SFR 243: CASE STUDY: 7 Day Launch – Stephen Larsen

SFR 243: CASE STUDY: 7 Day Launch

May 17th, 2019 anchorwave

I thought it’d be cool to document what is happening during our 7-day launch of OfferMind Masterclass. The good and the bad…

One of the biggest reasons I’ve noticed people don’t have success with launch campaigns is NOT because your…

  • Product isn’t amazing
  • Offer isn’t good enough
  • Sales message isn’t doing its job

…it’s literally the way that the campaign is brought to the market.

Product launch

A lotta times, your products are already good – it’s just that you don’t have a launch mechanism, and you don’t understand what a funnel really is…

…and that’s why you don’t make a lot of money.

So here’s how I’m gonna help you:

What I’m about to do next is a little bit different – it’s in 3 different sections that span 7 days

PART #1: I’m gonna walk you through a simple 7 Day Launch that I used to sell my OfferMInd tickets – I’d never seen anyone one sell tickets like this… so I thought I’d give it a go.

PART #2: Is kinda a mid launch check in to give you an update on how things are going – what’s working and what’s not!

PART #3: Reviews the campaign as a whole – how did it go, what I learned, and what I wish I done better?


You can learn a lot from Hollywood – if you watch the way that they bring movies to the market you’ll notice that the pre-sell is EVERYTHING!

How to launch a product

If the first time you ever hear about it a movie is on the day of its launch – that’s a HUGE failure!

You often see weekend box office sales hit 100 million dollarsthat wouldn’t happen if there wasn’t a lot of pressure built up ahead of time.

… and yet many marketers often have a ‘build it and they will come attitude’ and they launch their products without putting any thought into the campaign.

Launch campaign

I want to show you how to STOP leaving money on the table!


At the core, markers change people’s beliefs. However, the act of marketing, (a lot the time), revolves around creating campaigns…


RIP launch campaign


I love Frank Kern’s most recent book called Convert…

Frank says, “These are campaigns… and I believe the campaign is dying.”

… and I was like, “I DO TOO!”

(Many times, I’ve ranted about people are forgetting what campaigns are – and that they think a campaign is just a Facebook ad)

So I want to show you how we launched the OfferMind ticket funnel by creating a ton of noise, Hollywood style campaign…

Hollywood style launch campaign

My subtext is that I hope this will incentivize you like crazy to join my programs – because we actually do what I’m teaching.

I’m not just re-teaching stuff that I heard from somebody else – we’re actually actively doing this – which is very important to me.

Teaching launch campaign


The first time I ever learned this strategy was when I was working at ClickFunnels. Russell was hanging out with Brendon Burchard, and Brendon has this thing called The 7 Day Launch.

Now, this is Brendon’s thing, and you should totally go learn it from him…

I’m just gonna teach you briefly how I’m using some of the launch principles to sell tickets to OfferMind.

If you guys went to Funnel Hacking Live a couple of years ago, and you remember the documentary funnels, it’s very similar to that funnel style.

At the time of this going out, OfferMind tickets are available – so if you go to you can get tickets, but we’re expected to sell out pretty quickly.

OfferMind launch campaign

I’m psyched about it – so go to to see if there are any tickets available.

Now, back to the Hollywood launch…

I realized that if I just saying: “Hey, OfferMind Tickets are available…” is kinda an anticlimax…

Product launch anticlimax

… and I don’t want it to be that way!

You see, marketers are event throwers – whether the event is physical or not.

I’m NOT saying you have to pull out the stops and throw an OfferMind to be a marketer, that’s not what I’m saying at all…


To be a good marketer you have to be good at creating pressure, and then releasing it in a single direction.

Product launch pressure

Anyone who can do that… has A LOT of power.


Recently, I went Jeff Walker’s launch event, and I got so excited just during the first half of the first day, ’cause honestly for half of the first day, Jeff did nothing but pre-frame the entire crowd.

I didn’t know you could pre-frame that long, and frankly, it was very impressive.

The event is three days, and eventually, Jeff sells you into his Launch Con Program, and ‘cause I’m a Funnel Hacker, I bought the program to see how it works.

I love Jeff Walker – the book Launch plus DotCom Secrets is what finally helped me create success.

Product launch success

There’s a BIG lesson because I learned about funnels and launching rather than product creation.

Anyway, at Jeffs event, I took two full pages of notes of watching what he was doing… and for two-three hours, he did nothing but pre-frame.

The entire first session was just pre-framing – it was crazy nuts!

At the same time, I was thinking through different campaigns that have worked incredibly well…

I got a 2 Comma Club Award for a project I did for Russell using the 7 Day Launch campaign…

Product launch 2 comma club award

(It was for the first Two Comma Club Coaching Program where I helped organized Russell’s stuff a little bit.)

… so I was like, “Why don’t we ‘launch’ OfferMind tickets using the same funnel!”

As OfferMind is a two-day event, I don’t have the luxury of spending half a day pre-framing…

So instead…

I decided to use the 7 Day Launch strategy to NOT only launch the tickets but to also to act as a pre-frame.

So that’s what I’m gonna show you now.

OfferMind product launch campaign

I want to teach you the campaign and show you how we used it.


The 7 Day Launch kinda looks like this…

The seven day product launch

Now, as we move forward, there’s gonna be a few things that it would be advantageous to watch on YouTube.

If you go to it’ll take you to my YouTube channel where you can watch if you want…

So there’s…

  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Saturday
  • Sunday

So, what I did was I created a single page funnel – I added a second page, simply because I added a share element from UpViral – but you don’t actually need to do that.

The first time I built one of these funnels was for the Experts Secrets Masterclass

There was an Experts Secrets Masterclass that we used a 7 Day Launch for, so I was like, “Why don’t I do an OfferMind masterclass?”

… and so was born.


So on MONDAY, I built the page and promoted it.

Product launch day 1

My goal was to have 2,000 people registered.

To start with we did one email drop and one Facebook Live, and we got about 700 people registered.

Then I had the rest of the day to keep promoting – so, day one, promote, promote, promote.


#More promoting…

Product launch day 2


About a week and a half ago, I did an Ask Campaign where I asked everybody in the group, “What do you struggle with when you’re creating an offer?”

I had no idea how reactive that would be.

BOOM! There were 150 comments and HUGE awesome sample data!

Product launch ask campaign

I had no idea some of the things that people were struggled with in Offer Creation…

So I took the top five topics and split them into session content.

The first two sessions were on day #3 at 10:00 a.m and 2:00 p.m.

Product launch day 3


Session #3 is at 10:00 a.m the following day

(I’ll come back to session four ’cause that’s a little different – but it’s still 2:00 p.m on day #3)

Product launch day 4


Sessions #5 and #6 are at the same time the following day

My pitch is for the Masterclass is:

“Come watch me as I film my next course OfferMind Masterclass live in front of a live audience.”

… I’m answering a lot of the questions that people have had as they’ve gone through last year’s OfferMind event recordings.

Product launch day 5

What’s powerful is that this not a top-level Ask campaign anymore, it’s getting more detailed.

People are like, “Hey, about this scenario, where does that work?”

…and I’m like, “It’s a good question – you’re not the first to ask that. I didn’t realize that was a general question. Here’s the answer.”

So in these five sessions, I’m just teaching and answering questions.

I already have content planned out. It’s NOT just a straight Ask Campaign styled course – I already know what I’m gonna teach.

Product launch lessons

However, the Ask campaign validated and helped fill in holes that I wasn’t thinking about.

Sessions one, two and three, I’m breaking down a lot of vehicle, internal, and external related beliefs.


Can you guess what session #4 is gonna be?

A: It’s gonna be a whiteboard webinar.

Q: What’s it gonna sell?

A: OfferMind

OfferMind product launch

I’m using 7 Day Campaign structure to launch the next thing in my value ladder – which is OfferMind.

I believe everybody should come to OfferMind – it’ll shortcut tons of stuff in your life…

So session #4 is a webinar….

It’s NOT a traditional webinar, I’m gonna do a share from my whiteboard – there are no slides, nothing else.

There’s an offer that I created around getting a general ticket for OfferMind and I’m just gonna take that offer, and put it on this whiteboard and sell it.

Product launch webinar

It’s really fascinating because this is a live class meets a webinar funnel.


During this masterclass, I’m gonna teach for three days for almost six hours each day.

Part of the strategy is that people are NOT gonna be able to be with me the whole time.

Product launch FOMO

It’s a lot of content for me to teach, but in reality, there’s barely enough time for me to teach ALL the things that I want to.

it’s gonna be a long time, and it’s gonna be some of my best stuff – kinda an abbreviated OfferMind.

And here’s the catch…

After the launch ends, I’m NOT gonna sell this masterclass in other places… (it’ll probably be a $300 – $400 OTO or upsell some low-end funnels), but it’s not gonna be something that I sell generally…

Product launch OTO

So my pitch will be:

“Go get OfferMind, and get this course for free – ONLY until Monday at midnight.”

Product launch day 6


After the webinar, the sessions are still gonna be teaching and answering questions, but the stories I’ll tell are to help break additional vehicle, internal and external related false beliefs.

Product launch false beliefs

They’ll also be reminders that:

“Hey if you want this course, you can get it FREE when you buy OfferMInd.”

  • Recordings are not gonna be available.
  • The replays get taken down each day at midnight


At the end, there’ll be the scarcity urgency closeout sequence that you normally would put at the end of any webinar…

So for Saturday, and then for Sunday, it’s all the sequences that are pushing them out…

Then Monday at midnight, BAM, it’s done!

Product launch day 7


For this to work, I have to create a ton of noise!

Product launch noise

My Offer business has an email list of over 15,000 people… and I’m pinging all of ’em – we’re hitting all cylinders on this.

  • For three days people can watch me film my course
  • Then to keep the course for FREE – they have to get an OfferMind ticket.
  • Finally, the course will then be taken down, and no one else will get it.

The beauty of this is that it’s true urgency and scarcity. I hate fake scarcity and urgency, it’s stupid – this is real.

Product launch scarcity

OfferMind only has seats for 1,038 people, and there’s already way over that on the waiting list.


That’s the end of PART # I…

Now we’re going to PART #2: to find out how EVERYTHING is going.


Welcome to PART #2 of me documenting the 7 Day Launch for the OfferMind Event funnel.

7 day product launch part 2

Oh my gosh, I’m not gonna lie, I’m so freaking tired.

I have one of those Oura Rings – and one day, I spent 800 calories just teaching … and another, I think it was close to 1,300. It’s ridiculous!

My voice is hoarse and croaky…

This on top of the One Funnel Away challenge, “Oh my gosh, I am wrecked.”

I’ve had to call a few audibles throughout this… and that’s always expected in anything you launch, ever.

So let me just bring you through my studio setup real quick here…

Steve Larsen product launch

The first time I ever watched Russell create and do a 7 Day Launch, he had this amazing camera crew, and there were all these people running around, all over the place.

There was this big ole’ crew going down, and it was awesome – it was impressive!

We have a picnic table with some boxes, and my laptop sitting on the top.

Product launch mess

The room is a mess ’cause we had to restructure it real fast.

Then we have these ring lights, this backdrop light over there, and another light that’s just pointing into the corner – so that everything looks kinda level on the actual Sales Funnel Radio backdrop.

We have a boom arm that’s being held by a bunch of weights from the garage to weighing it down ‘cause the little clamp on the side wasn’t quite big enough…

The place is wrecked!

You’re probably thinking, “Man, he’s a freakin’ pig.”

Mid product launch

…and, yep! In the middle of launches, I stop adhering to general cleanliness standards.

In the middle of a launch, you do all sorts of crazy stuff. You go the extra mile to make sure crap happens.


Today, I was supposed to launch the actual OfferMind ticket funnel, but as I started looking at the last few things needed in order to actually finish it, I was like:

“There’s no way. There are too many small particulars for me to launch this comfortably right now.”

If I just go one more step further, it’ll make it easy for us to manage, and that’s what I want.

Finishing a product launch funnel

Which means, again, I’m only gonna sleep a few hours because I’m gonna go finish the event funnel.

I have a funnel team, but I’m finishing is that last 20% that sucks to finish.

These are my notes on what I need to finish for the OfferMind funnel… and there’s A LOT.

How to launch a product successfully

This is actually how I started doing it while I was sitting next to Russell…

  1. Take a piece of paper and draw the funnel
  2. Grab a different color and inside of each of the boxes, I’d write down what needs to be finished before the funnel’s ready.

…and that’s kinda the pattern I go through to see what need to be done.

I’ve just barely brought them through how I’ve developed and designed a sales message and offer at the same time using My Core Offer Model, XAVIER.

When Russell did the 7 Day Launch, session #4 was when he did his big drop… but I need one more night – I gotta finish this, these last few pieces here.

I’m hustling hard to finish it.


I’m in the simplification phase of funnel launching.

You start by thinking, “I’m gonna do this, I’m gonna do this, I’m gonna do this, I’m gonna do this,” and now, I’m in the phase now where I’m like:

“Okay, that was a cool idea, but it’s completely unrealistic now.”

The first three sessions were just deep dive teaching, and then I was planning to finish the funnel in the one hour break I gave myself each day…


So we’re gonna do it tomorrow morning.

How to launch a product fast

We’re gonna hide some elements so no one knows they’re there, and finish ’em later, so we can just launch.

That’s totally what we’re doing right now, and that’s exactly how we’re handling it.

So in installment #3, I will tell you how it went!

What is kinda ninja, in the OfferMind Masterclass, (as I’m teaching how to go create a sales message and an offer), I used the example of:

“Let’s act like I’m trying to pitch you guys into coming to OfferMind!”

So then I asked:

“What false beliefs would you guys have if I said you should come to OfferMind?”

Then I broke and rebuilt their beliefs throughout the whole thing… it was awesome.

About halfway through, someone was like, “Wait, you’re doing this on us now!”

Launch campaign for OfferMind

…and I was like “Ha, gotcha!”


Tomorrow, I’m gonna tape pieces of paper on my whiteboard to hide the offer, and literally, do a whiteboard webinar selling OfferMind.

It’s gonna use EVERYTHING I’ve taught them up to this point. It’s this awesome culmination – I’m really pumped about it.

We’ve had 200 people consistently live with us every single session, (there’ve been two sessions per day), but what’s fascinating is that within like six hours, there are another 1,000 views per session – it’s been crazy.

Steve Larsen OfferMind

Last night, before I went to bed, I took the videos down at midnight, (’cause I said I would), I want there to be real scarcity and urgency.

I hate fake scarcity and urgency.

… there were 3,000 views from yesterday’s two videos!

All I’m telling you guys is that if you’re gonna go in and do this kinda thing, all you need is …

  • A Boom Arm
  • A Box
  • And… A Coulton

Look at him over there…

Coulton's don't grow on trees

Coulton’s don’t grow on trees.

He’s been moderating and kicking out all the psychos with small mind syndrome – so that they get outta my life and my audience FOREVER.

Coulton’s top product launch takeaway

He’s the heavy that kicks people out when they become jerks on the chat:

“Wow, this doesn’t work,” and I’m like, “Yeah, you’re gone.” I’m not even gonna go there.

Coulton’s top takeaway so far…

“Simplicity is key. Just the clarity that everything has come through with you teaching it, to all these people, like it just shows that it works”

Product launch simplicity

Cool stuff! I’ll kick this back on in probably about 24 or 48 hours to document the aftermath of the whole thing.


This is PART #3 of me documenting the 7 Day Launch, and I wanna show you guys what happened…

Super successful product launch

It was Super Successful.

First of all, let me tell you how completely exhausted I was by the end. It took me two or three days to recoup.

Normally, when I’m talking on stage, it wouldn’t take me that long… but I mean this was really aggressive speaking.

When it was all said and done, I think I spoke for about 15 hours in three days, and I was finishing a funnel in the evenings – so it’s not like I was totally relaxing or anything…

Exhausting product launch

I’d go sleep a few hours, and then I would get up super early to finish the funnel – so it was A LOT.

So I’m actually gonna walk through what actually happened.


Okay, check this out…

Launch campaign stats

*This is between the dates of April 17th to the 24th 2019*

You can see that it actually performed quite well – it did everything I hoped it would.

What’s interesting is the cart value was actually higher at the beginning of the launch. Towards the end of the launch, it actually started dropping – which is kinda fascinating.

This is NOT the first time we’ve launched these the OfferMind tickets – there are more tickets sold beyond that…

We’re actually about double that as far as seats sold.

This morning, I got a message from Russell, (which was really cool), saying that this was the 7th highest grossing funnel in all of ClickFunnels yesterday – so it certainly worked.

We made a lotta noise and a BIG ole’ splash.

Launch campaign splash


There are actually four different ticket prices, and then a bump…

if you look, you can see that some people have a discount, (here are the discount ones right here, across the bottom), what’s interesting is that not a lot are taking the discount.

Launch campaign discounts

There are actually more people buying without the discount – which I thought was fascinating.

These two here, that it says bundle, (right where my fingers are), that is is that’s a phone call that we’re giving away for free.

Launch campaign phone call

So people put in their information, and we’re gonna chat with them.

Significantly more people are choosing to get the phone call than not.

… which makes sense, right?

It’s actually funny to me when they say, “No.”

On a few of ’em, I’m just gonna call ’em live – I thought that’d be kinda fun to call ’em live, ’cause I don’t think they’re expecting that.

So as far as the actual bump goes, which is them buying the funnel…

(This funnel cost me 17 grand to build, only because I got a sick team and they’re really good, which also means they’re very expensive).

… you could buy the funnel (and get the thing that cost me a lot of money) for 147 bucks – which is really cool.

Buy a product launch funnel

I am shocked that’s only 19%. I thought it would be closer to 30% – so it’s a little bit lower than I thought it would be… and maybe it’s just that we’re so inundated with the share funnels nowadays…

Product launch funnel stats

… but this is NOT a normal funnelso I don’t know.

I was a little bit shocked by that, but eh, whatever.

Let’s see, looking at the VIP offer, VIPs are going quick, (this is not reflective of the other VIP tickets that already sold in the past)…

VIP product launch offer

So a 41% take rate is pretty insane!

Next, the Capitalist Pig ad book…

Capitalist Pig product launch offer

So there’s an ad book that we’re offering, 13% for a second OTO, it’s actually not bad either.

Soon there’s gonna be an additional product on top of this; I don’t have it turned on yet, it’s a two pay option that we’ll turn on very soon – so I think that should increase that.

How to launch a product like Steve Larsen

So it’s going well…

On top of that, I have a Thank You Page Webinar, and so of 97 people who have bought a ticket, four have gone in and purchased – which is still pretty good…

It’s a $1,500 thing, and they get a 50% off coupon with it.

It’s a pretty powerful campaign that we ran.

One thing that I will mention that’s been fascinating is that:

The moment the campaign was over, pretty much all buying stopped, and this just attests to the principle that if you build it, they WON’T come.

Product launch campaign

… that’s like the stupidest line on the planet.

I was doing some consulting with somebody, and they vehemently were very much about that phrase: “You know, Stephen, if we just build it, we know they’ll come.”

I thought they were joking, and I didn’t know that they were dead serious, and I started laughing.

Stephen Larsen product launch

I was like, ‘Yeah wouldn’t that be nice if that was true!”

I had no idea that it was the CEO, and some of the major people in the company, and I was straight up laughing at his face, and then I explained myself, I said, “That’s NOT true!”

We got another sale today, which is great, but like one sale today verses like the 96 that came in in the last couple…

They’re not small ticket prices either – that’s almost six figures.

Actually, with the other funnel, we’ve collected well over six figures for this now. It’s a popular event, we’re really excited about it. We got a lotta cool people coming – it’s gonna be fun.

It’s just funny, the moment the campaign’s over, the buying stops. It’s still open, it’s still up, but the buying stops.

Launch campaign buying stops

So the next thing we’re gonna look at:

  • What other campaigns can we run?
  • Running Ads
  • Doing a summit

I have, and I’m gonna go get the big who’s who of the industry to come in and teach us how they create their offers – that should be probably June and July-ish.

Anyway, there’s a lotta like smaller to like micro things…

I’m gonna piggyback on the back of other affiliate promotions… there are secrets… I don’t wanna tell you guys everything 😉

Launch campaign secrets

… just watch what I’m doing.

But it’s just fascinating, this has really pushed back to the lesson the moment the campaign’s over, the sales stopped the sales – that’s buying behavior.

And so when someone’s like, “I don’t know if I wanna do scarcity or urgency,” I’m like, “Well, be prepared to not sell anything.”

As far as the lives, there was always about the same 200 people on with me every session… but by the time 12 hours had passed, it had been watched almost 2,000 times per video.

People loved it, they ate it up.

I had a lotta big friends, who are larger than I am, reach out and they’re like, “What is it that you’re doing?”

I got a lotta people I respect reaching out asking me questions. It was validating.

So, anyways, it went really really well, and we got a lotta noise from it.

Everyone and their mom heard about it

Product launch awareness

We did a 7 Day Launch to launch tickets – I hadn’t seen anyone do that, so I was excited about it. It was hard work, but it’s one of the easiest campaigns to run.

Energy wise it was challenging because you teach like crazy, but it was still one of the easiest things for me to go pull off – it’s a single page funnel.

1,800 people, I believe ended up joining the list. That’s huge.

30% of the traffic came from shared referred traffic, not my list. We found that out by using UpViral. So not only did it expand the list, it expanded those seeing me.

On weird thing, since it was on YouTube, it was actually a lot of people who are not normally in my audience… I think if we’d used Facebook, I would’ve gotten more of the hot audience to buy.

Almost 100 people of the 200 who were live with me bought.

…that’s a pretty good sale rate, right! I’m happy with that.

Once we finished the actual training, we went through with three day urgency scarcity closeout period just like what you would do on a webinar, and just as expected…

  • Day 1: the cart opened, and boom, big old blast the sales.
  • Day 2: kinda nothing – which is usually what happens.
  • Day 3: it’s like shoosh – another huge amount of sales coming in.

Anyways, it was fun, it was cool. I learned a lot from it. We’ll definitely do it again. A highly effective way to teach, but also sell at the same time.

Most of the time, webinars don’t have that luxury; teaching is a liability inside of webinar *usually, so it was cool to be able to pull that off.

So anyways, cool stuff guys.

If you guys, anyway, I would love to have you guys come to OfferMind.

We’ve got… I don’t know if I’m allowed to say it…

You know what, I’ll bring certain people on the show to introduce a lot of the speakers to you.

I am now actively, (and hopefully they see this), I am actively going to go and BEG absolute killer giants, like Mark Joyner, and Bill Glazer to come speak.

I don’t know if they’re going to yet, but this is me calling my shot before they’ve said “Yes.”

So, in the next month here, by the time this goes out there, hopefully, they’ve agreed.


If you’re just starting out you’re probably studying a lot. That’s good. You’re probably geeking out on all the strategies, right? That’s also good.

But the hardest part is figuring out what the market wants to buy and how you should sell it to them, right?

That’s what I struggled with for a while until I learned the formula.

So I created a special Mastermind called an OfferMind to get you on track with the right offer, and more importantly the right sales script to get it off the ground and sell it.

Wanna come?

Steve Larsen OfferMind 2019

There are small groups on purpose, so I can answer your direct questions in person for two straight days. You can hold your spot by going to

Again, that’s

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