SFR 250: Living Legends – Stephen Larsen

SFR 250: Living Legends

Jun 11th, 2019 anchorwave

I have the incredible honor of speaking at Carnegie Hall in September with MARTHA STEWART, MICHAEL E GERBER, DAN KENNEDY, HAL ELROD, and other beasts. I’m beyond humbled by this. Here’s the full scoop…

Frankly, I just love being on stage speaking and teaching.

Marketing entrepreneur events

Some of the early stages I got to talk on were Russell’s – I did a lot of fulfillment for the original Two Comma Club program.

Back in the day, we did something called the FHAT Event which lasted for 3 awesome, intense days.

We’d go from:

  • Day #1: 9:00am to 6:00pm
  • Day #2: 9:00am – 1:00am(ish) – it was a long day.
  • Day #3 :9:00am – 6:00pm

By the end of the event, everyone was just exhausted.

Exhausting entrepreneur events

Russell did the first event because he was testing materials and seeing where we needed to change things…

Then after that, he largely handed it over to me, and he just came in for a few one or two-hour guest speeches.


I remember there was this one particular FHAT event…

On the second day, I took a break to grab some food and went to Russell’s office to sit down. Russell was like, “How are you doing?”

I was like, “Wheeew….” I was just bringing it down… and trying to relax for a second…

Trying to relax at entrepreneur events

… FHAT was a very aggressive fast-paced stage for me – I loved it.

Russell goes, “How’s everyone doing out there?”

We’d always talk about how the audience was responding:

  • Were they getting it?
  • Did they understand?
  • Which principles had tripped them up?
  • Had we managed to bridge the gap for them?

We’d chat back and forth exploring all the scenarios, but this time, when Russell asked, “So how are you doing?”

I kinda paused for a second…

FHAT entrepreneur events

Russell noticed and asked, “What is it?”

He may not remember this, but I said, “Dude, I can see those who are getting it and those who aren’t. They’re not telling me. I can see it.”

And he goes, “You’re getting that already, huh?”

I was like, “That’s a thing?”

Russell said, “Yeah, yeah, I can stand up at any moment and, I’ve been doing it so long, I can see those who are with me and who it’s clicking for and those who it’s not – so I’ll stop and I’ll cater to those people who aren’t getting it.”

Ready for entrepreneur events

I was like, “Okay, that’s what that is. I’m starting to see that.”


My favorite moment on stage, (and this may sound a little cheesy), is the moment when I see in somebody’s eyes that they suddenly realize, “Oh my gosh, my capacity is greater than I thought it was and it’s actually always been there.”

Entrepreneur events favorite moment

It’s funny to watch as people…

  1. Have personal breakthrough moments
  2. Suddenly see the road map and things start to click.

They’re like, “Oh, that dream I’ve been going for all along is actually possible now.”

I don’t know. I don’t know how else to describe it besides that…

But it’s a thrill for me because you can see it happen in peoples’ eyes as they listen to you.

Finding entrepreneur motivation

Those of you guys who educate, teach or get on stage, you know what I’m talking about.

There’s that moment where you can look at them, be like, “Bam, right there… I just caused the epiphany.”

About 6 months ago, during the Two Comma Club Cruise, I’d just finished a big session, when a guy walked up to me and goes, “You’re a really dynamic speaker.”

Speaking at entrepreneur events

People have told me that before, and I still don’t know what that means…

So I said, “Cool! Thank you,” but what he said next made my jaw hit the ground…

He looked me straight in the eyes and asked “Do you want to come speak at Carnegie Hall?”

Carnegie Hall entrepreneur events

I was like, “Are you completely serious right now?”

He said, “100%. We’re going to see if we can get all these huge names,” and I was like, “All right. Cool. Just keep me in the loop.”

Six months later, it’s happening – it’s in the bag – it’s an event called Living Legends, which is extremely honoring.

So I’m going to share an interview that explains EVERYTHING to you…


I have a very special guest…

Clint Arthur entrepreneur events

His name is Clint Arthur.

Clint and I, have frankly only known each other personally for probably six months, but I am blown away and just completely floored with what he does, his skill set, and who he helps.

What he does, when you’re in a certain place, is completely magical and I’m very, very honored to have him on here.

So Clint, thank you so much – welcome to the show.

Clint Arthur how to be a successful entrepreneur

Clint: BOOM!

Steve: In the middle of Carnegie Hall. What?

Clint: Yeah.

Steve: It’s a proxy BOOM! Oh man.

Clint: That’s a Carnegie Hall ‘BOOM!’ for you – that’s what that is.

Steve: You’re warming it up for us – thank you so much.

Clint: Yeah, baby. Yeah, baby. Well, it’s a pleasure to be with you… I met you on the cruise, I think.

Steve: Yeah.

Clint: The 2CCX Cruise – that was an amazing experience…

Really, the best part of the whole 2CCX program was the cruise.

I really believe that’s because it was a special event.

When you participate in special events, it’s not only great for the sales funnel… it’s great for sales funnels for a reason…

It really does deepen the experience of the customer/client/ the person you’re trying to transform their life… it opens up possibilities for people to have MORE community.

So as a result of that, here we are – so great to be with you.

Steve: That’s so awesome. We’re really honored, honestly.

Clint Arthur entrepreneur motivation

Now just because some of my audience may not know who you are, which is baffling… but could you tell everybody what is it that you do?

Clint: I am a celebrity entrepreneur – which means:

I’m the MOST famous guy that nobody’s ever heard of.

Celebrity entrepreneur events

I’ve created systems, formulas and scientific methodology for creating celebrity positioning in the eyes of your customers and prospects.

So part of that is, I have done 107 television appearances.

You might have seen me on FOX Business Channel, CNN, Headline News, or The Today Show with Brooke Shields…

When Brooke Shields said, “Clint, you can have all of these plans and want to scale Mount Everest, but how do you keep from falling off the track?”

Entrepreneur motivation mentors

I said, “You’ve got to invest in mentors.” I said it then, and I meant it… and I mean it even more now.

Investing in mentors has been part of the reason why I have gotten to where I am.

Part of what I’ve done to become a celebrity entrepreneur is to become Dan Kennedy’s Info Marketer Of The Year – that’s a great honor for me.

It’s something that really opened things up for me in my career and deepened my relationship with Dan Kennedy as my mentor.

How to be a successful entrepreneur with a mentor

So those are some of the things I’ve done.

I’ve also written a bunch of best-selling books…

My new book is called Celebrity Entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneur motivation book

Some of my other best sellers include:

  • What They Teach You At The Wharton Business School – I’m a graduate of the Wharton Business Schools entrepreneurship program.
  • The Greatest Book Of All Time…

I wrote this other book called The Last Year Of Your Life – where you live as if you’re going to die at the end of the year…

I told one of my friends, I’m going to add in videos and audios, it’s going to be the greatest book of all time with those attached as links in the Kindle book, and he goes, “Why don’t you just call it The Greatest Book of All Time?”

So I did, and that became my first real big selling book…

Entrepreneur motivation the greatest book of all time

I sold 26,000 copies of that book.

Steve: Wow. That’s awesome. That’s incredible.

Clint: And it has contributed to …( I don’t even think you know this…) Starting June 8th, I will be the host of a NEW talk radio show on WABC Radio in New York City called The Greatest Show of All Time.

Steve: Oh my gosh. That’s amazing. Just pushing straight on in there. That’s incredible.

Now, actually, it was Peng Joon I started talking to about what it is that you do, and everything…

He was talking about just how incredible your stuff is and how amazing it is.

Why is it important to eventually become a celebrity entrepreneur for your audience?

Clint: Well, I say on the back of my book that entrepreneurs struggle because they think that people are buying their products and services, but really people are buying you.

Important entrepreneur events

Who you are is more important than what you actually do.

…especially if you’re selling a product or service that’s similar or equivalent to others that are in the marketplace…

The only difference is you.

Your entrepreneur motivation

If you’re a financial advisor/ a realtor/ a doctor, or selling any kind of widget, there’s a similar widget to what you sell – the main difference is who you are.


What I do as a celebrity entrepreneur is help my clients position themselves as celebrities in the eyes of their customers and prospects.. and that’s really using marketing on your personal brand.

That’s what *this* is all about.

… and that makes all the difference in the world because people are NOT buying your widgets; they’re buying you.

Motivating entrepreneur events

Steve: Absolutely. I just so appreciate you taking that angle on it too.

There are a few places I’ve spoken at… where it’s only been about getting authority for authority’s sake, but you’re saying let’s get it so it pushes the message and the product more…

… because that’s what they’re gonna be buying anyway.

I love that. I’m very, very thankful for that. It’s awesome.

How to be a successful entrepreneur at the start

How did you get started doing this?

There are gonna be a lot of questions revolving around …

This is not something that my audience is gonna be very familiar with.

Clint: Hey, I started out as an entrepreneur selling butter.

Steve: Really?

Clint: Yeah, really. That’s really where this all began.

I was selling portion controlled butter in Las Vegas to hotels and casinos.

How to be a successful entrepreneur selling butter

So if you’ve ever eaten bread and butter at Bellagio in Las Vegas, thank you for helping to put my daughter through the University of Southern California…

For a long time, pretty much every piece of bread at Bellagio was buttered with Five Star Butter, which is my company.

Entrepreneur motivation selling butter

What happened was a lot of these celebrity chefs starting coming in: Bobby Flay, Gordon Ramsay, Emeril… and I wanted to get the celebrity chefs, so I came up with this idea…

What if I could be a judge on Iron Chef America and make myself a celebrity butter expert, not just the guy selling butter?

I talked the producers of Iron Chef America into making me the judge of Battle Butter… (you can watch that episode on my website, and see me judging Battle Butter).

That was the beginning of my celebrity positioning as an expert.

Now, I tell you what, it changes things when you become a celebrity expert in what you do, it really does.


Mind blowing entrepreneur events

I heard a statistic that:

  • The number one top celebrity in the marketplace gets 50% of all the revenues.
  • The number two celebrity in the marketplace gets the next 25% of the revenues.
  • Number three, through infinity, split the remaining 25%.

That’s why, if you’re not the number one top celebrity, you are surviving on crumbs while everybody who you admire is feasting on giant pieces of pie.

For example, Tony Robbins, Date With Destiny…

Date With Destiny alone represents 10% of the entire live event seminar industry in its revenue.

Steve: Oh my gosh.

Clint: If you do the math, which I have, you will see that just that one event is 10% of all live seminar tickets.

Steve: Geeze. I had no idea.

Clint: Because he’s the number one guy … And here’s the funny part…

Go into any bank in America and ask the teller, “Do you know who Tony Robbins is?”

Celebrity entrepreneur motivation

… they’re going to say “No,” because he’s NOT a real celebrity – He’s a celebrity entrepreneur.

The same thing goes for Grant Cardone, who everybody worships…

I will show you videos where I’m doing seminars with financial advisors and I’d say, “Anybody recognize this guy?”

Recognizing entrepreneur motivation

Not one hand goes up.

Nobody knows who he is because they’re NOT his customers or prospects… and yet two months ago, he filled up Marlin Stadium…

And most of the people watching this video know exactly what I’m talking about.

Steve: OH, YEAH.

Clint: When you’re a celebrity entrepreneur, (which is something that I pioneered, systematized and scientifically analyzed how do you do it), you’re a god to your customers and prospects…

How to be a successful entrepreneur celebrity

… but the rest of the world doesn’t know who you are.

Discovering entrepreneur motivation

And that’s what I help my clients to do.

Steve: It seems extremely magical sitting on this side of the screen listening to that. That’s impressive. That’s so, so amazing.

Now, what should somebody do if they’re trying to get started as celebrity entrepreneur?

Clint: Okay. Well, the important thing to understand is that there’s no time that’s too soon.

When to attend entrepreneur events

The sooner you start building your positioning as a celebrity in the eyes of your customers and prospects, the better off you are… because the product you’re selling is irrelevant.

A lot of people come to me and say, “I don’t have a product yet. I don’t have a book yet. I don’t have this data or anything yet, “ and I just say;

“But you have you. You’re already you. And you’re always going to be you so you might as well start building your personal brand.”

Really, there are five ways to do it.

  • Television is the most powerful way.

Television entrepreneur events

I’m not saying you have to go on Good Morning America first – that’s a mistake. Don’t go on Good Morning America first, go on little tiny local TV shows first.

  • Then the second great way to do it is by becoming a speaker.

I wanted to meet you, Steve, because you’re such a great speaker…

I don’t know if you’ve always been, but I doubt you’ve always been…

I’ve personally found that speaking is an acquired skill.

Speaking entrepreneur events

You have to learn how to be a great speaker – so there’s no time that’s too soon to start learning that, is there?

So go out there and start learning how to speak and start speaking in important places – the second part of my formula is to become a VIP speaker speaking in very important places.

  • The third part is one of my favorite things, celebrity attachment.

That’s taking photos with famous people, and anybody who goes to my website will see I’m in photos with all kinds of famous people from Brooke Shields to Caitlin JennerRingo Star to Mike TysonHilary and Donald Trump. I don’t care.

Entrepreneur events selfie

I’m an equal opportunity celebrity selfie slut.

The more famous they are, the more I like it. That’s it.

  • Part four my formula for celebrity entrepreneurship is to be a best selling author.

I’ve already dropped some of my best selling book titles on you guys.

Speaking Game entrepreneur events

  • The fifth part is to be an award winner – Win Awards!

I told you right in the beginning, I was Dan Kennedy’s ‘Info Marketer of The Year,’ and you, as an entrepreneur, need to figure out how you can win awards too.

Steve: That’s amazing…

  1. TV
  2. Speaker
  3. Celebrity Attachment
  4. Best Selling Author
  5. Award Winner

Clint: Ideally you want to win an Academy Award, but if you don’t have an Academy Award, then you’ve got to win something else.

You won a Two Comma Club X award, you won a Two Comma Club award – whatever you can get!

The better it is, the better it’s going to be…

Entrepreneur events awards

You put all those steps together and you’ve radically transformed your positioning in the eyes of your customers and prospects.

Ultimately you want to accomplish each of those things.

Entrepreneur motivation awards

Steve: That is insanely valuable. I hope everyone’s enjoying that. I can’t put it off anymore…

Where are you standing… and why are we talking about it right now?

I can’t even hold it back…


Clint: Right now I’m in the lobby at Carnegie Hall in New York City.

Steve: Oh!

Clint: Yeah! And the reason why I’m in the lobby of Carnegie Hall in New York City is that I just finished my meeting with the production manager, the stage manager, the person who did all the contracts for my first of its kind entrepreneurial conference at Carnegie Hall.

They’ve never had an event like this before…

“It’s so unique, Clint. We’ve never had anything like this, Clint. We’re so excited. We can’t wait to sit in on and see some of the people that are going to be … You’re really going to have Martha Stewart at your conference?”

Yes. I’m really having Martha Stewart at this conference.

Martha Stewart entrepreneur events

“You’re really going to have Coco and Ice-T?”

Yes. Ice-T and Coco are really going to be there.

Ice-T entrepreneur events

“You’re really going to have Scorpion – the guy who produced five seasons of the TV show Scorpion for CBS? My dad loves Scorpion.”

Steve: That’s a good show.

Clint: That’s what the lady said.

I’m like, “Yeah, Scorpion himself. You’re going to be able to pick the brain of the smartest man on earth. Imagine what you’re going to find in there.”

Albert Einstein previously spoke at Carnegie Hall. His IQ was 160. Scorpion’s IQ is 197.

Scorpion entrepreneur events

Steve: Holy Cow!

Clint: …and who else is going to be speaking there?

Dan Kennedy will be speaking at this conference.

Dan Kennedy entrepreneur events

Michael Gerber, the author of The E-Myth, number one New York Times best-selling book for years and years and years

Michael Gerber entrepreneur events

….he’s changed so many entrepreneurs’ lives.

Michael will be doing multiple days of speaking at this event, including the hot seats on the stage.

Amazing. Who else?

Jerry from Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, the founder.

Ben and Jerry's entrepreneur events

So look at this…

You’ve got Martha Stewart who turned herself into a household name…

Then you’ve got a guy who turned cream and sugar into a household product. Right?

Steve: Yeah.

Clint: Who else is going to be here?

Oh, Hal Elrod, ‘Miracle Morning’. Are you familiar with that book?

Steve: Very. Yep. Got that and the journal right here.

Clint: Right? Self-publishing phenomenon. By the way, he’s one of my students.

Steve: Oh, cool.

Clint: He couldn’t afford to come to my Celebrity Launch Pad TV Publicity Transformation Event.

He registered, and then he calls me the next day and goes, “Clint, I’m really sorry. I talked it over with Ursula and we really just can’t afford it.”

I’m like, “Wrong. I’m going to make it possible for you to do it. We’re going to come up with a payment plan and you are coming on Celebrity Launch Pad.

Hal Elrod entrepreneur events

He booked himself on 13 shows

I have the video of him, and he’s like, “Any time I’m being considered for a speaking gig, I send them my TV appearances for them to evaluate me because it separates me so much from everybody else who’s trying to get those same speaking gigs.”

Anyway, he’s one of my students and he will be speaking there.

Who else is going to be speaking there?

Princess Marianne Parker, another one of my students.

Princess Marianne Parker entrepreneur events

She transformed herself from a Bulgarian peasant to the princess of etiquette.

She’s going to tell you how etiquette saved her life and made her wealthy.

And who else is going to be speaking there?

This guy named Steve.

Steve Larsen entrepreneur events


I heard he had big eyes and he’s probably gonna yell a lot. He’s gonna drop a few ‘BOOMS!’ in the Carnegie Hall.


Clint: This event is called The Living Legends of Entrepreneurial Marketing.

This man, Steve, built 500+ funnels for Russell Brunson and ClickFunnels. How freaking legendary is that? Unbelievable.

I’m really excited to have you join us on the main stage for two sessions of dropping booms all over Carnegie Hall.

I’m really excited to share you with my audience because you’re such an amazing speaker man.

Steve Larsen entrepreneur motivation

Dude, you are an amazing speaker. I love you and I’m excited to share you with all of my friends who are going to be coming to this event.


There are only 600 tickets total for this event.

Steve: Holy smokes.

Entrepreneur events tickets

Clint: Super special. Super special event. Tickets are available and people should be getting their tickets as soon as they can.

Steve: That’s awesome. Hey, so what are the dates so people know?

Clint: September 26th/ 27th/ 28th in New York City at Carnegie Hall. Yeah, the one, the only Carnegie Hall. That’s right.

Steve: The actual Carnegie Hall.

Entrepreneur events

Clint: Yeah, the actual one!

You know who’s spoken in here besides Albert Einstein? This is the coolest.

In 1906, Mark Twain gave his last lecture at Carnegie Hall.

I’ve asked Dan Kennedy to come and give his last lecture.

I said, “Dan, if you were going to die and you knew you were going to die and your kid came to you and said, ‘Dad, what should I do to thrive as an entrepreneur?’ that’s what I want you to share with the audience.”

That’s what Michael Gerber is going to share.

That’s what Martha Stewart’s going to share, Ice-T, Coco, Scorpion, everybody. You too.

What is the magic sauce to thrive as an entrepreneur?

How to be a successful entrepreneur

I’m so excited to hear what everybody has to say.

Steve: Yeah. I just, I can’t even tell you how stoked I am.

When you asked … I was trying to … “Oh, yeah, no, I’ll be there, Clint. Yeah. Let me check. Yeah, no, I can be there.”

Then I hung up and I just started yelling.

I’m so excited, man.

Thank you so much. Very excited for it.

And you guys, you can go to and it will take you over to the tickets – so you guys can go get booked up.

Only 600 tickets, guys. That is NOT many. Go get one – especially for all those names.

Clint: There’s not 600 left… I’ve already been selling tickets.

Steve: Oh, really?

Clint: A lot of the VIP and Elite Tickets are already taken.

There are different levels…

There’s general admission – if you just want to come and you’re scraping it together to make it.

Step up and show up for this thing – it will change your life. Going to events really does change you.

Steve: Yeah, it does.

Clint: You told the story of going to your first Russell Brunson’s ClickFunnels Live and how that changed your whole freaking life.

Steve: Yeah, everything.

Clint: Well, that’s what’s going to happen here. Where was that ClickFunnels live? Somewhere in Orlando?

Steve: Yeah. San Diego, actually. Yeah. Yeah. It’s far.

Clint: San Diego. Dude…

This event is at Carnegie Hall with Martha Stewart, Dan Kennedy, Michael Gerber, you and Scorpion, the smartest man in the world.

You see, what people don’t understand is that the venue changes the event.

Entrepreneur events venue

You can have the same performers, one of them performing, one time performing here and the next time performing at some arena someplace.

You’re going to get a much more intense performance at Carnegie Hall because the venue brings out the power from the performer.

The performers rise up to the venue.

You know who else has spoken in Carnegie Hall?

Aside from Albert Einstein and Mark Twain, we had…

  • Franklin Delano Roosevelt
  • Elenor Roosevelt
  • Teddy Roosevelt
  • Martin Luther King
  • Ernest Hemingway
  • Groucho Marx
  • Andy Kaufman
  • Jerry Seinfeld
  • The Beatles
  • Frank Sinatra
  • Liza Minnelli

If you have been a living legend, you’ve performed at this venue.

Entrepreneur events legends

…and that’s why I selected it. That’s why I’m paying the big money to get it.

That’s why I’m paying the big money to have all these incredible names come and share their last lectures with my audience to change entrepreneurs’ lives and their vision of what’s possible in the future.

New York entrepreneur events

Steve: Man. I’m not going to stop press and record. This is so awesome. Holy smokes!

I’m so psyched about it.

So September 26th through 28th. Literally Carnegie Hall! Obviously, New York City. 600 people.

Go to and it’ll take you right over there.

Anyways, Clint, thank you so much for being on here. I really appreciate you being on. I can’t even explain what kind of an honor this is.

Clint: I’m so excited to be doing this. I have a testimony on my website from Peng Joon, because he came and spoke at one of my events at NASDAQ, and he said:

“Clint specializes in creating experiences.”

Entrepreneur events experience

That’s really what I do… and that’s what I’ve created here:

The experience of this unique first time ever entrepreneurial conference in this venue is going to be historical, life-changing, and career changing, and you don’t want to miss it

I’m looking forward to sharing it with you, all of your friends and your audience; September 26th, 27th, and 28th. Thanks, Steve.

Steve: Oh, sir, thank you so much. Appreciate it. We will see you there.



So several years ago, I walked by a stage in a basketball stadium.

It was my college campus and I was deeply concerned with what I wanted to do in my life.

For some reason, I looked at the stage and thought, “Huh, one day I wanna be on stage. I wanna be an entrepreneur and I wanna buy and sell companies.”

Steve Larsen live entrepreneur events

Well, while the last one hasn’t happened … yet, Muahaha… stage and entrepreneurship have.

And as my business has grown and my message has spread, a frequent question I’m asked is, “Steve, what stage will you be on next?”

Now I totally get that this feels, maybe, a little conceited here…

But considering my childhood fear of speaking up, being heard, extreme lack of self-confidence, and getting in front of people, back in my growing up days, I feel satisfied.

I thought I’d tell you where I’ll be in the world coming up.

And funny enough, just literally go over to, and it’ll forward you to the next place.

I love stage and it’s one of my biggest things to look forward to in my current role in my business.

See Steve Live entrepreneur events

From little 10 person masterminds all the way to gigantic 5000 person events – from free seats to paid events – events have always been one of the ways I can deliver the MOST value and get the greatest “AHA’s” in the shortest amount of time.

Just come say hi, and go over to

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