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SFR 251: 3 Easy Ways To Create An Offer

Jun 14th, 2019 anchorwave

I took a piece of my presentation from Russell Brunson’s Inner Circle to show you. These are very easy ways to tweak value in an offer…

When you go to the Inner Circle works, everybody takes a turn to teach something awesome to the group, and then they say, “Hey, I have some things I need help with.”

Then the whole group kind of analyze this person’s business and give feedback…

You get advice from a lot of heavy hitters and everyone is focused on you until the timer goes off – it’s intense…

Insane offer creation process

It’s mentally exhausting, but it’s a lot of fun, and totally priceless!

Before the Inner Circle, I could not sleep. I woke up at five dreaming that I was on stage…I was like, “I can’t sleep anymore,” so I spent I spent three hours pacing and working this out…


One of the things I want to teach you today is three simple ways to create an offer.

We all think that creating an offer means that we go and add a whole bunch of products together…

And that’s definitely an awesome way to do create an offer…

Offer creation process ways

…but it’s NOT the ONLY way.

Anyways, I want to teach you three of those methods today.


On top of that, another thing I think you’ll really find interesting is seeing me answer the question of what I actually do.. *that* is NOT an easy question for a lot of entrepreneurs to answer…

What do you do offer creation process

“What do you do?”…is kinda the dreaded question!

When somebody asks, “What do you do,” and you have to answer – sometimes that sucks.

But now, I can answer that question; I know exactly what I do…

Steve Larsen offer creation process

There are some things that, (like I said in the past), you have to design and there are other things that you have to discover…

Sometimes explaining what you do is something you have to discover, and that’s been the case for me; it’s not the case for everybody, but for me, it’s been that way…

…and I’m gonna share that with you in a single sentence!

So you’re gonna find out:

  1. Three ways to create an offer
  2. What it is I that actually do for the marketplace
  3. Why we have so many people reaching out to ask to be in our programs.

If you want to watch the actual presentation, you can do that here.

I have chopped out a certain piece that I don’t want you to know about yet… 😉

We have a product that we’ve been doing for a while now and we have a lot of people in it now – which is great, it’s done quite well…

It’s made a lot of money for us, and made A LOT of money for the students, I chopped that piece out and I’m gonna keep that hush-hush for just a little bit longer while I finish a few things of…

Top secret offer creation process


One of the most challenging things I have to deal with is when people ask, “Stephen that’s really cool, but how does it work for me?”

They say things like:

  • I’m in high ticket B2B sales that are multistage sales that are multistage sales/ contracts…
  • I’m in retail…
  • Stephen, I’m in…

So, I think one of the things that’ll be helpful is for you to see three ways to create an offer… that you can tweak to apply to whatever business you’re in…

Offer creation process for any business

You can use them all together, (which is very powerful), but you also can use just one or two to add immediate value to whatever you sell.

So let’s talk about value creation and how that actually happens…


This is my third inner circle meeting as a member, and I think those of you guys who saw me that first time will agree that I’m really very different…

One of the things that I’ve been focusing on is showing up as my authentic self and being unapologetic about that, and it’s been very fun to start doing that…

Steve Larsen offer creation process

… and I’ve noticed when I can do that for customers and help them arrive, they do all kinds of stuff on their own. That’s literally what the One Funnel Away Challenge was meant to do…

If I can get them to say, “ I am an entrepreneur, I am a funnel builder,” they’ll suddenly go do stuff without me yelling, “Just take the next step…”

Offer creation process next steps

The amount of forcing I have to do drops like crazy.


I have been building my waffle, and it is awesome:

  • I have to content teams
  • I have a funnel team

… I don’t have quite the executive team yet, but it’s been awesome. I mean, stuff’s getting done without me all the time.

Sales strategy teams

A lot of people asked me, “Stephen, how are you doing all that you are?” I’m NOT, my company is. I’m building an actual asset…

… and that’s been a major big piece for me in the last six months.

Other cool things that we’ve done:

  • We did a cool 7-day launch (following what Russell did) – it was so good, it was awesome. It launched my event , and opened the tickets – it was a 6-figure launch.
  • I did my first quarter-million-month last month – that was awesome, that was a cool one.
  • 10, six-figure months in a row – yeah, stuff’s going good.
  • We have a 3,000 downloads a day on the podcast, which is so fun.
  • I’m speaking of Carnegie Hallhow cool is that! That’s gonna be with Martha Stewart, Dan Kennedy, Michael Gerber in September.
  • My main product OfferLab – there’s not even a funnel behind it – started at a quarter million, (softly just word of mouth), there’s not even a funnel yet, it’s been really validating.

Awesome sales strategy

The Carnegie Hall people asked me, “Do you want to sell?” I was like, “Yeah, I wanna sell!” They said, “No one else has said they want to sell…”

How to create an irresistible offer

I was like, “Why would you say ‘no’ to that, of course, I want to sell.”


Anyways, I’m in this weird phase…

I was talking to Alex Charfen a few days ago, and I was like, “Dude, I feel like I am always moving and changing.”

Alex said, “…that’s what an entrepreneur is. You just redevelop over and over and over again.”

So it’s been weird…

I feel like I’ve been shifting and changing so fast and asking, “Well, what is my foundation as a human being… as me,” and that question is what I think has allowed my true self to start coming out.

Offer creation process true self

In fact, two or three weeks ago, I told my wife Alyssa, “I can feel another change coming on, and I’m kind of freaked out about it… but it’s coming…”

… and those changes are ALWAYS uncomfortable.

One of the things I’ve realized who I serve… I didn’t know the answer to that before…

I serve existing and new entrepreneurs inside ClickFunnels

There are a few things about ClickFunnels ,in the last six months, that have shown me that it is A MARKET

…and I’m very excited about because it’s growing and maturing.

And now, when someone asks, “What do you do?” I can tell them…

I’ve never been able to answer that before.

So here it is:

What do I do offer creation process

I help people design and launch wildly lucrative offers

… that’s exactly what I do!

So I’m excited; that’s just the most ultimate ridiculous clarity.

I think I would’ve been my own worst nightmare client like a year ago, because I couldn’t answer those questions…

Offer creation process sentence

  • What do you want?
  • Where are you moving to?

…and so it’s fun to be able to say that what I do in one simple sentence.

Anyways, a little give here…


Capitalist sales strategy

I call myself the Capitalist Pig, so I’d better know about capitalism – so I’ve been learning about the origins of Capitalism.

I’ve been diving into a lot of history lessons…

I’ve been learning about Adam Smith is known as the father of modern Capitalism…

In his time, Smith was known, for disrupting a lot of things… NOT just Capitalism itself…

In the 1700s – 1800s Europe, there was this really weird belief of how value is created…

People believed that the amount of time spent creating a product equaled the amount of value that it had.

But Adam Smith was like, “No that’s dumb,” and he was the first one to really start switching that idea.

Smith came in and flipped that idea, and said, “No no no…”

Value is in the eyes of the beholder. Value is in the eyes of the person who’s gonna consume it.

And so, as the Offer Guy, what I’m really doing is helping people understand how value is created.

And in order to do that, you have to understand the difference between COST/ PRICE/ VALUE…


Sales strategy

  1. COST = is what you pay to fulfill.
  2. PRICE = is what your customer pays to get your product.
  3. VALUE = is determined in your customer’s eyes.

I used to have this major, major hang-up; it was a huge false belief of mine…

I used to think, “Oh my gosh, would I buy my own product?”

Sales strategy value

…and that would be how I decide the price.


I wouldn’t pay myself 35 grand to hang out with me for a day – I’m not that cool 😉

Offer creation process value


I’m NOT the one buying the product… and lots of people do buy. The customer decides, the customer chooses the value, and I make things that are valuable in their eyes.


So… I’ve been on this mission to define an offer… and I can’t say how many times, (even just with Russell), I’ve heard it said, “Can someone just define a funnel better… like how can we get a better definition? How can we explain it?”

How to create an irresistible offer driving my crazy

So I’m trying to solve the same problem for offers, and I think I have…

Recently, I was able to meet Dan Kennedy’s ghostwriter.

He was the guy who was in charge of all the writers at Dan Kennedy’s place and ended up writing Magnetic Marketing.

He and I would email back and forth, and he has his own book. His name’s Jack Turk (by the way don’t steal him, I’m still convincing him to write my book)…

…and in that book he says:

Offer = Core Product + Value Add

What is the offer creation process

I was like, “That’s such a good way to define what an offer actually is!”


People ask me all the time, “What’s the difference between a product and an offer, Stephen?”

I’m like, “Well, an offer is a collection of products,” that’s a method when you get down to it…

A core product + value add = that’s what an offer is!

ClickFunnels = core product + value add (a whole bunch of other stuff that helps you use it better).

For Example:

ClickFunnels + Funnel Hacks = OFFER

ClickFunnels offer creation process

So I’ve been geeking out hard on ways to create offers under that formula.

How can I take a product and move it into an offer?

So staying with the example of #ClickFunnels as the core product…

The method we’re all used to creating offers with is by adding MORE products in our stack slide – and it’s a great method!

We add product, product, product, product, product and that adds a lot of natural value to what we’re selling…

…and now, our dream customer is like, “Boom! Well, of course, I’ll pay a grand or two for Funnel Hacks!”

Take my money sales strategy

Does that make sense? These are super-powerful points to understand.

There are other ways to create an offer, though…


How many of you guys have seen the fake book story?

Sales strategy fake book story

I’ve made so many people mad with that story.

The funny thing is that Michael Porter is like a huge deal. He’s a scholar and Ph.D.

But think about this…

What’s interesting is, I take his product, (I’ve never read that book, still haven’t), and I sell it…

Steve Larsen sales strategy

Every time I tell that story, ( it’s about eight times now in front of live audiences)…

EVERY TIME I tell that story, (before I even get to the stack), people have the book in their shopping cart, and a lot have already bought before I’ve finished.

Steven Larsen sales strategy

Q: What added the value and made people want to buy the book?

A: It was the story and the sales message.

This has been helpful for a lot of people in retail/ b2b/ multistage sales events, people who are on the fringes of ClickFunnels’…

… it helps them create a product or an offer without having to create a HUGE stack!

Some of them already have the product, and they’re like, “I’m not gonna go create all these things for my stack.”

Now how many of you have ever thought that?

“What?!!! I gotta go create all that stuff inside of my offer to make an offer?”

Offer creation process story

If that’s you. Then you can use this method, you’ve just gotta have a really amazing story.


The other way to add value comes from Claude Hopkins

Claude Hopkins offer creation process

Claude has this really interesting quote…

I actually learned this first from Tim Ferriss in The 4-Hour Work Week.

Tim uses the example of t-shirts, and he says, “If these aren’t the most comfortable t-shirts you’d ever worn in your life, I’ll give you the shirt back plus twice your money.”

It’s like, “Woah,” that just increased the value!

Q: There are no additional products or sales message – so what increased the value?

A: *The Guarantee*

Now, back to Claude Hopkins who said:

Two men came to me each offering me a horse. Both made equal claims. They were good horses, kind and gentle. A child could drive them.

One man said, ‘Try the horse for a week. If my claims are not true, come back for your money.’

The other man also said, “Try the horse for a week.” But then he added, “Come and pay me then.” I naturally took the second horse.

Isn’t that interesting…

Claude Hopkins sales strategy

Hopkins flips the guarantee on it’s back and creates an offer out of the very same product – that’s all he does!

  • Horse #1
  • Horse #2

… what’s the difference?

Nothing but the guarantee!

Why was there a natural value add, (‘I naturally took the second man’s horse”)?

…because of the guarantee, this whole thing was switched.

Sales strategy guarantee

There are more ways to create value, andI’ve been deep diving into the concept of what creates offers and some of the easiest ways to add value to everyone’s business…

I’ve been focusing pretty hard on this especially for the last year, and I had a big question arise in me…


I was mowing the lawn and I don’t know why, so I was listening to audiobooks and I had this realization, like: “Oh my gosh, I am where I am because of talent not positioning.”

Sales strategy realization

Have you ever realized that about yourself? It’s freaky.

I realized that there are people making a lot of money because of positioning only and NOT talent.

I was like, “Oh my gosh,” I said it out loud as I was mowing the lawn.

I was like, “I am where I am because of talent NOT positioning.”

There are people who are waaay worse, super bad and they’re making waaaay more money than me…

And after I got over being pissed, I finally thought, “…but what’s the lesson from this? Oh my gosh, look at how they position themselves in relation to the market!”

Offer creation process talent

So now, what I do is I teach people in existing companies, (they’re the ones that love this the most)…

Offer creation process positioning

And I’ve been traveling a lot doing this…

I help companies understand what their market is. Most people can’t even define what that means much less choose one.

…so I help businesses to understand what their market is and the relationship to all the other markets out there.


Blue ocean offer creation process

There are signals – there are patterns all over the place – I feel like it’s ‘a beautiful mind…’ “Oh my gosh are you all here?”

And I’ve realized that “Oh my gosh, the path on this is so clear.”

I just help people understand:

  • What market they actually sell into
  • Who their dream customer is in there, so they’re not trying to sell everybody
  • The core problem they’re trying to solve…

Offer creation process problem

… and I dedicate my whole business to the Core Offer, it’s pretty simple.

Core offer creation process


Pre my ClickFunnels days, I was building funnels for a company in Florida using ClickFunnels…

This company had an amazing product – their product was beautiful – they were known at the top of their industry.

But as I started working with them, it was the most garbage jacked-up company I’ve ever seen in my life.

Garbage offer creation process

They had…

  • No Processes
  • No Systems
  • No support
  • No salesmen

… it was jacked up!

That company was surviving strictly because it had a good product, there was NO business

That’s when I realized that there was…

  • A huge difference between a business and products
  • A huge difference between a business and funnels

….and it just kept going and going from there, until I realized that what I do is help people:

So I’ve been realizing, “Holy crap, there are lots of ways to create an offer.”

I just showed you very briefly, three ways to create a valuable offer:

  1. You can do through the guarantee
  2. You can do it through having lots of products and a stack
  3. You can do it through a story

… but there are ways all over the place to do that:

  • I can do it by identifying a core problem that there’s already existing – I don’t need to create the problem.
  • I can do it through identifying a clear who in the market that I serve.
  • I can do it inside the way I launch.

How many of you guys know someone who’s waaay worse than you are but they’re making more money than you do?

Pisses me off…

Steve Larsen how to create an irresistible offer

….what about you?

I’m like that is not right, and it’s one of the reasons why I’m diving so heavily into what a campaign is…

A campaign is NOT ads, but ads can be part of it.


There are two different styles of campaigns, and I’ve been making HUGE lists of the major launch campaigns and evergreen campaigns that I’ve seen…

Different offer creation process

…because that’s how crappy people are making more money than you, that’s how they’re making more money than me….

They just make more noise. I’m a marketer – I’m a professional noisemaker.

…and the people making MORE money… well, they just know how to make MORE noise.

Offer creation process noise


Oh yeah, wasn’t that awesome?

Hey, just real quick:

A few months ago Russell asked me to write a chapter for a secret project he was doing. I had to write a chapter for a book, this was the letter I got from him.

He said:

“Hey Stephen, let me ask you a quick question…

You suddenly lose all your money, along with your name and your reputation, and only have your marketing know-how left.

You have bills piled high and people harassing you for money over the phone.

You have a guaranteed roof over your head, a phone line, an internet connection, and a ClickFunnels account for only one month.

You no longer have your big guru name, your following, your JV partners. Other than your vast marketing experience, you’re an unknown newbie…

What would you do from day #1 to day #30 to save yourself?

Russell Brunson

Hey, if you want to see my answer and a bunch of other marketers who also answered that in this amazing book and summit, just go to

Steve Larsen One Funnel Away Challenge

You can see the entire summit, you can see the book, you can see what we wrote in there and each of our detailed plans. Just go to

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