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SFR 232: My New Funnel Building Team

Apr 9th, 2019 anchorwave

I’ve been working on the NEW OfferMind funnel. I have a 7 person funnel building team now, (which is awesome)…

So I thought it’d be neat to walk you through:

  1. WHY I took the old funnel down…
  2. The structure of the NEW funnel…
  3. The TWO checklists I use to make sure my team can do their job…
  4. How I plan to get MORE big names to speak at the event…
  5. The EPIC offer creation that gonna knock this outta the ballpark!

How to make a funnel team


The original OfferMind funnel that I built was incredible. It was working extremely well…

A lot of people had already bought tickets, but I took it down because I when Russell agreed to keynote I wanted to make sure that the funnel was the caliber of Russell freakin’ Brunson.

… there’s also another way that I’m gonna use this NEW funnel to create the BEST OfferMind experience EVER… so keep reading 😉

How to make a funnel awesome


The first page is the sales page. Sometimes we put the order form on that page too, but for OfferMind we actually have a separate page.

When people join the One Funnel Away Challenge they get a discount code for OfferMind tickets.

When people use their discount code to buy an offermind ticket it subtracts 150 bucks from their ticket.

Event promotion discount code


And this is brilliant, (if I do say so myself)…

When you buy a normal OfferMind ticket, we’ve set it up so that you can get a ticket plus a discovery call for the exact same price.

Crazy Cool, eh!

For the exact same price, you can grab a discovery call with your ticket. You add your phone number to the form and it sends that data through a zap over to my phone team who then walk anyone who wants one through a super epic Success Strategy Session.

Event promotion strategy call

Next, there’s a bump coming up…. I don’t want to spoil everything, but it’s a freaking cool, and I’m gonna leave it at that… 😉

Event promotion secret bump


On the next page, there’s a sweet VIP upgrade…

At a recent event, they had a directory of all the VIPs printed in a booklet that was handed out to EVERYBODY.

I was like, “That’s so freakin’ cool. Oh my gosh, that’s awesome.”

Event promotion VIP upgrade

Think about it…

What better way to meet the ‘Who’s Who’ that you wanted to connect with when you booked your ticket in the first place!

OfferMind is 1,100 seats, but…

Only the VIPs get:

  • Their names in the Directory.
  • Early access.
  • Dinner with me.

VIPs get all this crazy cool stuff, but EVERYBODY gets the ‘Who’s Who’ booklet, and you ONLY get to be in the directory if you’re a VIP.

I was like, “Oh my gosh, that’s awesome.”


Then one morning, I was thinking about the second OTO … (I think about this stuff in the shower sometimes)…

How to make a funnel plan

Check this out…

This is so *LEGIT*

I’ve never seen anyone do this. I learned this when I did door-to-door sales.

Here’s what happened:

I was knocking in one area and I met a guy. He told me that he was in a real estate thing….

He said, “…but don’t do real estate.”

Instead, he went to local businesses and told them:

  • Hey, when new people move to the neighborhood they create new habits and patterns very quickly.
  • Can we place some of your product in their house for free?
  • We’ll put you on a list which will be included in the bundle of products.
  • It’s $50 a month per house that we place.
  • Typically we place 200 houses a month.

…so basically he’d get companies to donate their product plus pay $50 a month to be part of this thing.

They were collecting several hundred thousand dollars, and doing nothing.

How to make a funnel like a genius

I was like, “That’s ridiculous. That’s crazy.”

So check this out:

The first upsell is to VIP, but then the second OTO is the opportunity to buy a one-page ad in my Capitalist Pig Ads Book.

Everyone can place an ad for NOT much money at all.

At the event, I’ll put these booklets on every single person’s chair.

So for $500 you can put a full page spread ad in front of a targeted audience of 1,100. That’s crazy.

Then as part of the offer, we’ll use that booklet in future OfferMinds and other events…

You can go use Funnel Scripts and all these cool things that we teach you to make sweet ads. Plus, it’ll give me even more things to talk about on stage.

I’ll give a shout-out to the coolest ones, and immortalize you in the videos.

Experiential marketing

What a freaking sexy offer, right!

We’re calling it The Capitalist Pig Ads Book. It’s super cool.

There’s MORE exciting stuff too… but I don’t want to kill the goose on everything.

How to make a funnel


So now, when I building a funnel, I’m NOT always doing all the building. So…

I draw out the entire funnel for my team, and then I teach them all the things that they need to know…

Then I say, “All right, and now I’m going to start sending you guys your individualized instruction video.”

There are seven people on my funnel team, and I use a different color pen to go through the entire funnel and walk through each role.

Video event promotion

To my video guys I say:

“Hey, this is what I need from you…”

  1. Create a sweet video and model the Funnel Hacking Live video.
  2. I’ll film the video for ‘this and this’.
  3. I’ll film the intro video for the thank you page.

I record it on camera, then I take that file and send it over to my video people and I say, “That’s your role in this funnel build.”

Then I go to the copywriter and say: “Hey, you’re going to get the videos from the video guy. Here’s what I want you to do…”

  1. Take the videos and write sales copy underneath every single one of the pages.
  2. Write all the sales copy.
  3. Write all the emails and all the email sequences.

I film it on that camera and sent the instructions to them. Then I erase all that color and start over again for the designer.

I say:

“Now you have the videos and the copy, what I need you to do next is make it look pretty.”

…and I walk through and draw it out.

There’s ALWAYS a framework that applies to the entire team.


There are 21 agency/people who do work for me now.

I have:

  • Two content teams
  • A funnel building team
  • Full-time support
  • Three phone closers, (I’m going to bring on a team of five more as well).

There’s a system that I came up with that helps me understand what each person needs, not just from me, but from the person directly in front of them in the line.

Think about it this way…

I did a lot of backpacking growing up, and if there’s a person directly in front of me, they set the pace…

How to make a funnel with a team

However, the person directly behind them, every once in a while that second person has to walk a little bit faster to catch up.

(Go read The Goal; it’s a very good book.)

So if there’s a third person, every once in a while, that person has to break into a little bit of a jog to keep up with the first person.

But when you get to number twelve in the line, that person needs to freakin’ jog just to keep up at the normal walking pace set by the first person.

Event promotion teamwork


On my team, I have the:

  1. Video guy
  2. Copywriter
  3. Initial funnel builder
  4. Designer
  5. Funnel finisher

…then it goes back to me to test and tweak.

There’s a lot of roles… and that’s just the funnel, (it doesn’t even include product creation). 

So if the lead person is moving at a normal pace, then a lot of times, the person at the back is sprinting to keep up because there’s space in between each of these roles…

These are a series of dependent events…

So when I’m creating a funnel, there are two checklists that I need to create, NOT just one.

*This changed my life*

For Example:

If you look at the job of the initial funnel builder I need to ask:

  1. What does this person need from me in order to do their job?
  2. What does this person need from the person directly in front of them in order to do their job?

My role is just to create all the inputs needed and gather them ahead of time so that everyone can do their job without me needing to be pinged or interfered with…

How to make a funnel checklist

Does that make sense?

…it’s two checklists.

I have the checklist for each individual, but I also have the checklist for each person from the person directly in front of them.

That increased my speed like crazy.


So for the OfferMind funnel, (it looks so sexy)…

  1. I filmed all the videos so that the copy guy can go in and write.
  2. It goes to the initial funnel guy who will build a rough draft of the entire thing. He’s gonna loosely place all the videos and the copy… so that there’s clay on the page for the designer.
  3. Then the designer gonna make it look pretty.
  4. Next person, the funnel finisher will write all the emails, add all the metadata, and put all the titles in… (tons and tons of stuff).

How to make a funnel fast

If you do this, you will make you A LOT of money very quickly.

It costs me about 15 to 20 grand to turn the crank once. Yep, it’s a lot of money, but my team’s really freakin’ good.

It costs about 15 – 20 grand… depending on how much video and copy there is. Those are the two expensive pieces…. after that, it’s design.

(This is excluding the cost of product creation with the team.)

Anyway, that’s where we are with OfferMind…and that’s why it’s taken a little bit longer.


At the beginning, I told you that part of the reason for this NEW funnel design was because Russell is keynoting….

Russell Brunson event promotion

However, my plan is to attract some more BIG names.

I’m going to try and get:

  • Bill Glazer.
  • Mark Joyner.
  • Myron Golden
  • Some of my finance people, who are incredible.
  • Brad Gibbs
  • Ryan Lee

Anyway, a lot of high-level people.

I want to go to Bill Glazer and all these other influencers with a super awesome funnel…


Check this out, my friends:

Right now, I’m recording the audiobook for the “30 Days” book. It’s one of the bonuses I’m giving away for the OFA Challenge when people buy through my link. It’s freakin’ huge. Waaay too BIG….

How to make a funnel for a book

I did NOT realize how big it was when I said that… but anyway, I’m doing it, because I committed.


How cool would it be if I just went to each of the BIG names who wrote a chapter, and gave them the gift of their chapter already recorded for them?

Steven Larsen event promotion

Do you think they’re going to know my name after that? Oh yeah, baby!

There are NOT that many people alive who are really into offer creation. Claude Hopkins was the last big guy, and he was alive in the 1800s…

Mark Joyner wrote the book “Irresistible Offer”…. but offer creation is NOT exclusively his thing, you know what I mean?

Steven Larsen experiential marketing

“The Man Who Sold America,” is about Albert Lasker who was partners with Claude Hopkins, but that was in the 1800s…

There’s just not many people out there anymore who are really big in the offer creation space.

How to make a funnel like Steven Larsen

And so I’m using the “30 Days” audiobook as a reason to reach out to BIG people, and tell them:

  • Hey, I’d love to get you in OfferMind.
  • Oh, by the way, here’s a sweet chapter.
  • Oh, by the way, let me just keep adding value to your community.
  • Oh, by the way, can I just get you on my podcast?
  • I’m going to make you like a rockstar.

Watch what I’m doing in the next little bit…


Watch the way I’m leveraging Sales Funnel Radio to create relationships with people that ultimately, (hopefully), lead them into speaking at OfferMind.

Did you guys like the podcast episode I did about how I pitched Russell on speaking? A lot of work went into that, right?

These are all direct response marketers, so it’s likely that’ll do the same thing for Bill Glazer and Mark Joyner. It’s a lot of freaking work… but it should be worth it.

There will be 1100 people at OfferMind; that’s as many people as my first Funnel Hacking Live. When I think of that, I pinch myself.

Pitching event promotion

To sum up the OfferMind Funnel, we have the:

  • Ticket with a free upgrade = A FREE DISCOVERY CALL
  • The Bump = #TOP SECRET
  • Goodie on the thank you page = CLICK AND SEE 😉

I’m not even gonna tell you about the T-shirt this year… It’s NOT the capitalist pig one. We created a new one. It’s freaking cool.

Event promotion t-shirt

I’m the offer guy, so it’s got to be sick. This is going to be a really freaking expensive event, but it’s going to be really fun.

If you want to get on the waiting list go to

# Make Money, Do Good

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