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SFR 237: Examples Of Offer Creation In Each Industry

Apr 26th, 2019 anchorwave

Here’s a quick example of how I’d make an offer for each major industry…

If you want to create a SEXY offer, you need to be a SCHEMER!

Oh, YEAH… it’s Claude Hopkins time… 😉

In my last blog, I gave some quick and dirty examples of sales messages across ten different industries. Today, I want to go one step further and show you how to create an offer!

… so once again, I’m gettin’ down with the granddaddy of offer creation (and toothbrushes), Mr. Claude Hopkins.

Offer creation advert

(Get with it, Kids!)seriously, check out this advert


Claude Hopkins was *THE MAN*

He was one of the world’s first Schemers.

Now, a lot of people hear the word scheme and think of negative pyramid shaped connotations i.e, dodgy pyramid schemes.

Offer creation scheme

…but that’s NOT what the word Scheme word meant in Hopkins day.

In the late 1800s, a schemer was somebody you hired to design your offer.

Claude Hopkins offer creation

Offers used to be called Schemes.

You’d hire a ‘Scheme Man,’ i.e., “I’m gonna get the Scheme Man to come into my business to design my offer and sales message… and that’s the scheme I’ll go to the market with…”

Claude Hopkins was known in the industry as being one of the world’s best schemers.

Claude Hopkins was one of the first to:

  • Give out samples as part of the sale…
  • Test all his headlines with color-codes…
  • Put an ad on a car…

He was one of the first people who said that:

You SHOULD test… and the ONLY purpose of an ad was to sell, NOT entertain.

If you read my last blog, you’ll already know about Albert Lasker, (the energetic bipolar genius who’s responsible for you drinking orange juice at breakfast.)

Albert Lasker offer creation

Hopkins was hired by the advertising firm Lord & Thomas where Lasker was a partner. In fact, it was Lasker who brought Hopkins in to work for the company.

… which meant that Lord & Thomas were able to create both the ads and the offer for their clients.

Claude Hopkins was the top paid scheme man in the world.

At that time, he made $185,000 a year. That’s the equivalent of about 1 1/2 million dollars in today’s money. THAT’S A HUGE AMOUNT!

Offer creation income


Although it sounds pretty disgusting to us… but before an advertising campaign, (devised by Hopkins), people didn’t brush teeth.

Claude Hopkins was responsible for making brushing your teeth popular.

There was a company called Pepsodent who’d invented this thing called toothpaste, and Hopkins built offers and sales strategies popularizing the idea of cleaning your teeth.

Toothpaste examples of offer creation

(“You’ll wonder where the yellow went when you brush your teeth with Pepsodent!”)

Claude Hopkins was AWESOME! He’s the total godfather of what I do. He wrote a book called Scientific Advertising in which he said:

“The time has come when advertising in some hands has reached the status of a science.”

However, that was in 1923, and since then…

Offer creation has become kind of a lost art… and that’s the reason why I’m bringing it back.

That’s why my Facebook group is called The Science of Selling Online, NOT ‘the science and art’…

I don’t believe in learning art. I want to learn science; the formulas and formats that cause cash as a rule.

Hopkins hated the concepts of making things look pretty, absolutely hated it.

When I read that, I was like, “Claude, I’m your doppelganger, man. I’m even losing my hair!”

Steve Larsen offer creation

# spot the difference


When people things to me like, “Stephen this won’t work in my industry,” I wanna hit them.

How to market a product

Are you kidding me?

We’re talking about general sales/ marketing/ offer creation as a whole. It’s NOT dependant on:

  • What industry you’re in.
  • The product you have.

You can take ANY product and turn it into an offer… you just need the right FRAMEWORK

There’s a huge did between selling a product as a single solution, and selling an offer which solves a lot of other problems as well.

Right now, at the time of writing this, I have four very simple offer creation templates and frameworks that I use depending on what I’m building…

Offer creation frameworks

These frameworks are NOT flash in the pan strategies and tactics.

OfferMind is where I teach my frameworks, but I want to show you one specific framework that I call XAVIER.

I’m a little bit nervous to give this much away, but it’s so I can entice you to come to OfferMind.

Offer Mind is NOT your average event.

I’m not a rah-rah guy. I’d rather get down to brass tacks and teach you the strategies.

I’ll tell stories when they’re necessary, (if I can tell a false belief needs to be broken), but I’d rather just teach the thing.

OfferMind is very aggressive, you’re gonna be very tired by the end of it… but I want you to come to the event to learn these frameworks.

A lot of times that’s why your business isn’t cash flowing, it’s NOT because you don’t have the right:

  • Message.
  • People.

…it’s often because you don’t have an offer and you’ve just been selling a product.

… there’s a massive difference (a huge gap) between a product and an offer.

Offer creation vs product

The XAVIER Method helps you to bridge this chasm and get people to open their wallets.

XAVIER is how I structure the core of ANY business.

So I’m gonna go through the same ten categories as I did for the sales message in the last blog. So that’s:

  • Agency / Freelancer
  • Information Products
  • E-Commerce
  • Coaching / Consulting
  • Network Marketing
  • Local Small Business
  • B2B Lead Generation
  • Blogging / Affiliate
  • Non-Profits
  • Just Getting Started / Other

I’m keeping the examples the same as they were for the sales message example… so you guys can see, from sales message to the offer, how I’d pitch and tie them together.

If you want to watch me live, in front of an audience, you can go hereif not, keep reading 😉


Offer creation preframe

I’m very excited for you to come to OfferMind. Hundreds of tickets have been sold already, so it looks like Offermind is probably gonna sell out pretty quickly.

As always, you can learn a ton from what I’ll be doing to promote OfferMind over the next few months. We have:

  • A Summit; I have, I can’t believe I got that.
  • Hopefully, my book will be out beforehand too.
  • Check out the actual event funnel itself, it’s an incredible funnel.

What’s I’m about to dive into next is some of the material and types of things that we’ll go over in a lot of depth during OfferMInd.


I’m briefly gonna go through the vehicle, the internal and the external false beliefs that my dream customer would experience when they see my product and then ask:

  • How can I solve that problem?
  • How could I answer objections with additional things?

Offer creation dream customer

So I want to quickly walk you through some offers for each individual industryready?

Boom bam, baby whoa! Here we go!


XAVIER offer creation

If I’m gonna go build an offer (and I’m an agency/freelancer) this is how I’d do it:

If I say, “Well hey, I’m gonna go run your ads.” Everybody’s saying that! So how do I turn my service into an offer?

(Offer creation is no different, even if you’re a service provider)…

The service is the product.

  • A deep dive on your competitors: I give you information on their ads. That would be so awesome. I’d love it if you did that for me, “Oh my gosh that would be so cool.”
  • Weekly stats: I’ll run your ads, but I’ll also give you weekly stats.. as well as recommendations on how to tweak.
  • Ad creation: You don’t need to hire anybody. I’ve got a creative team in my back pocket. They’re gonna make all your stuff for you. You just have to hire us and we’ve got it all in a one-stop shop.
  • A FREE course: I’ll need a few things and I don’t want to bother you, so I want to help you get the right VA. We have a course called The Automated Assistant that’ll teach you EVERYTHING you need to know

….I’ve solved a whole lot of problems for the customer.


Let’s say I’m selling something about funnels, I’m gonna give you:

Info product examples of offer creation


  • The physical book. (That’s the main thing I want to sell anyway, right?)
  • The audiobook. (This is the exact offer for the fake book story, right?)
  • A Quick Start Checklist. You can get the book from anybody, but, “Oh my gosh,” I’m even gonna add the quick start checklist as well.
  • A pre-built book funnel. The very one that you just went through. How cool would it be if you had that as well?
  • My 10 Free Traffic Methods. Funnels without traffic are dead. So why don’t you go ahead and get this through me for FREE?
  • Reason to act now: I’m gonna give you excerpts from top expert interviews.

Next one, super fast…


If I’m gonna sell a pair of socks, I’ll give you…

Ecommerce examples of offer creation

  • A second pair of socks.
  • A guide to the best sock and shoe match: I’m gonna get a stylist to show you the three best looks that go with your socks.
  • A guide on how to keep your feet from smelling: (People are gonna want to know that. They’re probably not gonna ask, but you’re solving a problem they might not know they have.) #stinky feet
  • A foot doctor interview series. Here are some cool info products on how to keep your feet healthy.
  • A FREE month of my Sock of the Month Club.

…make sense?


Steve Larsen how to market a product

Who are you gonna buy from? It’s not hard to fulfill because half of it is freaking info products…. that’s the point!

INDUSTRY #4: COACHING/ CONSULTING (#funnel coaching)

I’m gonna give you…

Coaching examples of offer creation

  • Weekly Q&A coaching.
  • Monthly stats and funnels.
  • All my personal stats
  • My Personal Funnel Assets: if I’ve got a pre-built thing that’s already done, bam, here you go.
  • My Personal Rolodex Access: If there’s somebody that I know would be a good fit for your business I’m gonna give you access them.
  • A Free Fly-in Day: where we can chat for a little bit.

…I mean, come on, that’s awesome! How many people are doing that? NOBODY!


*This* is how I kill it in that game. It’s so freaking easy, oh my gosh…

You’re gonna get…

Network marketing examples of offer creation

  • My keto product.
  • A Mail-in Blood Test Customization: Are you in Ketosis?
  • My Safe Eating Out Guide: so you don’t get yourself out of ketosis.
  • The Cure the Cravings Jump Start.
  • My Keto Lead Funnel: so you don’t need to harass your friends and family… “Don’t worry about it, I’ve got a sweet funnel for you.”

Make sense?

Boom! Next…

INDUSTRY #6: LOCAL SMALL BUSINESS (#Restaurant business)

The main thing I want you to buy is my food, but you also get…

Local business examples of offer creation

  • A meet and greet with the chef: I tell you my story, “Oh man, I was eating beans and I hated cooking. but now you can’t get me out of the kitchen.” (I swear Disney does that with their characters, and then they charge, like your freaking face for it.)
  • A bio-scanner. I want to make sure that I’m not making you fatter, so I scan you and I’ll know exactly what you’ve been eating… and what you shouldn’t eat: “Ah, here’s the menu for you. It’s customized.” That’s freaking sexy!
  • A customized handout to give your personal trainer: “Hey, this guy was a tubby today. He cheated, he ate a triple chocolate torte last night,” (which I did… and it was really good.)
  • A giveaway: Entry to a free raffle. I’m gonna come to someone’s house and cook a meal for them.

…that’s like, that’s nuts!

Do you see how easy this is when you know the mechanisms?

Seriously, can you imagine doing this?

It’s NOT hard when you realize that it’s all about value versus price.


Let’s say you’ve got some tech software or an app, and you’re trying to get leads…

B2B lead gen examples of offer creation

  • A free consultation: you get the software as well as the consultation.
  • A Slow Internet Checklist: most of the time we find that if someone has a problem with our software we find out their internet is crappy. (We want to help you to figure out that you probably shouldn’t bury my router in the backyard and expect good wireless service.)
  • A free support group: called ‘Too many tabs opened anonymous’ for those of you who have 50 billion tabs open.
  • Three-minute reminders: How to set your software up in short video format.
  • A quickstart guide: If you get stuck at all don’t worry about that, we’ve done this a ton of times.
  • 24/7 live chat: we hate ticketing systems, we know you do too. So we’ve got a live person every single moment of every single day. You’ve got something, we’re here for you.
  • Free lead giveaway: we’ll give you a few of the leads we’ve captured in your market to prove to you that our lead system works.

Some really cool little bundles you can toss in that cost next to nothing.


A lot of the people that came to the original FHAT event were from the blogging world.

They were getting millions of hits every single month, but they were NOT monetizing a thing…

so we would use these kinds of offers with them…

AND BOOM, they’d make the Two Comma Club really fast.

So let’s say you’re a mommy blog talking about how to get some rest. Sweet, well I’m gonna give you a cool…

Blogging examples of offer creation

  • Restful Mama Cheat Sheet.
  • The Successful Mom’s Day: a rough guide to how I can be a mom, but still have a career. (I know you guys want that, I’ve been reading your comments.) I brought in a whole bunch of experts to create a cool course.
  • An Interview Series from Working Moms.
  • The Getting YOU Time case study: All these cool case studies of women that have actually done this. They were totally overloaded.. (“I was driving myself and my family crazy, stressed to the hilt, then I did these few little tweaks and suddenly I got my time back and I’m there for my kids.”)
  • A FREE ticket to my Moms Retreat.

…that’s a really sexy offer.


“Hey, I need you to donate, and you’ll get…”

Non profit examples of offer creation

  • The “I Donated” t-shirt.
  • Our Highlight DVD: showing what accomplished with the funds that came in.
  • A raffle for Private Meet and Greet Meal: I’m gonna bring you and your family to meet some of the kids you’ve been able to help. It’s heavy, it’s intense, non-profits are. This is real stuff.
  • Raffle for the Donator’s Highlight: get highlighted in our next newsletter.


This is the easiest way to start. I love this method. Here’s what to do…

Just getting started examples of offer creation

  • Crowd create the course: don’t make it yourself. Don’t get stuck on product creation, get stuck on sales message creation. Go interview a whole bunch of people on something, and they’ll make it for you. Affiliate Outrage is the 101 on that.
  • Interviews with 20 Millionaires: discover the cool patterns that lead to success.
  • A checklist (the physical thing): I’m gonna mail a checklist to you so that you can actually walk through and make sure you’re doing all the things lead to success.
  • Private Community of Starters.
  • A raffle to a Meet and Greet the Millionaires: it’ll be private, only a few people, but I’m gonna give you a raffle ticket so you can come and actually hang out with these people. How cool would that be?

The Bottom line is, whatever industry you’re in…


Capitalist pig offer creation

Capitalist Pig, Baby… BOOM!

If you’re just starting out you’re probably studying a lot. That’s good. You’re probably geeking out on all the strategies, right? That’s also good.

But the hardest part is figuring out what the market wants to buy and how you should sell it to them, right?

That’s what I struggled with for a while until I learned the formula.

So I created a special Mastermind called an OfferMind to get you on track with the right offer, and more importantly the right sales script to get it off the ground and sell it.

Steve Larsen OfferMind

Wanna come?

There are small groups on purpose, so I can answer your direct questions in person for two straight days. You can hold your spot by going to

Again, that’s

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