “

How to how to create a value ladder with sales funnels

We’re actually gonna build a studio like Shark Tank, and people are gonna come pitch me and my team on building their funnel in exchange for a small portion of their business.

So we’re not gonna given them funding, but we have skin in the game!

That’s the difference, that’s why I love it.

Because in Shark Tank, they don’t have skin in the game!

They put their money up, but a lot of times, they don’t do that much else.

I’ve seen the other side of that when we were building stuff for CNBC for The Profit … they’ll help for a little while, but it’s the cash injection that’s their big input.

What my team and I wanna do is actually build funnels for all these different companies.

Anyway, stay tuned on that because it’s NOT launched yet, but that’s what we’re doing and that’s where I wanna go.

Next steps in the value ladder


Now, going down, I have a webinar that we’re launching called Create Your Offer which will teach you what my book is gonna teach you, but far more handheld.

My book is called also called Your Core Offer.

There’s one more piece we’re actually coming out with which I’m super psyched about.

We’re gonna start putting out a newsletter.

The newsletter is gonna be part of the continuity, and I want it to be cheap – because I do really high quality.

I teach you stuff that most people charge for.

So what I wanna do is make something that’s really cheap, but just gets a few more how-tos, kind of more the tactical side.. because I can only get so tactical on a podcast episode, right?

So we have something called Offers For Profit, which is a newsletter.

It’s gonna be super cheap, like nine bucks.

It’s NOT really necessary to make a ton of money on – it’s for other reasons, (which I’ll talk about more when we start launching).

In continuity we have:

  • Offers for Profit
  • Me being a ClickFunnels affiliate

…there are other things that are more of continuity, that I’m not really ready to disclose yet 😉

How to create a value ladder


Now, even further down, is what I call the FREE ZONE and this includes:

  • Sales Funnel Radio
  • Capitalism Swag
  • The new One Funnel Away Stories podcast (which is launching soon)
  • The Pursuit of Profit .tv – which is gonna be super cool, oh my gosh.
  • We have another show that’s coming out soon called It’s Monday, Baby. Guess which day that’ll be on?

… it’s a lot of stuff.


Inside OfferLab there’s actually all these one-day events that you’re gonna start seeing me do as well…

You can fly out for a day, and I’m gonna deep dive on just that one subject in a very, highly interactive and cool environment.

  • How I actually run my content team
  • How I built my funnel team
  • What are the campaigns I found are the MOST profitable

… just a straight day of me teaching you campaigns from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Learn how to create a value ladder

I’m gonna go deep on those days.

So, on my Value Ladder (and already in existence) there’s…

  • OfferMind
  • OfferLab
  • Sales Funnel Radio, (that’s the free zone)

All the rest of the things on my value ladder are NOT done.


Q: Why on earth would I tell you about all this stuff before it’s ready?

What if your value ladder isn't ready


  1. To create anticipation.
  2. To help people see where I’m going.
  3. To show you that I have a plan and that following and adhering to EVERYTHING I taught in the Part #1of this series.

If I wanna make sure that OfferMind is the most insane, ridiculous core of the whole value ladder – I need it to over deliver to the freakin’ hilt.

And so…

I can’t do that if I launch a million things at the same time.

Why does your value ladder fail

  • For me to pull off Business Syndicate, that’s agency model, I’m gonna have to change some business structure to handle that.
  • To pull off My Mastermind, there’s some business structure I’m gonna have to adapt and adjust.

So, I’m NOT gonna say “Yes” to building someone’s funnel yet.

I don’t care how much money it is – it has NOTHING to do with that.

It has everything to do with:

  • Can I handle it?
  • Can I over deliver?

…because I built my name on doing that.

So all I’m doing right now is just focusing on OfferMind, while we buy an office, and actually, get an assistant….

Does that make sense?

Understand that this stuff comes in order, and because of that, it’s actually a gift.

It means I don’t have to think about it for a little while.

What's your value ladder going to be

As of very recently, I know what my value ladder is gonna be, (like a week or two ago).

So while you’re launching your stuff, just know that almost no one knows how all the pieces fit together at the start of their journey.

Value ladder blueprint

If you came to Funnel Hacking Live, I taught you a little bit about my methodologies on how I learn and move forward.

All I wanna know is the blueprint.

*My VALUE LADDER is the blueprint*

  • The book we’re writing it right now, that’s a blueprint.
  • Most of the stuff on the bottom in the free zone, that’s all blueprint.

And what blueprint am I following?

I’m following the info product model and the coaching modelbecause that’s what everyone wants from me.

Info product value ladder

There’s some structure stuff that I’m still putting together, I’m not gonna go take on all this stuff and promise all these results, that’d be crazy.


In Part #1, I talked about the 5 Questions I ask to see what I need to launch next… (go check it out if you need a refresher about the order that I launch and build this stuff in).

  1. Do I need more leads? No.

“Okay, now I’m ready for my Titans of Industry Mastermind

Now I’m ready for the other things on my value ladder…

Other things on my value ladder

I’m really really psyched about EVERYTHING we’re putting together.

We’re gonna be publishing even MORE than I am now – which I know might sound crazy, but we are.

It’s not actually that hard if you see what’s going on behind the scenes.

(Come to one of my one-dayers and you’ll find out what that is 😉 )

I just wanted to show you what my value ladder is.

So, if you’re sitting back and you’re thinking, like, “Well Stephen, what’s *my* value ladder?”

What's my value ladder

I wouldn’t really worry about it too much…

Your goal is just to figure out the core idea.

  1. Can ya sell it?
  2. Can ya sell it for mid-tier product pricing as it relates to your industry?

… because once you can sell it, BOOM!


I have another whiteboard, (I have whiteboards all over the place), and it’s just full of ideas.

And as we’ve moved forward, those ideas become more and more solidified. I don’t worry about it.

You don’t need a value ladder design before you start actually building and selling.

Stop worrying about it.

That’s *EXACTLY* how I’ve done it right here, EVERYTHING that isn’t built but is kind of an idea.

And then as time progresses, and I start to listen to the market, and I hear them say things like, “Stephen, we’ve been wanting a mastermind from you forever.”

I’m like, “Crap. Seems like they want a mastermind from me and they’ve wanted it FOREVER!”

How to create a value ladder for a mastermind

I just listen to the market.

Then I’m like, “What would I call it that would be cool?”

I buy A LOT of domains

…and it’s because I’ll be like, “…this is what it’s gonna be called! Buy the domain, buy buy buy buy buy buy buy!”

Then a little bit later, I’ll be like, “Crap. That’s not it, dang it, it’s this now! Buy buy buy buy buy buy buy buy!”

I’m trying to fish to make sure that it fits with the entire value ladder.

We’ve also started to develop our own awardsmuch like the 2 Comma Club Award, but for different areas – it’s really cool.

Different awards, different thresholds, different things for you …

There’s a lot that goes into it…

It’s far more than me just saying:

  • This is what it’s gonna be.
  • Here’s the funnel.
  • Here’s how I’ll fulfill.

What’s the core idea?

A value ladder sells an idea

A value ladder sells an idea, as much as it does a product.

I’ve enjoyed this, I really like showing you more about how I actually put my value ladder together.

I’m super psyched about all this stuff going down, and hopefully, it’s been helpful to you to see it.

Start thinking through this stuff… but put some horse blinders on.

Relax, bring it down, and say:

“You know what, I’m just gonna go make sure that this one idea on the value ladder works.

The whole value ladder isn’t worth stressing about or even brainstorming on until you know that this idea is good enough to build out the rest of your value ladder with.

Hopefully, this has been helpful to you, and if you wanna see more get more details, go to

Same thing with… click on Programs, and one of the options is value ladder, and you’ll see this…

Steve Larsen's value ladder


If you’re just starting out you’re probably studying a lot. That’s good. You’re probably geeking out on all the strategies, right? That’s also good.

But the hardest part is figuring out what the market wants to buy and how you should sell it to them, right?

That’s what I struggled with for a while until I learned the formula.

So I created a special Mastermind called an OfferMind to get you on track with the right offer, and more importantly the right sales script to get it off the ground and sell it.

Wanna come?

Steve Larsen OfferMind value ladder

There are small groups on purpose, so I can answer your direct questions in person for two straight days.

You can hold your spot by going to

Again, that’s

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