SFR 257: Book Review: Influence And Income Online – Stephen Larsen

SFR 257: Book Review: Influence And Income Online

Jul 5th, 2019 anchorwave

Once you know what you sell, your DUTY is to spread your message. This chapter will show you more about my tactics to increase my influence and income online…

I don’t think I’ve ever talked about this publicly….

But before I bootstrapped my way to my first Funneling Live event, I started having conversations with my wife, and all I would focus on was telling her how intimidated I felt…

  • Nobody knew who I was
  • I didn’t have a list
  • I’d been doing funnels for other people, but I hadn’t learned how to charge yet.

I was still overcoming a lot of money-based objections in my own head.

In all the promos, Russell was saying things like, “You’re gonna be around millionaires…”

Russell Brunson Influence and Income Online

Immediately, I my mind started thinking, “I Arrgh, ‘m outclassed. I can’t go perform in this game. There’s no way…”

Finally, my wife was like, “Don’t tell anybody that you’re not a millionaire yet. Who needs to know?”

Steve Larsen Influence and Income Online

… and I felt like I had to hide.


First of all, understand, that was the most absolutely wrong mentality that I could have taken, I just didn’t know any different.

Second of all, I didn’t understand that during those first few years, when I didn’t have influence or income, I was actually in one of the most powerful positions of my entire life.


Looking around now, I see it a lot of people who (like me) have their own dreams… but as they start to pursue them, they look at the assets, the influence, and the authority of others ahead of them in the game, (and just like I did), they feel:

  • Disqualified
  • Unworthy
  • Outclassed

…which is one of the reasons I really feel like I understand where the mind of a brand new beginner is – because I walked the path and it sucks.

Outclassed Influence and Income Online

I felt VERY outclassed.

But if that’s how you’re feeling at the moment, I want you to understand that…

You don’t need to start with Influence and Income in order to get them.

… I certainly didn’t.


The good news is that there are a few simple plays that you can use to help successfully increase both your influence and income where you’re a beginner, or further down the road.


So anyway, about eight months ago, I was asked to be a part of this project and because of how long the project took, (I’m not complaining at all, it’s just the nature of the project), it took a long time to come to fruition…

… it takes a long time when you’re working with the kind of people that are involved in this kind of project.

A lot of the BIG guys have launch calendars with their time planned out for months in advance.

Influence and Income Online launch calendars

I already have a launch calendar; I know exactly what I’m gonna be promoting in five months from now.

Another Example:

You may not know that the One Funnel Away, 30-Days Book was in the making for like six months, but no one knew…

One Funnel Away Influence and Income Online

It’s the same with some other projects that I can’t talk to you about… 😉


The book that I was asked to be a part of, about eight months ago, is called Influence and Income Online

And the prompt I was given for my chapter was:

What are some of the steps somebody should take to master influence and income online?

I do A LOT of coaching… (the One Funnel Away, Two Comma Club X, OfferLab, and OfferMind)… and *that* question actually comes up frequently.


One of the most common false beliefs out there is that:

Influence and Income Online false beliefs

“ Stephen, no one will buy from me because I don’t have any following. I have no influence or no authority on the internet.”

And I got to tell you, …that’s just a completely false statement.

You have to understand that three and a half/ four years ago, no one knew who I was…


I haven’t even graduated from college when I went to that first FHL…

Then I started working for Russell… and still, nobody knew who I was for a little while.

And that’s okay – that’s a part of the game.

That’s why I tell everyone to ‘freakin’ publish’ – because it gives you instant authority.

Influence and Income Online publishing

So anyway, I wrote this super thick, incredibly juicy chapter to answer the question of how you get influence and income

I write for a lot of books now. I actually love writing.

You guys may not know, but I was actually the head editor of the yearbook in high school, and I got three Colorado State Awards for my layout designs.

I was NOT a writer, but I did a lot of layout design.

I’ve always liked writing about the topics that I like to write about, but I HATE writing about topics that I don’t like.

Which might sound, “ Duh- obvious!” but I didn’t do very well with papers in school because I was like, “I freaking hate this.”

But when I’m really passionate about the topic, I actually love to write.

Writing entrepreneur books

If you’ve read my chapter for the 30-Days Book, I really enjoyed writing that, (and there are others in the works)…

Moving on…. Uh, *AWKWARD MOMENT*…

I can’t tell you the other things coming up, but I can tell you about this!


In Influence and Income Online, 30 Millennial Millionaires were asked to write a chapter … (a.k.a people who have done a million in their business, who are millennials).

Before anyone who’s a baby boomer says, “What can you guys teach me?”

Influence and Income Online nonsense

… the proof’s in the pudding, man.

There is a formula to getting influence on the internet.

…and that’s what I talk about in my chapter:

I geek out about formulas, and it’s because I don’t like flash in the pan strategies.

About year and a half ago, I was asked to speak at an event – I’m not throwing rocks, but the whole theme was strategies to help create HUGE authority in business.

And I think I offended a lot of people because I stood up and said:

“Hey, you know what’s interesting about getting authority on the internet? It doesn’t matter for a long time.

In fact, it has very little to do with your sales – FOREVER.

Don’t focus on getting authority upfront, go focus on providing value. Go focus on providing a really cool solution to a problem and authority naturally comes.”

Formula for entrepreneur books

What I go through in my chapter is a formula – a very easy three steps that I just continue to rinse and repeat so that my authority (I feel weird saying that), increases.

I truly believe that if you just want to know the formulas that create influence and income on the internet, it’s not that hard.

I call them axioms….

There are three separate axioms you can go through that enable you to harness some influence on the internet.

Influence and Income Online

Some of them you can probably guess, but some of them you won’t – so I’m excited about this chapter.

It’s a legit book; it’s NOT a pamphlet.

I wrote an actual pretty thick chapter there and I think you’ll really find what I put in there to be helpful.

Helpful entrepreneur books

One of the axioms is to publish but besides that…

  • What else do you do?
  • How else do you actually use what you have and the assets you’ve been given to your advantage?

…what I share with you in that chapter are some of the reasons I’ve been able to do EVERYTHING I have in the past four short years.

I mean, I’ve only been gone from my job barely a year – it’s literally NOT even a year and a half yet as I record this.

*That’s saying something*

There are hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs who in the middle of their nine to five and doing things on the side…

What is it that’s massive eyeball Steve Larsen did and figured out to kind of hack the game?

Hack Influence and Income Online

That’s exactly what this chapter teaches you.

I had someone reach out and say, “Stephen, you give so much away in your podcast. Why should I ever buy any of your stuff?”

Well let me be very frank and clear with you; I’m NOT giving it ALL away on the podcast, but I’ve got really good crap, so the little bit that I do give away is still really awesome…



“Stephen, are you pressuring us?”

Influence and Income Online pressure


Dang straight, I am… because I know that this chapter can really, really help you implement what I share.


Raiding the Influence and Income Online cookie jar

One of my favorite people to follow is David Goggins…

I LOOOVE David Goggins.

He’s very tough to listen to, and he swears like crazy, so if words offend you, don’t follow him.

One of the things he talks about in his ideology/ methodology is concept of ‘The Cookie Jar.’

The concept is that ‘anything that I go through in my life that’s tough is actually a cookie for the future.’

So when I’m about to go through something that’s very challenging and intense, I will look back and go to my ‘cookie jar…’

You probably don’t know, but I get actually really nervous when I’m about to get on stage, (it might shock you and surprise you to hear that).

I love it, it’s where I want to be, but I still have a hard time.

Cookie jar entrepreneur books

Steve killed Stephen, but sometimes, I’m just naturally Stephen:

  • How did I become somebody who’s new?
  • How did I kill the old self and become/ craft and design somebody who’s new?

The Three Axioms that I talk about in my chapter are literally the mechanisms that I use that helped me gain influence and then afterwards, income on the internet.

Sometimes you just gotta cut the mental crap and do the thing!

You’ve got to be willing to do things and NOT get paid for them for a little while, and that’s okay.

The MASSIVE payouts come a little bit later.

…but so many people are like, “Well, how is this gonna help me immediately?”

It may NOT for awhile – *SUCK IT UP*

Influence and Income Online just do it

Keep doing the things, and after a while, it’s like that quote from The Titans, “just like Novocaine, works every time, just takes a little time,” whatever the quote is…

So I created a cookie jar, to remind me of the tough things I went through and when I’m about to go do things that are more challenging, I’m like “Oh man, just do it.”


In my content and coaching, I talk a lot about:

  • Strategies
  • Methodologies
  • Marketing
  • Launch campaigns

…all those are great, but…

If you can’t even do the stuff because there’s crap in your head that’s holding you back – stop studying strategies.

Influence and Income Online strategies

It’s time for you to sit back and do a little bit of self-work and ask:

  • “Why am I so freaked out?
  • Is there some experience that I’ve had in my history that is keeping me from behaving as one who would get influence naturally?”

There’s a lot of you out there that follow me, (and I appreciate you doing that), who are gonna sit back and say, “Stephen I know that strategy, I’ve heard you say that before…”

But if you’re your wallet’s still thin you need to get introspective. This game has very little to do with what’s the next method and strategy.

I run the same five plays day after day… it’s the same thing and it makes money.

But I had to do A LOT of self-work in order to actually qualify to pull off those methods, those frameworks, those patterns; those football plays, as I think of them.

So I’m excited for you guys to get this chapter.

And when you read it, some of you might be temped to discredit it. DON’T!

Instead of saying,“Yeah, right,” ask:

What if there’s a chance that these strategies could actually work for me?

They’re NOT hard, but they’re scary.

So I challenge you to go learn them, and while you confront them for the first time in your life, here’s the challenge…

I want you to sit back and think to yourself, “What’s my knee jerk reaction right now?”

Because if it’s anything other than, Whew, let’s go get ’em,” what is it? That’s important.

It shows you what the hangup is in your brain.

Influence and Income Online fear

So when you look at these strategies, it’s just like three things I just continue to do…

It’s like five strategies marketing-wise,( acts of marketing), that I just keep continuing to do and our income is going up 10% a month – which is ridiculous growth.

I just do the same thing over and over again.

Here’s a little moment of tough love because I care about you because you have all this negative talk.

It’s this negative feedback loop and you’re looking for reasons in your history that disqualify you from moving forward.

So go get the book on Amazon, and as you move through the chapter, write dow what comes up for you!

Influence and Income Online book

I’ve noticed that the entrepreneurs that actually make it and succeed in this game are very, very introspective.

It would probably shock most of you to realize that probably only half of the time the people who get up and share at Russell’s Inner Circle are talking about strategies, the rest of the time, we all go through our internal struggles…

We all go through it!

It’s the negative crap in the head that we all have to get over

You understand?


This is such a key thing that Russell Brunson actually hired a specific coach to help the inner circle with their own junk in their head.

Seriously, there is a dedicated coach who studied under the foot of Tony Robbins himself, she’s amazing. She’s super, super good. Her name is Mandy Keeneshe’s incredible.

Influence and Income Online Mandy Keene

But you understand how big of a deal this is?

Russell’s teaching the strategies but he’s like, “I need somebody who’s gonna come in and help work on their brains.”

He actually hired somebody while I was still working over there.

He hired a specific individual who is a master at helping people overcome the junk in their head.

What does that tell you?

If you’ve been focusing only and solely on these strategies, that’s great to know them, but I was doing that too…

…and after two years, I was on try number six of 17, I was doing the same thing.

I knew all these strategies, I knew how to run ’em, but the thing I was running into was my mental crap.

I hate saying the phrase mindset because it’s such a fluffy, crappy phrase now, and we all use it in such weird ways.

“What’s your mindset?”… and it goes to woo-woo land. I hate that crap, but there is something to it.

How to be influential without head junk

And if you’ve not taken a moment to sit back and go, “Okay, what is it that’s actually keeping me back, because it’s not the strategies?”

It’s no longer, “Oh I hope someone’s gonna go make that tool.” That time and season are over.

All the tools, all the strategies, regardless of product, price point, industry, regardless of if you sell on the internet or off the internet, the crap is here:

  • The systems
  • The tools
  • The people
  • The processes

… all the stuff that you need is here.

  • I still don’t know how to drive Facebook ads. I don’t need to know.
  • I don’t need to know how to be a coder.
  • I don’t need to know how to do all the things that my content team does – I don’t.
  • I don’t know how to do most of the things that my business does.

… and that’s important to realize and understand.

So what is my role?

It comes down to what I talk about in this chapter:

  • Influence
  • Income

Do you need influence to have income? No. Does it help? Yes.

Of course, it helps.

  1. So where do you start if you have no influence?
  2. What do you need to be doing if you have influence?
  3. How do you generate income?

That is what my chapter goes through and that’s what I’m excited to teach to you guys.

This is very, very important.

You have to understand, from my position, I have a very unique set of eyes. I’ve coached 25,000 people personally in this game now – that’s not a joke..

Why do you think so many washout?

  • It has nothing to do with the models.
  • It’s got nothing to do with how it should work for me.

“Stephen, my business is different.” NO!

It has everything to do with your ability to actually execute.

And when I say that, there are things that keep you held back…

Are you sprinting at executing the models?

If you’re not, that’s exactly what I’m talking about…

And if you are executing, there are things you can do to leverage your time, so you’re not spending a ton of time gaining more influence.

You still get influence… but not with tons of your own time.

That’s the point of the chapter.

And you’re not just gonna hear it from me, you’re gonna hear it from 29 other amazing gurus, like Josh Forti and James Smiley, who also answer the question:

How do you actually get influence and income online?

So I’m excited for you guys to have it. Swipe up, swipe down, wherever it is, above this video, down below this video, at the end of the video, and go get the chapter.

It’s NOT expensive, but the information is very, very amazing.

How many new books do you think I get on a daily basis here?

It’s at least three or four books a day. I buy a lot of information.


This has actually happened multiple times, one of my friends, probably four or five years ago, said, “

“Stephen, how are you doing all of this thing on the internet?”

(This was right about the time I started actually having success for other clients.)

I said, “Dude, you’ve got to go get this book. It’s called Expert Secrets, it’s amazing.

And he goes to, and he’s like, “This looks like it’s a scammer man, I don’t know. I don’t think this is actually gonna be a thing. $7.95, I don’t know if I’m willing to pay that for the book.”

And I was like, “What! You know me. What is wrong with you?”

About a month later, he reaches back out and he goes, “Dude, seriously, how are you doing this stuff?”

I said, “Go buy the book.”

He goes, “I went back there, dude. It looks like it’s a scammer. I don’t know, it’s a scamming site. $7.95, I don’t think I’m willing to part with that for a book.”

I was like: “You’re not willing to risk $7.95 to have passive income that exceeds what your job pays you and all the expenses in your life? Don’t buy the book. I disqualify you. Are you kidding me?”

Influence and Income Online risk

And it ended that way, and he’s still never bought the book.

I had other buddies that went and bought it and now they have these businesses that they left their jobs and they do it full-time. Now they’ve got teams…

So it’s just so funny to me…

Buy the freaking book, it’s a few bucks – it’s called Influence and IncomeI’m excited for you to have the chapter.

Click the link at the end, go to the link that’s at the end, swipe up, again get the book – this one’s worth your time.

Hey, you want the worst marketing advice on the planet?

“If you build it, they will come.”

Influence and Income Online lie

Barf! Such a lie.

You still need to get attention, no matter how good your product is, right.

A major benefit of this funnel and offer game is your influence and income will grow over time.

So more time in, more offers, more funnels – they all add to the future success of the product.

But what about in the meantime?

In my personal belief, seeking influence for the sake of it, for the sake of just becoming an authority figure, it’s kind of dumb and I make fun of it.

But once you have a product that you know adds value, you owe it to your future customers to create buzz.

If you want to see three simple moves I make over and over and over to increase my personal reach and influence; I just wrote a chapter in a new book on Amazon called Influence and Income.

Influence and Income Online

Literally, go to and it’ll take you straight there.

Recently a man walked up to me after an event and basically said:

“Stephen, not to make you feel weird but a year ago, if you’d have been a little bit louder with what you really do and found ways to push your message further, I don’t think I’d be in the mess I’m in right now.”


Guys, learn how to increase your influence for good and check out my new chapter in the book Influence and Income by literally going to now.

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