SFR 253: Dave Woodward Shares The New Affiliate Bootcamp Book – Stephen Larsen

SFR 253: Dave Woodward Shares The New Affiliate Bootcamp Book

Jun 21st, 2019 anchorwave

Dave Woodward helped shape the entire affiliate program at ClickFunnels. He’s a personal mentor, friend, and brother.

It’s long overdue that I invite him to come on Sales Funnel Radio to share his wisdom…

I’m really pumped about this. Frankly, it’s been in the planning for, like, seven months now…

I have wanted to get interview Dave Woodward for a very, very long time.

Steve Larsen interviews Dave Woodward

If you guys don’t know anything about him, he is one of the backbones of ClickFunnels

… so you’re in for a treat.

I think it was October-ish 2018, just after the 30-Days Book went out. I was approached by ClickFunnels to write a chapter for a NEW book…


In case you’re slow to catch on 😉 this is me, announcing the release of the NEW Affiliate Bootcamp Book!

And of course, in true Steve Larsen fashion, I’m gonna over-deliver bonuses to the hilt, so you’ll wanna buy the book through my link…


Excited about the Affiliate Bootcamp Book

The book asks the question:

“How would you retire as a ClickFunnels affiliate in a hundred days?”

I spent pretty much all of my Christmas break writing my chapter.

…it’s NOT straight theory kinda stuff.

This is A LOT of the strategies I’ve used to crush it in affiliate contests.

So, I’m really excited about this.

For the 30-Days Book, I interviewed Russell

For this one, I thought I would interview one of the backbones of Clickfunnels and the reason why:

  • Stuff gets done
  • There’s an affiliate program that’s run well.
  • The Dream 100 program is killin’ it.

…and the name of that individual is Dave Woodward. He’s a beast. He’s the man…

Dave Woodward airpods

Dave has become one of my favorite people on this planet, a mentor, a friend, a brother, and I look up to him like crazy.

I care dramatically what Dave Woodward thinks about me.

Maybe I shouldn’t… I’m NOT supposed to say that, but it’s true.

I really appreciate him, and everything he’s done for me, and my family.

I am very, very excited, and completely, (in full transparency), extremely honored, to have our guest today.

This has been an interview I have been planning, and looking forward to, for a little over a year and a half now. I’m excited and to be completely honest, a little bit nervous.

I have tremendous respect for Dave Woodward. – tremendous respect.

If you guys don’t know who Dave is, you should!


Dave is one of the cornerstones and keystones of all of ClickFunnels, and why it works…

…please take that from a guy who sat across, and watched, and was very much a part of the intimate workings of what ClickFunnels is, and how it works.

Dave Woodward the man

Dave is one of the reasons why ClickFunnels is where it is.

He is one of the reasons why relationships are the way they are.

And, in my honest opinion, the reason why Russell can even get his message out there…

I have a ton of respect for Dave and for what he does.

He has gone from a friend to an incredible mentor to me. I so appreciate and love him, and I’m very honored to interview him today.

Dave, thanks for being here.

Dave Woodward interview

DAVE: Well, I’m extremely honored, and I’m very nervous myself, so that makes two of us.

Thank you for allowing me to come on your show. I have such huge props for you, and I just admire all your work, and everything that you’ve done…

No one implements like you implement.

I love seeing it, you’re such a role model to my kids, it’s just fun, and I love seeing the impact that you’re literally having across the entire world… so, it’s an honor to be here.

STEVE: Oh thank you very much, man. I’m glad to have ya.

Now a lot of people may not know….

Dave sits, literally across from his seat, he literally is looking into Russell’s office – I mean he’s like right there…

Dave Woodward ClickFunnels

There’s this tradition, (at least when I was there), it looked kinda like this…

So Dave and I, right, we’re working, Melanie’s there, we’re getting our stuff done. Usually, there’s some music going.

We’re sitting around, and then all of a sudden Russell goes,”“UHHH!”

Affiliate Bootcamp Book idea

Which means…

“Get up and run to my desk.”

So Dave and I, would get up and run over to Russell’s desk, and we’d basically watch the zeroes and ones God pour down wisdom into Russell’s marketing brain…

Clickfunnels affiliate program gold

… and gold would just fall out.

Dave and I, would both try to keep up, while at the same time validating, “Oh my gosh, that is a cool idea, better catch on to it…”

… it’s like really, really fun. One of the funnest environments. I miss it terribly.

Fun clickfunnels affiliate program

Now, but a lot of people don’t know that you had a history with Russell and, pre-ClickFunnels. Right?

I mean, what were you doing before coming into ClickFunnels?


DAVE: I had my own marketing consulting agency for years.

In fact, I actually met Russell…

So, I come from the direct response marketing days…

Old Dan Kennedy, Bill Glazer, copywriting type of stuff… years and years and years ago.

And at the time I had a lot of clients who were in either the insurance, the health field, or else mortgages.

A lot of them were trying to figure out this whole online thing… (this is like 2007, 2008).

And it was that point where I thought, I gotta figure out this whole internet stuff. I’ve got too many clients who are wanting information about it.

I’d been on Russell’s list, I’d been on other lists, and Russell was coming to do a seminar in affiliate marketing, not far from where I lived in Southern California…

So I thought, “Oh great, I’ll just go, and go and listen there.”

I’m a huge believer of either working your way in, or buying your way in. And I’ve always preferred buying your way in, if it’s at all available, it’s faster.

So it was Russell and Stu McLaren, and Russell got up and said:

“Hey, you know what? If you guys would like to take us out to lunch or dinner or anything, to just kinda pick our brains, go to the back and sign up.”

Clickfunnels affiliate program sign up

I literally jumped out of my chair, ran to the back, and I signed up for EVERY breakfast, lunch, and dinner that Russell had.

I’m like, “The guy’s either gonna hate me, or we’re gonna become friends through this thing.”

I wanted to get to know him better, and so I literally signed up for EVERYTHING!

I’m sure when he first got it he was like, “Who in the world is this Dave Woodward guy? What have I gotten myself into?”

I can guarantee you, Russell would never do that now. You could never take him to lunch or dinner, but he was just getting started.

… and so we created a deep friendship.

I ended up setting up his 10th anniversary for Collette. They flew down to Southern California and went out to dinner, then flew to Catalina…

ClickFunnels affiliate marketing for beginners

Russell is more than a friend, he’s like a brother.

He’s probably, in all honesty, the closest friend I have aside from my wife.

There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for him.

Over the years, we’ve had the opportunity of doing a ton of different projects together, some in the real estate niche, some in the network marketing niche, some in the fitness niche.

Some made money, some lost money.

My very first product was with Russell – it was Legendary Marketers.

STEVE: No way.

DAVE: Yeah.

STEVE: Oh, I didn’t know that was. Cool.

DAVE: And so, that was the very first product that I ever did…

Again it was one of those things where I saw, just his desire to help others grow, and, at whatever the cost. Just, just pour so much into people, and I was just drawn to him…

… and we’ve just literally become lifelong friends.

When we started ClickFunnels, I was still in Southern California. I was flying up here every other week, and Russell was like, “You just need to move up here..”

I’m like…

Dude, listen, we’ve been through a lot of things over the years, and NOT all of them have worked…

Before I uproot my family, I wanna actually make sure this whole ClickFunnels thing is actually gonna take off.

Dave Woodward family

And then, as you can tell right now, it’ll be three years this August.

So we moved up here after ClickFunnels was up and running for about a year and a half.

STEVE: I remember that. Only because it was like two months before, you flew in, that’s when I moved my family up.

Russell was like, “You know Dave Woodward?” …and I had just started seeing your majesty in the inner workings of ClickFunnels – all the stuff you’re doing with Dream 100, the affiliate stuff…

… and Russell was like, “He’s gonna move on up,” and I was like, “No way, that’s awesome.”

You moved up, and I kid you not…

We were already kind of naturally high energetic people, you, and I, and Russell, but the overall energy, it was like one plus one equals twelve when you came in!

I was like, “This is awesome,”…it’s not a classic business office…

We were running around barefoot in t-shirts, shorts… music going all the time…

it’s such a fun place to work and try to change the world also.

So, how did you end up doing stuff for Russell’s people – the affiliate manager was your first role, right?

DAVE: Actually, no. I was in charge of all our business development. So one of the pieces of it was the affiliate plan.

STEVE: That’s right, my bad.

DAVE: Yeah, so, what happened was, so …

My coming into ClickFunnels, (as far as, one of the things), we were at TNC, (we’ve just come back from TNC 10, so this must have been TNC, like five, or six), and it was ClickFunnels’ first booth, at TNC, and they had put us in the far back corner…

I was like, “This just sucks. We can’t do this. No one’s gonna see us.”

Russell was actually speaking at TNC, and he was like, “Gosh, I just wish we had some way of getting attention to us, no one’s gonna come to us…”

…because it wasn’t in the main ballroom…

He was like, I wish we could just get some of those like showroom girls, you know, event girls, whatever it is.”

I’m like, “Dude, you’re in my city. This is San Diego. I promise you, I will get you some girls.”

And sure enough, within about two hours, we had about five girls there, basically handing out t-shirts and directing people where to go…

Dave Woodward origin

And that’s, I guess when Dillon and Todd were like, “We definitely need him more full-time than he is currently,” and that’s how it started.

STEVE: Oh, man. Yeah, yeah. There have been multiple times where you’ve done stuff like that. Russell flies in, you fly in, you know.

Guys, Dave, Dave is the one that protects Russell emotionally when we travel as well. Multiple times, just protecting him.

Making sure, “Hey, we need to get somewhere,” or making sure Russell is where he needs to be, and protecting him from people who may be, respectfully, somewhat of a time suck.

Russell Brunson clickfunnels affiliate program

There are just so many stories that are just popping into my head.

Oh my gosh…

You guys flew in once, and Russell didn’t have any time to sell, or didn’t get order forms, and you literally, in the lobby…

What’s this story again? It’s awesome.

DAVE: A friend of ours, basically in the health space, flew into Denver…

I love to sell, which is weird because for years I hated selling. It was like the worst thing in the world.

I would never, ever sell. I would never associate myself with selling…

… NEVER, dirty, bad!

But, I remember, we flew in, and I was sitting there talking to the promoter, and he basically said:

“Well, you know what, I thought we were gonna have more time. we ran over, we only really have about 25, 30 minutes, and you can’t sell”

I’m like, “Dude, we flew all the way to Denver. We’re not here NOT to sell.”

And he says, “No you really can’t sell.”

So I said, “Well, how much time do we have?” He said, “Well, you’ve only got 30 minutes.”

I’m like, “Well we need at least 45.” He said, “Okay, 45 minutes.”

I said, “If I just have a little tiny offer, would that be okay?” He said, “Yeah, but I don’t want a full pitch.” I’m like, “No problem.”

So I literally went into the little business center, and I created an order form on the computer they had there, (I’m sure it’s so completely non-compliant)…

It was, honestly, just name, email, address, phone number, credit card that’s it.

It was printed off black and white and there was nothing fancy to it. I don’t even know if they knew what they were buying.

But, just like Russell does, he was able to get up and he spoke… I could tell the promoter at the back was just getting antsy.

Affiliate Bootcamp Book

He’s like, “You gotta hurry, you gotta hurry, gotta hurry.”

I’m like, “Russell let’s just go a little bit faster.”

So, all of a sudden, he gets to the pitch.

He’s like, “Listen, I don’t have time to go through this, but you’re gonna get this, this, this, this, and this…

…and if you want, Dave’s got some order forms, just take the order form and give them to us, and we’ll process it.”

Russell Brunson Affiliate Bootcamp Book

I literally had someone come back there and grab it out of my hand, write on it, and slap it down right in front of Russell on the stage.

Usually, we get table rushed at the back, but we had this massive podium rush. Everyone went to the front, and it was hilarious.

We out the room and we just laughed.

It’s those types of moments, where I’m like, “No matter what it takes when you have an opportunity, we’re gonna sell…”

And we sold, and it did very well.

STEVE: You guys knocked out the house, is what I heard. Just blew it out on a whim. I mean, come on! That’s the kind of team that you guys are. It’s just awesome.

Hey, so I wanted to ask a little bit about this Affiliate Book that’s coming out – you have such unique eyes from where you are, and where you get to sit.

I know you get to work a lot with:

  • Biz Dev
  • Bringing in new Dream 100 people
  • All the affiliate stuff as well

… what is this New Affiliate Book, by the way?

DAVE: Oh, it is super, super cool… so this whole idea behind affiliate marketing …

Dave Woodward affiliate marketing

First of all, for those of you who aren’t familiar with affiliate marketing, it’s probably the easiest way to get started online, because you don’t have to have your own product.

You are literally promoting someone else’s product.

And for us, they’re promoting ClickFunnels.

We have a whole bunch of front end products because it’s really hard to promote just a free trial – one of those was Another one is OFA…

If you’re not on OFA, my gosh, the One Funnel Away Challenge, Steven is just crushing it – so you definitely need to be in that.

We had so much success with – the idea behind that summit was, Russell went out to a lot of our Two Comma Club award-winning people, like Steven, and basically said:

“Hey, if you were to lose everything, and all you had was ClickFunnels, and your marketing know-how, what would you do in the next 30 days, to make money?”

Dave Woodward 30 days book

..and they put together a 540-page book, and it became a front-end for the One Funnel Away Challenge.

Well, as we were looking at that model, it became super, super successful, and we realized…

Steven actually helped build out Affiliate Bootcamp, which has been the primary product we’ve used to train our affiliates over the last year and a half, and we’re at a point right now where we’re trying to think…

If we were to update it, how would we do it best?

Dave Woodward funnel hacker

And we thought, instead of us doing it…

Why not reach out to the people who’ve been the most successful doing affiliate marketing inside of ClickFunnels, and have them tell their stories…

… and use somewhat of the same premise as the 30 Day Book…

Not necessarily, if you lost everything and only had 30 days, but, “If you were to start over as an affiliate, what are the things that you would wanna do?”

What are the different things that would actually provide the greatest return in the shortest amount of time?

Because for a lot of affiliates, it’s like, “Ah, I’ve got my own job, I don’t have a whole bunch of time, ” and it was just fascinating.

Bailey Richert is the one who basically put it together for us, she went out, and interviewed 17 of our top affiliates…

I was literally talking to her today, and she goes, “You know, Dave, the was really cool, but the real secret sauce was on the back end after you bought the product you got behind the scenes of their actual funnel…”

She said, “I don’t know what it was with these affiliates? They literally gave every single thing on the front end.”

So those people who actually get involved in our New Affiliate Launch, or Summit are going to get the very best of 17, (we may actually get to 20, but 17 right now), people who have literally been crushing it as an affiliate for ClickFunnels sharing EVERYTHING:

  • YouTube strategies
  • How to do an offer?
  • What is a bridge funnel?
  • How do you build a list?
  • How do you build a product that ties into your list to provide even greater value so that people fall in love with you, as well as the new product that you might be introducing them to?

So, the whole idea behind this is really to have a person create their own product/ business on the front-end without having to create all the products, (and everything else), on the back end…

… and NOT have to worry about the support.

So, I’m so excited about it… because it’s literally going to be the BIGGEST game changer for us.

Currently, Steve, we have five people who have done over a million dollars in affiliate commission so far.

Five people who have hit the two comma club as an affiliate for ClickFunnels.

STEVE: Oh man.

DAVE: It’s just insane.

You know, when we first started this thing, we came up with this idea of the dream car…

Dave Woodward dream car

The idea behind it is, if you got a hundred people, we’d pay $500 for your lease or purchase of your dream car.

At 200 people, we’d pay $1,000.

I thought, “No one’s ever gonna get to 200 people!”

…and now we have people who have thousands of affiliates…

Thousands of ClickFunnels accounts because of it.

So the idea behind affiliate marketing:

  1. It’s the easiest way to get started online.
  2. This new affiliate summit is literally gonna give you, truly, the step-by-step program from 17 of the top affiliates that we have.

They’re gonna break down, NOT only just affiliate marketing, but how they actually get traffic, how do they actually build an offer, how they build a bridge page.

And you’ll actually see some of their actual bridge pages, as well.

We were sitting there trying to price this thing out, and I’m like, “You understand this is like a $500 product,” and Bailey’s like, “Yeah, but summits only sell for like $47 to $67.”

And I’m like, “Oh my gosh, alright, we’ll do it, whatever price.”

I don’t know what price point we’re gonna settle at – somewhere between $47 and $97, I don’t know…

But it’s people like you, Stephen, who literally said, “Alright, let me show you exactly what it really takes. Let me go through and break it down step by step, how you actually can make tens of thousands of dollars a month, as an affiliate.”

And I know we pay you a pretty hefty cheque, just in affiliate commission.

STEVE: Yeah, it’s, uh …

And what’s funny everybody, is that it’s kinda on the back-end of my business and it’s just because of the strategy.

I gotta tell you, I loved writing the 30 Days chapter, but the affiliate chapter… oh my gosh, I took all of Christmas, like three or four days, to write that thing – it was beautiful.

DAVE: Well actually Bailey, (just between you and I), even though anyone who listens to this will now know it, Bailey actually said yours is the best one…

Dave Woodward 30 days chapter

… honestly, because it was so detailed, Stephen.

The way you did it, she actually wants to lead with yours to set the stage for the other ones…

Because of the way you talked about:

  • Bridge Funnels
  • Offers
  • Bonuses

I mean, you were our top affiliate for, and it was just crazy. And, I’ve seen you do that multiple times, even in our One Funnel Away Challenge.

And the crazy thing about the One Funnel Away Challenge was you came in dead last and didn’t start until like three days left. It was crazy.

STEVE: That 10X Secrets thing…

DAVE: That’s what it was.

And you were right in the middle of OfferMind, I think. Was that it?

Dave Woodward OfferMind

STEVE: Yeah, yeah.

DAVE: And I was asking you to teach some of our speaker training, and you had no time. No time at all. And yet, to see you come in, and use this strategy that you now taught in that chapter, it was just brilliant to see.

The thing that I love most about the chapter that you wrote, is your chapter actually goes in through, literally, step by step…

It’s how you teach – you’re so very methodical in teaching practical steps – literally, it’s ‘paint by numbers.’ It’s the easiest way you can do it…

Dave Woodward paint by numbers

I mean, step one, step two, step three.

And because you’ve been through it, you lived through it, and you started with nothing…

Dave Woodward make affiliates great again

…and NOW, you’re one of our top affiliates!

It’s just neat that you were so kind and so generous with spending as much time as you spent on that chapter.

It’s probably going to be one of our leading chapters.

STEVE: Oh man, I appreciate that a lot.

Well, what can somebody do … What’s a favorite way … I mean, you have such a unique area that you get to see all these different affiliates…

If somebody’s new and doesn’t have much of a following, what should they be doing if they want to become an affiliate?

DAVE: I think, it goes back to, probably your secret sauce, and that’s publishing.

I think, honestly, and as much as people hate it, I think it’s one of the coolest things.

ClickFunnels affiliate program

People wanna find someone they can connect to, so documenting your journey as an affiliate, is probably the best thing that you can do, because later you’re gonna be able to sell that journey.

And it may take a little bit of time, but if I was a brand new affiliate, just starting off, I would start publishing on a regular basis.

Dave Woodward publishing

You could pick:

….I don’t care which product you want.

I would literally go in, I would make it your own, I would teach what you learn, on a Facebook live, on an Instagram story, whatever it might be, and refer people to it:

“This is what I’ve learned.”

Because people love understanding the take a way that you got and seeing how that you’re actually using that.

So, I think that’s probably one of the things that I would look at.

Where MOST affiliates go wrong is, they think they’re just gonna take the affiliate link and just promote it directly, and that’s why I love your chapter… because you were so anti that.

Steve Larsen affiliate marketing for beginners

You’re like, “You can’t do that! Let me show you what you can do.”

And I think, as an affiliate just getting started, just pick one thing…

And, again, as you mentioned before, just go all in on it. Study it. Make it your own.

And that way when you’re teaching it, people are going, “Oh, that’s how that works. Oh, okay, now I understand,” and then people can connect with that… and they’ll love the journey as well.

STEVE: Oh man, that’s awesome. Thank you so much for taking the time.

You know, I have such respect for you, and what you do, and just love your family – my wife and I talk about you guys a lot.

Dave Woodward family photo

We love your sons, they’re all awesome and incredible – we just love your family and everything that you guys do.

And I really mean what I say,

I really believe that half the reason Russell can do what he does is that he’s got you in his corner, just fighting battles he didn’t even know about.

You know what I mean?

Just going to bat, getting all the dirties away that are out there trying to take advantage, you know, stuff like that.

It’s just this role that is like so, I don’t even know, it’s special. And it’s fun to see it.

DAVE: Thank you.

STEVE: So I just, anyway. Any parting advice or words before we end up here?

DAVE: You know, for me, I think the one thing I would tell people is just don’t give up.

I think the hardest part for affiliate marketing, or even for a lot of the online marketing is just, you have a dream out there, and you see it, and you want it so bad…

… and yet things don’t go exactly the way that you want.

You can joke around about this idea, being one funnel away, but you truly are…

Dave Woodward one funnel away

You just don’t know which funnel that’s gonna be.

And so, I would just say:

If this is what you wanna do, don’t let anything get in your way.

It’s possible, things happen… it doesn’t go as fast as you want, I’ll let everyone understand, I’m totally transparent…

It never works as fast as you want

,…but for those who stick it out, you get to this little corner and you literally hockey stick and life takes off for you.

I saw the same thing with you last year, where you got going and you’re putting forth all this effort, and all of a sudden you get to this little corner, and you literally hockey stick, and life just takes off for you.

And I think the problem is, most people aren’t willing…

Again it’s that, 99 yards does not a touchdown make…

Dave Woodward snapchat

You gotta be willing to go all the way

As long as you don’t quit, and just realize that you’re in that phase of learning…

There are two parts…

You have the:

  1. Learning phase
  2. Earning phase

Too often people wanna jump into the earning phase, without paying their dues in that learning phase.

If you’ll spend the time in that learning phase, the money that will come later in life – it’s just crazy. Astronomical.

STEVE: Oh, man. Well, thank you so much. You’re a friend, a mentor, a brother, and just, I love and appreciate you. Thanks for being on.

Awesome episode, right?

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Dave Woodward make affiliates great again

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It can be heart pounding, and frankly, nerve-wracking.

Nerve wracking Affiliate Bootcamp Book

Well, one of the ways I’ve kept ownership of my companies and NEVER picked up any debt or used any of our family finances to grow the business, was through affiliate marketing.

My first dollar online actually came from affiliate marketing, ONLY a few years ago.

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“Steve, how can you have been bootstrapping this and scraping by so hard just a few years ago, but now have a business that makes millions in revenue?”

… that’s a fair question.

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