SFR 244: Offer Or Die – Stephen Larsen

SFR 244: Offer Or Die

May 21st, 2019 anchorwave

I’m going to show you a deep look into the top of my Value Ladder and the offer we’re selling there (and why)…

We’re in a marketing economy where customer success equals the future of our companies.

… so if you can’t get success for those who buy from you… you’re gonna die.

Offer creation value ladder

So one of the questions I ask myself is:

How can I get faster results for those who purchase from me?

My answer is LIVE EVENTS… but not any ole live event – I’m talkin’ something SPECIAL…

In two days from the publication of this article, I’m gonna be running my first high-ticket event, OfferLab

And I thought I’d tell you what it is… and why I know that it’s gonna get AMAZING results for people.

First, let me tell you why I LOVE live events sooo much!


Offer creation event magnet

There’s something to good Live events that makes them extraordinary

If somebody’s willing to schedule a time to come to a live event…


  • Get the babysitter
  • Take off work or their own business
  • Organize the flight and the hotel room
  • Take the time to show up

….that’s NOT the same kind of individual as someone who wants to download a member’s area, and just consume content in their basement.

Offer creation person

You know what I’m saying?

It’s just NOT the same kind of person.

The more workshop style events are the ones that I appreciate going to the most.

I don’t just want to be spoken at…

OfferMind offer creation

Even OfferMind is not just a ‘let’s just listen to Stephen speak for three days event,’ I hate that.

  • I’m there to network… but it’s NOT why I go.
  • I’m there to learn… but I’m NOT there to be spoken at.

I really wanna do things at events that are hard to pull off on my own or that would take me a huge amount of time or money to learn on my own.

I think this workshop-style approach was part of the reason why FHAT was so successful back in the day.


The FHAT events were small groups of 60-ish people.

It was an expensive room – people would pay 15 to 30 grand for three days.

First, Russell ran the event… and then eventually, I had the privilege and the honor of running it for him.

So people would work with me during the day and then Russell would do spot training in the evening.

FHAT offer creation

It was a really powerful event.

Eventually, I began to notice this weird phenomenon, ( I didn’t expect this at all), but without fail, the fastest success stories ALWAYS came from people in the FHAT event.

I’m sure there were anomalies, but that was the general pattern.

That was a powerful lesson for me because I started realizing ‘the role of the event.’

A lot of people were already successful… or they were brand new and serious…

But I think one of the reasons why the FHAT success rate was so high had less to do with whether someone was already successful… and MORE to do with *INTENT*

It was the reason why they showed up in the room.

FHAT product offering

The FHAT Event was fast, furious and very focused… it was a workshop style three straight days… and by the end, people had tangible results:

  • “Sweet, I got my sales message.”
  • “Awesome, I got my offer.”
  • “Cool, here’s my funnel.”

And for what we didn’t get done there was a ton of easy pre-built things for them to use…
We specifically focused on all the things that are very hard to do on your own.


The FHAT event doesn’t run anymore… and here’s been this hole in my heart ever since.

FHAT target market

I can’t bring the FHAT event back because it’s NOT my event (it’s a ClickFunnels/ Russell Brunson event), but I’ve always wanted to have a similar event of my own…

But I wanted to bring it back in a very different way…

Different offer creation

I’m talkin’ Larsen style 2.0.


OfferLab is happening on May 23rd, 24th, and 25th – it’s something I’m only doing twice a year – so far, I don’t see a reason to do it more than that.

At its core, OfferLab is a workshop event.

Now, I know that’s nothing new… but stay with me 😉


After the first Funnel Hackathon event, Russell and I realized that people needed to go through a whole bunch of stuff before they showed up to the event…

Otherwise, we just ended up re-teaching all the stuff that was in the member’s area.

I don’t want to do that.

OfferLab offer creation

Why would you come to an event where I’m just gonna teach you the same stuff that you had inside of a members area?


Day #1 is a recap and a spot-check – people already gone through an in-depth 90-page workbook.

The last thing anyone needs is MORE content – so the workbook is focused teachings with specific outputs that build upon each other.

Offer creation work book

I want to check that people know:

  • Who they’re selling to
  • What they’re selling
  • The core problem they solve
  • Their core offer

It’s a lot of the foundation pieces that most people skip when they’re doing any kind of offer creation.

I’m finding that I can’t teach offer creation without going into market selection.

I don’t know how it works otherwise? I don’t know how to do it without that key piece.

The first thing I need to go through is market selection.

Before I even think about:

  • An Offer
  • A Sales Message
  • The Funnel
  • How to launch

… ahead of time, I need to know the market selection and positioning.

It’s a much broader, high level, 30,000 view that massively affects the kind of

I need to know all that other stuff, but it comes after I discover market selection and positioning.

So Day #1 is about; it’s market selection, and we go through what the core problem is…

Offer creation core problem

It’s aggressive… and we go late into the night, but at the end of Day #1, everyone is gonna be very clear on:

  • What market they serve
  • The red ocean they’re coming out of
  • Their blue ocean and the scaffolding to build it
  • The core problem that they solve (most people can’t even name the problem they’re solving in their business. Baffling, right?)
  • The core offer and how to build it and likely it will be built.

But it gets EVEN Cooler!

Cool offer creation


I started thinking, “Okay, but a lot of people run events like that…

“I’m Steve Larsen, baby! How can I make this different to what everyone else does?”

So we did a little brainstorming session…

Offer creation brainstorming

I started to think about where people got stuck at the FHAT event…

We’d help people to:

  • Build their webinar slides – which was so cool. I mean, it was so unique.
  • Give ’em things for the funnel
  • Put together their offer
  • Think through a lot of their positioning inside of the market.


One of the things I noticed that people struggled with after they had those things – was when the rubber meets the road at the launch…

At that point, most people can’t just push that baby outta the door…

Offer creation launch

… which leads me to Day #2!


Day #2 is all about Lucrative Launch Campaigns…

I’m specifically focusing on the most lucrative styles of launch campaigns that I see over and over again, regardless of what they sell/ industry/ product/ price point/ online/ or offline…

What are the launches that pretty much always GUARANTEE a win?

I love Jeff Walker, he has ‘Launch’… but that’s teaching one specific style of launch.

The book Ask by Ryan Levesque, (love the book), that’s really one style of launch too.

Those are great ways to launch, but there are lots of other ways too.

Product offering launch

I just used a bunch of different launches myself…

So on Day #2, I’m gonna teach launch strategies – ‘now that you know the core of your business, who gives a crap unless you can cash flow on it.’

Cash isn’t king, cash flow is king.

So taking the core offer that they’ve built – what’s the quickest way to cash? That’s all I care about now!

Product offering cash

Now it’s time to make money.

Right now, of the 30-ish people coming to OfferLab – about half are new and about half have an existing business.

OfferLab product offering

That’s the beauty of what I’ve chosen to teach…

It’s NOT just for somebody who is a killer with an existing business – it’s for EVERYONE.


There are two different types of campaigns…

  • The Launch Campaign
  • The Evergreen Campaign

Most people run straight to the Evergreen Campaign and just turn on Facebook ads.

Evergreen offer creation

There’s nothing wrong with that, however, you stumble over a ton of cash if you skip the Launch Campaignthey’re very different creatures.

So on Day #2, we cover…

  1. Here’s how to have a lucrative launch campaign
  2. Easy ways to turn on Evergreen-style campaigns.



The thing I’m most excited about on Day #2 is the insane deep dive on my content machine.

Content machine offer creation

… there’s a lot to it.

There’s far more to my content machine than, ‘let’s just repurpose this stuff and publish it all over the place.’

If you guys really watch what I’m doing with content…(it makes me sound conceited)… it’s freakin’ cool.

I’m gonna go into insane depths about my content machine and actually help people to create their own…

I understand that a lot of people are gonna be scared to publish. I get it I was too.

Steve Larsen offer creation

I know a lot of people are gonna be scared to repurpose… I get it.

I know a lot of ’em are gonna be like, “…but Stephen, you’re spending 20 grand a month on your content machine. Do I have to do that?”


We can help everyone implement – no matter where they are…

Now, this is as far as I thought through when I first started selling this program, but I was like, ‘…it lacks a certain pizzazz.’


I think one of the best things anyone can do with their offer is to play devil’s advocate.

Devils advocate offer creation

It’s time to look at your business and ask:

  • “Why does my business suck?”
  • “What are the things that can be improved?”

I never look at my business like it’s perfect – there’s always something wrong with the baby, right?

I look in my business and ask:

  • What’s not good?
  • Why would I NOT buy my own thing?
  • What’s lacking sexiness?”

That’s one of my secret weapons.

I Red Team/ Blue Team my stuff all the time – I didn’t realize that’s what it was called until I heard Tim Ferriss say that in an interview once.

In the army, we’d call it War-Gaming – one side attacks while the other defends.

You go as hard as you can at each other…

Offer creation war

It’s interesting what you learn when you Red team/ Blue team your stuff –

There’s a similar scenario that comes from the coding world as well:

  • I’m gonna try to hack your stuff
  • I’m gonna try and defend it

…who wins?


One of my favorite things is to put headphones on and listen to a playlist I have called Insight Music – I just walk around thinking…

I like to brainstorm; there’s not necessarily a topic. It’s one of my favorite things on the entire planet to do.

Brainstorm product offering

I can’t wait until I have more business structures built inside of my company so I’m doing that all the time. That’s where my zone of genius comes out.

Anyway, I did that for OfferLab – I was like, “What else could we do?”

… and then it came to me!

The thing I hate about most events is that when they’re finished I can’t say, ‘This is what the event helped me to create.’

A lot of times, I don’t know what the outcomes from me having gone to the event are?

That was my biggest fear with OfferMind.

OfferMind target market

I believe that one of the reasons why OfferMind has been so successful already was because I focused on what you’d be equipped with when you leave.

I want you to be able to say:

  • “This is what happened.”
  • “This is what I’ve done.”
  • “This is why things are different.”
  • “The common denominator just changed.”
  • “Things actually upgraded.”
  • All ships rose because I went to that event.”

… and I definitely want that for OfferLab too.

So I was thinking about how to create an event that people walk away from saying:

“This is what I did. This is why it was all worth it?”

Offer creation day 3

So what we decided to add Day #3…


It was ALWAYS frustrating to me whenever I’d see some successful guru something achieving. I’d be like, “Well, of course, they can do that, they have…

  • A List
  • A video person that’s awesome.
  • Thousands of dollars to spend on awesome headshots.

I felt so outclassed. I couldn’t function, I couldn’t perform or compete in this space…

Offer creation false beliefs

It was a false belief, but it was my belief.

…and maybe you’ve been there?

If you’re like, “Well, I can’t compete because it’s Steve Larsen.”

Man, I wasn’t Steve Larsen until two and a half years ago.

Steve Larsen target market

… so I get it!

So what could I do? How could I arm people to overcome that limitation?

If the whole goal of OfferLab is to increase the value of one’s core offer or help build a core offer – what can I give them inside of their core offer that’ll be a massive, huge accelerant?

  • Does the sale depend on a logo? No, but what if I helped them get one?
  • Does the sale depend on professional headshots? Absolutely not, but what if I was to help them get that?
  • It’s cool to have the nice splash graphic, even though it’s NOT why they buy – it does help.

So I’ve been listing a bunch of cool assets

… they are NOT the reason the sale happens but they are still assets.

It’s still nice to have a cool logo – even though it’s not what cause the sale.

So there are all these assets that I felt outclassed because I didn’t have; what if day three was asset day?

So that’s what we’re doing…


Offer creation asset day

I went through all the people who do my…

  • Headshots
  • Videos
  • Logos
  • Motion graphics
  • Images
  • A lot of design styled stuff

… all the stuff that makes this Core Offer come alive.

We’re putting everyone into a limo, (I can’t remember what kind it is, but it’s BIG) and driving them to see all these people.

Product offering

I grew up in Denver, Colorado; I would never have guessed that Boise, Idaho has this much tech… but it really does.

ClickBank is here… is here… ClickFunnels, obviously – it’s a very entrepreneurial space.

I’m not gonna lie, I was like, “Boise, Idaho? I had potatoes yesterday.”

I had no idea…

A lot of the times I’d be watching Russell create assets and before that, I didn’t even know that I should think about having someone to do that for me…

It’s been cool is to list out all the assets that I see most new entrepreneurs or existing entrepreneurs want.

And even though it’s NOT the thing that makes the sale – a lot of times it’s what gives the new one’s confidence.

Product offering confidence

So for the first half of the day, I’m actually gonna take people to…

  • Get their headshot
  • Tell their origin story on a beautiful camera
  • Get their logo done
  • Have a splash graphic done

… all the assets that really help the core offer.

It’s less about making it sell, (I didn’t have any of that crap beforehand), and more about confidence for the entrepreneur, whether they’re new or existing.


Then I was like, “Okay, how can we make it even sexier? One more step of awesome.”

When I was studying to become an officer in the army, a very common style of training was the round robin.

Offer creation and army training

Station #1: you’re gonna learn grenade throwing.

Station #2: you’re gonna practice buddy-bounding, (one guy shoots, you run forward, and then you shoot to keep him forward).

Station #3: you’re gonna focus on how to call for Medivac.

They’re only 15-20 minutes stations, but in two or three hours, you get this baptism in each one skill set.

Then the next week, you did the same thing until you got better and better.

I was like, what if we did something similar?

So I invited my entire Content Team to come and round-robin for 15-minute fast spot-check coaching session – it’s like speed dating.

Offer creation content team

That’s a freakin’ massive deal!

They will look at your content and say, “This is the reason why your Instagram isn’t growing.” BOOM!

…then you get back up and you go to the next person and they look at your ad account or at your platform…

“Hey, this is the obvious sore thumb – just change that.”

How sick would that be!


Offer creation hero

Then I thought…

“What if I had my hero team come in?”

So you have NOT just the content team, but the actual people who help me set up other aspects of the business.

The people who…

  • Spot-check systems in my business
  • Run my finances

When I first started in this game I felt like “I’m not gonna make it. I don’t know who the best of the best is?”

That was my thing.

I was moving forward, but my biggest hang up the majority of the time was, “I don’t have money but I have time, dude. What am I supposed to do? I don’t know who to ask?”

Anyways, how cool would it be to have my…

  • Facebook ads person
  • Business systems person
  • Financial people

They do all that stuff for me… ’cause they love it, and I don’t! That’s great, right!

So now there’s a round robin with my content machine and my hero team as well.

It just keeps going….. it’s freakin’ awesome!


OfferLab target market

Here’s how I set stuff out for OfferLab…

  • You need all the stuff on Day #1 and Day #2
  • You don’t need a Day #3 without #1 and #2.
  • You especially don’t need a Day #2 or #3 without Day #1.

Day #1 is where you figure out…

  • What the heck you’re selling?
  • Who you’re selling it to?
  • Why they want it?
  • The core offer that you’re doing…
  • The core of your entire business…

Don’t even worry about anything else in your value ladder until you’ve got that – until it’s proven – until people are buying it CONSISTENTLY.

You’re not the business… you’re not the funnel.


Steve Larsen OfferLab

Then you go onto Day #2 – which is very much bringing it to market.

  • How do you actually get cash?
  • How does it sustain those Evergreen models?

Really what keeps a blue ocean and a new product alive is content – so if you’re not publishing, no wonder you’re dumping so much money into ads!

You gotta publish.

So I’m gonna go deep into that and help them actually design a content machine, both starter and eventually the one you’re going to grow into.

OfferLab event

Finally, Day #3 is Asset Day:

Let’s get all the assets together to help make that core offer alive so it can live and breath.

You want people to see it and be, “Oh my gosh!”

I don’t care what you’re selling, you still need a lot of the same things regardless of what you’re selling.

On top of that, spot-check coaching from the who’s who inside my personal Rolodex.

This is happening on Thursday, Friday, Saturday – there’s no room already – you need to come through the six weeks ahead of time…

That’s why I’m doing this episode.

The next one will not be for a couple of months, but honestly, if you’re brand new, that is a blessing…

It gives you a chance to go through everything.

We focus on it week by week. I’m on weekly coaching. I have other people come in looking at your funnels, looking at your offers.

I have people coming in holding your feet to the fire, “Did you get that asset done? Did you get this output figured out?”

It’s not a cheap program for me to run, but it’s highly effective… and it was after the FHAT Event that I decided, “I want my own style of that event.”

Very few things on this planet have ever got that level of results for the customer than a well thought out live event.

… and that’s why I’m doing OfferLab this way!

So, guys, I’d love to have you come to OfferLab.

Go to

It’s NOT because the guy who was selling wanted soooo much money – it was ridiculous!

I was just like, “No, I’ll just put a ‘my’ in front of it, and buy it for 12 bucks!

So go to to jump on the phone with us and we’ll look through your business and see if you’re a good fit.

It’s not a joke, it’s a real application!

Anyways, love to have you come to the next OfferLab, (which won’t be for a couple of months, but now you know), go to


I know this game can take a few tries to get the money flowing, especially the first time, right? And that can suck.

I also know from experience how frustrating it can be to know your business is just a few tweaks away from your next big payday, but you don’t know what tweaks to make.

I’ve felt completely paralyzed by that in the past, and it sucks.

I’ve been blessed to work with thousands of new and successful businesses over the last three years, and two things have really shocked me.

#1: I began noticing the pattern to success is vastly the same, but everyone’s spot on the path is obviously different.

#2: I’ve been shocked and overwhelmed by the number of people asking for my help, my systems, and funnels in their business.

Well, until now I’ve never had a system or product in my own business to help you build yours.

Now, I’m finally able to be public about all this…

If you’d like my help to build your offer or sales message funnel and even your content machine, go to


The path to online and offline success is 80 percent the same regardless of the product, price point or industry, and it works if you’re new or already a killer in business.

You can get more details on how to get my personal attention and frameworks in your own business by going to

In-person classes are limited to 60 people each, and frankly, I can only do about two of these a year. Get more details, and even jump on the phone with us for free at

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