SFR 220: How I Pitched Russell Brunson To Keynote At OfferMind – Stephen Larsen

SFR 220: How I Pitched Russell Brunson To Keynote At OfferMind

Feb 26th, 2019 anchorwave

The biggest mistake I see people make when approaching others of influence is they enter the relationship without adding value to the other.

This is my campaign I used to approach Russell Brunson about Keynoting at OfferMind 2019…


I wanted my own event real bad, so last year, when Russell Brunson came out with his 30-Days Book, I decided to piggyback off the launch to build my event.

Russell Brunson 30 day book

Each affiliate received a $100 for each person who signed up through their link.

375 people bought the book through me which meant that I could use that income to create a sweet event.

Each person who bought the 30 Day Book with my link also got a free ticket to my first OfferMind.

We found a room that would hold 180 people, and about 160 RSVP’d to get tickets.

There’s always a 5 – 10% no-show rate on all events, no matter what you do (crazy, I know), so on the day, we ended up with roughly 150 showing up, which is pretty good for the first time.

I know that OfferMind is an event that I will probably do each year, so I wrote down my dream list of potential speakers on my whiteboard.

You can guess who was top of that list, right? 😉


How not to pitch your Dream 100

People have asked: “Stephen, you’re friends. Why didn’t you just ask Russell to speak at Offermind?”

Well, first of all, I’d NEVER leverage a relationship for the sake of my business. So I’m gonna do EVERYTHING I would normally do to Russell that speaking at OfferMind was a GREAT idea.

I created a full-out stack and offer for him with closes, calls to actions, AND a fast-action bonus!

If you’re gonna ask an influencer to do something, you better go the freakin’ distance.

The absolute worst way to get someone to speak at your event (especially a dream 100 influencer) is to send them a message and say, “You wanna speak at my event?”

I’ve been asked to speak at two events recently, where I can tell my name was just being used to fill their event.

Steve Larsen speaking at events

I will NEVER do any business with those individuals the rest of my life, they burned the bridge so hard.

You’re gonna NOT get an influencer to show up for your business by walking up and saying, “Hey, you being coming to my event would truly be awesome for me and my business.” That’s stupid!

You need to make your OFFER amazing and speak their language.

That’s exactly what I did with Russell Brunson, and thankfully he agreed. I’m really pumped!

The reason I’m sharing this with you is two-fold:

#1: I want you to come to OfferMind.

#2: I want to show you how to approach a Dream 100 influencer

Next, I’m gonna go through the script and offer I created for Russell to show you how I presented it, but if you wanna download the script, all you gotta do is get a ticket for OfferMind.

I’m handing the script out to each person who grabs a ticket at


Pitching Mr Russell Brunson

So, instead of just asking Russell straight out… I started dropping hints.

My first move was to send him a Vox saying, “I’m NOT asking you to speak at OfferMind, I’m just telling you I’m trying to think of ways to get you to speak at OfferMind.”

I was kinda messing with him, and surprisingly, he messaged back, and said, “I want sushi while getting a massage.”

Russell Brunson sushi

I said, “As long as it’s not me doing them, yeah.”

So two days later, I walked into his office with a masseuse gift certificate from his favorite masseuse and sushi for the entire ClickFunnels office.

I also wrote a sales script and created a stack slide to pitch him on keynoting at OfferMind.

I wrote out the vehicle, internal and external related false beliefs that I knew he’d go through when I asked him to keynote at my event.

I went through the whole marketing process and created an offer and wrote a full freakin’ script. I probably spent five hours writing it.

This was a spawn of my brain. Sometimes that’s great, and sometimes it’s dangerous… right now, it’s great.

Here’s how I did it…


I took Russell’s webinar script which he knows inside out, (I use that script a lot too), and I went slide by slide from the stack slide on, to create an entire script.

Creating an offer fit for Russell Brunson

What you’re gonna get when you choose to keynote at OfferMind 2019. The first thing you’re gonna get when you commit to keynote at OfferMind 2019:

#1: First, you’re gonna be the featured keynote speaker, with ads, paid content, hyper fans all promoting the event.

Also, Steve’s personal closing team will be calling his audience after any purchase throughout the year leading up to the OfferMind event to sell ’em tickets. Whoa!

*On the right side, I added in a lot of trial closes which imitate what you’d expect a person’s brain to be going through as I’m speaking…

It’s a two-sided conversation that I’m having both with Russell, but it’s also what’s going on inside of his own head.

#2: Secondly, you’re gonna get more paid traffic to your One Funnel Away Challenge, Steve’s ad team will drive paid traffic to each of your One Funnel Away Challenges throughout the year. Each One Funnel Away buyer who buys through Steve’s affiliate link will get credit for an OfferMind ticket where they’ll further get ClickFunnels indoctrination from Stephen.

Wow, that’s pretty awesome, right? Now you’re probably thinking…

(Okay, now, I’m starting to hit secondary objections.)

Right now, you’re probably thinking, “Is Steve Larsen or OfferMind even big enough for my level of influence?

(That’s a vehicle-based objection right there, I’m hittin’ it on the head.)

And… “Could the decision to speak threaten my status as the CEO of ClickFunnels?”You’re probably thinking that right? Great question! We thought of that too. So, the third thing you’re gonna get…

(And so there’s literally a piece of the offer combating each one of those objections exactly as I’d do in any script.)

#3: So, the third thing you’re gonna get high-end stage and event designers with professional media coverage to make this the coolest experience.Steve has already hired the same A/V companies that do a lot of the Funnel Hacking Live and Two Comma Club X stages and they’ll put on the event so the caliber will match your caliber.

Steve’s caliber will match your caliber.

We’ll also have professional photographers and videographers taking pictures, recordings, and B-roll that we’ll turn over to you afterward for your own use.

(He’s always looking for cool B-roll.)

You’ll have your own custom backdrop and smoke that comes out. The crowd will be chanting, “Russell, Russell, Russell,” with Seven Nation Army blaring when I invite you onstage. Additionally, the audience will be wearing the same Funnel Hacking or funnel promoting t-shirt like a uniform… which I will provide.

If that isn’t enough, Steve will personally yell in the face of anyone NOT absolutely going nuts when you walk up.

*Um, my jaw just dropped* Are you starting to imagine how epic you’re gonna look on the stage of OfferMind?

If you listen carefully, you probably already can hear them chanting, right? “Russell, Russell!”

BUT if you’re like me, you’re probably thinking, “Ah but, what would I even talk about?”

(I know he’s gonna think that)

*How do I know? Because I sat in a room with him for two years. He’s gonna go, “Um, I don’t even know what to talk about? That’s alright, I’ll figure it out later.”

I know he’s going to say that, but I wanna make sure I answer that concern as well. It’s very much an internal-based concern:

“I can see OfferMind would be a cool thing to do, but what would I talk about? Do I have the personal capacity to jump in and do that?”

He’s gonna wanna over-deliver. So the objection is gonna be content focused, and what’s he gonna talk about? So I’m gonna bring that up ahead of time.

Ah, but what are you gonna talk about… and for how long?#4: So the fourth you’re gonna get topic and length autonomy. You’ll have 500 – 800 people in the room…

*We’re going for 500 to 800 people (if it’s possible with the event space). I’m sure we’ll figure it out… but 500 people at least is what we’re goin’ for.

Steve will be speaking the full first day, and we’d like you to keynote on day two. You’ll be the last speaker and have total control on what you talk about and how long you wanna go. Feel free to test new material or talk about anything you want, but at the end of your speech…

(Okay, now I’m gonna tie into something that he wants)

It’s not just WHAT does Steve Larsen want… It’s HOW can I make my purposes align with Russell Brunson’s purpose?

*If you’re trying to Dream 100 somebody, aligning with their purpose is a major key…

At the end of your speech, Steve would like some time to interview you on-stage, sitting on couches, about your new Traffic Secrets book… releasing a few months before or after OfferMind… Feel free to pitch him! Already, as one of your top product affiliates, Steve will drive heavy traffic to your new book using that interview you do with him onstage.

At the end, the crowd will go nuts and cheer you offstage. Steve will take a few open questions as you leave through our secret backstage door to avoid swarming.

(I know he’s concerned about that, so I’m gonna put that in)

Woo! I don’t know about you, but this is getting pretty amazing, right? By now you’re starting to see how insane this all will be, right? Luckily, Steve is a safe bet too…

  • Imagine yourself speaking on his stage.
  • Think of how epic the ads will look to have a sweet stage interview promoting your NEW Traffic Secrets Book.

As a busy CEO, you’re probably saying inside…

(Here comes the external-based concern)

… “I might not have the time or mental bandwidth to add another thing in my life.” Right? So here’s the fifth thing in the offer.#5: You’re gonna get your choice of the actual event date to fit your schedule.

Russell Brunson schedule

(Oh! There’s the one-two punch, right!)

Q: What’s the biggest reason someone would probably NOT be able to come speak or keynote when they want to?

A: Scheduling! So what if I just let him choose the schedule?

Steve isn’t here to add stress and understands firsthand what you do and the speed of your office. He doesn’t expect you to stay the whole time or try to sprint from one thing to the next just to squeeze in a stressful pitch or speech. Keep it all simple by telling him what day works for you, he’ll plan the event date around you.

Oh, and don’t worry about travel either, a limo will pick you up from ClickFunnels headquarters and take you to the event room where you’ll be greeted by Steve and taken to your private room.

Prüvit Ketones, (which he loves, I love, I drink every day) Bullet Bars, Quest Bars, Hydrogen water will be chilled and waiting for you in a private retreat and recharge room.

Bring anyone you like with you, and the limo will take you back when you’re ready.

Russell Brunson limo

*Now I know that he doesn’t wanna even think about travel. So I’m gonna take care of that. Even though it’s local, I’m gonna send a limo to pick him up ‘cause he’s the man.

Dang, this sounds super awesome, right? This sounds like a no-brainer! What will everyone think when the limo arrives to pick you up? Imagine their faces. Imagine stickin’ it to that daycare next door; can’t tell you where to park, right?

Pitch an idea

(There’s a daycare right next to ClickFunnels that’s a little bit moody about where you park. So I threw in a little humor here)

This will be one of the easiest and coolest speaking experiences you’ve ever had.


I want you to see like what lengths I went to to make this happen:

  • I bought sushi for the whole office. I didn’t say why I just arranged it and got it there.
  • We called his favorite massage places to figure out where he got his last massage last because I knew he liked it. We had to go hunting to figure out who that was so we could book it again.

Then in the office, on-camera, in front of a bunch of people, I read this script to him:

Just to recap, here’s what you’re gonna get when you agree to keynote at OfferMind 2019:

  • You’re gonna be the featured keynote speaker.
  • You get more paid traffic to your One Funnel Away Challenges throughout the entire year.
  • You get a high-end stage and event designers with media coverage that’s amazing.
  • Topic and length autonomy.
  • Your choice of the actual event date to fit your schedule.

Dang! That’s a really good deal, but wait, there’s MORE… on top of everything above… if you confirm with Stephen soon, (so he can start preparations), you’ll also get:

  • Your own speaker highlight video created at Steve’s expense and given to your two video guys for any B-roll they’d like to use.
  • You’re gonna get a copy of your Traffic Secrets book interview that you do with Steve onstage for more B-roll epicness.
  • I’m gonna give you a couples massage by your favorite masseuse, (gift certificates already attached).
  • Sushi, from your favorite local restaurant which will already be in the kitchen today at noon.
  • Professional recordings of Steve screaming, “It’s Monday, baby! It’s Tuesday, baby!” … and so forth, so you can use them for all those ideas you keep bringing up. (Yeah his voice has that weird ability.)

Man my face is starting to melt. This offer is too cool, OfferMind must teach really cool offer creation methods. I just wish Steve let this offer last forever.

The total value of this offer is incalculable. It’s too awesome, but unfortunately, it can’t last long due to overexposure of pure awesomeness.

So, to take advantage of the positive effects this offer will have on your:

  • Offer
  • Mission
  • Bottom line

….just open up your phone right now and Vox Steve the phrase, “On like Donkey Kong.”

Steve Larsen Donkey Kong

Again, that’s, “On like Donkey Kong” to get started now.

Luckily for you, we’ve recently started accepting talking or typing options on Voxer.

Now, Steve had two options when he made this offer …

(I went, and I grabbed a lot of the closes he likes to use in webinars)

The first was to go as weak sauce as possible, be a little pansy, be a little Sally, and approach you with the question, “Will you speak at my event?” in a stupid dumb voice with no value added back to you. But that wouldn’t really incentivize you to agree to this…

… and Steve’s beard would shrink two sizes too small.

Steve Larsen beard

The second option was to make it as cool and memorable as he could be dumping all profits from his One Funnel Away affiliate earnings into a sick, awesome, kick sissies in the teeth event where you can nerd out to whatever level you want.

Now let me ask you a question:

  • If all this did was let you get in front of a group of people of your hyper-followers already in your community, would it be worth it? Of course, right?
  • If all this did was let you test your material and thoughts before you test them on your own platforms, would that be worth it? Yeah!
  • And like I said, you’d be getting tons of creative assets at Steve’s expense just for showing up.
  • If all this did was give you another chance to promote your new awesome book, build pressure for the launch, and push more people to ClickFunnels, would it be worth it? Absolutely, right?

Steve knows you…

He knows you’re gonna spend hours behind your computer promoting your new book when it launches…

Why not spend some of that time in an awesome, local, professional location with a swarm of people who already know, love and buy from you?

Again, get started on this risk-free offer now, simply open up your phone and Vox Steve the phrase, “On like Donkey Kong.” Again, that’s. “On like Donkey Kong.”

(He has a shirt that says that and he loves it. He says that phrase a lot.)

To make it even easier, Steve has already Voxed you this phrase. You don’t even need to type it, just forward it back to him.Remember, this offer won’t last forever!

Just think, what’s one extra Traffics Secrets book buyer worth to you? $7.95, $9.95, or even $50,000 each and every year.
What would that do for you and your family?

Imagine getting that new BioHacking test, or even a second Cryosauna, which you can shove Steve in again.

Marketing campaign

( There are a few inside jokes… I’m gonna skip some bits here)

Remember, this isn’t a cost, it’s an investment! Just open up your phone right now and Vox Steve the phrase, “On like Donkey Kong,” to get started.

Agents are standing by for your Vox.

Again, to keynote at OfferMind, simply pick up your phone right now and look at it, let it recognize your face, look at it, open up the Voxer, and tell Steve, “On like Donkey Kong,” (talk or type accepted) and Steve will handle the rest.

Remember, you’re just one Vox away.


On my Dream 100 speaker list, along with Russell Brunson, I have:

  • Mark Joyner, he created a book called The Irresistible Offer many years ago.
  • Dean Holland
  • Todd Brown
  • Jay Abraham
  • Dana Derricks

These are all some of the best *living* offer creators. I don’t know anyone beyond that list, that’s really it…

I’ll reach out to Dean Holland and Dana Derricks because they’re on the same level of influence as me, so that’s an okay thing to do. I’m sure that they’ll say “Yes,” hopefully so.

If NOT they’re gonna get tagged inside this episode for Sales Funnel Radio, and I’ll ask them that way as well.

But Russell gets approached like crazy by tons of people. So he’s got walls and barriers just to keep his own sanity. We can all understand that, right?

So to approach influencers who are above your status, you’ve gotta go all out…

I got a pretty awesome Dream 100 package in the mail.

I was handed an envelope and inside, somebody (this is actually very clever), had attached an actual hundred dollar bill.

Dream 100 mail

They attached a hundred dollar bill and said, “We know your goal was to always do 10 grand a day, so a hundred dollars should buy 14 minutes of your time. Please read the letter and see if you would like to spend the time.”

That’s super cool!


One of the principles of the Dream 100 is that:

If what I’m offering presents a risk of a status decrease, the answer will be, NO!

Marketing campaign status

This is more important than whether or not the event fits into their schedule.

So I’m crafting an offer with stories and I’m listing out his false beliefs.

If it’s gonna decrease his status, or if there’s any risk that it will, he’s already gonna say, NO.

So I need to show ways to increase his status while protecting it from decrease at the same time.

Does that make sense?

I’m gonna answer the objection of, “Oh crap, will this decrease my status?” I’m gonna say, “No, in fact, here’s how it will increase your status.”

So one of the BEST things you can do when approaching a Dream 100 influencer is to know what campaigns they’re running.

I need to know what campaigns an individual is already running that I could piggyback off to increase their status?

The internal hang-up definitely is NOT, “I’m not good enough, I’m not smart enough.” Instead, for Russell, it would probably be, “What do you want me to teach?”

For him, it’s not so much about money obviously… he’s probably gonna have a time-based concern ’cause he’s Russell Brunson. He’s also gonna have a mental shelf space concern.

It’s NOT, I don’t have enough to teach, it’s, “Oh my gosh, I have to spend time planning what I’ll teach.” That’s a real concern. That’s a BIG issue.

I solve each one of these pain points inside of the offer.

Q: Where am I fishing out of right now? Where’s my market?

A: ClickFunnels.

Q: What’s the new opportunity?

A: OfferMind.

There are parts of the offer designed to scratch, soothe and satiate all the concerns that come from the vehicle, internal, external-based objections…

And then, there are a few pieces that are just awesome and straight from me.


How to pitch an idea

Here’s the XAVIER model for drafting offers created by yours truly, and highly featured in my book coming out soon called Your Core Offer.

Go to if you wanna get on the waiting list.

X = what you want to sell.

A = what they want to buy.

These are NOT ALWAYS the same thing.

When you sell something to somebody, they don’t ALWAYS want what you want to sell.

For Example:

Russell wants to sell Funnel Hacks web class. When he sells Funnel Hacks web class you pre-buy ClickFunnels for six months with a whole bunch of programs.

The A: the anchor of the offer, is ClickFunnels itself. People just want ClickFunnels; so that’s a prime example of what I’m talking about there.

Now, back to my offer to Russell…

So X – equals:

Russell what you’re gonna get when you come speak at OfferMind 2019, the first thing you’re gonna be the only keynote speaker at OfferMind. I’m gonna put ads with a lot of ad money behind it, content, fans, all promoting your appearance and your name.

*One of the things I’m gonna give him is status. That’s one of the ways I’m fighting the status decrease thing, but it’s not the exclusive place that I’m fighting it yet.

A – equals:

Each One Funnel Away Challenge buyer in 2019 who buys through Steve’s affiliate link will get credit to OfferMind for further ClickFunnels indoctrination from you and Steve.

That’s HUGE! What did I just do?

‘A’ is the anchor of the offer, it is the part of the offer that’s the sexiest. The thing that the other person wants the most.

I know Russell is spending a ton of time, money, effort, energy, and resources on this One Funnel Away Challenge.

He’s re-launching it, and it’s gonna be massive. He’s gonna push hard to get a ton MORE people in One Funnel Away Challenge than are probably in ClickFunnels right now.

Russell Brunson One Funnel Away Challenge

So the question is: What could I do to best support that?

What if I attached my OfferMind tickets to that again to fill the events, promote him, promote ClickFunnels and align myself with what he’s trying to do.

That’s a no-brainer because now the offer’s NOT about me.


I hate it when somebody walks up, and they’re like, “Stephen, I’m so excited man, why don’t you come get on my show because you’d be great and you’d bring tons of people to my show.”

Don't pitch an idea like this

…I’m like, “Wow, okay, what’s in this for me? This is a two-way relationship, you’re just goin’ one way though. That’s hurting our relationship by you approaching me like that.”


You’re gonna trigger:

  • Fear of status decrease, “Why on Earth is this for me?”
  • Rejection…
  • Objection…

Tons of stuff like:

  1. “Oh, my gosh, NO. I don’t have time for that.”
  2. “What would you want me to teach? Nah!” *status decrease*
  3. “There’s no way that vehicle aligns with where I’m moving.

This is key; when I’m dropping something out to a Dream 100 influencer…

I’m aligning with their current mission… so part of their offer is also part of my offer.

Dana Derricks just did this to me, and it’s one of the reasons why he’s speaking at OfferMind.


I was on Voxer with Dana, and he goes, “Dude, I would love to pre-buy some OfferMind tickets next year to give away because I want my people to go through some of your stuff.”

I was like, “Sick, super cool. Yeah, that’d be awesome.”

Steve Larsen OfferMind

What did he do?

He said, “Let me give your tickets away as part of my offer.”

Russell Brunson did the exact same thing with Grant Cardone for his 10X Event.

He went to Grant Cardone pre-bought a thousand of your tickets to give away as part of his current offers.

What does that do?

It spikes the value, someone else fulfills on it, aligns the two offers together.

That’s part of the “A” in anchor for XAVIER. Does that make sense, you guys gettin’ this?

Pitch an idea with an anchor

I’m NOT trial closing… Does that really make sense? This is HUGE. This is a BIG BIG deal right here.

In my pitch, it went like this:

Each One Funnel Away Challenge buyer in 2019 who buys through Steve’s affiliate link will get credit to OfferMind for further ClickFunnels indoctrination from you and Steve…

Meaning: I am going to go and push One Funnel Away Challenge really really hard.

When people buy the One Funnel Away Challenge through me, I’m gonna give them credit to get an OfferMind ticket where you can speak to more of your people and continue to get them inside ClickFunnels.

That’s HUGE! It aligns both me and Russell.


Q: What’s the vehicle-based fear here?

A: Probably status decrease: “Is this good enough?” That could be the potential major concern about speaking at OfferMind. “Is he big enough?”

Russell would never boastingly say that, but you get what I’m saying… He’s Russell Brunson, right!

I’m like, “Oh don’t worry about it…

To protect your status I want you to know that we hire the exact same A/V team that designed your Funnel Hacking Live stages, and they’re gonna put on the OfferMind stage. The stage caliber will match your caliber.”

One of the most frustrating things I’ve ever experienced ever is to show up to an event that I’ve been invited to speak at, and you can tell that there wasn’t much thought put into the experience in the room.

That’s why OfferMind costs me so much money… and it did it cost me a lot of money. I actually went in the hole just a little bit… because I wanted to create an experience.

You can find out MORE about how I created OfferMind and made it an experience here. I specifically made it, so it felt like you were entering a new environment… (which is so freaking key, it is ridiculous!)

How Steve Larsen made OfferMind

I’m letting Russell know:

We have all the old OfferMind recordings. This is what it looked like last time. It was very professional. It was amazing; very top-notch and high caliber… it’ll be the same kind of thing.

Rest assured, it’s the same people you’re used to working with, so there won’t be any new faces when you’re getting mic’d up. There won’t be any new experiences.”

Does that make sense?


This is how I’m combating the internal hangup, “What would you want me to teach?”

I see it’ll be cool, but…

  • How will I?
  • How can I?
  • Do I?
  • Will I?
  • Do I know enough?
  • I don’t know what to talk about?”

It’s ALL the ‘I’s’…

I know one of your strategies, Russell, is to go in and test your material on smaller crowds before you go to your major one. Feel free to do that at OfferMind.Let your noggin have the playground and the fun crazy zone that you wanna go to, and test your material on my audience.

Does that make sense? I just solved that internal objection for him.


Russell Brunson external objections

How will I solve the objection: “I don’t have time to speak at your OfferMind, but I want to…”

  • I believe it’s a good vehicle.
  • I believe I could pull off.

BUT I DON’T have time/ money/ resources #externalbasedobjection

Don’t worry about it, man. You will choose the actual date of the event so that we can make sure you can get there.

We know what date it’s gonna be, but if it came down to Russell NOT being able to speak, and us just choosing a different date that’s a few weeks difference…

We will Change the Freakin’ Date.

That’s a SICK OFFER!

From his perspective, it’s like, “Oh man, he’s gonna change his whole event!”

Well, yeah, we’re talking seven months in the future, so, yeah, we’ll definitely change the date if we need to.

That’s a BIG offer right there.

I’ve been asked to speak in several locations in the past little bit including Australia and Greece…

It’s not that I don’t want to, it’s a date issue…

So if Russell has control over the time and date, and it came down to it, and I’m like, “Dude, what day? Say it, just, and we’ll do it.” He’s like, “You know what, I could come to downtown Boise, so I don’t need to travel anywhere.”

I’m making it EASY.

A limo will pick you up from CF headquarters and take you to the event.

And he can talk as long as he wants to. Does that make sense? Like, this just got sexy, man.

He doesn’t need to worry about travel, it’s close to him, it’s right there, it’s downtown Boise at a SICK venue.


Steve Larsen CTA

Reason to Act Now… (this is what he told me he would like to have)

  • A couples massage: he wants a massage from his favorite masseuse. We already set it up.
  • Sushi from his favorite sushi place.

I mean that’s a sexy offer… it’s NOT just, “Dude, come speak at my event so that I can fill it with people who are interested to see you.”

Some more things I’m gonna add inside this offer are:

  • We’ll send you the professional recordings.
  • We’re gonna have professional photographers there to take pictures.
  • His own private room where he can go and just kick back, and there are snacks and drinks in there.

I know you’re always looking for new material. You can have the recordings. You can have the pictures… very very high-end stuff so that you can look like a rockstar on my stage.

That’s what would motivate a Russell Brunson-esque figure.

So what I’m trying to help you guys understand is like, when you’re doing offers, and especially when it comes to Dream 100…

Offer creation for Dream 100 is NOT the same thing as offer creation for customers. It’s NOT the same thing as offer creation for affiliates. It’s NOT the same thing for offer creation for front-end product. It’s all different. You gotta understand exactly WHO you’re speaking to.


Steve Larsen and Claude Hopkins

The last thing I tried to do was find a local actor to play Claude Hopkins, tell a fast origin story, and hand him a piece of paper with the offer and the call to action.

Claude Hopkins was one of the original offer creators.

You probably know about Claude Hopkins if you’ve been following me.

Claude Hopkin was the first guy to put an ad on a car.

He actually popularized the concept of brushing teeth so that they could sell toothpaste!

Seriously, brilliant, brilliant man; late 1800s.

Anyway, I wanted some dude to gonna dress up like Claude Hopkins and walk up and say:

“What’s up? My name’s Claude Hopkins, I was one of the first offer creators in America: Hey that Steve Larsen, you should really go talk to him about his event.”

…and then hand off the offer, the gift certificate for the massage… the sushi already on the table.

It’s Pretty Sexy… but unfortunately, the Claude Hopkins bit didn’t happen.


Pitch an idea like OfferMind

I wanted to go full out because I knew that if Russell said, “Yes!” Then it would be a lot easier for us to get two or three other really high-end people to speak at OfferMind.

It was definitely worth crafting a campaign for.

I want to be able to bring in some of the best to OFFERMIND, and Russell obviously is THE BEST!

Remember I talked about how important it is to follow the framework master, and Russell is that guy! Why would I bring in anybody else?!

So that why I went to soooo much effort crafting this offer for Russell to keynote.

It’s was an offer NOT a request.

Offer a marketing campaign

It’s WASN’T, “Come look at me…”

I’m not gonna EVER do that. That’s the fastest way for you to put a bad taste in their mouth when you’re talking to a BIG influencer… even if we’re friends.

In any influencer scenario, you got ONE SHOT to set up the way they’re gonna look at you FOREVER. It really does matter!

So, when I talk to the other offer creation rock stars I want to bring to you, I will craft a custom campaign for each individual.

Campaigns are a dying art (It’s NOT the same thing as a Facebook ad).

I will craft a campaign, NOT just an offer, NOT just a sales message, and reach out to each individual to try and get them to come to speak at OfferMind.


If you’re just starting out you’re probably studying a lot. That’s good. You’re probably geeking out on all the strategies, right? That’s also good.

But the hardest part is figuring out what the market wants to buy and how you should sell it to them, right?

That’s what I struggled with for a while until I learned the formula.

So I created a special Mastermind called an OfferMind to get you on track with the right offer, and more importantly the right sales script to get it off the ground and sell it.

Wanna come?


These are small groups on purpose so I can answer your direct questions in person for two straight days.

You can hold your spot by going to Again, that’s

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