SFR 212: Wealth Formulas – Stephen Larsen

SFR 212: Wealth Formulas

Jan 29th, 2019 anchorwave

This is one of the reasons I pursue this game so hard. Check out the other options you have to this funnel game…

Today, I’m gonna teach you The Wealth Formula, and why I’m so jazzed about the Funnel Game.

I’m really pumped to share this with you.

I ran through The Wealth Formula at my exclusive OfferMind event, so you’re gonna get a sneak peek behind closed doors…

OfferMind top secret wealth formula

Right now, I’m doing the One Funnel Away Challenge which is specifically targeted at funnel newbies.

The Wealth Formula is my answer when someone says, “Stephen, this is really cool, but it seems like a lotta work. There’s gotta be another way? How long does it take the average person to be successful with this?”

…I hate that question, it drives me nuts. I’m like, “Well, how bad do you wanna make a million bucks?”

How bad do you want a return on investment

What Yield Will You Learn To Earn?

One of the benefits hanging out with the amazing people at ClickFunnels was that I got some cool insights into the books and courses they rated. I got to see who the gurus learned from…

If a guy who runs a hundred million dollar company thinks something’s cool… then I should probably think that’s cool too, right!

Ya know what I mean?

If I hear, “Hey, I really learned a lot from this…” I’m like, “What was the name of that again?” I’m gonna look it up and buy it.

I bought so many books when I worked at ClickFunnels… because: “If Russell thinks that’s amazing, I need to make sure I have that info for the future.”

I sat feet away from people like Tony Robbins and Robert Kiyosaki, so if they said, “I read this great book recently… “ I’d be like, Boom! BUY IT.

The Wealth Formula was one of the things I heard about, for the first time, while I was at ClickFunnels… and it was life-changing for me.

I already believed in funnels, but this was amazing.

Wealth formula t-shirt

…Capitalist Pig, Baby!

At OfferMind, I did a presentation called: “What Yield Will You Learn To Earn?”

I walked through how much money you can typically expect to get from different investment vehicles…

I know there are people out there making MORE money from some of these ways, but I’m talking about the 80 percent majority.

I don’t wanna learn exceptions to the rule in order to make cash; I’m interested in the rule.

Steven Larsen wealth formula

… the cash causing models.

If I do X, Y, and Z, will I get this amount of money? I’m looking the default that makes the cash most of the time.

Let me show you how the Wealth Formula plays out…


QUESTION #1: Figure out how much money you’re willing to put away into an investment account every month for the rest of your life?

You don’t touch it, it’s just meant for investments. Write that amount down.

Wealth formula investment management

For this example, I’m gonna use $165…

Can you put $165 in an account every month?

If you’re like “Hey, I can’t do that right now.” That’s okay, you’re solving the problem ahead of time… and that’s cool.

QUESTION #2: How long will you leave it there?

Investment management time

Okay, let’s say 25 years.

For 25 years, you’re not gonna touch that money. It’s not meant for income.

QUESTION #3: What yield will you get?

Investment management yield

What yield you’ll get depends on the investment vehicle you choose?

… And that’s one of the things I wanna talk about here.

QUESTION #4: What’s the total amount of money you want?

What return on investment do you want

Let’s say, a million dollarsthat’s a nice round number ?

So now, I wanna run through a few examples with you… because if you knew how to earn a higher yield… what would that mean for you?


Huge return on investment



So let’s say you take $165 every single month at a yield of zero percent (and just put it under your mattress) for 25 years.

How to run a successful business

How much money would you have?

The wealth formula 1

After 25 years, you’d have $49,500.

I know you mathematicians are freaking out over the fact that it’s zero percent, just get past that… you’d have $49,500…

Could you live off of that if you retired? Probably not, right?

You’d get creative real fast…


Let’s say you take $165, and you want to learn to earn 3 percent for 25 years.

Q: Where can you guarantee to learn to earn 3 percent?

A: Some savings accounts… I’m talking guaranteed, you understand? There are some savings accounts out there right now, not many anymore, but there are some that’ll give you 3 percent if you just leave it alone.

Savings investment management

Q: What would the total be after 25 years?

Wealth formula 2

After 25 years, the total would be $73,775 (I left out the cents).

Let’s keep going…


$165 per month at 6 percent for 25 years…

Q: What’s an investment vehicle that’ll guarantee you that return on your money for 25 years?

Return on investment vehicle

A: A Certificate of Deposit (CD) from a bank. You can totally get six percent from a CD. You loan the bank your money for 25 years, and you get back six percent back after that.

Wealth formula 3

… 25 years at 6 percent equals $114,000.


Let’s say you learn to earn seven percent…

Q: What investment vehicle would allow you to earn 7 percent over 25 years?

A: Last year the average mutual fund made seven percent from a 401k… ain’t that crazy? Yeugh. That sucks! How much is inflation?

Do you think the value of money’s gonna go up or down? DOWN, right! It’s on the way down…

Dollar return on investment

Not only can China buy us now, I think Canada could too. The dollar’s going down baby. They’re the one that made the American flag for three dollars and sent it over.


If you put $165 per month in a 401K at 7 percent, after 25 years you’d have…

Wealth formula 4



Okay, let’s say you take $165, and you want to learn to earn ten percent…

Q: What’s a guaranteed way to earn ten percent for 25 years?

A: A Mutual Fund will do that. Again, NOT a lot of them offer that much anymore, but if you can find one, it’s pretty much a guaranteed return, right?

Guaranteed return on investment

I’m looking for very sustainable, secure things that you can put your money into.

If put your $165 per month into a mutual fund offering 10 percent, after 25 years, that’s gonna turn into $220,000.

Wealth formula 5

Right next one…


$165 per month at 16 percent for 25 years…

Q: What will get me a 16 percent return? Options start to get a little bit lower, right?

A: The empanada food franchise that we created at college came in at 16 percent.

Food franchise how to run a successful business

At the end of that semester, we had to do a full financial P&L statement…

I was so embarrassed at my numbers. I stood up and said: “We only got 16 percent returns, but at least we learned a lot.”

The professor said: You got 16 percent?” I was like, “Yeah, I’m sorry. I know… I tried really hard. It sucks! Fire me, please.” He said: “That’s amazing in the food business! That’s not easy.” He was the CMO of Denny’s…

My knee jerk reaction was to yell out, “That Sucks! I’m never going into the food business, ever… “

…It’s not like that returns guaranteed, and it’s not nearly as passive as some of those other models we’ve talked about!
16 percent over 25 years would yield….

Wealth formula 6



Q: What investment vehicle will yield 20 percent returns on your monthly investment of $165 over 25 years?

Q: Tax Lien Properties are hyper guaranteed by the government.

Tax Lien Properties investment management

You could take $165 every single month, package it up, and once a year go down to the courthouse steps and buy as many tax lien properties as possible, and the government says, “I guarantee you 18 percent … or even a 36 percent return.”

Did you know you could do that? Interesting, right?

Wealth formula 7

Over 25 years, that would turn into 1.4 million dollars.

Congratulations, I made you a millionaire! Is that cool?

Investment management millionaire

…it’s freaking pennies, let’s keep going…


$165 every single month for 25 years at a return of 25 percent.

Q: What vehicle would give you that kind of return?

A: Fix and Flips will definitely do that, right?

Fix n flip return on investment

I’ve got great friends that do this. They’ll try and flip hundreds of houses in a year. Obviously, there are variants, but 25 percent is a totally realistic number. It’s kinda low, but it’s realistic…

But it’s not big enough yet, keep going…


Let’s say I put a dollar a month into something every month for 25 years, and I get a hundred percent return…

What would my return be after 25 years?

Investment management

It’s freaking huge = 375 million dollars!

Now I know you guys are gonna laugh at this… but it’s to illustrate a point…

Q: What vehicle could give you that return on investment?

A: Sales Funnels!

Sales funnels wealth formula

I’ve never had such insane, consistent returns in anything like the funnel game…

Let me show you how this works …


There was a guy who came to Russell for a funnel. He taught you how to kill people. He was teaching self-defense. Not like karate, “I’m gonna use this move, that move…” It was the dirty foul play, let’s just make you live kinda stuff.

Foul play how to run a successful business

We hung out in Russell’s garage on his wrestling mat for two days. I had to mimic poking Russell’s eye out with my thumb, and all this crazy crap.

These guys were amazing at what they did. They taught us all about biology and the way the body really is: “Hit that organ. Then boom! It’s done.”

I was like, “Holy crap, I love you, Russell. This is really heavy. Oh man.”

We weren’t allowed to talk to each other. We were each others test dummies for two days. It was effective, but it was heavy.

We built this awesome funnel for him, and John starts driving traffic, and we’re putting $1 in, and he was getting a $1.30 back out.

But he was pissed. He was so mad at us.

Wealth formula

I was like, “What is wrong with you?”

It would go up to $1.40, $1.50, then back down to $1.30… back and forth… He was asking us, “What’s going on? This is crazy.”

We were like, “What is wrong with you? We’d be throwing a party right now!”

They were putting a dollar in, and getting $1.50 back out, plus some customers and people on their list.

Just upsell something… and that’s a million dollar scenario.

Investment management million dollars

Even if you’re just breaking even, you’re getting customers for free. That’s a million dollar scenario… even if you suck.


My whole goal is to put a dollar in and get two dollars back out… c’mon let’s keep em going.

When I launched ads for Secret MLM Hacks, I put $4,000 in ads. That week, $8,000 came back out.

Then I put that $8,000 back in, and $16,000 came back out. I was like, “This is sick, let’s do it again.”

The next week I grabbed that $16,000 and $32,000 came back out. I was like “Oh, my gosh! This is starting to get big. Phew!”

Steven Larsen OfferMind

I didn’t take profit (That’s very key, don’t take profit for a while), then I took that $32,000, and put it back into ads, and that month, “Crap! Only $48,000 came back out.” Darn it!

$4,000 turned into $48,000… Does that sound good to you?

Find an investment vehicle that does anything like what funnels can do? *That’s my point*

There’s no better investment opportunity, no better vehicle for making it rain in your life than learning this sales funnel game.


When someone comes to me and says, “Oh, I could save you a couple of percentage points on your house.” I don’t freaking care!

I am focused on how to make money, not save it. I’m NOT a coupon cutter.

No coupons investment management

…And I want you to have that same mentality too!

My mom is a grocery store…she’d walk into a grocery stores, and we’d get two grocery store, grocery carts full of food, and they’d give her $400 at the same time. It was like, “I dunno how you deal with coupons?” but she figured out a way to do it. It was nuts.


If you take the same amount of effort and just figure out how to play a piece of this funnel game the return on investment can be huge.

It’s not like school….

Investment management fail

You don’t need to get an A in funnel building to make a lot of money. You can get an F, and put a dollar in and still get a dollar fifty back out.

That’s a fifty percent return. You see what I’m saying with this? This is where Papa Larsen comes out a little bit…

Okay, check this out…

When I first launched I put a dollar in, and got four back out for a while.

…Then ad fatigue starts, and that’s totally normal, and now, “Oh crap, I’m putting a dollar in and only getting two dollars back out. Oh, dang it.”

That’s awesome!

Steven Larsen how to run a successful business

What’s the move at that point?

You call your ads person and say, “TURN IT UP!” Borrow if you need to and dump that cash in! Does this make sense?

This is how I’ve done it.

Maybe you broke even, or lose money the first few times you do it. Sweet! Who cares?

I’ve never taken a loan, or put a dollar of my own into my ads…

This is what I do instead:

  1. Build up the audience
  2. Sell the audience
  3. They guide me in the creation of the thing I sell to them
  4. They give me the cash
  5. I take that cash, and I dump it immediately back into ads; Boom back in. Boom back in. Boom back in

… those numbers start to get real big real fast after the fifth or sixth time.

How much did it cost me to build that audience? Nothing, because I’m publishing on a podcast. I’ve never put a dollar of my own into my business. Ever!

THAT is why you learn to be a funnel builder. Welcome to the Greatest Game EVER!

The numbers are easy to work, and you can suck at it and still make a lot of money…

But too many people are like, “I can’t launch yet it needs to be perfect.” Oh man!

If I put a dollar in, I get 50 percent return back out. That’s super realistic returns right there… and that’s how a lot of people do it.

All these people that make a million dollars in three or four months, and get the actual Two Comma Club Award, this is how they do it! They just know the numbers.

I’m NOT even thinking about the fact that I might have an upsell, I’m just thinking on that funnel…

You go and add another funnel, and “Bam!” Way more money.

Two comma club investment management

Who was it that said, “A well-executed idea is worth ten lifetimes of hard work.”? I think it was J. Abraham… on a beach!

Anyway, $1.00 in, $1.50 back out for 25 years…

If you just did that… and you sucked… No upsells or anything else…

Sales funnels investment management

That’s five million dollars.

Does it install hope in the noggin?

You can afford to suck at it the game for a while, but most people aren’t willing to do that… or to get help when they need it.

…don’t let that be you!

You can be real bad at the game and still make it rain

Mmm…. Oh, that’s a good one. It’s gonna be on a T-shirt soon ?

Boom! Until Next Time…

Hey, I know this game can take a few tries to get the money flowing, especially the first time, right? And that can suck.

I also know from experience how frustrating it can be to know your business is just a few tweaks away from your next big payday, but you don’t know what tweaks to make. I’ve felt completely paralyzed by that in the past, and it sucks.

I’ve been blessed to work with thousands of new and successful businesses over the last three years, and two things have really shocked me.

#1: I began noticing the pattern to success is vastly the same, but everyone’s spot on the path is obviously different.

#2: I’ve been shocked and overwhelmed by the number of people asking for my help, my systems, and funnels in their business.

Well, until now I’ve never had a system or product in my own business to help you build yours. Now, I’m finally able to be public about all this.

If you’d like my help to build your offer or sales message funnel and even your content machine, go to

Steven Larsen OfferLab

The path to online and offline success is 80 percent the same regardless of the product, price point or industry, and it works if you’re new, or are already a killer in business.

You can get more details on how to get my personal attention and frameworks in your own business by going to

In-person classes are limited to 60 people each, and frankly, I can only do about two of these a year. Get more details, and even jump on the phone with us for free at

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