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SFR 200: How To Win An Affiliate Contest

Dec 14th, 2018 anchorwave

This is HOW I’ve been in leaderboards for several affiliate contests WITHOUT a huge list…

I’m a bit nervous to let you in on my secret…

Recently, I’ve had a lot of success in affiliate contests, (even though my list isn’t that big), and it’s all because of what I’m about to reveal to you.

There’s a method that I use to dominate in the affiliate space…

If you put this method into play, I know that I’m gonna have some serious competition – so game on!

Steven Larsen affiliate game on


2018 has been an amazing year for me, and one of the reasons has been the fun I’ve had with affiliate marketing.

I love affiliate marketing is because it’s amazing training grounds for your marketing skills. You don’t have to make the product so you can 100% focus on getting your marketing training wheels.

If you’re like,

  • “Stephen, I’ve never launched a product on my own…”
  • Stephen, every time I launch a product it just doesn’t work very well.”

Then maybe it’s time to take a step back and hone your marketing mastery with some affiliate offers.

The beauty of affiliate marketing is that you don’t have to make the product – so all you have to do is you flex your marketing muscles, and learn how to build campaigns that sell stuff.

Once you’ve figured out what it takes to make the dollar turn, then you can focus on selling your own products.

You might not know this, but affiliate marketing was how I made my first $$$ online.

That’s why I created Affiliate Outrage.

It’s completely FREE. I don’t pitch a thing in that program.  I made it because affiliate marketing provides the perfect training wheels to help you to learn your craft and create amazing offers.

Affiliate marketing training

Let me ask you a question?

What comes to your mind when you hear the term Affiliate Marketing?  For most people, it’s those spammy boring emails that just say, “Buy through my link.”?

That is the *WRONG* way to do affiliate marketing.

So what you do is you create an offer around the affiliate product and create a campaign.

You don’t get to sidestep marketing just because somebody else made the product and gave you a link. You still have to create marketing. It’s no different to selling your own product.

Think about it for a minute…

Just because everyone else is promoting cheap and easy, saying: “Here’s my link! Buy through my link! Oh, man, I got this link, and you should buy through it!” – it doesn’t mean that you should too.

Before you promote, you need to ask the questions:

  • “Why should anyone buy through my link?
  • “What’s the difference between my offer and all the others out there?”


Affiliate marketing email list

… So, in 2018, I did pretty well in 2 affiliate marketing contests one after the other:

  1. 30 Day book – I sold 375 books and got 1st place.
  2. 10X Secrets – I came 5th with only 3 days of marketing and won a private yacht trip to the Bahamas.

Winning affiliate contests is not as hard as you’d think.

You’d be shocked at how small my list is big compared to the other people I beat in these contests. So how the heck am I getting top ten all the time? How is that happening?

Well, it all hinges on one powerful principle:

You need to find a way to OUTVALUE everyone else who’s promoting that same link…

At Traffic Secrets event in Phoenix, Russell said something that I want to recap, so you understand the power of what I’m talking about.

Russell said that “Usually you make a dollar per month per person on your list. So just get more people on your list.”

A dollar per person is the baseline when you start to learn these skills – then gradually you start to make more, and it goes up to two dollars a month, then three, then four.

I make seven to eight dollars per person per month on my list… and it’s because I know how to make an extremely attractive sales message and pair it with a killer offer.

The next phase that I’m going into is intense list building. I’ve got some cool strategies coming down the pipeline. Can you imagine what’ll happen if I focus on building my list with the value I’m able to offer right now? It’s gonna be immense.

It doesn’t matter if it’s for your product or somebody else’s, the easiest way to dominate and destroy the competition is to create an offer and a campaign that out-values everyone else’s.

…And I’m gonna show you the exact steps you need to take to do that!


How to win an affiliate marketing contest

For the 30 Day book affiliate contest, I created a sexy offer; so when you bought the book through my link, you got a free ticket to the OfferMind event along with a bunch of other cool swag.

However, while the 10X Secrets event was going on, I didn’t have any time to promote because I’d been focusing on OfferMind and I was pretty exhausted after the live event.

…But then I got a message:

Miles, who runs a lot of the affiliate stuff over at ClickFunnels, told me that because of sticky cookies, I was in 16th place… and that if I got into the top 10, then I’d get taken on a private yacht from Miami to the Bahamas after the 10X Growth Con in February. I was like, “Are you serious? I didn’t know that was the prize. That’s crazy!”

Affiliate contest prize

The contest had already been going for a week – so all the people who were really looking to purchase had already jumped in.

This meant I had to sell to a portion of the audience that wasn’t planning to buy. You hear what I’m saying? That’s a hard sell. I was like, “Oh, crap!”

But… I like a challenge, so I used the same principles that got me to number one with the 30-Days contest to come up with something amazing to convince people to buy with my link.

If I’d planned a whole campaign around it, I could’ve probably got to the Top 3. I could’ve definitely gained a few more spaces, but I went from around $1500 in sales to $13,000 in sales in two days. I ended up taking fifth place in the whole contest. Not bad for just swooping in the last few days, right?

Wanna know what I did?


Online contest

The game is NOT about price, it’s about out-valuing everyone else. Your customer can get the same product from 100 other people, so why should they choose you. You’ve got to give them a reason…

Here’s how to create that reason:

  1. Whenever you sell something to somebody, you’re not just solving a problem, you’re also creating new problems.
  2. Solve those follow-up problems ones with your offer, and you’ll sell more and make more money.
  3. You need to ask: “What problems do I create for an individual if they buy the product through my link?
  4. “How can I solve that follow-up based problem with my bonuses?”
  5. You create a bundle of bonuses to solve those problems
  6. Now, when they buy through my link, they get all these other things as well. Boom! I just out-valued every other person in the contest.

For example:

I asked the question, “What else would somebody need if they bought 10X Secrets through my link?”

The answer was “FUNNELS.”

Well, I have a cool product called My Funnel Stache… so what if I just let people choose one of those funnels?

  • I give them the training on how to build it.
  • The pre-built share funnel.
  • The email sequence.
  • The video that gives them the strategy to make it work.

Now that’s a really sexy offer… but what else can I add?

…I started thinking through, “Hmmm… what if I sent out some leftover OfferMind swag to people?”

So I said, “If you buy 10X Secrets through my link, I’m going to give you the:

  • Capitalist Pig shirt (My favorite is to wear those in airports and busy public places where I get the most dirty looks.)
  • Monday, Baby shirt.
  • Sales Funnel Radio notebook & pen.
  • AND I’ll let you guys choose a funnel from My Funnel Stache.
  • AND I’ll give you all assets for that funnel.

That’s how I killed it.

I was expecting to sell 12 packages, but I sold 62! Sixty-two people bought through that link. “Woo! Holy crap.” We were shipping out that stuff like crazy. We out-valued most other people with that offer.

I didn’t build anything new, I just used products that were already created, and I packed them together to create a boss offer.

A lot of times, when it comes to affiliate stuff, I’m just reusing stuff that I already have. I’m going to spend my creative power on my own stuff.


Marketing your affiliate offer

When I coach, most people ask, “Stephen, what products should I sell?

The problem is that they get distracted by the making of the product and spend almost no time obsessing over how to sell the thing.

Think about this for a moment…

What causes money to go into your pocket? The selling does.

I’m not telling you to make a crap product, but I am saying that it should take more effort to craft the campaign, the sales message, or the event, than the product.

You understand what I’m saying? I’m just going to pause here for effect…

You should be spending more time creating the sales message, the hook and the story than you do the offer.

It’s not a linear relationship. It’s massively asymmetrical. OK?

So I’m gonna walk you through what I did to promote the 10x Secrets offer.

Check this out…


The 10x promotion method

To promote 10X Secrets, my offer was:

  • I’ll give you some leftover swag
  • I’ll give you whatever funnel you want from My Funnel Stache as well as all the assets that come with it.

There are 2 parts to the offer, so that means I need 2 storylines to promote it:

  1. I have a storyline about the swag.
  2. I have a storyline around My Funnel Stache.

So what I did is this:

#Number one: I wrote a post on FB; I was like, “Hey, if you guys don’t know, 10X Secrets is going on. If you guys want to, here’s my offer…”

#Number two: I went live on Facebook talking about the offer.

I walked around my office, physically showing them what they were going to get. That’s very powerful:

  • This Capitalist Pig shirt
  • The It’s Monday, Baby shirt.
  • The Sales Funnel Radio notepad & pen.

You’re also going to get:

  • A funnel from My Funnel Stache and all the assets

I walked around just announcing the offer, and I got sales just from doing that.

#Number Three: I took my Facebook post and sent it as an email to my whole list to remind them, “Look, this is going to end soon.”

#Number Four: The next day, (remember, I’ve got two storylines), the first story I told was about swag.

It was about how OfferMind came about and how the Capitalist Pig shirt was born – this became the story for the next Facebook post.

#Number Five: I copied that story post and sent it as an email with a link to buy and a call to action:

  1. “Go buy through this link. It’s my link. I’m just telling you it’s an affiliate link.”
  2. Send a screenshot of your receipt o my team.
  3. Include your shirt size and your address so we can ship stuff out to you.
  4. Then tell us what funnel you guys want, all the assets for that that I have, and I’ll blast it out to you as well. Ready, go!
  5. As a reminder, this ends Sunday at midnight.”

Very standard call to action – that was it.

#Number Six: The next day the story was about My Funnel Stache.

I was like, ” How do I tell Funnel Stache stories in a way that people haven’t heard yet?” So I started looking through assets I already had and found an awesome checklist.

This is the post that I wrote talking about My Funnel Stache, I said:

“My ‘Client Checklist’ + A Gift For You…
(shhhhhhh ?

My early days of funnel building were…

… Interesting.

I’d take on ANYONE for ANY reason…

At one point I was building for 8… EIGHT different companies…
(at the same time)

– Skincare
– Toys
– Statues
– Supplements
– Programs
– Political (yup)
– etc

I had NO filter, NO requirements, NO qualifiers…


My only requirement was whether or not someone had the money to pay…

My friend, that is NOT a good business practice…

I was a good funnel builder and was hustling hard, but not at the right stuff...

About 2 years in, shortly after I left College and became Russell Brunson’s funnel builder…

I started creating a checklist of things I needed to know about a company before I’d ever agree to build a sales funnel for them…

Here’s that checklist:


How I Know If The Business Is READY For My Funnel…


I’m not saying that you shouldn’t build a funnel if you don’t have all these things. This is simply a list of things I use to gage how much I think a funnel will expand a current business. I created and personally use this list to “vet” out potential clients AND prep my own businesses for a funnel. The point is to remember that funnels are NOT ‘business models’. This checklist helps me see to which extent the entrepreneur (or myself) “knows” their own company…

#1 – Is their business already making sales?
*this question alone is a major barrier. If the answer is “no”, I don’t work with
them because usually, they don’t know what they really want yet…

#2 – What assets do they have already?
*I’m trying to see if they’ve already been moving ON THEIR OWN…

#3 – Can they name their own competition?
*If they can’t name their own competition but tell me the opportunity “is huge”, I’m gonna run away. What I’m really looking for here is someone to funnel hack…

#4 – How many products do they sell?
*If they’re only selling one product, I know IMMEDIATELY we’re probably gonna have to make more products, not just a funnel. That’s fine, I just charge more…

#5 – What is their CURRENT monthly revenue (and at least their trialing 3 months)?
*Some people will quote you their “glory days” revenue. Find out how much they’re really making. If they’re spending their last money to build a funnel with you, feel sketchy about it! What money will they have to drive traffic with? Plus, they get too needy WHEN it doesn’t work for a few rounds. DON’T SELL TO BROKE BUSINESSES…

#6 – Do they already know what kind of funnel they want?
*This matters because it’s how I gage their education level. If they know what kind of funnel they want already, I don’t have to continually sell them on the vision of what I proposed to build, and especially during the build. MUCH easier!

Again, it’s not a deal breaker, but I go from “funnel builder” to “funnel builder + coach” and need to allot my time accordingly…

#7 – Do they ‘know their numbers’? (CPA, ACV, EPC, etc)
*If they already know their numbers, it can help AND hurt. Help because they actually know their business and what makes it tick. Hurt, because most funnels aren’t successful on round one and need some massaging.

#8 – Do they have current, consistent traffic?
*Know this before you start. A cool funnel without traffic is a dumb funnel But seriously, what’s the plan and WHO is driving it?

#9 – What software and systems do they already have?
Do they know you’re gonna require additional software and subscriptions to build their funnel? Clear the extra charges you’ll procure to them prior to building…

#10 – Do they already have their own PERFORMING fulfillment?
*I was stupid once and built a funnel years ago for someone with no fulfillment. I made them a quick $20k in 2 days and they frantically called me asking me to “turn it off” cause they couldn’t handle the inventory demand. They were gun-shy to ever turn it back on again (they didn’t)…

#11 – Finally, have they ever been successful in anything at all, ever?
*This might seem like a joke but someone who’s never done anything, ever in their life, but who has all the previously mentioned steps, could be a basket case of emotions and you’ll turn into the icky “life-coach” again.

I realize this list sifts A LOT of people out…

but that’s why I made this checklist for my personal use…”

Notice I’m not coming out saying, “Buy through my thing!” There’s a story, right? I’ve told you the backstory. I’m hitting all the stuff.

So now I’m leading you into a spot where there’s an epiphany, “Oh my gosh, there are actual qualifiers of who should be inside of my affiliate stuff.

I’m leading with serious value here. Am I promoting my stuff yet? No! That’s big.

So then I walk through the checklist:

“Your goal is to match your funnel-building-skill-level with the correct client for you…


Here’s My Gift To You…

Since You May Just Need A Good Funnel

I have a cool gift for you…

About 12 months before I left ClickFunnels, I started building Sales Funnel LIVE in front of LIVE audiences so they could ask their questions…

The response was incredible…

So I kept doing it…

I now have a collection of the best of the best Sales Funnels, as we would build them AT ClickFunnels…

I’d like to give you one…

What you’ll get is:
1) The Course On HOW To Build It (and why)
2) The Strategy Of When To Use It
3) The Pre-Built Share Funnel
4) The Email Sequence

I’m also gonna give you some of my leftover OfferMind Swag:
1) The Famous “Capitalist Pig” T Shirt + Sticker
2) The Voice-Losing “It’s Monday Baby” T Shirt
3) The Sales Funnel Radio Journal Book + Pen
4) I’ll Pay For Shipping…

… I mean, come on, guys, that’s awesome copy, it took me about an hour and a half to write.

People were like, “Holy crap.” It got shared and commented on like crazy.

Fifty-eight comments came in, and people were going nuts: “Boom, I just bought. Boom, I just bought. Boom, I just bought. Boom, I just bought.”

#Number Seven: The next thing I did, which was very very masterful, is I exported all the people who had already purchased, and I said, “Congrats “ to these people for already purchasing. There was this huge list of people.

*Huge Social Proof*

So that’s a move I make all the time now to help people see, “Oh I’m not the only one buying this.”

#Number Eight: I tagged the people who bought so it pings them on FB: “Oh, Steve Larsen just mentioned you in a comment.” Like, what? It drives them to the post and they comment, “Woo, yeah, baby.” Massive Social Proof. You get what I’m saying?

#Number Nine: I take that post and blast it to my email list one more time.

…And that’s how I win affiliate contests.


Steven Larsen affiliate marketing

If I’d had longer, I would’ve:

  • Kept adding bonuses and stories with calls to actions.
  • Added additional social proof by re-downloading the list of people who have bought and put it inside the actual comments area of the Facebook post.
  • Then I’d push that social proof out in an email.

Boom! Pressure, here it comes! Here comes the ending… Close, Close, Close… Whoa, right!

If I had even more time, I would get Russell Brunson or whoever I’m promoting on podcasts and publications to make content around the offer.

I did that with the 30 Days book, and that’s why I made so much noise – I put my own money behind creating content.

The affiliate game is NOT just about grabbing a link and sending some traffic to it.

Does that work? Sure…

Are you going to make a lot of money? In my mind, probably not.

Instead, you need to:

  • Build an offer around the product.
  • Tell stories with a call to actions.

… just like you would for your own products.

Super simple, but not many people do it that way – I hope you will.

I’m looking forward to some fierce competition on those leaderboards now – GAME ON ?

Until Next Time – Flex Those Marketing Muscles!

Hey, whoever controls content controls the game. Want to interview me or get interviewed yourself? Grab a time now at

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