SFR 247: Acts Of Marketing – Stephen Larsen

SFR 247: Acts Of Marketing

May 31st, 2019 anchorwave

You walk into a group of people (your dream market)… what do you say and do to get their attention?


Product launch warning

Before you read any further, I wanna drop a truth nuke…

Reading this article could either be the best thing you do all day… or a MASSIVE distraction.


So before you continue, I want you to answer these quick questions, (and here they are):

  1. Have you studied Market Selection?
  2. Do you have a Product?

Once you have a product, these are some of the Acts of Marketing that you can use to create a ton of noise when you launch.

I’ve been at this game for six years now, and hindsight’s 20/20… so looking back, if I give one piece of advice, it would be:

Stop obsessing over:

  • Funnel types – until you have a product
  • Offer Creation Methods – until you’ve chosen a market
  • Your Dream 100 List – until you know who your dream customer is
  • What to build – until you know who to sell.

Last episode, I talked to you guys about how to select a market, and it’s super powerful – I believe it’s where EVERYONE should start when they’re trying to decide what to sell…

Choosing a marketing strategy

The big issue that I ran into in college was I was that I knew a lot of strategy… but I didn’t have a product…


Broke product launch

So if you’re studying Acts of Marketing without a product…

Stop getting distracted with campaign styles of marketing. If you don’t have a product yet, don’t worry about this crap.

This is powerful stuff, but you don’t have to know EVERYTHING at once.


Product launch cashflow

First of all, you need to learn:

  1. Market Selection/ Market Design, i.e., How to choose your market…
  2. Start selling before you create the product (which is totally possible).

I made six figures before my product was even done – which is super powerful. Events are the same way. The next OfferMind event hasn’t happened yet, but we’ve already cash flowed a lot on that thing.

OfferMind marketing strategy

You can study market selection without a product, but studying acts of marketing is a distraction.


  • Study product creation.
  • Study The Seed Launch from Jeff Walker.

It’s a great way to get a product out there that you don’t even have built yet to get paid for…

There’s no bait and switch, your customer knows that the product isn’t created yet.

What I’m trying to help you understand is…

Acts of Marketing are very different from Market Selection

I believe acts of marketing are the second thing that you need to study. Too many people get distracted by the acts of marketing…

…and I’m teaching Acts of Marketing today.

Steve Larsen how to market your business

I’m gonna teach you how to get your product out there.

So if you don’t have a product yet, I’d figure out how to choose your market first.


The BIG QUESTION that I’m trying to answer at the moment is:

How do I sell more OfferMind tickets?

How to market your business like OfferMind

… that’s the thing that I’m trying to figure out right now, and I’m not quite sure on the answer yet; I’ve got a few places I can take it…

So in this instance, I’m NOT talking about Market Selection, I’m talking about Acts of Marketing… and I’m specifically talking about Launch Campaigns.

There are launch campaigns, and there are evergreen campaigns.

A launch campaign leads to a single day/ event/ time, where all the pressure is released in ONE go.

A launch campaign introduces a product to the market in much the same way Hollywood does with a movie.

(I’ll cover evergreen campaigns in another blog)

But for now, let’s take the Avengers: Endgame…

Avengers product launch

  • There was a lot of pressure and a lot of build up.
  • There were even whole movies ahead of time setting it up.

On the radio, I heard that Endgame is the fastest movie ever to gross $1 billion, or at least they’re on track to be. That’s nuts!

That’s the fruits of a launch campaign…

Most of the time, people don’t design a launch campaignwhich is why they don’t ever have this BIG injection of cash.

That’s why I did the OfferMind MasterClass two weeks ago, (I needed a week to recover – it was full-on)…

Masterclass product launch

The MasterClass was what we call a Seven-Day Launch and you can read about what we did here.

The seven-day launch is designed for a MASSIVE injection of cash…

And *SPOILER ALERT*that’s what happened. We had a six-figure weekend. BOOM! A huge amount of cash came in…


So we’ve just had a BIG injection of cash…

Now, let me ask you a question:

Q: What would be the wrong way to use that money?

Product launch money

A: The mistake would be for me to take that cash as profit…


That cash is held in reserve to

  1. Fuel the OfferMind Event.
  2. Fuel Evergreen Campaigns.

Events are expensive, the way I like to do ‘em .

Last year’s OfferMind cost me $80 grand – this one’s gonna cost waaay more.

How to market your business

Anyway, back to launches…

If someone says to me, “but I don’t have money for ads.” My reply is, “Cool, don’t do ads.”

Ads are an evergreen campaign type strategy.

*This applies to any kind of ad*

Ads, in general, come under the evergreen category.

So, instead, what you have to do is create a Launch Campaign.

The book Launch by Jeff Walker teaches you about Launch Campaigns, (the name kinda says it all ;-))

The benefit of a Launch Campaign is that you learn how to get a lot of cash.

Marketing strategy benefits

The con is that it teaches you nothing about how to actually build the rest of the business or an evergreen campaign.

I’ve already done the seven day launch (and it was very successful. Almost all of the OfferMind VIP places have already gone)… so now I trying to decide what to do next to sell MORE tickets…


I documented my journey from leaving ClickFunnels to my first million – that happened fairly relatively quickly…

So now what I’m doing is documenting my journey to the creation and the development of OfferMind.

You’re not going to learn the content, but I’m going to teach you how I’m designing the actual event and getting people to it – which is one of the most stressful things about launching events.

Here are my options of what to do next:

  • Turn on ads for OfferMind
  • Do OfferSummit
  • Launch
  • Redo the OFA sign up page
  • Launch a new bonus
  • The One Funnel Away Stories Podcast
  • Plan a My Content Machine Event
  • A Secret Project with ClickFunnels

What to do after a product launch

(If you want to watch me go through all this with a whiteboard you can watch on YouTube)

Let’s break this down…


The asset of the internet is your list, so I need to develop a bigger list to pitch OfferMind to.

If you’re on my list, and you’re NOT coming to OfferMind, it’s confusing to me. I’m not throwing rocks at anybody, but…

Product launch OfferMind


But understand, that there are some people who didn’t buy OfferMind and they’re like, “No, I’m never going buy, I’m only going to take your free stuff, Steven.”

…and there are people like that.

So I can either work my freakin’ hardest to try to expand my messaging, to try and convert that person…

How to market your business well

*Bleurgh… I HATE that*

…Or I could just expand my list.

That sounds way better to me.

So I could do an Offer Summit, get a huge list, and then promote it to that list.

I wanna interview freakin’ Bill Glazer.

I really want to interview massive guys, All the yesteryears’ gurus – I want them.

I’d love to get them to write a chapter. Who did that? Russell Brunson, in the 30-Days Book. I want to do that.

That’s going to take some time to coordinate!


Product launch swag

I’m gonna build for the purpose of promoting OfferMind.

One of the reasons I haven’t done Capitalism Swag yet is because I was like, “What does it lead to?”

I could just sell shirts, but what does it lead to from a marketing standpoint?

So I needed something built in the middle before that.

So Capitalism Swag is another launch campaign that’ll lead to OfferMind.

I’m NOT gonna have the shirts available forever.

  1. It takes time to print and ship the T-shirts.
  2. The only I’ve seen swag be successful is it’s treated like a launch rather than an evergreen activity.

I’m not in the shirt business, so each time I release a shirt, they’re only going to be available for three days.

Limited time product launch

But there’ll also be an evergreen aspect to it because I thought it’d be cool to be an exclusive shirt of the month – that I’m never going to print again.

The Capitalist Pig Shirt, I’ll probably leave that up forever because it’s freakin’ awesome – it ruffles a lot of feathers, and I love that.

It pisses off liberals, which just makes my heart sing and I sleep better at night.

Marketing strategy swag

So it’s kind of both types of launches, but really, I’m going to use it to promote OfferMind.


I want to go redo the OFA sign up page in its entirety. I want it to be awesome. Does it need to be awesome in order to sell? No!

That thing’s already made $110,000 just in hundred dollar sign-ups. That’s insane!

That single, ‘not very design-esque, built it in a hotel room before I got on a 2CCX cruise ship’ page…

One Funnel Away marketing strategy

… that’s the power of a bridge page. The power of creating an offer on top of somebody else’s. It’s crazy.

I also want to redo the network marketing one that Russell just launched. That would be cool. I would love to create my own offer around it.

I think I know what it’s going to be. Super sexy… “When you buy through my link, you get all these sick bonuses!”

So the actual marketing network bridge page, that’d be a cool one to go launch.


I’m also thinking about launching with a cool bonus offer…

ClickFunnels marketing strategy

How cool would it be if you get a trial of ClickFunnels through me and it came with a freakin’ sick offer.

A specific training on how I use Actionetics MD.

There’s not a lot of training out there on it.

What if I was the guy that did that, but you got it as a bonus by getting ClickFunnels through me? That’s awesome.


Oh, you know what would be a fun one from an evergreen standpoint that’d be incredibly powerful?

It’s funny because some people out there have gone out and they’re using the phrase ‘One Funnel Away Challenge’. It’s a freakin’ trademark of ClickFunnels.

How to market your business like ClickFunnels

They’re gonna have a huge issue with that.

I have written permission, as their coach, to launch a One Funnel Away Stories Podcast.

I’m gonna interview tons of people who were just one funnel away:

  • Ordinary people
  • Famous people
  • People who were living in the gutter

… all their stories and what they did to have success with ClickFunnels.

That’d be really, really awesome.

To pull the OFA podcast off is gonna take a lot of spin up.

We republish my content machine to 22 places – so we have to set all that up!


Another strategy that I’m thinking about using is to have a small one-day event where I teach you my content machine at OfferMind depth.

I didn’t start it that way….

There are two phases to content production:

  1. The crawl phase
  2. The sprint your face off phase

Product launch phases

It’d be fun to have content machine hardcore MasterMind that’s like 12 hours long where I deep dive… mixed with Q&A’s/workshop throughout.

If I were to record that and sell it afterward, but give away a ticket…

I could build an entire campaign around it…

I thought it’d be cool to create some sick, awesome bonuses. Really valuable stuff that I see that everyone needs that no one really makes.

Why don’t I just go make that stuff, but then give it away as a bonus?

Like, “Hey, Yeah, that’s just like a taste of what OfferMind is. Why don’t you come get an OfferMind ticket? Here’s a little discount as a thank you.”


Ads aren’t a campaign. They’re part of a campaign, but they’re NOT a campaign.

As a marketing society, we’re losing the term ‘campaign.’

The 7-Day Launch brought in the money for the OfferMind ads – so we can turn those on now. I just need to do a few meetings with my ads team.

I’m just trying to figure out the order of what to launch?

Insane product launch

May was an insane month for me.

I spoke at an event literally every week the entire month of May, and one of was my own event OfferLab.

I wrote about OfferLab a few weeks ago – I’m NOT just pitching you. I’m telling you how I crafted an event like OfferLab – so it’s pretty cool.


Product launch acts of marketing

I’ve been through market selection and now, this is Acts of Marketing.

I could go create a webinar just for OfferMind – that’s an act of marketing.

It would start as a launch campaign, but I could turn it evergreen if I wanted to.

I have friends who sell out their entire events with just webinars…

Product launch webinars

If you’re thinking, “But it’s not an info product,Steve?” Yeah, I know. That’s why we say you can use webinars to sell ANYTHING.

It’s less about the kind of product, than it is, what kind of campaign you’re trying to create in order to launch your product.


So what should I launch next in order to answer the BIG QUESTION:

How do I sell more OfferMInd Tickets?

Bigger product launch

I think the sickest I could create right now, (which would take some coordination) would be OfferSummit.

My Funnel Team would need to create the pages and all the stuff.

So my thought is to get my team started on that… because that actually needs to happen quite soon…

I want a lot done before I approach big people that I want to speak on it – so they can see it’s not a joke.

It’ll be a massive list building thing.

That’s a lot to do, but I think we can do it.

OfferMind’s in September, so in order for me to promote, I need to do the summit in July.

My brain works like a Gantt chart sometimes. (If you don’t know what that is, go look up.)

Gantt chart product launch

There are a few assets my team needs to finish building the platforms for the OFA podcast just so that they’re in flow and motion – which means capitalism swag will probably come before that.


Someone is said to me, “Steve, why don’t you just focus?” I am, dang it. What are you talking about’ just focus?’

I’m gonna:

  1. Build an offer
  2. Grow up my list
  3. Pitch a bunch of people on OfferMind

Product launch focus

That’s how you skip the freakin’ j-curve.

This is where my area of genius is, (I feel weird saying that)…

Product launch genius

My contribution to the marketing community is Market selection/ Design mixed with Offer Creation.

I don’t even know how to create offers without all the stuff that I’m teaching right now.

Unless you’re already actively in business and selling, it’s very frivolous in my opinion, to waste your time studying Acts of Marketing – you gotta start at market selection.

Little more homework up front, far more security on the launch.

Waaay easier to win.

No one ever talked to me about that, and after a while, I realized that I was stuck on tactics, not strategy.

When I understand some of the strategy pieces behind it…

This is far more malleable than I think people realize.


There’s a book I have… the first half of it was really good. The second half started talking about the business has a soul and respect the soul of the business.

And what is the soul of the company telling you?

I was like, “This is garbage.”

Product launch garbage

A business is a system that generates a lead and fulfills on it.

That’s all a business is. It’s NOT fluffy junk. It’s something that’s designable. It’s NOT all art.

I definitely have some of my art and my flair on top of it. I believe some of it’s my personality, (which is a little bit forward).


A lot of business is designable, that’s the science of it.

Just understand that as you’re doing this…

So to the person who keeps asking me, “How do you give all this away on your podcast and still have things to sell?”

First of all, this has nothing to do with how things are sold. I used to have that same fear as well.

Second of all, we’re just scratching the iceberg, baby. Scratching the very tip of it. There’s so much more I do that I don’t think people know about.

Anyway, go to, and get a ticket. I’d love you to be there.

All right… see you later

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