SFR 193: My Internship Sales Letter – Stephen Larsen

SFR 193: My Internship Sales Letter

Nov 20th, 2018 anchorwave

How I got 24 students to apply as my high-ticket closer…

If you’re not getting what you want in life, it’s because you’re not a good salesman.

Whether you want to persuade someone to watch the movie you want to see, convince your kids to do their chores, or influence someone to go to your first choice of restaurant when they’d like to eat somewhere else… then you need to be able to sell.

A sale is a sale regardless if there’s money involved.

How I sold my Marketing Internships Opportunity

Here’s how I sold my Marketing Internships Opportunity to a bunch of college students to get myself some rockstar High Ticket Closers for my funnel…


A few weeks ago, we looked at the leads coming into our webinar funnel and realized that there were up to 1,500 opt-ins every week. Super awesome, right?

The problem is that while the funnel automation can sell a good percentage of those people, there’s a huge amount of people who don’t buy the product because they have one last question and they need to talk to somebody.

Funnel automation questions

Now, at the time my business structure didn’t have the capacity to handle that volume of inquiries.

I have more leads coming in than I can handle, so an obvious thing for me to do is to add some closers at the backend to pull those people in.

So when somebody watches the webinar and they’re like, “Yeah, I have one or two last questions before I buy.” We have these back-end closers who are ready to answer them on the phone.

A lot of the time, all you have do is change the selling environment, and you’ll close them there and then.

I’ve seen a lot of inner-circle members add a phone closer to their funnel and then double the revenue of their company.

Marketing internship phone closer

So I went back to college and used some old school direct mail principles to grab some interns at a BYU Idaho careers fair.

I know there’s a lot of sales experts, but I thought it’d be kinda neat to get some college students and teach them everything they need to know to be high ticket closers.


Majors sales program

When I found out that my old college had recently added a sales program to their majors, on a whim Coulton and I hit the road. I slept on my brother’s kitchen floor in the campus, and Colton stayed with an old friend – it was super haphazard and lots of fun.

About thirty minutes prior to the career fair starting I opened up FunnelScripts, I was like, “Hey I’m gonna write a sales letter to get somebody to fill these closer positions.”

I started filling out the Short Sales Letter Script with all the pieces needed to sell a student becoming a Sales Funnel Radio Intern.

Marketing Internships – Direct Mail Style

Marketing Internships - Direct Mail Style

  • I wrote a sales letter on yellow paper.
  • We got a big high ticket sales banner made.
  • There was the Sales Funnel Radio paparazzi wall.
  • We wore Capitalist Pig T-shirts.

The plan was to sell them on an interview for the internship. I’m selling the next step in the process; Get on an interview.

It was amazing how persuasive this strategy was – the result was incredible – So I want to show you exactly what I did… and why I think it’s the best way to close more leads and increase my revenue in a cost effective way.


Paid internship with on-the-go training

Attention graduating or interning BYUI students, get a paid internship, with on-the-go training which you’ll actually use after you graduate.

  • THE HEADLINE: I used a headline just as I would in a webinar. “Attention Audience, Attention Audience,” and then “Get a paid internship with on-the-job training which you’ll actually use after you graduate.”
  • THE PROMISE: A paid internship with on-the-job training.
  • TALK TO THE FEAR: “Oh man, I’m not gonna actually use that skill when I graduate.”
  • THE ANSWER: If you know how to sell you can use that skill everywhere in your life for the rest of life.
  • BUTTON LINGO: For buttons a lot of the time, we’ll use first person language. “Yes, give me Secret MLM Hacks. Yes, give me ‘insert product’, whatever.”

Yes, I’m ready to learn the one skill that makes me more valuable to the marketplace. A real skill that is transferable to any profession I end up in and keep control of my income.

  • THE OFFER: Salary plus commission – eight bucks an hour +10% of whatever they close, at any price point (I have products ranging from $1,000 to $150,000 products.)
  • A choice of part or full time.
  • Choose your own hours.
  • Opportunity for full-time hire.
  • Learn on the job.
  • Amazing reward program.
  • Today’s top converting sales scripts.
  • Remote work available.
  • Pre-qualified leads to set up for you.
  • $15,000 closer training for FREE.
  • SCARCITY: “Wait, there are ONLY three positions!” That’s scarcity and urgency… it’s the same principles as you would any sales letter.

To your professional success Stephen Larson – interview for one of the three positions now.

Frustrating student problems

I was trying to think, “If I was a student again, what problems would I have that were super frustrating to me?”

It doesn’t matter who you’re trying to convince, or what you’re selling, sales are involved.

The concept of offer creation and sales letter writing is something that will pay you wherever you go – even if there isn’t any money involved.


Next, I want to walk through the banner that I created – there are a few different motivations here:

Repulsion Marketing Banner

I created the marketing so that it would offend the wrong people and attract the right people.

So many people are apologetic in their marketing – *WRONG*

Hunger is the one thing I can’t teach anybody – so I’m trying to exclude those who aren’t hungry.


  1. Saying, “High-Ticket Sales” across the front of the banner repelled so many people that it did most of the work for us.
  2. A big ol’ picture of me on it to add a little bit of authority. It was funny, people would look at the banner, then looked at me, “That’s you?” “Yeah, it is!”
  3. “Sales Funnel Radio. 200K+ downloads” added some extra social proof.
  4. I added the benefits to the bottom of the banner with the slogan, “We just need more closers,”
  5. Added urgency & Scarcity because I need them to be hungry, “Apply here. There are only four positions available.”
  6. I needed to add some kind of a progress bar – right along the bottom, I break down the 3 steps they need to take: #1: Apply, #2: Get the script, #3: Close the lead – There’s already a sense of fulfillment and a feel-good dopamine hit because they’ve already completed step one.
  7. Finally, I added testimonials to people I’ve trained in the past. Orlando, who had a 30K day with one presentation & Angela Florence, who I closed over 50% of her leads the first time she tried.”

Marketing Internships Application


So glad you asked…

  • Twenty-four people asked to apply.
  • Two of them were an obvious “Absolutely Not” – so that went down to twenty-two.
  • After following up, we’re gonna grab six or seven closers – which is awesome.

I was shocked at the level of talent. when I was in college (which wasn’t long ago) there weren’t many people trying to do sales. It was interesting to see how many students wanted so bad that they’d dropped their classes and were just they were just trying to find someone’s product to sell.

Marketing Rockstars

I thought we’d get two or three rock stars. It was actually the opposite. There were two or three that weren’t rock stars – I was shocked by that.

It’s a high-end closer is the obvious position for me to fill in my company. If it’s eight bucks an hour +commission, then they’ve only gotta sell one course a month to pay for themselves.

If they can’t sell one a month, I guarantee ya, I’m not keeping them.

It’s not dealing with cold leads. They’re just following up with people who have already opted-in. They’re literally answering the last final questions before someone buys.


Now, there’s one DANGER ZONE that I want to make you aware of if you’re thinking of bringing in closers. The one thing I know that will kill the sale is if you educate the salesmen too much.

Do this, and they’ll literally start talking their way out of the sale (I learned this the hard way while selling pest control one summer). And so I’m being careful to just teach a script, not the product.

The objective for any backend sales closer is not to teach the product, it’s to get the sale.

I’m using the four question close from Expert Secrets – it’s the script that they use at ClickFunnels. It’s what Russell’s high-ticket salesmen use.

So if you want to see what that is, you can:

Number one, go look at it inside of Expert Secrets, it’s toward the back.

Number two, go to Affiliate Outrage, and Derek Wilson, the high-ticket closer at ClickFunnels did a whole little mini-course for free, just to show people a little bit more of what he does, and he walks through the script.

Affiliate Outrage - Derek Wilson

It’s interesting what’s happening to the business because of the possible new revenue. I’ll keep you posted!


So how exactly are we putting this together? Here are the deets…

We’re creating systems to capture more leads and more phone numbers. All the systems talk to each other, it’s just full automation and seamless execution:

Full automation and seamless execution ClickFunnels

  • We have a phone system which tracks all the calls.
  • Zoho is the CRM that I like to use because it’s a simple & powerful.
  • The phone system updates Zoho with any updates.
  • We have an internal form for the sales agent to fill out in Clickfunnels which gives the sales agent credit and opens up the marketing automation as if they bought straight off of the webinar.

With a few adjustments, I truly think this is going to double our revenue because people will be getting their questions answered.

Double our revenue

With this latest team development there’s the potential for fifteen people to be working on this thing now.

Like legit, I should probably wear shoes sometimes.


Sales is one of the most valuable skills

  1. Sales is one of the most valuable skills you can learn to get what you want in life (in any area).
  2. Don’t be afraid to grab some interns.
  3. If you have more leads than you can cope with add a phone closer system at the end of your funnel.
  4. Give your Closer a sales script instead of a product education – they’ll sell more.
  5. If you want a Capitalist Pig T-shirt – watch this space… ?

Until Next Time – Keep Crushing It!

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