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SFR 196: Cash-Causing Models

Nov 30th, 2018 anchorwave

This is WHY I’ve been able to do what I have…

…Shhh, I’m gonna to let you in on a secret.

I’m going to reveal the secret of my success, and I’m gonna to show you how anybody can create their own success in two easy steps. So listen up, because…

This money making game is far easier than you may think it is.

However, before I let you in on my secret, I want to let you know that probably only twenty percent of you reading this will follow through and take the steps I’m about to disclose…

The other eighty percent will just keep doing the same old things, and repeating the same old patterns, which will lead to the same old results – *DON’T BE THAT PERSON!*

pathways to success


Often, people ask me questions like:

  • “Hey, Stephen, how do you know this is gonna work?”
  • “Stephen, you seem to understand which products will be successful before you create them. How do you do that?”

Well, there’s a very specific method that I use to take the guesswork out of everything I create. It has not been an accident.

I’ve had a lot of accidents and made a lot of mistakes while I was trying to figure out this online business game… It’s not that I don’t make mistakes anymore, but when something works, I know why it works.

There are a few different principles that I follow which have accelerated journey and limited the time it’s taken for me to grow my business.

Until a few years ago, I hadn’t really had that much success in this game. I’d learned a lot of lessons, but my progress was often slow, frustrating and painful.

Slow progression towards success

It took me three years, and 17 business attempts to understand that what I was being taught in college, in the books I was reading, and a bunch of gurus wasn’t the true story of how to bring in the cash.

Try as I might, I couldn’t come up something that worked. It was soul destroying, and it got to the point where I was starting to think, “Well, maybe I’m not a creative genius kinda guy.”

I know some of you might be shocked by me saying this. But, honestly, I’m not a creative genius! I’m following a pattern – that’s it!

There’s a much smaller amount of art and creative genius in this game than most people realize. You just need to get good at is learning and being attentive to patterns.


Learn success frameworks

If you can close your eyes and follow a framework inside of your head, you’ll always know the next step to take.

Yo no longer need to wonder, “What do I do next?” You just know that you need to be following the process. For example:

  • I’ve told enough stories.
  • Now I need some testimonials.
  • Let me just dig back into my bag of testimonials.
  • Which story would fit as a testimonial for that scenario best?
  • Bam, that one! Insert.
  • Now, what’s next?
  • Okay, let’s go call to action…

When I’m building a funnel, it’s the same process every freakin’ time regardless of product, price, industry. It doesn’t matter, it’s the same process, and that’s what people get stuck…

I do a lot of coaching, and what’s frustrating for me is when somebody thinks that they’re an exception to that rule. YOU ARE NOT!

What I’ve noticed is that when somebody believes they’re an exception to the rule, and they don’t believe that it’s 80% framework, 20% art, that’s when they fail.

‘When I’m funnel hacking somebody, I’m NOT just funnel hacking what products they’re selling, I’m looking for how they’re selling them too? I’m looking to see the framework that they introduced the product to the market with. I want to know:

  • What’s the pattern?
  • What’s the formula?
  • What’s the step by step?

When you’ve got the formula down, then it’s time to then add a little bit of creative flare at the end.

You don’t need to be a creative genius to have a lifestyle and success off of the internet or any business in general.


Online sales techniques

The reason I got to be a good funnel builder so fast at ClickFunnels is because when I close my eyes, I see the framework for the perfect webinar script in my head.

I don’t have to think about what to say, I just know I need to have the different elements in place – then plug them in, press play, and BAM. Done!

In my head, I’m just following frameworks. That’s the secret.

Are you gettin’ how important this is? This is NOT a trial close, I’m actually asking you…

Because I want you to understand that it’s the Science of Selling Online – NOT the art, which is going to lead to your success.

That’s why I chose the name for my Facebook group(come join, it’s free).

It was going to be The Science and Art of Selling Online, but I purposely I took out the word Art because I wanted you to realize that there’s more science to this game then there is art – which should be very relieving for you to hear…

Because it means that you don’t need to be a creative genius as much as you need to commit to learning some of the frameworks that make success happen.

Success formula

The great news is that you don’t need to get hung up about making something brand new or completely prolific that nobody’s ever seen before to make money. That’s not true. That’s the biggest fallacy ever in the game, and it was the weirdest thing for me to realize.

I walked around for years, trying to answer the question, “What product should I sell?” When, all along, the market was trying to tell me what it wanted me to sell.

So when I’m funnel hacking somebody and I’m lookin’ at that red ocean, I’m steppin’ back and sayin’ “Oh, interesting.” What I’m doing is I’m trying to see what product the market wants me to give it. I don’t even have to have that answer. I don’t even have to know what the product is. I don’t even have to know.

Let me give you an example…


Offer creation

I was the number one affiliate for Russell’s 30-Day Book and a lot of the reason why that happened was because of the sweet offer I created. However, I didn’t even know what the offer was gonna be before I started selling… my community gave me the answer.

Did you just hear what I said?

I sold 375 books, and my community helped me to create the offer that they wanted to receive when they bought the book through my link. I just gave them what they wanted. I used my Offer Creation Formula.

The same principle is true for your any offers, it doesn’t just work for affiliate stuff. I don’t care what your product is – it just works, end of!

So if you’re like, “Oh Stephen I don’t know if I like that product?” You’re not the one buying it! You don’t fill your own wallet. So you gotta get outta your head and focus on:

  • What does my customer want?
  • What does the market want?
  • What is the marketing asking me for?
  • What are they telling me that they want?”

Learn what that is…

The game gets so easy when you realize that it’s just about learning the frameworks.


Ingredients for success

I’m the worst cook ever,(and seriously, I’m gonna make my writer pay if she uses this picture again!), but if I’m gonna bake a cake, (which is probably not gonna happen), I know that there’d be a list of ingredients that I’ll need:

  • Flour
  • Eggs
  • Chocolate
  • Sugar
  • Glue… (I dunno, whatever ;-))

I know that if I add all those things together and follow the instructions correctly, I’m likely to get a cake.

…I really have no idea how to bake a cake, but I know there’s a way to do it. There’s a process behind it. It doesn’t matter what I want to do:

  • Do a webinar = there’s a process.
  • Write an eBook = process.
  • Build a funnel = process
  • Ski in the Olympics = process
  • Fight Russell = process (I’m gonna tell you more…)

For almost anything you can think of, the equation is 80% framework, 20% art.

There’s a process for me to learn how to succeed on the internet. And when you understand that! People are like, “Oh yeah, I get it.” But that’s not the way people act.

Because of that, it’s really easy for me to look at what they’re doing and be like, “Oh yeah, that’s why you’re failing.”

I don’t mean that in a negative way – it’s just the truth.

Frameworks are what save you in this game. Frameworks are what save you in anything in life.

Stop learning flash in the pan stuff. Stop learning things where cash doesn’t result as a rule.

I study a limited amount of things – and I go deep with them. These are:

  • Becoming an attractive character.
  • Offer creation.
  • Sales techniques.
  • The psychology of sales.

The internet could die tomorrow and I know I’d be okay because of the sales framework that I know is in my head.

I know that I could get on stage, over deliver and probably sell more than somebody who’s been selling for a long time but doesn’t have a framework.

Those are bold claims and I totally get it, but I believe it 100%.


Russel Brunson success formula

(a.k.a., how to know who has the best success formula and who you should  follow)

I really wanna fight Russell. He and I wanna roll. I’m stoked about it. So I’m gonna go train Brazilian jiu-jitsu for the next year, and then I’m gonna try and choke him out…

So right now I’m looking for the person with the best formula. I’m looking for the person who has the biggest cheese.

You need to find the freakin’ Yodas, the ninjas, the people who’ve been in the game so long that they’ve been producing their own success frameworks.

The framework is what not only makes you cash, but it’s also a symbol that the individual typically knows what the heck they’re talking about.

That’s the reason why there are stick figures in Russell’s books. Those stick figures where the sign to me that I needed to follow him like crazy because he’d distilled down knowledge from dozens of experts and produced his own frameworks – he’s done his mat time.


Success principle

Mat Time is the second success principle I follow:

  • When it comes to marketing and funnel education, I only listen to Russell. That’s it.
  • When it comes to building systems in my business that make things run on autopilot, I only listen to Alex Charfen. Why? Because that dude has got mat time and he has followed other experts and he has his own frameworks that he’s developed.
  • When it comes to learning hardcore sales scripts and sales tactics, I only listen to Grant Cardone. Why? Cause that dudes got mat time. Holy crap!

Why do you following me? It’s probably because I do those funnel drawings. A lot of people find me that way.

Patterns that cause success

I like to go in and distill down what I’ve learned from coaching over 1,800 people personally in this process for two or three years. That’s a lot of mat time; so I see the patterns that cause success and the patterns that cause failure.

The people who are routinely successful are the ones who take their emotions out of the equation and get past their feelings so they can focus the science, i.e., the formulas

Science-based success formulas

They’re like, “I don’t wanna publish, but I’m freakin’ doing it anyway ’cause that’s what Stephen told me to do.” And they’re just doing the work and following the people who have their own frameworks. They’re focusing on the success and science-based formulas.

So here’s a round-up:

  1. Learn Success Formulas = It’s the science, not the art that will save you.
  2. Follow people who have done their mat time and created their own success formula.

You gettin’ this? Cool. Rock on. Now go watch what I’m doing carefully over these next few months – because you’ll see the success formulas I use and how I execute them – and that’s priceless.

Until Next Time – Keep Learning Those Success Formulas!

Learning success formulas

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