SFR 256: How I ‘Earn’ The Chapter – Stephen Larsen

SFR 256: How I ‘Earn’ The Chapter

Jul 2nd, 2019 anchorwave

This is the process I went through to write my chapter for the new Affiliate BootCamp book…

I actually didn’t know that writing books would be part of the journey, but I’m here to document my journey, so I have to tell you that…

When you start publishing a lot, people start to ask you to publish in other fashions as well

… so, quite unexpectedly, I’ve found myself writing A LOT of guest chapters in some REALLY cool books.

So today, I want to show the process of how I write chapters for books.

..honestly, I NEVER thought I’d be giving book writing advice 😉


Now, some of you guys may have seen this in the past, but you might get new insights on:

  1. How I write chapters
  2. Why I do write chapters in the way I do.

Book writing advice from Steve Larsen

The chapter that I’m gonna show you is for Russell Brunson’s New Affiliate Bootcamp Programwhich comes with a book.

Russell had a ton of us write an answer to the question:

How do you become a ClickFunnels Super Affiliate and make enough money that you can do kinda what you want to in 100 days?

I was like, “Oh, that’s a sweet prompt.”

How to write a business book Steve Larsen stylee

I spent most of Christmas writing it…

I think you’ll enjoy seeing the process I use… ‘cos I don’t write crap, and it takes A LOT for me to write how I do.

In fact, some people have reached out saying things like, “Stephen, you could do it faster than that!”

I’m like, “Yeah maybe, but it might be way less cool!”


My first big money came from affiliate marketing

I wanted to build a team and products when I was working at ClickFunnels, but I didn’t have discretionary income or time…

Working at ClickFunnels is not a 9-to-5 job – it’s way more than that.

Working at ClickFunnels and self publishing

I was like, “How can I crap done when I still have an actual job?”

So I started droppin’ out these cool little affiliate promos, and I’d make money, but I wouldn’t take the money as profit…

I never take money from affiliate marketing as profit.

I’d go in and dump it back into hiring a team or getting a piece of a product done…

I remember the first time I hired a coder to go in and code the first version of the blog for Sales Funnel Radio…

I ALWAYS used affiliate cash to build my business it was NEVER my own money.

I don’t ever use affiliate cash for profit, it’s ALWAYS an accelerant to do expensive projects I’ve been waiting to do.

So I want to share with you what I’ve been doing.

So check this out…

I relaxed the first few days for Christmas, and then after that, I was like, “I have got to work,” like, I can’t not work.

It’s the same method and pattern that I use to write my own book, to come up with stuff for the 30-Days chapter that I wrote.


First of all…

  • I start with the main image that kinda represents EVERYTHING right from the top, and I set that at the top.

(For 30-Days, I didn’t draw a picture, it actually would have been easier to write.)

Book writing advice step 1

  • Down the left side, I write all the major topics of what should actually be in the book.

Book writing advice step 2

  • Shooting off to the right is every one of the deep-dive strategies.
  • Next, I think through those four major topics down the side, and just start dumping in topics with legal pieces of paper:

“Oh yeah, let’s talk about that. Hmmm, that’s about that. So is this, so is this, so is this….”

Book writing advice step 3

  • I make a big stack of yellow pad papers, organize them, and take out any of them that don’t make sense.

… so it’s a BIG process.

I don’t write crap.

  • Then what I do from there is, go week by week and write it on my whiteboard.

I wrote out it wants you to do it in 100 days, well 100 days is 14 weeks, so I said, “Well, this is what I’d do week by week.”

It’s an aggressive plan, but it’s very similar to what I’ve actually pulled off.

I almost felt like I was documenting – it’s not so much theory because it’s what I actually did…

And I did most of it while working aggressively for somebody else – so you guys can totally do this as well – it’s the reason I wrote it that way…

So I went through week by week…

Book writing advice step 4

  • We have the ‘Who’ in ‘Wealth’ – I’m gonna help you guys figure out where the ‘who’ is.
  • Then I’ll help you guys choose what kind of ClickFunnels product to promote, ‘cos NOT all of them are created equal, NOT all of them create the best ClickFunnels user either.

I literally went through week by week saying, “This is what I’d do.”

What’s fascinating to me, is that nowadays I feel like people forget… like, they build the funnel, they get the traffic, but then after that…

It’s almost like we’ve forgotten or neglected what campaigns are.

It’s interesting that guys like Bill Glazer and Frank Kern talk about campaigns.

Frank Kern just came out with a campaign-based book to teach this stuff – I wonder if they’ve noticed the same things that I have?.

I was careful to NOT just teach:

  • Here’s the product
  • Here’s where you get traffic
  • Here’s where I turn ads on

… it’s NOT that kinda stuff at all.

  • It assumes you have NO following
  • It assumes you have NO money for ads

… it’s basically a launch campaign and an evergreen campaign that will keep this going – and that’s what’s so cool and super unique about this.

It’s leveraging the actual content that ClickFunnels has already created and proved works really, really well.

It’s a blend between what you see Russell and ClickFunnels doing, mixed with what I would do.

So it’s really cool, it’s a HUGE shortcut to the whole game – I’m really pumped about it.


The whole thing’s start out by finding a money-prone ‘who’.

Think about this for a second…

If you go to the actual homepage of clickfunnels.comon the right side, they’ve got this cool new onboarding sequence for different industries, which asks if you’re:

  • Agency / Freelancer
  • Information Products
  • E-Commerce
  • Coaching / Consulting
  • Network Marketing
  • Local Small Business
  • B2B Lead Generation
  • Blogging / Affiliate
  • Non-Profits
  • Just Getting Started

ClickFunnels self publishing

So you can choose, “Hey, I’m an agency/ freelancer/ e-com/ B2B,” or whatever…

What I did, (and this might make some people feel a little uncomfortable or a little bit weird), but…

I went through each of the10 categories and crossed off the ones that I would NOT try to sell ClickFunnels to.

Yeah, I know, and it’s not to make anyone mad, and I’m not saying you can’t, but remember the prompt is, “How would I retire in 100 days – just selling ClickFunnels accounts,” and this is an intense prompt because obviously…

  • Not all industries are created equal
  • Not all industries are ready to buy
  • Not all industries are the easiest shortest distance of sale to actually get someone to buy ClickFunnels.

For example:

# B2B – I love selling people the B2B space, but sometimes there’s a longer length of the sales – just ‘cos the deal and who you’re dealing with – it can take a little bit longer to negotiate higher-ticket things.

But I need 100 people, so I don’t know if I’d go for the B2B space if I was going to do it in just 100 days. I’m NOT saying you can’t do it – I do sell to that space, and I do sell ClickFunnels to those spaces as well, but not in that time frame.

# Network marketing – sorry but that’s NOT an area that I would go to because the cash flow for so long is not big enough to justify a $97-a-month thing, (even though 97 bucks a month is nothing compared to what ClickFunnels actually does).

There are several categories that would be, “WHAT! WHAT! WHAT!” to that price point…

Price point book writing advice

I don’t want that kinda person.

So at the beginning of the first week or two, I’m helping you figure out the ‘who’ that is money-prone enough…

(… their numbers that they deal with are big enough in their industry, and the sales come frequently enough)

… so that it’s easy for them to justify a $97/ 297-a-month subscription to ClickFunnels.

Subscription book writing advice

After that, I help you come up with a unique offer.

So think about this scenario…


If somebody’s gonna buy something like Funnel Hacks, or Funnel Builder Secrets, or if I’m a ClickFunnels affiliate selling ClickFunnels to a specific ‘who’ they need to be:

  • Money-prone
  • Have cash frequency
  • Enough cash coming in to justify their purchase of ClickFunnels from me easily

Hit all those buttons and… it’s a short distance to the sale.

Russell writes scripts to break and rebuild beliefs, but he can’t break and rebuild all their false beliefs.

So what if I was just to pull out the false beliefs he didn’t solve; solve them with my own products… and then give that away as a bonus when they buy through my link

Self publishing false beliefs

So that’s part of what weeks two/ three/ four talk about, and I’ll tell you how to do that as well.

Weeks five/ six/ seven/ eight, we start getting into more campaigns, and of course, I’m gonna talk about publishing a little bit in the chapter I wrote…

Publishing is a way of leveraging to get a list fast – so that you go and actually sell your dream customers ClickFunnels/ Funnel Hacks (or whatever)… and then give away your bonus when people buy through you.

I would not ever sell ClickFunnels straight out – ClickFunnels doesn’t even do that.

I’m sure some other affiliates would disagree with me on that, and that’s totally fine. It’s just, for my personal strategy, I just wouldn’t.

How to write a business book

I never want to spend money without the immediate chance to reclaim the cash.

…so because of that, I wanna promote a ClickFunnels product that cookies them, so they can get ClickFunnels from my affiliate link afterward.

Does that make sense?

…if this sounds Greek or whatever, you guys are gonna learn more about this in the actual chapter itself.


I never put a dollar of my own in my businesses ever.


Well, that’s what you learn in my chapter as too 😉

  • I’m gonna suggest that you build a summit.
  • I’m gonna suggest that you build your own challenge

… but it’s NOT challenging.

The way I do it is to actually leverage what’s already existing inside ClickFunnels.

I’ve never written anything like this plan before… and I haven’t seen anyone else do that either.


Self publishing pitch

What I have for you now, is a special offer – check this out…

It’s gonna be a very light pitch, this is super easy to get, it’s not an expensive thing at all…

But I want to do is bribe you to go get the New Affiliate Bootcamp through my link.

Self publishing offer

I’ll share with what you’re gonna get – ‘cos it’s really powerful stuff…

The first thing you’re gonna get when you buy the New Affiliate Bootcamp through my link…

Go to – Thank you, Trump!)

… the first thing you’re gonna see is a page that says, “Here’s what you’re gonna get from Russell…


Russel Brunson book writing advice

But then as you scroll down the page you’ll see…

“Here’s what Stephen gonna give you,” and this is the offer that’s on the page…

So the first thing you’re gonna get is:


  • I’m actually gonna give you guys the Make Affiliates Great Again Share Funnel.

I pay A LOT of money for my team to go build those things, and I’m gonna give you guys that share funnel for FREE.

All you have to do is sign up and Russell will say, “Hey, thanks for signing up for the free summit – you should join The One Funnel Away Challenge, so you can learn to set up all your affiliate stuff.”

(You don’t just sign up for the Affiliate Bootcamp – you have to *actually go purchase* The One Funnel Away Challenge through my affiliate link…

Affiliate link book writing advice

…then you get ALL these bonuses – which are super powerful.

Self publishing bonus 1

The next thing I’m gonna give you is…


  • My Affiliate Bootcamp audio chapter.

It’s a BIG chapter

I spent most of Christmas writing that thing, and it’s a HUGE.

It took a long time to write that chapter.

How to write a business book that's huge

Read out loud, it’s about an hour and 10 minutes!

I loved writing the 30-Days chapter, but this one was even more near and dear to my heart because affiliate is where my first dollar came from.

What you’re learning in that chapter are true-and-tried principles.

The reason why the audio chapter’s cool is ‘cos I give a lotta extra things that I couldn’t fit in the written chapter.

There’s a lotta extra side commentary in there – it goes a little bit deeper and explains a few things more.

I did get a few people who reached out and say, “Stephen, that was an intense chapter…”

Intense book writing advice

So, I was like, “I know, let me explain some more in the audiobook…” So that’s why I did that, and it’s already ready for you – it’s awesome.

All these things are ready for you immediately.

Anyway, the next thing I wanted to give you is


  • The internal strategy video that I sent to my teamit wasn’t meant for anyone else.

I sent it to my funnel builder team to teach them what we’re about to build, and so it’s pretty awesome.

I take my whiteboard and I draw out the funnel on camera to teach my team the funnel and what we’re gonna do…

  • Here’s the follow-up
  • Here’s the messaging
  • Take these elements from these pages and go put ’em over here, and take ’em from that spot and put them over there.

What you're gonna get from book writing advice

I was never planning on this being part of the bonus, but I thought, “How cool would that be if you could actually see a little bit behind-the-scenes of how I actually do it?”

… so you’re gonna get that as well.

It’s a strategy video for my funnel team, but I’m actually just gonna go toss it out for you, so you can have it as well.

I think it’ll be really powerful for you to see how I actually handle all the funnel builds, and I’m gonna give you the chance to do that, a-right now – just go to, and sign up there.

The next thing I’m gonna give you…


I get asked to speak a lot – at the time of filming and recording this, it’s June, and I spoke every single week the whole month of May.

I speak a lot now, and I’m really, really pumped about all the cool things coming down…

  • So I thought it’d be cool to give you some of my favorite speeches.

It depends on the scenario, but most of the time I don’t charge to speak – I’d rather sell while I’m there.

So sometimes what I’ll do is I’ll say, “Hey, I’ll come speak if you give me the video of my speech afterward.”

Speeches and book writing advice

It’s not all the speeches I’ve ever given, but some choice ones that I’ve really loved doing, (especially of late), that we’re just really on point, and gave people a lot of clarity.

Some of the most famous little quips that I’ve come up with are in those speeches – and that’s where I actually discovered a lot of them.

So there’s some major behind-the-scenes funnel-ology in these speeches.

  • I’m gonna give you the Funnel Hacking Live speech that I just gave – which is really cool.
  • There’s a little mini-speech I gave in 2018, we have that as well. It’s a small little cut, it’s pretty powerful stuff.
  • Then Dream100 Con – I love Dana Derricks, he’s a beast, he’s the man – anyway I spoke at his Dream100 Con and teaching my Dream100 strategy.

… see all those boxes at the back of my office?

Dream100 book writing advice

I’m not a slob… we do what I tell you to do, we’re doing it right now.

That’s what this stuff’s for – that’s what Coulton’s been doing right over here…

Literally right before I turned this video on, that’s what he was doing with all these boxes over here.


  • What is my Dream 100 Strategy?
  • How do we actually implement it?

Well, I gave that whole speech and full strategy at Dream100 Conand you guys get access to that speech.

Dana is also comin’ to speak at OfferMind, which I would love to have you guys come too.

Dana Derrick book writing advice

VIPs almost sold out, by the way, so go getcha ticket – we are super excited about that whole thing.

Actually, I’m pretty sure, actually, I’m not allowed to say the next name. Hold it please! (anyway, back to speeches ;-))

Billion Dollar Body – I absolutely love Amanda and Nicholas Bayerle – such an awesome couple, a model couple in my opinion. Super, super cool, down to earth.

They have a very high-ticket group, and they asked to come in and speak in a high-mountain cabin, and you get that speech as well.

Amanda and Nicholas Bayerle book writing advice

  • It’s a two-hour deep-dive on market selectionpretty awesome stuff.

And then, the last one that you get, as of right now, (I’m gonna keep adding as I go, ‘cos I wanna collection of all the cool stage speeches I’ve done).

But anyway, some of you guys might know Alison Prince. She is so cool – one of my favorites.

Alison Prince book writing advice

She was at one of the original FHAT events that I was teaching and her business exploded after that – so fun, so fun.

I’ve had a chance to work with her quite a bit, and anyways I have mad respect for her. She’s helped me personally a lot.

Anyways, I got a chance to speak at her Clan Con event, and I love the speech that I gave there, “Holy crap.”

(That was the one where I had food poisoning in the hotel the night before)

Steve Larsen book writing advice

All the speeches are available for you immediately.

Now, once I teach you guys how to actually do this affiliate game and my strategy behind it, (which is the point of the chapter)…

How do you actually launch your offer?


  • I’ve included a handful of the videos I’ve used to launch the affiliate offers in the past.

I don’t consider myself a professional affiliate at all.


  • I’ve been number one several times
  • I’ve placed amongst the top affiliates in others
  • I’ve swooped in at the last second, (with hardly any list), and placed in the top 10.

I definitely have a repertoire for the affiliate game, which is hilarious, ‘cos I don’t consider myself a professional affiliate at all.

So you’re gonna find out…

  • How I launch my affiliate offers

You are gonna see me doing MORE what my chapters’ teaching – cos like it’s a freakin’ sexy offer, right?

You get ALL this for FREE if you just sign up…

Steve and Russell book writing advice


  1. Go to Make Affiliates Great Again, and click ‘sign up.’
  2. It’ll take you over to Affiliate Bootcamp to sign up for the summit.
  3. Next Russell’s gonna say, “Cool, now that you’re in the summit, the next thing you should do is join The One Funnel Away challenge.”
  4. If you sign up for that challenge, you will get all these things that I’m talking about for FREE.

Book writing advice bonus 6

Last up…


  • I’m gonna give you guys a discount on your ticket for OfferMind.

OfferMind was free last year, it’s NOT free this year.

There’s a full blog post teaching why I used that strategy… and why OfferMind will NEVER be free again…

This year, there are ONLY a thousand seats, I’m super psyched about this…

I’m very, very pumped about it.

FREE book writing advice

So *YOU* get a discounted ticket to OfferMInd as well!

Can I overdeliver? Is there anything else I can give you that’s really freakin’ cool?

I want this to be talkable – I mean, this is a HUGE offer, it’s ridiculous!


  • A Five-Day Mini-Course when you opt-in you’ll get a brief crash course on how I actually play this game, and why I believe I was asked to write the chapter…

Great book writing advice offer

… ‘cos again, I don’t consider myself to be a professional affiliate – So why are they asking me?

(it’s free – you don’t even have to buy anything at this point)

The Mini-Course teaches you, some of my top tips on affiliate marketing:

  • How I’m doing it
  • Why we’ve done it
  • Why it’s worked so well
  • Why everyone’s freaking out about it.

I’m really, really pumped for you to have it…


Here we go. Ready! Oh, baby…

Here’s what you’re gonna get:

  1. First, you’re gonna get the Make Affiliates Great Again Share Funneljust download it. I paid my team to build it so that you can have it for free… Value: a ton, (10,000 bucks).
  2. My Affiliate Bootcamp Audio Chapter – I spent 70 minutes going a little bit deeper on that chapter, so you can get more detail on pieces that were a little bit rough to understand.
  3. MyFunnel Team Strategy Videothis is the video that was just meant for them, so you can see the flow of how I build everything – super powerful!
  4. My Favorite SpeechesFunnel Hacking Live, Dream100, Billion Dollar Body, Clan Con.
  5. My Affiliate Offer Launch VideosI’m gonna toss in a handful of the videos I’ve used to launch what I’m talking about in that chapter.
  6. A Discount OfferMind TicketRussell Brunson is keynoting! You‘ll need to redeem this quickly to make sure you go actually get a place because we’re running out of VIP spaces and it’s gonna get full.
  7. MY Make Affiliates Great Again 5 -Day Mini-course

Book writing advice stack offer

All you gotta do is go to, and sign up before the NEXT One Funnel Away Challenge….

Here’s how…

  1. Go to and it’ll forward you a page where you’ll see ALL the offers.
  2. Click ‘opt-in’ and put in your email address (so that this five-day series can go to you).
  3. Next, you’ll be forwarded to the Affiliate Bootcamp to sign up
  4. Once you sign up at Affiliate Bootcamp, on the Russell on the next page is gonna be like, “Hey, now that you’re in the summit, go sign up for The One Funnel Away Challenge.”
  5. If you do that, you get this CRAZY offer from me – you get all the things I’m talking about right now.

That’s a lot of stuff right there.

Just for people to be the room for the Billion Dollar Body Speech was 18 grand.

I don’t wanna misquote prices, but these were NOT cheap – just for the speeches.

So anyway, just go to,

If you sign up for The One Funnel Away Challenge, you get all this…

To be super clear on this….

The One Funnel Away Challenge costs $100


  1. The Challenge
  2. Russell’s Offer
  3. + My bonus OFFER.

How to write a business book offer

Is it OK if I overdeliver – is that all right?

Haha – awesome episode, right!

Hey, bear with me for just a moment while I tell you about

Make affiliates great again book writing advice

Probably one of the most fragile phases of being an entrepreneur is that tender spot where you have just enough cash coming in to get excited, but expenses also increase a little while you take on new tools and new systems, new teams.

It can be heart pounding, and frankly, nerve-wracking.

Nerve wracking self publishing

Well, one of the ways I’ve kept ownership of my companies and NEVER picked up any debt or used any of our family finances to grow the business, was through affiliate marketing.

My first dollar online actually came from affiliate marketing, ONLY a few years ago.

So I often get asked the question:

“Steve, how can you have been bootstrapping this and scraping by so hard just a few years ago, but now have a business that makes millions in revenue?”

… that’s a fair question.

So besides having kick butt products, when I’ve needed to get some extra cash for an expensive project, I have a very specific method of affiliate marketing that gets me paid to sell other people’s products.

You wanna see how I do it? Just go to

ClickFunnels actually wants to know how I’ve been doing this as well…

So I just wrote a chapter in ClickFunnels new book called Affiliate Bootcamp… and if you wanna see my chapter, and be shown how I treat affiliate cash in my business…

How to write a business book Steve Larsen stylee

…. just go to

You’ll get a bunch of other cool stuff from me – like, the actual Make Affiliates Great Again Funnel…

The one you’re gonna see there – it’s pre-built – it’s awesome – and you can download it.

You also get my audio chapter on how I create affiliate offers.

You get the actual video of me training my team on how to build Make Affiliates Great Again – it’s crazy valuable.

Plus you also get several my other stage speeches.

How I launched my affiliate offers…

And you’ll even get a discount ticket to OfferMind… + the Make Affiliates Great Again Mini-Course…

Is it okay if I over deliver???

If you want ALL that for free… plus other things, literally just sign up at… and then, sign up for the New Affiliate Bootcamp through my affiliate link. Go figure.

My friends, get rich, give back.

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